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June 30th (2021)

The world is here to entertain you. To do whatever it can to trip you up, but it’s nothing personal. Because you’re not a person, you’re the creator! So start acting like it. The veil of illusion dances with our senses, confining us to continuation and complacency. But when will it end? The thought prompts, surely, but not all answer their true self’s nuanced nudging.  

How do you raise your head from the oppressive waters?  Careful now, entertainment is a lot like a Chinese finger trap. The more you resist and repress, the less you assist yourself and what you truly need from this life. Let me make this clear for you: All you ever need is the truth. So be honest with yourself every step of the way. Stop defending your delusions. Allow them to disintegrate like vampires in the sunlight. You are far too powerful to let the bad thoughts in, but when that does happen: reflect in silence. Don’t let the world catch you with your pants down. And especially don’t act like that was your intention all along. The world is full of clumsy cats. They get caught slipping up and play it off like they meant to do that. But mistakes are temporary endeavours, don’t turn them into a culture. 

A lot is going on, inside you, outside you, but the only thing that ever matters is what’s not being said. The neglected silence is filled with solutions. Start recognizing your untapped potential and how you can improve any given situation.    

June 29th (2021)

What are your beliefs regarding health and fitness?

What you give is what you get. 

But what if you didn’t have to overwork yourself to get those extraordinary results? 

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. That has been my life’s motto for a long while. At some point within my earthly experience, I realized something. When I wanted something, I always got it. Despite the deeply flawed logic of the masses pinpointed against me, I defied their opinions and statistics. Before I even remembered other people’s names, I knew the power of belief, or more appropriately, the consequence of knowledge. 

It was instinctual, like scratching an itch or fearing heights, some inclination that kept me safe throughout my life. I compare it to instinct, but that’s limited to experiences you’ve already had or genetic codes written inside your DNA, messages from your ancestors within your body. But I’m not here to be anybody’s continuation. I refuse to consider diseases as hereditary. Everything is a byproduct of belief. When I was young, it’s all I knew for sure. Yet, the grown-ups tried their hardest to convince me otherwise. 

Now, why do we have to go and rain on others’ parades? 

People believe that the incentive is everything in this world. But I ask you, rather than focusing on what you receive for your efforts, why don’t you ask yourself why you’re doing it in the first place? Intention trumps incentive. If you think those are the same things, you probably don’t understand the difference between manifestation and attraction. Incentives are reasons to get out of bed. But they fluctuate and may not always be there—They can be debilitating crutches that set you up for failure and distractions that keep you from genuine success. But your intention is your life’s purpose: connected to your true identity. To know requires a commitment to truth. To believe requires doubt because every leap of faith has a foundation for questioning one’s abilities. 

I am constantly connecting with the eternal aspects of truth, and that’s what honesty is: the expression of timelessness. Give your forever self a voice in your world by reflecting in silence. 

You’re dreaming. All of the other clutter, and nonsense about how things work, doesn’t pertain to you. You are the dreamer—the creator, not the sleeper. Rise from the stupified state of self-abnegation. No longer will you stand idly by denying your true self. You will overcome every obstacle inside of you, kicking out any lie, beLIEf, and overwhelming sensations to the curb. You are unstoppable, unfathomable, and accomplished. If you think for a single second that you need to stoop down to any action that exhausts you to succeed, then I beg you to reconsider your state of mind.

June 28th (2021)

Suppose you keep repressing your thoughts and emotions. In that case, that’s all you’re going to get: upset, repressed, explosive diarrhea from one extreme to the other—living your life emotionally constipated, constantly fighting yourself. That is a savage injustice to your true potential. Stop fighting yourself, start learning to love what you find repulsive o offensive about your individuality.

Why is it easier to live this way, blocking your emotions from fruition? 

Maybe one of these days, you’ll have the dream until the end, and you’ll see it wasn’t a nightmare at all but a cathartic release. Keep your emotional-colon cleansed with processing function; that’s the only way those feelings become realizations. Otherwise, they remain in you, forever taunting for your approval and acceptance. Stop getting mad at them; they are you like a small child trying to get their parent’s attention. Act mature, not childish. Be the best version of you possible, right here, right now. 

Please stop trying to convince me you’re the exemption to the rule. That’s procrastination. No good done there, get up, dust yourself off, and see those greener pastures on those hills yonder. Tell your former, obsolete version of yourself to “Take a hike.”   

June 27th (2021)

You need a system to move forward. Otherwise, you’ll lollygag and waste precious seconds. This life isn’t about killing time until you get what you want. It’s everything in between your goals, destinations, and dreams. It’s the mundane, the expected, and the drab. But just because the masses have fixed opinions about what’s boring doesn’t mean you have to follow suit. You can be free—Freer than any bird you ever glorified.

Discipline is a system for success, a vehicle for prosperity. Without dedication or commitment, there is no achievement. There would only be what’s happening and random circumstances. I refuse to contribute to that philosophy. Everything must have an intention, even your most unspectacular actions like brushing your teeth. To do it daily without mindfulness is forgetting the beauty of this life. And the only way to recover that lost merit is by rekindling our gratitude.

