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September 1st (2021)

What’s the point? That’s something we ask ourselves when we grow exhausted. Fatigue, burnout, unrest, disorder, everything that goes awry can be: traced back to a single moment—a single choice you consented to. I guess you have to ask yourself: are you brave enough to face the deepest, darkest recesses of your shadow? Are you capable of stomaching the disappointment of breaking through denial? Yes, it’s comforting at first to be ignorant of our shortcomings. Denial is so warm and comfy. It’s pleasant for a while, but eventually, it gets old. The charm wears off in time, I promise you. You might as well use your effort to change now than to invest in postponing the inevitable. What does that mean? What am I saying? To put it simply, I’m saying if you’re bleeding, you will put on a band-aid, but most of us don’t realize it when our souls are bleeding. What do we do then? What’s the bandaid for the soul?

September 2nd (2021)

Sometimes we can be too harsh with each other. In a one-sided attempt to get our point across, we end up just shouting at deaf ears.
I know why we do it, but I want you to know too. I want you to see that proving your point is not as important as agreeing to keep the peace between us. We’re all one—every joyful child, every sulking teenager, every idealistic adult, and every retired snowbird. You name it; we’re one. All lines, divisions & stigmas are temporary containers attempting to keep us apart. But it only happens if we allow it. And it only happens here and now. Everywhere else, other than this place, at this moment, we’re one. You have got to know this; you can sense it deep within you. Deeper than any television program can suggest otherwise and even further than any compromising belief can go. We’re talking about pure creative consciousness, and reaching this level of awareness requires us to detach from our earthbound beliefs and convictions. I’m with you, even when you perceive me as different. That is the illusion, and we must forgive each other for our temporary blindness. Because in time (well, actually, outside of it,) you will see the solution for every problem stems from your neutrality.

September 3rd (2021)

“I remember when…” That’s a statement that usually creeps up when we’re not entirely grateful for our current now circumstances. Some will bicker about nostalgic things like music that played on the radio while they were growing up. Or fight to convince newer generations that movies were better before. Now, they may have a point. And I am inclined to agree about certain superiorities of antiquated practices, especially regarding practical effects in films. But I digress. It will benefit us to get our minds out of the past. This favouritism for all things that played a role in our childhoods & adolescences is an obvious bias. By escaping our comfort zones, we prime our psyches for new adventures and needed experiences. It’s in these moments our true self is: liberated, and our potentials are: fulfilled.

September 4th (2021)

“Every day is a struggle; every day is a fight to survive.” That may be true for some, but for me, that doesn’t apply at all. I am free, flowing and abundant—everything I set my mind to benefits me. As I manifest my dreams with ease, I constantly feel satisfied with my life. The truth is that to fill the inherent voids of life; one must be: detached from those chasms. I choose to remain atop my mountain peak. Why would I slope down to the levels of others just to judge them? That creates a paradox in the hierarchy. The elevated don’t judge the challenged. That is evidence of something that is in a place they don’t belong. That’s why you can’t fake happiness. You can’t pretend to be benevolent. And you can’t lie to your original self. Let this be a period of deep reflection, with fewer words and more movement. Whatever that may be, let’s put energy towards progressing.

September 5th (2021)

Never would we have imagined that we could fall so low. The idealist in all of us pretends everything is fine & dandy while hoping for the best. It’s these rose-coloured sunglasses allowing us to move forward gracefully & unhindered by our circumstances while also potentially setting us up for supreme failure. Now, I don’t believe in failure, not as the mainstream markets it anyways. I see failure as a form of success. That may seem strange to some, but once you understand that all there ever is: is desired circumstances, you begin to see that you’re creating that result no matter what you want. It took a long time for me to realize that the universe tunes out the word “don’t.” So the next time you catch yourself saying, “don’t want to… yada yada yada.” Rather than focusing on the negatives, ask yourself, “what do I want?” Even better, affirm, “I know what I want to do with my life and how to manifest it accordingly.” 

