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The Peak Demands a Clear Purpose

It is oscillating back & forth: a zenith for every slump: a beautiful moment that fades away as quickly as it came. Back into the shadows, anticipating what life seems to offer randomly. What are your expectations?

Why do things seem unintended? Have you left your objectives unattended? Dust off that notepad and pen, and get back to the basics. Write down what you want to happen; it’s easy! Stop procrastinating your ideals to dignify your current situation. Don’t get me wrong, peace is essential, but producing fulfillment is too. We need to create a rewarding life without sacrificing our peace of mind. Stop envisioning worst-case-scenarios; that’s a waste of incredible imagination.

Expect the unexpected, right. But how do I figure my expenses? Shadows hold triggers, like sad eyes, scold traitors. Punishing others is only pummeling our best interest. In trusting the truth, you undo the rest. Stop becoming dead, and start living once again.

Why do we sink into habitual ruts, like trucks in the mud? We are spinning our tires, deeper and deeper, acting dapper to save face. How many care more about what others think than how they feel about themselves?

Priority Numero Uno:

Gain self-confidence. But what is the self? Who are you? Telling stories, waiting out storms, but what is it all amassing? It’s amazing unmasking your face, thoughts, feelings, beliefs, & limitations, peeling them back to see the truth. We’ve grown self-righteous in falsehood. Impatient with progress and apathetic to intuition.

How can you be confident when you’re not even your confidant? Let your inner-knowing guide you. There is no handbook of life, so laugh off frustrations. Fears>Worries>Concerns>Cares, instead of giving yourself reasons to be stressed out, be ready for a stress test. What does that mean? Life is full of challenges. They will come, it’s a guarantee. However, living on on-guard is exhausting; instead, adjust your mindset to overcome all obstacles. You are beyond competition; you are abundant. Your life is flourishing if you allow it. Freshening the air with the smells of tropical fruits, say “aloha” to the epitome of existence, creating nature, and greeting major changes.

Is Life Surfing Waves or Composing Music?

You can get off the swings and step firmly on the ground. I won’t go as far as to say, “get your head out of the clouds.” But find the balance between work, rest & play. Our decisions are either promoting life or condoning demise. You are the government of your world; you are the creator of your universe.   


No garment to wield, and the characters, all of us, steal the spotlight. But I want you to shine that light on your authority. You have the right to ride the earth in peace.     


They say what goes up must come down, and somewhere hidden in our unconscious mind is a particular belief related to our successes. It’s at this point that there’s a fork in our road, or more appropriately, a “y.” When you know “y” you do what you do, there will be less indecision. 


In due season, time induces secretion of events. Without reason, you’re prone to a succession that prevents happiness. “Going with the flow,” following what you know, but again, you’re just clinging to false hopes. 

Like fake friends, you call on the phone, but their promises are phony. The premise of friendship forgets that we’re friendless and lonely. There’s a fetish for acceptance, which undermines your endless energy.

What Creates / Depletes Vitality?

Intestines are cramping up; you can “feel” it in your gut. The microbial culture can sense your stress. We are a walking-world, with a single responsibility to thrive. To make it through strife, to eliminate worry, and focus on the fruits of our effort. 

Minds on the fritz, feeling it in the “pits of their stomachs,” afraid to take risks because they forget their oneness. Numbness is how we cope, “taking the edge off” and clinging to false hope. I call it “false” hope but all hope fools. 

You can hope, or you can put in the work. You can mope when things don’t work out, or you can cope by broadening your scope. Beyond wishing, I encourage you to welcome what you already have. Within a receptive mind is a doorway to understanding. This knowledge answers our most burning questions. Yearn no longer, as you find peace inside.   

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