I am grateful for this life and all the people that enjoy it. I choose to surround myself with creators that see beyond the veil of obscurity and illusion. My closest friends are visionaries, not followers. They are selling water in the middle of a desert, and I respect them for it. I prefer to have gentle inspiration in my life rather than the aggressive presence of education. If I considered myself a puppy, I would do best in the hands of a gentle owner that leads with love and commitment to my progress. That’s what I’ll be for myself.

June 26th (2021)


You Owe It To Yourself

Life is stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Just because a boat is sinking doesn’t mean to have to remain aboard. You see, life is a choice, and when you understand that every moment you are here willingly, you help to strip away the indecision and contempt. I wish somebody could have gotten through to me at a younger age. I feel like I wasted so much time to get here, to this place. But I also realize that was part of my journey, and I made my peace with my detours. I wish the same for everybody. Peace has many routes, but once you’re there, what’s next is a lot clearer.

Even love is different when we’re better connected to our true self. And rest assured, the only ticket to truth is peace. When I was younger and more rambunctious, I wouldn’t allow that thought to enter: the fact that grace, joy, and self-love makes life a lot easier. That thought made me uncomfortable because, at some point, I began to inflict unnecessary pain on myself. That pain came in many forms, such as overworking myself, denying myself healthy people to be around. I preferred to surround myself with harmful and toxic people because they made me feel less guilty about my baggage. But my arms were getting tired, and my back my worn; I knew that I was doing something wrong.

I won’t let my past detract from my now. Right now is my moment to make the best of my life. I like to think of each second as a separate bubble rather than a stream of time. And inside this bubble, I am safe. There is no rush or continuation. I am free and flowing over those vicious cycles. I have a vantage point where it becomes evident to me which habits I need to break.

I love myself. I appreciate all of my nuances and skills. I forged new paths and opportunities in this life that weren’t native to this life. I am the creator, and I created the artist. As I enjoy my creation, there is still a blank canvas to explore.

The low form of love leads to treachery. In the middle, it requires the sacrifice of those crude materials rather than the compromise of your character. But at the height of love, it doesn’t even involve others. It’s all about your connection with the things that made love possible in the first place.

June 25th (2021)


Make It Through To Ourself

What is killing your peace of mind? Check inside you. Nobody can tell you what you need because they’re too preoccupied. They can only guess. Start counting your blessings. Yes, that includes what you’re dreading to do. Those things are necessary, like removing toxic people from your atmosphere and adhering to your commitments. That requires discipline, but I know you have it in you. 

Why fear death?

You control it; it’s up to you and what you believe. It would be best if you trimmed the fat. Stay lean in this machine. Don’t let any threads dangle. It doesn’t take much to get tripped up. But that’s none of your business; if I slip, I’m doing it privately, and after I recover: I’m taking my success public. Sometimes we don’t get to control our witnesses or when we have an audience. Other times we do. Just be sure to experiment with your options in your spare time, when you’re alone, and there’s no one around to judge you. Who knows, maybe you’ll discover a paradigm-shifting conclusion, and it’s easier to get in that flow when you’re not worried about anyone’s opinion. 

Take out the “pi,” and you got an onion. There are many layers to opinions, and at their sweet, flavourful center, we have the ego. And at their outermost surface, the taproot is present. That’s where the opinion roots into your unconscious mind. I like to pluck these opinions at their hearts, and who knows, you might get lucky and find a chain-linked bunch. Working on yourself requires immense discipline, no joke. So if you want to brush off the opportunity, wave your hand, go ahead, see who it really affects. It’s you. No one else can carry your weight. Don’t be a burden. Life is cumbersome enough with all these mouth breathing, meat-eating, cigarette-dialect-having, mission wreckers. Seriously, there are human fingerprints on every fear. In our hands, even the most measly of issues seem gargantuan. 

That’s because the human-animal is tiny, insignificant and incomparable to your true self—our true self. We’re one, whether you like it or not. 

June 24th (2021)


Your Overworked Unconscious

We take ourselves for granted. Compared to what’s possible in our little world, these limiters happen when we least expect them. They come in many forms: family, dreams, passion, negative beliefs, etc. They keep pushing themselves, drudging forward, escalating the stress, until the pressure erupts. 

Why is this so common? 

Our neglected potential, encapsulated by the shadow—this out-of-reach area surpasses our awareness. 

Who would you be if it were not for this life? 

Drawn to the surface and distracted by its fragrance. The intoxicating reminders within nostalgia: this includes limitation in its many forms: familiar lies, pipe dreams that lead us astray, a passion that bleeds our soul, and the nagging beliefs of our parents. How the ideas can echo for eternity, but they only exist as long as our earth figures. 

What’s the secret to unlocking your success? 

You have already succeeded about one thousand times and waited. While you were waiting, the graduation celebration passed you. Then you debated: whether or not you were on the right track. But little did you know, the opportunities have been dancing around your head. 

Are you ready to take the lead?  

June 23rd (2021)


Becoming Aware Of Your Emotional Body

Don’t internalize the chaos of others. Their confusion is a product of choice. All creations are: deliberated, whether consciously or unconsciously. 

Earn your independence by constructing boundaries between you and them. They are the ones you need to distance yourself from; they are hindrances to your enlightenment. This journey requires sacrifice. What that means for us varies from person to person. But it always involves awareness, preparation and implementation. It could take a person years to fathom the responsibility needed to take that next step upwards. Struggling wears us thin, as does feeling responsible for others. 