September 6th (2021)

You can’t do this; you can’t do that.” Geez, I thought the best part of growing up was them easing off the rules. But it seems everywhere you go; there’s a rule. “Don’t walk on the grass, don’t chew gum, raise your hand to talk, don’t make eye contact with strangers.” What must be: done to alleviate these burdens of bureaucracy? How can a creator, a creative, an artist thrive in oppressive, mundane restrictions? How can an eagle soar under tyrannical skies? The answer is often the simple & basic truth we’ve taken for granted. Just because things are cliche doesn’t mean they’re any less valuable. That’s the thing about integrity or honesty; we begin to get complacent with their steadfastness and consistency. I’ve noticed that when I grow irate or anxious, you know, really craving a jolt of spontaneity, that those are the times I need to appreciate that overlooked, inner knowing. What have you been underestimating either within yourself or in your life?

September 7th (2021)

Open wide—your eyes, not your mouth. A narrow vision isn’t a product of genetics or even your social interactions. It’s undeniable that like-minded people flock together or that a confident person attracts & convinces their insecure admirers. But the truth is that both parties are insecure. The meek followers and the so-called outspoken leaders are both searching for something neither of them has. It’s not that opposites attract; It’s more about the fact that hunger devours. And from time to time, we need to ask ourselves what are our desires consuming? Our peace of mind? Our integrity? The jokes on you if you’re trying to amuse others at the sacrifice of any precious portion of yourself. Really now. I need you to understand you are beyond diversions. You’re not a seeker because there’s no substance here or answers outside of yourself. Understand that your essence is leached away by this world in order to convince you that you’re somehow progressing. But it’s a false reality, and it’s a trap. Your hunger, if left unchecked, can become an ouroboros situation. So let’s keep an eye on that, shall we?

September 8th (2021)

Who are you trying to convince? Is it really about the others? Or are you merely postponing your own progress? Questions, remember the importance of them. Because it doesn’t take long for situations to change and for rugs to pull from beneath your feet. And before you know it, all the things you thought you buried are unearthed all at once. We need to stay on top of our smoke signals. Those subtle communications can easily be ignored and forgotten. But not forever; ignorance is temporary. It’s like ice, thawing and returning to the flowing knowledge it once was.

September 9th (2021)

What is it that YOU want to do? Forget about your family, friends & influencers for a moment. Take a step back from your momentum. And understand that the truth doesn’t go with the flow. The truth IS the flow. Without it, lies, beliefs, illusions are all inanimate objects with no reason to exist. We’re the ones either breathing life into them OR NOT. You have tremendous power hidden with your untouched potential. I make a habit of bringing out the awkwardness in people. I must say, I do enjoy that moment when people must decide to either stay in their cocoon or emerge as a glorious butterfly.

September 10th (2021)

Time is an illusion. That’s an adage we toss around like a hot potato. And we’re passing it along; we may take it for granted. When’s the last time you had yourself a nice, long relaxation session? Why is it that we wait until the very last minute to plan time for ourselves? And why is it if the opposite is true that we’re considered selfish, lazy, or procrastinators? Well, folks, I’m here as a harbinger of peace. To tell you, those periods of inactivity are not necessarily laziness or neglecting your goals. But stillness should be THE goal. Then everything you do, from that place of calmness, is fluent, smooth, & free of strife. You’ll get a lot further in this life without the friction of deadlines. Stop planning yourself into corners, and see that the world is a lot larger than we were: led to believe.

September 11th (2021)

What is your motivation? Are you doing things for yourself? Keep an eye on your health, will ya? There’s a saturated market for everything. Trust me; there’s no rush. Well, there is plenty of rushing in the surface world. But why would you mimic disastrous behaviour? Do me a favour, and try your best not to internalize the external stimuli. That’s what they’re betting on. They’re planning on mostly everyone stooping into a stooge state, where they’re easily manipulated. We all know of this, yet, it’s easy to slip up and be the none-the-wiser when it’s us, that’s being herded like cattle. Maybe it’s time to do the uncomfortable task of asking ourselves, “How am I a hypocrite?” 

