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Introduction to Powersucking

They drain us like leeches and fight to remain latched on. Many psychic vampires are leaching our essence. Stirring up emotions and licking the plate clean. Their purpose is to get a rise out of you and cash-in on your contribution. They are servants of the void. If a soul is empty, it is equal to a carcass. Like zombies, these “walking dead’ mindlessly-feast on our energy to serve the machine we inhabit.

In any system, every part has its purpose. Even these psychic vampires function as energy harvesters. From a detached mindset, we see the big picture: that none of this is personal. This is a game, and whether we remember it or not, we chose to play it.

The following are examples of vim reapers and their archetypical behaviours. This is a product of imagination and insight; I am merely having fun to make light of this topic. This is in no way scientific and is entirely a creation of my own experience and inner knowing.

Macho Chump / Poseur Person

Overcompensating and cumbersome, they steal the silence and waste it with their insecurities. Never addressing their true qualms, they defend against any agitating-insinuation. They don’t have it together. A closet full of skeletons and a background in mental gymnastics keeps them from leaving the comforts of their self-abnegation.

Can’t access truth, a castaway on the eroding island of denial. Time passes, closer to death, never actually living, yearning to express what is repressed. They envy the courageously-authentic and hate themselves for being fake. This vortex drains anyone foolish enough to help them maintain their charade.

Being honest is sharing worth; being bogus consumes our purpose.

Drama Queen / Show King

Less subtle than sympathy pigs and a lot more sass for the cameras. They want your attention, not your permission. Inside they feel devoid of satisfaction—an emptiness rooted in the lechery of materialism.
Like sensational snakes, slithering into our spotlight’s warm radiance, they are dependant on us. Maybe they’re cold-blooded on their own because they’re not giving themselves any love or genuine-focus.

Drama Queens & Kings need us to rekindle their interest in themselves; otherwise, their self-worth is penniless. There is no right or wrong way to feed them; the point is they’re hungry and resistant to work on themselves. On days working in their favour, they will be the life of the party. Still, if felt ignored, they will make any attempt to get you to notice them, even falsifying a suicide.

You are creative-conscious energy, and anything you’re aware of becomes empowered.

Pity Pigs

Telling “woe is me” stories and never apologizing for it. They want your pity and will spit in your face if they don’t get it. Like any other addict, they’re jonesing for a fix. Are you going to let them down or entertain their habit?

We’ve all been here—the reluctant audience member to an irrelevant soliloquy: our fake smiles, their beating of a dead horse. Some people cry over spilt milk and expect others to reimburse them. Like a junkie chasing the dragon, their quest isn’t so mighty. It might be the cause of many feeling drained.

Compassion means “to suffer together,” don’t let your empathy become a source of misery.

Negative Nicholas / Debbie Downer

No matter what you say, it will prompt a negative response from this person. Their version of thriving is at the expense of your excitement. Deep down, they lack a healthy relationship with themselves. Everything becomes tainted through their thinking process, turning every beautiful moment into vindictive criticism.

They are sliding deeper into a downward spiral until one day, all they have is toxic relationships and estranged family. The cigarettes may temporarily calm their nerves in a vicious cycle that culminates with a bittersweet ending for a person that has been cancer to positivity and encouragement.

Encouraging others is more than supporting their ideas. It is seeing the oneness in everything and cheering on your true self.

Remorse Seducer

Major impediments within us stem from the connection we have to our parents. Caught on a little snag called “care,” watch as fear compromises our opinions. Utilizing a cruel instrument and manipulating us with our own love. The guilt tripper exploits our concerns and controls us.

Guilt is a powerful means to herd cattle—rattling, a serpent’s warning song. Coerced by the commotion, currents lead us away from our own volition. But don’t be a schmuck; see through the victim card. Rise above your circumstance, and create a stable environment. The guilt tripper is a disillusioned coward, so don’t be surprised if their fear of losing control is more substantial than their love.

Guilt is the grief experienced from wasting your now.

Closing Thoughts

I’m having fun here, being creative, but the main takeaway is this: some people aren’t connected to source. They are like moonshine to your sunlight. For every beautiful, new vision you have to offer, they will act as a vacuum—sucking up your joie de vivre.

These characters make life more enjoyable. I have gone from despising them to thanking them for their challenges. I see the value in being agitated. It is your unconscious mind’s way of telling you that you have some shadow work to do.

You have the power to break through all of your unconscious blockages.

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