On your own: the intuition flows like sacred water, cleansing away the disharmony and rejoining you with oneness. In the group’s thoughts are downloaded from the cloud, the mob mentality dominates our voice. You always have a choice, no excuses. Reduce, reuse, recycling emotions because they’ve never dealt with them in the first place. Why waste your energy when you can redeem yourself? You are capable of so much more.

Every emotion is like a dagger slicing away at our potential, poking us, cutting and sharp, twisted sarcasm laughs it off. Be prepared to accept the consequences of your actions, even when you think you’re helping yourself. You’re not a superhero. You are a creator, though. Here to enjoy your life without getting disintegrated. Stay intact by having integrity. Be true to yourself, and understand that any emotion below contentment is a waste of your potential. 

Sometimes detrimental actions pave the way for us and temporarily give us the results we’ve been craving. Why are you craving? What are you seeking outside of yourself? Coincidences never exist; the system is tricking you. Rise above doubt, rediscover the truth. It’s in you. Get used to considering yourself with high esteem.  

June 22nd (2021)


Between Life Partners

As the story evolves, people enter your life. They may come and go, but sometimes they’ll stick around for a while. Nothing lasts forever; bear this in mind: constantly, which by itself is a great reason to cherish these people. If you happen to come across a person in this life that matches you mentally, that’s a gift: embrace it. If you think about it, I mean really think about: there’s a lot of people, basically everyone that isn’t on your exact level. Sure, a few come close, and some are similar enough; we may settle or make some accommodation to have them in our life. But to actually come across someone that fits into your life fluently & elegantly, that it’s so natural that there’s no real compromise: that’s a blessing.

What do you want anyway? From life? From yourself? From others? What are these lavish dreams and overbearing expectations that keep you from manifesting them once and for all? 

If you got it all figured out, so much so, you don’t need to listen to me, then what do you have to show for it? Where’s the proof of your knowledge? It’s one thing to think, you know, but it’s entirely different from having the evidence to back it up. Today’s thought isn’t about flaunting your successes. I understand why you would prefer to keep your wealth private. That’s smart. Why draw unnecessary attention to yourself? Be wiser than that. That is completely foolish to squander your successes as a means to connect with others. That’s backwards. It’s supposed to be the other way around. When you turn the thing you value most into a profit, I guarantee you it’s because other people appreciate it and you too enough to reimburse you for your commitment & service. 

Don’t screw up. Our life is supposed to be sustainable. Do what you love, follow your joy, and you’ll see that there will be no void, no longing, or desperation. Your service to others should be benevolent. That means you’re serving everyone, and it benefits everyone whether they value you or not. Whether they choose your product, or service or somebody else’s, the fact that you are providing an opportunity for others to raise their frequency in one form or another: that is extraordinary. Especially right now. Just don’t get it backwards and sell out. Most people do that; they sell out and turn their back on what they love about life. They lie to themself and get caught in their web of denial. Most people are trapped, and to get out at this point in their lives after getting tangled so far in their web seems like more work than just staying. But never remain in misery for long; you’re worth so much more than that; I can’t stress it enough.    

Set yourself free. Do it; you are capable. Start with admitting the areas of your life where you’re selling yourself short. Stop comparing yourself to others, and also don’t be afraid to speak your truth to the people closest in your life. If you share a roof with them, it doesn’t get any closer than that. If you have to stay in touch through phone calls and messages, that’s not close enough to affect your life. Those people in your direct experience, let them know once and for all where you stand. No agreement should ever compromise your truth, joy, or peace of mind.  

My advice is to create a system where you and your life partner can express yourself freely without judgment or anyone taking things personally. Get creative. Just because it’s a system doesn’t mean it has to be anything mediocre, expected, or done before. Think outside of the box, and devise a way to share your thoughts, feelings and intuition. 

June 21st (2021)


Under Which Influence Are You?

You can have everything—abundance, prosperity, excellent health, power, influence, respect, love, family, legacy, allegiance, approval, luck, joy, excitement. But without truth, it’s all still castles on shifting sands. The temporal realm is tempting; with its luxuries and deceits. There is no receipt for bad decisions. Maybe if you wise up, you can earn a second chance. That is your right as the creator of your life. But be prepared to work harder. Change isn’t for the squeamish or even the complacent. It happens from your mind outwards, not the other way around. Sure, some may fake it until they make it, but reverse engineering only gets you so far. You must understand your inner workings. It’s not enough to mimic another’s blueprint for success.

We’re so possessive of our beliefs, and it reminds me of the saying: stubborn as a bull. Why be bull-headed? Why allow something to dominate your thoughts when you’re the master of your mind. Your true self should be sitting on that throne in the center of your mind. You are powerful. I can’t stress that enough. Stop giving your power away to doubts and negative beliefs. Most humans are striving for a material status, but everything here is seasonal and conditional. Things need to line up right for us to get that opportunity for which we’ve been fighting. But when you let go of that quandary, you create space for a new option: change. 

By letting go of our comfort, we expand and improve. Sure, it may seem we’re regressing at first, but that’s the evidence of physical sight’s limitation. Don’t judge appearances; instead, investigate the essence. Scan through the surface to the very intention of everything. Why is it here? Why is it in your life? There is no such thing as coincidence. Your thoughts are things, and your mind is a magnet. What are you attracting? Or an even better question is: what are you repelling? Maybe you’re refusing your best life. 