September 12th (2021)

It never hurt anyone to be a rebel, except for arrogant teenagers, soldiers, Jesus Christ, William Wallace… Well, I guess the duty of opposing tyranny does come with inherent risks. The real question isn’t: “Who do I need to rebel?”; it’s “Why am I empowering the other side?” Rather than contributing towards your own entrapment & opposition, why not empower yourself by not taking sides? Your whole life, people have expected you to pick a side. To be halved by duality. And then quartered, and eighthed, and so on. Until you’re so divided, you’re merely a fraction of what you could be. What you areWho are you?

September 13th (2021)

You can’t plan for everything. So sometimes, you’re better off just winging it. Relax, first and foremost. There’s no use in sweating about whether or not it’s going to rain. Because either way, you’re getting wet. You need to take a break from playing dress-up and make-believe. The world is a fantasy game, and it’s easy to get caught up in it. You’re beyond needing approval, so stop seeking applauses. It’s okay to acquire an awkward pause every now & again. That means you’re thinking outside of the box. You keep doing what you enjoy, and I promise you growth. We can do this; we can win at life. It’s as simple as respect.

September 14th (2021)

The time has come for movement. Nothing lasts forever, and progression is essential. Without it, we sever ties with our truth. Standing tall requires knowing thyself and climbing higher tests that integrity—many quit, and that is failure to winners. But that same failure is the intended success of a self-saboteur. Study duality. As a student of negativity, you will cherish the bright side. As a teacher of positivity, you will discover beauty everywhere. The answers aren’t hidden. Truth is in the air we breathe, the sun we take for granted. It’s the happiness we choose to embrace, and it’s made possible in our minds only by renouncing the illusion. Creating distance between you, the marionettes, and their strings. Caught up in a mirage that weathers their peace of mind each day. They’re risking something beyond value for the sake of endless earthbound pursuit. To reach everlasting peace, one must first drop their burdens at the mountain’s base. The journey is a numbers game, but understand that you can change the odds in your favour.

The time has come for newfound hope and rekindled inner knowing as you realize the magnitude of your power.

September 15th (2021)

Wilding grasses envelop a rusted laneway gate—the peeling navy blue paint suggests enduring neglect. Otis sneaks through the horizontal bars of the dismissed barrier and makes his way down a long, narrow passage. The Monumental procession of trees lining the laneway brings about as much peace as it does ambiguity. There’s a vague feeling of despair sitting at the pit of his stomach. Each step grinds the gravel beneath his boots, and the echoes ricochet off the trees, pretending to be strangers in the forest. He stops to savour the silence and compose himself once again, but pestilent flies thwart his attempts at reviving his peace of mind. Calm breathing replaced by frustrated swats, he mutters to himself, “Of course there are insects in this jilted thicket, how silly of me to forget the spray.” 

The single hum quickly multiplies from a pesky solo to an odious symphony of endless buzzing, winged pests. They encircle Otis in a way that exhibits the impossible. He wears a cocoon of hovering flies. The flickers of daylight disappear as he stares into the boisterous abyss. He screams in terror and pleads to the bugs, “Please, have mercy on me!” But the more he talks, the more they fly into his mouth. Every effort to make sense of this is interrupted by their ruthless sabotage. Suddenly, each one begins to crackle and dissolve into ash. Disintegrating spontaneously and in perfect unison, it takes a few moments for Otis’ fear to subside. Slowly, he realizes that the flies are gone.

