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In Authera Bay, creators discover an oasis. Offering over thirty years of combined experience in music, our unconventional duo comprises Valorine Melani and Jason Berdan. By marrying our diverse backgrounds, we aspire to stimulate your mind with nutritious thoughts, sounds, and colours to help you achieve the life of your dreams.


Our distinctive combination of music and visuals has garnered us a loyal global fanbase. Our music is a one-of-a-kind fusion of traditional and electronic sounds. We incorporate a variety of the world’s instruments and custom synths. Individuals who value originality find value in this proprietary sound.


Authera Bay’s music draws inspiration from Valorine and Jason’s personal journeys, as well as universal truths. Approaching each song, as if it were a movie. We infuse every project with a deep sense of meditation and benevolent intentions. It’s a reminder that all life is connected. And Auther Bay creates a more harmonious world through the power of self-awareness and empathy. Each project is therapeutic, and crafted with benevolence every step of the way.


Besides our musical performances, Authera Bay has collaborated with Sensational Power to provide workshops, videos, and subconscious programs on sound healing, meditation, and personal growth. Our goal is to offer tools for helping others to empower themselves. Authera Bay and Sensational Power are movements towards greater creativity, positivity, and self-mastery.

jason berdan

Starting with a passion for filmmaking, life took a different direction, ultimately making music production a more practical aspiration. When a filmmaker’s vision is applied to music, each song becomes a unique experience. The way Jason pours his heart and soul into each song showcases his dedication to his craft.

valorine melani

Valorine’s mother, Kamal Jit Singh, remembers her being born humming. In a household filled with music, her father, Maninder Preet Singh, was a singer. Although she learned music at home, she began professional training in 2009. Music has deeply influenced Valorine’s psyche and heart, making it her preferred means of creative self-expression.