He was wiping away the black soot of diligence—The miner stumbles home, exhausted. A long day of toil with meagre remuneration causes him to feel trapped in this life. But according to his beliefs, he works hard and thus is living to the best of his abilities. If there is any more he needs, it may be considered excessive. But if it is essential, he will be alerted along the way by some higher power outside of him. But these outer alerts have come and went. He ignores his own best interest and gives his true power away to the tricking beliefs. There have been inner nudges, too, prompting him to question his status quo and urges to erase his convictions. But this world is constructed as a labyrinth, to divide the vain & submissive from the neutral. Subduing the ego is a divisive task. Not all are up to it. And it becomes evident to the trained eye. Early in life, we get a taste of what it is to be both: egotistical and humiliated. We have ups & downs; highs & lows are present throughout our childhood. 

But our experiences differ, and some have fruitful results from being a narcissist, while others suffer the reprimand of their peers and loved ones. Everything here in this frequency depends on familiar beliefs. What is your birth-given culture? What are your family’s opinions? These become the foundation for our personal beliefs because the nature of thoughts is like lego building blocks. What is your foundation? Question every idea of yours until your get to the bottom. Aren’t you ready to stop falling for tricks and start rising to the opportunities presented to you? 

June 20th (2021)


Instead Of Being Peaceful

Be compassionate to yourself.

When we turn our back on our true self, every river gains more commotion, every boat loses buoyancy, and every paddle becomes more fragile. There’s this hope beckoning us forward, like horses not being told what to do. They’re just pulling us, and we’re sort of helpless. Yet, we’ve been lead to believe that hope is good and to follow it brings us wonderful things, like joy, opportunity and peace. But the truth is that hope is fickle, and it’s all about probability. Like if you spend your whole life believing you’re a victim, wherever you go, you’re probably going to become that same victim again, in one form or another. 

It’s okay to admit you need to work on yourself. That is admirable. Nowadays, people want to act like they have everything figured out already, which is confusing to your unconscious mind. If you have everything figured out when you’re 20, then the next 50 years of your life will be wasted, as you deny yourself any progress. Be honest with yourself, rather than trying to impress others or appease your ego. 

Don’t hope for circumstances to be perfect or ideal to accomplish great things, especially peace. Because peace is an accomplishment, it doesn’t just happen. And these days, it is challenging to find peace because there’s so much stimulation floating around our faces. It’s possible to ignore the world; it’s just more complicated than ever. Before ignoring specific individuals was simple, you just had not to answer your phone for a while, and people forgot about you. But now you have people you didn’t even like from High School able to track you down and send you personal messages. We’re guinea pigs in a social experiment. Well, that’s your choice. 

Do you want the kind of life where you are constantly hoping for better times?

Or do you want to create your best life, right here, right now?

The choice is up to you, and a large part of that choice is dependant on who you identify yourself to be. Are you the type of person that is very flighty? Maybe you’re seeking peace elsewhere, kind of like a refugee. Do you have a survivor’s mentality? That’s exhausting—living each day like it’s a continuation of tragic events. That is no life to live. Trust me on this; you’re better off taking a moment to reflect in those waters. Those same waters you’re striving to get past as you’re paddling your boat, attempting to flee. Put the struggle down, just. Peer into your own reflection’s eyes because your truth is undeniable, and you can’t fool yourself forever.

People try to fool themselves. That’s a fact. But eventually, one day, the truth catches up with us all. And I’d prefer to be ready for it than to be in its way.  

June 19th (2021)


The Individual Has No Purpose

Reflecting upon life and her longing, the artistic soul, ponders where she could have soared higher and delved deeper. His sensitive side: overripened like the flesh of a peach, he makes use of his easily impressionable nature. Unobstructed by traditional mortal fancies, her wayward gaze invests its time into the invisible and neglected portions of humanity. One would argue that these aspects of our being aren’t even human at all. He bathes himself in the holistic waters of self-redemption, saving the best for last. Whether from a female or male perspective, getting to this point brings its risks, but the reward itself is neutral. 

What is impeding our success? 

How does our triumph look?  

We must look within: to unrestrict our access to our own original abilities. 

It is essential for maintaining our integrity with our true self (all is one). 

The flesh of the emotional body is less resistant than your physical one because the organ body is obvious and brilliantly simple. There is a foundation of requirement and continuation. The emotions are nuanced, fluctuating, fickle whispers that can change their tune at the drop of a hat. The emotions are beyond chemicals in the bloodstream. Happiness transcends a mere dopamine release; it is a choice. And just as your body has built-in functions and unconscious programs, so does your emotional body. The physical body’s health is straightforward, concrete, easy to pinpoint, keep track of, and maintain. A healthy mind is focusing on what it enjoys and creates benevolent dreams. When the emotional body is healthy, it is happiness that reigns supreme. However, without appropriate beliefs, any debilitating doubts and self-sabotage can ransack our emotional health.

How do we embrace the necessary changes when they make us feel so uncomfortable?   

How do we let go of our destructive relationships to make more room for ourselves in our own life? 