Otis glances about; he is somehow back on the other side of the gate. He examines himself for any apparent damage, but surprising to him, it was relatively innocuous for what seemed like temporary insanity. He gets back into his orange station wagon. The impact of his door closing and his weight shifting causes an old family photo hanging from his rearview mirror to sway back & forth. He grabs it and takes a closer look. It’s a stormy day in front of an old farmhouse. They’re just off the porch, Otis’ distressed mother, menacing father, a young sulking Otis, and the family dog. He drops the photo on the passenger seat, starts the car, and begins driving. The unpaved road ascends over the trees, and Otis pauses for a moment. From atop this hill, the old farmhouse from the photo is in plain sight. 

As he reflects, flies abruptly swarm in the picture, erasing his frowning mother and his furrowed father. Upon the second inspection, it appears the young Otis is now smiling in a photo of a boy & his dog. He carries on, driving through the boundless woodland. He passes a sign reading, “Sorry to see you go, but hope to see you again!” And the following sign reading, “Welcome to North Hope Springs!” The sun sets, and darkness returns. The hypnotic pattern of passing headlights starts to lull him to sleep. His eyelids gain weight as he nods off, losing consciousness behind the wheel. His station wagon veers into the oncoming lane. The blasting horn of an approaching transport truck jolts him conscious & upright as his reflexes guide him to safety. He pulls over onto the shoulder of the highway.

Taking a moment to gather his thoughts, he looks down at the photo sitting on the passenger seat. What he sees requires him to bring it closer to his eyes. He can’t believe it. Otis brings the picture so close to his face; it’s all he can see. Inspecting it for forgery & trickery, but to him, it seems like the original photo, “but how’s that possible?” He asks himself. Suddenly a dog jumps up on the passenger’s side door, and its claws clank against the glass. Otis takes another moment to compose himself because this dog looks exactly like the dog from his childhood. After a few cars pass and Otis summons the courage, he opens up the car door. The dog immediately comes to Otis. The two meet for the first time but remind each other of a good friend from the past. They feel like they knew each other all along. 

Otis smiles and laughs, reminiscing his cherished memories of his childhood dog, “Skip.” In all of his fervour and excitement, he speaks to the dog, “After all these years you, returned to me, boy. Skip, I’m going to call you Skip!” Otis wipes a joyful tear from his eye. But then, suddenly, the mad trucker that Otis almost collided with comes from out of nowhere and punches Otis in the jaw. The trucker knocks out Otis and jeers, “Night, night, chump! Next time keep your eyes on the road!” He leaves a splayed-out Otis, whose feet are still in the car, but his upper body unfolds on the highway’s shoulder. As the trucker leaves, he claps his thigh and whistles, “Here Bronco, c’mon boy!” And with that, the dog hops back into the Transport, and the trucker drives away. Crickets chirp and Otis’ car’s door ajar alarm chimes as Otis sleeps on the side of the road. 

September 16th (2021)

You don’t have to be the best at something to make it your profession. I think that’s where a lot of people flounder. They believe turning a passion from a mere pastime into a prosperous life requires them to be the best. They assume they need complete mastery over their craft, but that line of thought will keep you from improving any further. The process of mastery requires us to leave our comforts and to market our creations. We need to leave these shells and the illusion of safety behind to take the risks that reward us with development. Then, and only then, we will gain the necessary experience: granted by an energetic exchange (financial transaction) from our customers.

You see, there’s a lot of secret virtuosos and closeted gurus out there. But until they share those skills, talents, & abilities with the world, their practical ways of helping us all are just ideologies locked up in the mind. The final step in anyone’s learning journey is teaching! And sometimes those missing dots of information and those unrealized connections appear when we offer our service/products to others. Through our benevolence and grace, anything is possible. Because having the best of intentions yields the best of results.

So with that, keep your happiness a priority, and share your gifts with the world. Don’t get caught up in what everyone else is doing. That is irrelevant to you. Do what’s best for you and the people like you. You will see unimaginable growth, and you will perceive a level of satisfaction beyond compare. You can do this. I believe in you. Just focus on doing what you enjoy, and the improvements will flow naturally.

