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Sometimes it's unavoidable — we have to interact with a negative person. The way we see the world determines the consequences. Usually, whenever we meet with any friction, it's because we already have internal conflict. Regardless of the events leading up to a sour encounter, one thing is consistent: agitation.

The self-proclaimed soldier fights with a smile — their condition survives by fighting like an animal. But after breakthroughs, the limitless mind no longer fights because it knows resistance is assistance to the things we don't need.

Are You Agitated Because They Questioned Your Beliefs?

Agitation is a defence mechanism of the ego. To aggravate a reaction and overcompensate shame with arrogance. It's got a bad rep for that reason, but not if you use it as an indicator. Use your agitation, like a stud finder, allow it to reveal hidden facts beneath your surface.

agitation from challenged beliefs

What do we need? Most of us need to clear out our minds — like spring cleaning in our homes. Remove the cluttered thoughts that rob us of tranquillity. In our houses, the unmoved objects collect dust & cobwebs, and it's similar to stagnant-thoughts (beliefs). I want to challenge the way you perceive agitation. It's not all negative. See cleaning up a house as agitating the clutter.

We fight for our beliefs. Some even kill for them. This confusion strangles our creative-consciousness. There is no awareness, only ignorance in the mind that fights to remain. The way to stagnancy is by fighting change. It is detrimental to avoid quintessential progress.

What happens when we defend our negative beliefs? When we have settled in our current avatar, and the foundation is imbalanced, we exude conflict. It is this agitation that ensures we keep climbing and raising our awareness. It's for us to rise above lower frequency thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

Agitated by a Savage?

...says more about you.

The savage turns it's back on the benevolence and embraces violence. How can destruction entice a creator? When we create from a place of oneness, we are engaged in the most fulfilling way. However, when a creator forgets their power, and they give it away to their conceptions, they can become confused, powerless, frustrated and self-destructive.

When we visualize lovely things, it causes us to feel content and cultivate inner joy. And then we can radiate joy throughout our experiences. This stirring of benevolent feeling is a positive form of agitation (excitement towards living).

Sounds straightforward, but why do so many neglect common sense? They know the words and sing along, but they don't practice what they preach. When we are empty inside, our speech becomes void of meaning.

Agitation is Encouragement To Do Something

it can be beautiful too,

but it's up to you.

Are you breaking promises like snapping gifted-pearl necklaces? The frustration creeps up and manifests. Usually, becoming regretful incidents. The anger looks to destroy symbols of love, peace, & hope because these are lacking in anger's purpose. Agitation is only a bad thing if we are harbouring negativity.

The hateful are the depleted. Like drinking sand to quench the thirst — we must address our needs. They are scratching a detrimental-itch, giving in to the negative voice sabotaging them.

You cannot help someone that has become self-destructive. The benevolence will agitate dangerous convictions. This agitation will compel them to destroy anyone that values what they hate (themself).

Self-destructive people are abusive towards friends/family/lovers. Because of the inferno within burning down the boundaries of identity, things get generalized like racism and sexism.

They also call us out (agitate) us on our faults and shortcomings. From a neutral perspective, this is a blessing in disguise.

The only reason why we hate is that we see ourselves in the image. It is not real. It is a mental capture (a photo, a memory, a perception, a keepsake). And without context, it becomes hazardous to untamed egos and fuel for self-destruction.

The only reason why we hate is that we see ourselves in the image. It is not real. It is a mental capture (a photo, a memory, a perception, a keepsake). And without context, it becomes hazardous to untamed egos and fuel for self-destruction.

Don't Generalize People or Agitation!

What happens when life challenges/ agitates you? Do you react (ego), or do you respond (mindfulness)? Your state of mind is beyond all pros + cons lists. Everything is up to you, whether it benefits your progression. Do you take things personally (ego), or have you learned people are usually insulting/hurting themself?

People can challenge us, can agitate us, can light a fire under our derrieres. Agitation stirs up our inner world and drives us forward (incites action).

Next time you feel agitated, instead of blaming, assuming or reacting, reflect on it. Sit with it. Don't be so quick to play hot potato. Why do you feel this way? It's up to us whether we use the momentum for creating our best life or destroying our best interest.

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