My recommendation is to take short trips alone. Little by little, get used to acquiring an immunity to the unknown. Understand that fear of the unknown (or the dark) is fear of the rest of you (fear of your own potential.) The reason prosperity flows to the fearless is that they aren’t shocked by their capabilities; they know how great they are. (Not to be mistaken with narcissistic opinion.) The benevolent individual who maintains the connection to their true self embraces challenges to grow and accepts responsibility for their own lives. 

June 18th (2021)


Peace Doesn’t Grow On Trees

They’re slouched over like a crumpled leaf of paper, hesitating any resolution to rekindle the pristine state. Advantages present themselves in lesser forms. You may turn your head with a sour disposition. I urge you to see forth beyond the cosmos frankly, and deeper than your soul reaches to a place unmarked by earthbound tradition or assumption. Our ridiculous insinuations are less capable than ghosts there, and that place is the original reality.

How can one aspect find peace when we assumed it would be easy? Happenings eviscerated nascent expectations and any possible shred of decency: confiscated by the cold, mechanical claw we programmed. As many cliches as they are to fill in this empty, hopeful space, I find better words to say: chin up, buck up, dust off the cobwebs, pick the sleep out of your eyes, and stare forth beyond that perceived obstacle. Happiness isn’t waiting for you to come and find it. It’s not a lock with a secret combination. It’s instead a figment of your imagination, like a blank cheque; you fill in what you believe you deserve. And trust me when I say this: you deserve to be happy now.

We all got problems. But solutions are a specific form of creativity—free of your doubts and emotions. A true solution requires us to be neutral, like a sober judge. No bias, no contempt for ourselves or others, but the still, deep purity of a benevolent creator overcomes all obstacles. You are that creator; you are the most gracious, most generous person; it’s up to you whether that’s true or not. Rather than fixating on getting things done, why don’t you express some gratitude for what you get to do in the first place? You have a lot to be thankful for; you have a lot to cherish. What is it that you’re taking for granted? Is it a person? A possession? Our mindset can distort some information. That’s why we must eliminate emotions from our conclusions. Every time you make your decision, ask yourself what do I believe will come of this choice?

I want what’s best for you. But, wouldn’t it be unsettling if a perfect stranger had better intentions for us than our own self?

June 17th (2021)


The Everybody Story

Pick up your hang-ups, and leave your comfort zone. The time has come for you to take risks. Safety is an illusion, and only confusion leads to tragedy. And even then, you’re still the author of your journey. The beggar pleads for a second chance down on bended knee, and through brief deliberation, the onlookers barely glance. How will these soiled clothes become clean without first admitting the folly of ways.

Amazed by the fools that can entertain, but these others pry at our pockets and tug at our heartstrings, they are pariahs. Don’t let another tear you apart, one harsh criticism at a time. How do we define these guiding lines? When does constructive become destructive? But all is well in love and war, and you need to break a few eggs to make an omelet. I’ll omit my vote—no need to add two cents to monopoly money.

Funny how the pieces fall into place, or at least you were secretly plotting them that way. Whether knowing or unknowing, there’s always now to win this game. Get your head out of the red zone; no worries, though; stay young, hopeful and rested. I’ve got the message repeatedly on Facebook, Instagram, wherever you can see the live feed like farm animals lining up to get their seed.

Creeping eyes, none the wiser, the more they stare, the less their awareness blossoms like a crippling trepidation. She was young, barely seven, when it happened. Her name was Jessica, and her parents rarely left her alone. But that night, it was absolutely necessary. Sometimes life breaks a few eggs for us, especially when we’re reluctant to make a move. You can’t stand still forever, but you can keep an inner state of peace. Jessica’s parents sat her down in front of the TV; they planned on being gone for a mere moment to see their friends off, waving as they drove their car into the sinking sunset. It was late that night, past her bedtime. That’s when she saw it, a painful reminder of the price of freedom. Normally, there were never horror movies on during her regular viewing hours, but then and there, she was scarred for life by those invasive images.

That’s how the story goes for most of us. We’re young, innocent and susceptible to whatever life throws our way. But the point isn’t to become tainted or reserved. It’s not meant to upset you, or cause you to repress your emotions. Those are all your choices. You need to choose wisely; this life is a Frankenstein of your decisions. Ensure you’re creating the nice, friendly kind that wants to support your dreams and not the monster that lurks in your nightmares.

Was any of that a tad bit harsh? Then certain parts of you need to toughen up a bit. No excuses; it’s time to prepare yourself for what’s coming. Stop syncing up with the way things were; that is obsolete information. You are immortalized in this now moment, like standing in the eye of a thunderstorm. The past and future are dark, obscure clouds that taunt with dirty tactics. But they’re like politicians; the more they talk, the less they do. Get optimistic again, like you were when you were a little kid. Adults probably laughed and called you stupid once in a while, but that’s better than acting stupid just to fit in; you’re smarter than this. You have the potential to create your ideal life. The answers are within you. This article is meant to knock some truth into you.

June 16th (2021)


How To Overcome

In this current experience, many of us appear aged and thirsty. We see how man’s oppressive regime has cast the natural world to the brim of cities. We remark how hunger and gluttony have imprisoned humanity. Everyone knows someone who has endured disease and ultimately lost their lives to something they had control over. The truth is a tough pill to swallow. Sometimes we don’t want to hear what will change our entire outlook on life.