September 17th (2021)

Happiness is a myth, at least how the masses perceive it to be. You can spend your entire life chasing something and have nothing to show for it. The pursuit of happiness, the American dream, all of these elaborate fantasies grounded in our acceptance of what we deem real. But what is true? Is there really strength in numbers? Does the quantity of people believing something enhance its verity? Is there something I’m missing here? Because it seems that people feel more confident in groups, but that is contrary to what I’ve known the truth to be. The truth is isolating. Honesty is being indifferent to the lies, those same lies that most people coddle and hold, desperately attempting to maintain their sugar-coated denial.

Some of us have a sweet tooth for fallacies. But I feel now, more than ever, is the time to reset our mental palettes. And acquire a taste for the plain, simple truth.

September 18th (2021)

Get your mind out of the gutter. Resist me all you like, but rebelling your best interest only scolds you. There’s no use in fighting what will benefit you the most—especially if that means relinquishing your fatal charm and alluring vices. You are a special gift to the world. Try your best never to forget that. Despite others tearing through your wrapping paper and losing the sentimental card taped to the top of the box, you have exceeded expectations. What does that mean? Rather than focusing on what we have lost or gone through, that’s put a rosy ribbon on it. Shall we? 

Let’s remind ourselves every day that the past is behind us, and right now is all we truly have. If we make a habit of indulging in nostalgia or yearning for a taunting ideal, then we misuse our current opportunity. We’re all in this together, but you benefit the most when you focus on yourself. You need to care for your body, mind, emotions, and soul. That’s your responsibility. There’s a lot of excitement going on in the world right now, and hullabaloo has a way of consuming us if we let it. 

But, I can promise you better days, as long as you do your best now. We can only ever do our bests, And sometimes our present limitations have their way of frustrating us because we hope to achieve more. After all, these expectations have bitter repercussions—This is something I’m learning as well. Anyone here on this earth is progressing in some way. Even if they try to trick you by casting a veil over your perception, see through the canvas—See through all of the defences of denial.  

September 19th (2021)

All of our lives have prepared us for this exact moment. What that means for me, Pete, Sarah, or [Insert gender-neutral name here] will differ for you. But understand that your failures facilitate your successes. Now, I know it would be ideal if we could experience the journey without the detours, but that’s the way it goes sometimes. Not always, just sometimes. Let’s recognize where we went adrift and correct our course. This life requires us to be strong and hold the steering wheel firmly. At any given notice, we could be: prompted to navigate & manoeuvre shallow waters or unexpected storms, nonetheless know that you are capable. 

It doesn’t require a rocket scientist to get to the moon. Imagine it. You can do everything you want to do right now by visualizing it. I know that sounds kitsch, and people will probably roll their eyes. But recognize at that moment what you’re doing to your inner child. Remember all of those questions you used to ask? Remember that searing curiosity that burned through your parent’s complacent answers. Remember how their annoyance curbed your inquiry? I do. Because I know the human condition well, I understand it considerably, and that culture may have a few surface differences, but ultimately we’re all in the same boat. 

September 20th (2021)

The times are changing.” That expression is obvious, redundant, and condescending. But it doesn’t stop us from pointing it out from time to time. It can come as a shock when the truth hits us like a ton of bricks. What will we do this time? Will we continue? Will we carry on our destructive ways? Will we throw ourselves a pity party for one? Or maybe crave some unnecessary attention as we drag others into our pits of despair. It isn’t fair to them, and it isn’t suitable for you, considering your status. 

Stop spending your energy on criticism. That is an abuse of free will. Those judgemental voices will exist in your mind if you enable them. They will devour your crops and scorch your earth. If you give them an inch, they’ll take your soul. Refuse to buy into their exhibition. After all, why would they stop at you when they could captivate an entire generation. Birds of a feather, am I right? Let go of your possessions. Be the essence, not the greed. 

