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Do: Sungazing

Watching the sunrise and the sunset has many benefits, and a creativity boost is one of them. It's also great for regulating vitamin D and organ health. Your pineal gland handles releasing your "wake-up" and "sleepy" chemicals (circadian rhythm). It also separates the sun's light into specific energy for each organ.

creativity is fueled by sungazing

The goal is to watch it during the golden hour — when it's safe to stare at the sun. I know, I know. You may be skeptical of this if it's new to you. But honestly, this idea isn't new at all.

I sun gaze as much as possible. I have found the time to be very healing, facilitating, and therapeutic. I can sense my vitality rising, my thinking clears (I often have breakthrough moments during sunsets), and it adds peace to my day. But above all else, it fills up my creative-gas tank.

Don't: Meat Eating

Speaking of gas tanks, what happens when you use the wrong fuel? Nothing against meat-eaters, but you're against yourselves. The creator in us all thrives on being aware of the energies present. What is the frequency of meat? Is it full of life or full of death?

Think of creativity as the essence of life. Everything is creation, and you're a creator in an avatar. But when we lose sight of the big picture and chomp down on something that had a face, we become a creature.

See? We're always creating, even when we turn ourselves into monsters. But let's not do that. Why waste your creativity on manifesting a life you regret? Let's raise our awareness and realize what dead animal protein does to our organs. Think about it.

It's called a liver, not a dire

Your liver eliminates most of your dead/dying protein cells from your body. What do you think happens when you consume even more dead animal protein cells? Cancer. Ding! Ding! Ding! You win a prize. The greatest gift you can give yourself is a clean bill of health.

Your liver eliminates most of your dead/dying protein cells from your body. What do you think happens when you consume even more dead animal protein cells? Cancer. Ding! Ding! Ding! You win a prize. The greatest gift you can give yourself is a clean bill of health.

Do: Nature Walks

Few would argue with this. Walking in nature alleviates tension and makes it easier to deal with problems. You get exercise, fresh air, a change of scenery and a new perspective.

A lot of artists relish their alone time in nature. And it doesn't have to be exclusive to artsy types. We're all creators, whether we embrace the truth or not. If everyone valued creativity as they do narcissistic displays of possessions, we'd be living in a perfect world.

creativity is strangled by vanity

Get away from daily stresses, and spend some time around trees. Maybe take your shoes + socks off, + experience the earth with your bare feet = relaxation. I know that's not for everyone — but when you do go for a walk, remember, it's beneficial to leave your phone at home.

Don't: Carry Stress

The point of the walk is to rid ourselves of pressure. However, most people hold it everywhere they go. We all have encountered a person in our lives that relentlessly complained about a situation. You may have given some pretty great advice, yet they wanted to keep whining.

Complaining is a waste of power. Why give your energy away to a lost cause? This includes all fears, worries, concerns and cares of this world. Why focus on the problem when you could create a solution. Of course, if stresses have already beaten you down, you're probably too tired to think clearly.

Do: Enjoy Now

When we were young, it seemed joy came to us a lot easier. Maybe we know too much now, or not enough, but along the way, delights seem fewer and further apart.

Boo! That's rubbish. I know joy is a choice, and as kids, we chose to prioritize fun. But then adult-programing turns the child-like nature (to explore the world with a sense of hopeful-wonder) into a jaded old man yelling, "keep off my grass!".

I cannot overstate the importance of enjoyment. How much did you smile before cares replaced joy? When's the last time you did something just for fun? Try tricking your brain into believing you enjoy the mundane. Master your emotions.

Joy protects creativity. It ensures that everything you do is done sustainably. When emotions are the source of your artwork or motivation, you're not in control of your creative-drive. See enjoyment as an element of creativity. We feel joy when our frequencies are harmonious with oneness.

Don't: Replay Strife

You had a tragic origin story? What are you trying to be a superhero or something? Let it go. Bringing up past hurts only hurts you again and stifles your creativity. You're not a victim or a villain. So let it go.

Some people make a career out of past hurt. They sing songs about it and paint with their pain and heartache. But I'm here to tell you that creativity is depleted by grief. And the best way to replenish our creativity is by enjoying our lives again.

Our emotions are easily changeable. Might as well use that in your favour. Turn your weaknesses into your strengths by setting an intention to improve. Pay attention to your subconscious-programs and reactions. You may try to sabotage yourself. If you do, that's okay. Forgive yourself, focus on your joy and persist.

Do: Forgive All

Whenever past hurt creeps up into your now, forgive everyone involved, including you. So many of us hold old grudges and vendettas. But that comes at a cost: our creativity. I want you to know that creativity is your essence.

Forgiveness is natural for creative-consciousness. Because when you enjoy the moment, and you're benevolent you will never tarnish it. Holding on to torment for the sake of self-sabotage is confusion. How did this chaos enter you? You allowed it at some point.

You're the authority of your life. It's up to you. Are you putting labels on yourself? Wearing titles like heavy crowns and weighted adornments — so heavy, all you can do is crawl. Let go of these weights. Source; your origin is weightless. Be free of the material weighing down your mind.

Forgiveness is the easiest way to let go of burdens.

Don't: Replay Strife

It's so important — I will repeat myself a bit. But with emphasis on what happens in the subconscious mind. We know that it rekindles old emotions, but what happens when you visualize the past?

Watching old memories like our favourite VHS tapes causes the mind to travel back to that time. It's disorientating, and as a creator, it's detrimental. Anything imagined is possible for you. The last thing we want to do is create vicious cycles of suffering.

Creative visualization + emotions = manifestation.

Do: Daydreaming

On the bright side, when we imagine what brings us joy, we manifest beneficial things. Day Dreaming doesn't increase our creativity. However, it can inspire us, and therefore is the most useful application of our energy.

It allows us to focus and align with what we want. It requires all of our frequencies to act in accord. We imagine + we feel the corresponding emotions = we harmonize with that ideal. From this place, actions are more likely to agree with our daydream.

There is nothing more encouraging than when you start to manifest your daydreams. It is undeniable.

Don't: Waste Vision

So many people waste their daydreams on night dreams or worst-case-scenarios. They have you wasting vision on Murphy's Law. It is all part of the illusion, don't buy it.

Understand that you are powerful. That's why so much is against you. If it were any easier — there would be no challenge, no risk, and life wouldn't be as rewarding. Rise above expectations, beliefs and assumptions. You are delivering no justice by pushing away possibilities.

Allow yourself to see what you want or what isn't already there. Being brave is nice, but being fearless is better. Be prepared to be different, but you don't have to stand out. Instead, look inward. Invest in your imagination's abilities. Practice, little by little, and you can get it back like muscle memory.

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