Denial is a false comfort. It tricks us into being complacent. When in actuality, we’re lounging in a predicament. Why do we procrastinate our paradigm shift? Why are we making life even harder on ourselves? I believe that the creator enjoys this matrix to a fault most of the time. The illusion easily lulls us into a sleep-like trance. Within this frame of mind, we are susceptible to whatever the world throws at us. I know that appearances can be deceiving, which makes the invisible knowing both a blessing and a curse. It’s all dependant on your mindset. If you’re too attached to your previous life, you will be between a rock and a hard place. You will feel drawn too thin as your indecision wreaks havoc on your peace of mind.

But there is always a silver lining to even the most antagonizing of situations. Every challenge presents an opportunity to change and rise above victoriously, but you can’t have your cake and eat it too. You must be ready to make the most beneficial choices. And that could mean sacrificing people you know, places you’re used to, and things, habits, comforts you love. The Maya wants you to believe that love conquers all, but the truth is that love is an easy-access tunnel for the illusion to dominate your essence.

Every disease is unnecessary. It is self-inflicted nonsense, and there is no need to age or to eat frequently. You are a creator. Act like one. Get your mind out of the gutter, and create with genuine benevolence and gratitude. Understand that you have accomplished a breathtaking feat, you’re source. You are the most outstanding player in this game because you invented it. However, if you carry on doubting yourself, you only sell yourself short; rise above the pride, compensation and negativity. See that the sun always shines, even behind the greyest clouds. You are unblockable, constantly flowing truth, empowered with infinite knowledge and solutions. You are truly unstoppable. It’s time to marvel at yourself and your creations once in a while. See that you have already done great things. For total health, we need to command the animal and cease our enabling of compulsion.

June 15th (2021)


Serving Yourself Before Others

Are you frugal with your self-love? How often do you spend time alone, free of electronics? Do you need to keep yourself distracted in order to maintain your facade? It doesn’t matter how high you begin at something if you’re slipping. Recognize the domino effect of your actions before chaos ensues. Don’t let the chain reaction of your bad choices envelop you; that does your true self an injustice. It would be best if you rose above all of this commotion. Even though there are turbulent situations globally, it doesn’t have to mean you lose your peace of mind. 

I believe balance is important. Scratch that: balance is essential. And what does that look like to you? I know that balance is an overused term. It’s gets tossed around by everyone. And achieving balance requires not caring about what others think. If you’re too busy, preoccupied with the inner happenings of the people around you, then you end up neglecting yourself. So please stop trying to solve everyone like a puzzle. It’s unnecessary. Instead, look inward. Why are their actions, reasons, intentions so crucial to you? What is it about them that resonates? You may be surprised by the truth. 

Don’t be a hero. That same love you’re donating, giving away like it isn’t worth anything, give it to yourself. You’ll get a lot further in life when you respect yourself enough to walk away from a lost cause. Stop rationalizing the time wasters. Recognize when something or someone is leading you down a broken path. Sure, you can try to fix it, but what’s the point? Is it worth your time? How you spend your time is how you view yourself. Let’s take the next few moments to dig deep. Did any of these thoughts disturb something within you? Or maybe prompt a new line of thinking? If so, go with it—This is the perfect opportunity to grow outside our comfort zones. We can do this; I know it’s most beneficial.    

June 14th (2021)


Illuminating The Nothingness

Every life comes with it a price: to either drift with the masses or to swim alone. You may not be alone forever, but rest assured you will experience the cold, jarring isolation that runs parallel with prosperity. The dissatisfaction with unmet expectations turns rancid. Eventually, the aged become sardonic and jaded. The youth attempts to sway them, but all efforts are naive. The nature of this world is to succumb. We admire the spirit of a fighter because their struggle reminds us of our own. They represent a paragon with on our collective programming. We have bias installed within us, and we admire what blinds us. To speak of this may trigger anger; that’s the defence system, the Cerberus of your underworld.

Never fear the dark, for that is where the rest of your potential lies. Unearth it; moving forward, you may notice slight changes at first. No one can ever know until they surrender their doubts. Why have we become conditioned to believe our doubts are natural? Not only are we susceptible to their folly, but we’re also justifying their existence. Doubts are self-imposed misdirections. Why are you hindering yourself? If the view is murky, turn on your light. You will be amazed by your unhindered potential. Getting one to realize what they’re capable of when their whole life, they had been abused, is effortful, to say the least. It takes time to progress, so be honest as well as patient. These qualities will guide you on your journey.

Patience can turn rancid if you’re repressing. So never bury any aspect of yourself. It would help if you remained free and clear. Most people are like icebergs, even to themselves. They only ever get to know their superficial self while their true power lays dormant in the deep still waters. To journey there requires confidence; to even question yourself for an instant could spoil the excursion. So instead of diving with a SCUBA tank, trust in your internal breath. Well, it’s not breath at all, but the energy in the air. It goes by many names, and some may call it prana. But the thing it is: is you. Your true self is creative-conscious energy. And once you make the connection—that the air you breath is: beyond elements, molecules, and a sea of microscopic life, you realize that the air is everything else. It is pieces of you returning home. It is creativity. It is truth. It is %100 potential to be anything, which is your greatest asset.