Cages surround us every day. Every day’s a struggle if you go down that road. If you plan a shortcut, be prepared to take the scenic route. Bring enough food, blankets, & games to have a picnic. While everybody else steeps in their sweaty cars, bumper-to-bumper, cooking under a scorching sun, you can be the one embracing their rejected opportunity. Maybe the real secret to success is doing that thing you unreasonably refuse to do. We can embrace change rather than tasting frustration. We can break through our constructed walls of complacency and reach behind the emptied dirt. We can sift within until the moist, nutrient-rich soil hydrates our understanding, and from there, our newfound outlook will regenerate these interlinked bodies. 

Now’s the time for undoing, not becoming. Let go of what you wanted to be. All of your life, they, and the former versions of yourself prepared you for bittersweet transformations. As you travelled around twists and anticipated turns with a fading joy, you became institutionalized by the system. Life is a canvas, we need to figure out where the artist ends and the creator begins.    

September 21st (2021)

Well, it’s been an interesting year, many things have happened, I’m sure you know, and now, it’s Autumn once again. The temperature is dropping, but the air is crisp. It smells vaguely of pumpkin spice and dying leaves. There is an alarming amount of people still wearing shorts, as I debate whether or not I should wear a scarf. And, of course, Halloween is right around the corner. I always found Halloween to be a very divisive holiday. Well, is it even a holiday? It’s not like we get it off from work. Unless you’re a witch or something, I guess.

Nonetheless, it’s not like Christmas. Now Christmas is what most people consider to be a “real” holiday. A genuine chance to connect with estranged relatives and endure awkward silences between heated discussions. Yeah, that’s what holidays should be. A bunch of strangers crammed together in a room pretending to know each other based on who they once were, despite their vigilante efforts to shed those preconceived notions of themselves, oh, and also cranberry sauce, that’s pretty good too. 

I’ve always loved the fall time. It’s a real wake-up call, an incessant reminder not to take life for granted. So many of us race through this life. First, as children, instead of savouring that grace period, that buffer between the pinnacle of hopes & dreams on the one side, and the crushing, jarring, grinding circumstances of adulthood on the other, you know, instead of being genuinely grateful for that simplicity, we naively look forward to growing older. But once we do grow up and walk across the hot coals, the trials & tribulations of time, then we look back fondly on those squandered days of youth—those moments without stress, responsibility or having to pay taxes. We didn’t have to worry about which day you drive in the carpool or when it’s your turn to pick up the kids. As those young dreamers wait outside the school, wondering when they’ll be: picked up—yearning for the day when it’s their turn to drive and forget to pick up their kids. 

Autumn is a wake-up call, but some people just hit the snooze button on life. They sleep right through it. 

22nd of September (2021)

Why are you fighting so hard to hold onto what you have?
Did you even ever have it in the first place? If you’re afraid to lose it, was it worth losing your peace of mind? What thought has the power to keep you up at night? Isn’t it better to liberate yourself and be free than to keep distracting yourself?

I ask these questions, not to pry, but to get the ball moving. Movement is necessary. All forms of health require it – whether it’s physical, mental, or emotional. Energy needs to stay in motion. Now, that doesn’t mean to be restless or anxious. Not all movement is of the same quality. It would be best if you moved forward, upward, and benevolently. Inspiration is not the same as motivation.

Pressure, time, deadlines can all be very motivating. They coerce us and push us to accomplish things. Although great things have been: achieved, there also have been many mediocre things, maybe even more so, yet the whip has cracked the same either way, and the people receiving it have broken their backs all in the name of human greed, integrity being: sacrificed, & earthbound fulfillment seeking.

When will we learn? Or maybe it’s not something we can participate in as a race. Maybe, enlightenment is as isolating as it’s made out to be by the world’s largest religions. Perhaps that’s what this whole mirage is about: finding the courage to walk away from the debating, shouting voices to discover the neglected silence within us all. The same quietude we attempt to bury with mindless self-indulgence & false debilitating comforts.