Breath into your mind. Expand your thinking as if you were inhaling into the body. See how the rib cage expands with your breath. Imagine the same with your mental body. The mind requires breath too, but understand those specific thoughts is suffocating. Let’s take the next five minutes to breathe consciously. Let’s breathe in for eight heartbeats and out for eight heartbeats. This exercise is phenomenal because it grants an opportunity to tune into your physical organs and harmonize your mind, body, emotions, and soul.

I look forward to our chance to breathe and understand that truth is what your mind needs to survive.

June 13th (2021)

Finding a Balance

Digging Out the Toxic Emotions

Around the clock twists, the goal is to manage our capabilities without entanglement. To clarify, I am speaking of the tendency to overwork ourselves. We possess exacerbating beliefs that hold us to unsustainable standards. I bring good news for the tired, find solace and inevitable balance in knowing that you can do enough in a day. I challenge your thinking, and for every excuse to overwork, I offer this steadfast truth: you set this rule. You are the creator of your life & mindset, and ultimately it is your final say, what your balance is. 

Work, play, rest are all essential to our well-being. But what happens when debilitating beliefs hijack our common sense & intuition? Along the journey of life, we endure harsh criticisms and fluke failures. But understand that through persistence, anything is possible, even redemption, especially when you unearth your hidden power. Why is the truth enshrouded in mystery and conspiracy? Why can’t we know in an instant, free of struggle, trial & error? The truth is you can; nothing is stopping you from knowing what you need to know right now. 

The real question one must ask themself is: what is blocking my connection to the truth? The lies are: they trick us in many forms. They are incredibly enticing as emotional knee jerks. But why react when you can discern the persuasion. Break down each situation into its main ingredients. Those factors, the information that beckons our reactivity, is composed entirely of energy. Upon sifting through the energies, we become sure of everyone’s intentions. Because the truth is: there are no secrets in the universe. Everything is: hidden in plain sight. Readily available to the ones open to the changes of knowledge. Because realization is a potent catalyst of progress, you will not be able to regress once you know. You will only be aware of how you are selling yourself short; understand this before deciding to climb the mountain. 

June 12th (2021)

Letting the Creator Thrive

Forgive Yourself for Forgetting

Our assumptions can have an enchanting lustre as we gaze with wonder at our imaginations. But seldom do we realize that we are the ones creating our “reality.” There’s a promise to every one of our choices. And it’s up to us whether we figure out the domino effect before we decide or after the smoke clears.

Many of us give our powers away—to the machine. They find warmth in the false accomplishment of appeasing a soulless entity. Conversely, the shallow waters of their understanding are only enough to wash away the dirt of their feet but never enough to cleanse their minds. Denial runs rampant, like a once caged Gorilla—tormented & teased, but now the threatening beast pounds its chest. The ego sits back quietly in these moments, depending on who we believe ourselves to be at this point.

When the smoke clears, the shame makes itself comfortable. That’s where denial makes itself of value to the ego. Why experience momentary realization when you can bury the progress. That is the ego’s line of thought. Comfort is of the utmost importance and must be protected at all costs. So when the catalysts of change come into the picture, and our unconscious beliefs are triggered, we are: faced with an intense series of internal questioning.

Upon many fleeting questions, asked faster than human speech, prompts a new realization at the speed of truth. This epiphany marks the death of ignorance—The propagation of truth’s seed. Beyond all odds and our ego’s defences, the inner knowing wins over the outer confusion once in a while. It’s a rare case indeed, the one that manages to deconstruct their mental state—like the tower tarot card, tearing everything apart, brick by brick—levelling all bias, neutralizing oneself down to the foundation, and building a new life from your true identity: the creator.

June 11th (2021)

The Animal and Emotions:

Your Relationship With Your True Self

Love yourself, even cherish your skin. Be happy at the fact that you get to be you. Enjoy the character you’re playing in this film. Put effort into your appearance, take care of yourself, be clean and hygienic. Respect the flesh; even your most secret thoughts cast a light on your surface. Everything inside your mind is visible, depending on who is looking at you.

Allow your avatar to be what you wish to convey. It’s a machine, so use it with caution. We take our bodies for granted. The mysteries of life become mundane pills to swallow. But recognize where you’re squandering your own potential. These dull moments could be adventures; those illnesses could be invigoration. One step forward is all it takes, even when the rest of you is unsure. Just keep moving forward out of your comfort zone before your ego has it’s say. 

The ego can’t distinguish between the pride of a creator and the vanity of an artist. We must be extra tactful as we sift through our intentions. Why do you stand with confidence? What is it about you that grants you this air of authority? With a proud chest and a raised chin, it seems like the sun rises and sets for you. It is not just illuminating your world but revolving around you. The ego craves the fermentation of the murky levels of pride how a simple accomplishment can spoil into an obsession over our earthbound identities. Remember this the next time you’re willing to sacrifice your sleep for meeting a deadline.

Your lifestyle should be free of deadlines. Death is not a destination for the healthy, but why do we assume that death has its say regardless of what we do? Are you going to suffer until the day science declares otherwise? Are you that much of a follower? I know the truth. You are free-flowing and beyond time. The animal body takes some getting used to, but we stop exploring our range of abilities when we get snagged on our hang-ups. Deadlines, dead ends, brick walls, get out of their lane—that path is not for you. You are free to step on the benevolent trail. It is rocky at first. You may experience the fleeting doubts of the ego. No worries, assure yourself that you know what’s best for you.            