One thing’s for sure: the world won’t give away any real secrets for free. It’s going to cost you something or another. Either your time or your dollar, because the roots of success propagate in the soil of sacrifice. But we need to ask ourselves what we are sacrificing. Is what we’re surrendering worth equal or greater value than what we’re receiving in return? And if not, we’re losing; we’re sliding backwards. The world is like an elaborate version of chutes & ladders. And it’s tough to win the game if you’re aren’t aware you’re playing it.

23rd of September (2021)

Where is the joy in your life? What gets you out of bed in the morning? (And don’t say your alarm) There needs to be enthusiasm in your life, not just anyone’s but your own—Not just your’s alone, but others. Hopefully, you have encouraging friends, and if you don’t, that’s fine. You can still cultivate it; it just takes more fortitude. Nothing in this life is impossible. And if you currently have naysayers beside you, whispering their failures in your consciousness, then I beg you to reconsider those closest to you. Being near you is a wonder. The people in your life should value you, and if not, every room has a door.

24th of September (2021)

Have you taken any time today for yourself? Sure, you’ve done things that benefit you and others, but what have you done for your true self? Does that question challenge you? Does it tick you off? Why? Why not? Who are you? Who are you trying to fool? Have the confidence to face yourself in the mirror. Have the tenacity to maintain eye contact with your reflection. It’s not a contest; it’s the process of acceptance. You may be surprised to find out that your enemies were just people waiting for your approval all along. You need to make the first move. You risk the chance of looking foolish, but the reward is a world of freedom, peace and restoration. It’s yours to explore. Everyone car needs a road and a soul brave enough to take the wheel.

There are plenty of people on autopilot, sleeping through life, dreaming at night. It’s time to take our dreams back. To retrain our minds to daydream. I allow myself to daydream and explore the infinite potential of my imagination. I am endless. And so are you.

25th of September (2021)

It wouldn’t be the end of the world if you stopped people-pleasing right here and now. I think the continuation of society is less important than each of our peace of mind. It’s when you’re enjoying your life and experiencing the liberation of bliss that life reaches a frequency worth persevering. Yet, so many of us sacrifice our essence & purpose to appease a cold, abusive status quo. What’s the point in abandoning your dreams & desires for inevitable disappointment. Sure, you can sustain your Stockholm syndrome and sympathize with your parasites, but is your compassion empowering you this time? Are you more powerful when you are compassionate & weighed down, or when you are intuitive & determined?

26th of September (2021)

Our journey becomes compromised when we shield ourselves from embarrassment. What is so extreme about a moment of awkward humility? Are we so vain? What’s more important, the momentum of a plane as it’s free-falling or the pride of the pilot? Would the victims forgive Icarus for flying too close to the sun?

Small doses. That’s the key to functioning in this world. Too much at once overrides our limiters. Our minds, bodies and emotions can only endure so much. Why add more pressure to the pot?

It’s exhausting pretending not to care, but in reality, you care too much. So much so that you put effort into an aloof façade. You must be tired of that. The feeling of restlessness and unease is quite common, as is the tapping of your foot and the drumming of your fingers. Panic doesn’t fade; it simmers until the terror comes to a full boil. Nothing resolves itself automatically. It requires inner work. Your mind is the vehicle for your thoughts, and you need to maintain it like a mechanic. There’s no shame in it. Taking responsibility is a brave step. The mature thing to do is do what’s right for you, even if it’s awkward at first.

27th of September (2021)

Where did we go wrong? Maybe it’s something hardwired into these brains of ours. Perhaps it’s a feeling that seems like satisfaction, but really it’s self-destruction. But I’m not going to get worked up about it. Then, it wins. There’s no defeating stress; that’s a paradox. We need to abandon our anxiety, not struggle with it. Think of everything like an advertisement. When it’s terrible, and it doesn’t generate any interest, what happens? That’s right; it’s finito! Donezo! It’s a wrap; it’s scrapped—just another casualty in the war for our attention. It’s the same with everything else in our electric universe. Without your viewership, it doesn’t exist. 

Yet, so many of us have spent our lives fighting for the answers. We are digging and prying for a mere glimpse of the truth. Those years of searching were not in vain, as long as we’re mature enough to recognize that we’re ready to transform. I think you’re brave if you’re reading this. These words aren’t for passing the time or for the faint of heart. This entry is a decree saturated with boldness, an audacity that challenges the complacent mind. Are we above average? Or are we in a league of our own? Let’s spend less time searching and arguing semantics and more time hugging our inner child. We were all so quick to grow up, and then we started slipping and sliding down a mudslide. You wanted to grow up, not grow old. Don’t you see something’s off? 

We can correct it. As long as we’re living, breathing, and finetuning our skills, we’re able to gain the opportunities to evolve. That’s all this moment is: it’s everything. Don’t squander it. Avoid limiting yourself. You deserve more than average. Take charge of your life. Be true. Don’t let anything decide your fate. There is no fortune-telling or the direction you choose. Your choices are precious, and your effort is abundant. Let’s put it to good use. Let’s find the oneness in all of it. 

28th of September (2021)

How do we control our thoughts? Sometimes our minds are rushing to get to the answers like an impatient child. Remember, it’s imperative to remain child-like, not childish. Does maturing mandate ageing as well, or is that another one of those pesky debilitating beliefs? 

To tell someone to “get over the past” comes across as insensitive. So, it’s quintessential we don’t compromise our child-like wonder in the process of inspiring someone else’s. We need to lead by example. We’ve heard that so many times. How do we actually do that? It seems like a lot of these cliches are true but buried under the soot of arrogance. 

We walk through these lives, striving to find or maintain our relationships. But don’t let your love become longing. Rather than waiting for the things you want to enter your life, start creating them now. Through the power of your magnificent intent, all things are possible. You are a fantastic creator. Please recognize this truth. We are all one, and once you accept our truth, all things will be revealed.  

29th of September (2021)

Sometimes life can be abrasive. While our hearts are calling for retreat, our loved ones could be singing the herding song of those same tired hearts. It can be divisive: being between our own needs and the needs of the others around us. But I promise you, once you master this balance, prosperity is inevitable. When we properly budget our time, energy and love, we will begin to see the financial aspects of success we all seem to covet. I guess what I’m trying to say is, “look around you.” What are you taking for granted? In your life, there is a supreme value. Don’t you understand? For something to be completely terrible is impossible. Well, it is possible if you’re cynical to the point of your self-destruction. But we don’t want that; we enjoy life. To live, to practice, to seize this very moment. 

At the center of every heartbeat is euphoria. Once you discover it, you begin getting to know yourself. As you fulfill each of your dreams, I wish you the very best on your journey of self-discovery. 

30th of September (2021)

As we walk along the road to realization, we encounter stepping stones we often take for granted. How they appear may differ between us. But make no mistake, their purpose is unanimous. Like the sacrificial glass we’re required to break through in cases of emergency, we must shed our complacent, carefully-kept expectations. We must learn to sever the expectations from our dreams. Like snipping the strings beneath balloons, it’s only then we realize the truth: that you do not own anything, not even what seems most precious to you. 

You are beyond your senses because you experience them. You transcend your dreams because you visualize them. I know it can be overwhelming as we ponder amidst the occurrences. It’s stimulating and distracting, but you need to know when to call it a day. Learn to bid your passions & pursuits adieu. And then, and only then, will you gain the discipline to make your thoughts a reality. The only secrets in this life are the answers to questions you haven’t thought to ask yourself yet. 



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  1. Valorine

    Hi Jason,

    I am loving your Nutritious Thoughts of The Day! They are all unique & different. Finding a way to my Heart, I see each as a Beautiful Piece of Art. A Great Creator. Thanks for listening to your Heart and Hearing the Pulse of Life to share here.

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