June 10th (2021)

Duality is all around us. Even the fact that we are an “us” is duality. It can be a struggle to achieve true balance. And the only way that is possible is by dropping the lies. Start with your excuses, the bittersweet reasons you spit out when accused, or you’re just feeling defensive. Denial creeps within; maybe as a child, time is irrelevant when it comes to your mind. Be patient with yourself as you trek down this path. There are detours on every trail, and it’s up to you how you deal with the pressures and challenges.

Keep pleading you want things done “right,” but what is right for you? Holding yourself to the standards of others is doing you a great injustice. Don’t you consider yourself unique? Or is that just another excuse in your defence against progress? Keep your chin up. Don’t take things personally. It’s all meant to get a rise out of you, and if it does, so what? Mission accomplished. You are capable of being more than a source of entertainment; you are simply the source—the origin of all. And without your consciousness, this whole thing lays to waste. Do you see? It’s your effort that fuels the machine, emotions, pain, blood, sweat and tears. All of these energies pool together and become the gasoline of your life. Choose a sustainable fuel that not only drives you now but has unlimited potential. Choose creativity itself.

Fear of the dark is fear of the self. Why shackle your potential? Free yourself up, and soar beyond any expectation you ever fathomed. You are capable of such great things; pity you settle. It’s incredible how we view others in comparison to ourselves. We can give our peers such leeway, but for us, even the slightest flaw can discredit everything. Grow up, mature now. The differences are in your perception, in your cognitive dissonance towards yourself. Yes, there are raw talents and refined skills, but if you look at the bigger picture, you’ll see that even the most successful people in any given field are still exquisitely imperfect. And it’s okay. Life isn’t a quest for perfection; it is an all-you-can-eat buffet of experiences. Why squander the opportunity with one option? Expand your mind and see everything being offered to you.

June 9th (2021)

Abundance is a privilege—It is granted based on mindset, not the social class you were born. The media programming has misdirected you. Like pulling an opaque sheet over your eyes, wandering through the world with a blindfold. Maybe you knew this; after all, truths have become cliche. Fair enough, let me expand upon my reasoning for this message by asking you a simple question. What are you reaching for?

Hold out your hands. Are they empty? Or are you grasping at straws? Careful now, not to pull the one that breaks the camel’s back. Is your potential intact, or is it tied up by all the excessive possessions in your life? I agree; luxury is better. Why slum through life when you can live lavishly? You can have it all with zero sacrifices. You can have the cake, and the fit figure, the dog, and the clean floors. Have you clued in yet, to the sarcasm? Sacrifices are essential for the liberation of your energy. You must let go of the material, the mental, the emotional, the memories, the beliefs, and the spiritual. Then, and only then, you will transcend these containers.

Sacrifice security for freedom.

Many yearn for the chance to sleep in silk and wake under an Egyptian cotton canopy—a personal chef on standby, a loving family to support our choices in life. Every youthful step is renumerated with profitable returns. From those first nascent moments of our day to the last seconds of consciousness before drifting off to sleep, amazing things happen. And you’re genuinely excited for tomorrow. You don’t know what’s in store, but you know it’s going to be great because you have it all figured out. Life is easy now. You’re rich; you’re creative. These things can solve every problem.

Again, I ask you, what are you holding on to? If you know the importance of a dedicated mindset, why do you dwindle? You know what to do, beyond your heart and gut feelings, deeper, closer to the center of your consciousness if where truth meets your mind.

Cheers! to your upcoming epiphanies & paradigm shifts.

June 8th (2021)

The truth is most precise. It overrides opinions and persuades perceptions. The power of truth is that it runs parallel with our origin and is harmonious with the best version of ourselves here in this experience.

Some feel victimized by the truth. When living in denial, it can be upsetting to see our reflections. Other people can serve us in the form of mirrors and give us honest feedback. Depending on the people in your life, this can be a varying experience, and it’s always best to be direct with yourself.

Life can feel like a school, and sometimes we fall into the role of an apprentice. But understand you’re the creator. You’re beyond roles and apprenticeship. Rather than learning from life, unearth your inner knowing, and begin removing the boulders of education.

How has the school system compromised your vision? If you think I mean your eyesight, then you have some inner work to do. Of course, I mean your inner eye, your daydreaming abilities. If you believe fantasies are for children, then you have consented to a crippling mentality.

We as a creator in human vessels have a penchant for giving our power away. That same skepticism and observational skill we have towards every commercial and advertisement disappear when we view the life of others. The programming doesn’t stop at a screen or a sound. It’s in you. Everything you’re about is inside you, and those ads are just signals to be triggered by your preconceived notions.

Let’s arrange all of our beliefs and begin the clarification process. Understand that beliefs are opinions and not the truth, and even if your beliefs are true, it is still a rock in a stream. There are three phases to the realization process. 1. It is considering the truth, which involves reflecting on your past and contemplating what to do next. 2. Is believing or having some hope directed towards your assumption. And 3. Is knowing, and there is no longer a need for the reasoning process or having faith because when you know, everything else is a detour away from the directness of truth.

Thoughts can be a menace to our inner knowing, as seen when we doubt ourselves. Organize your mind in such a way that you always prioritize the truth. Expel the colossal failure of denial. Analyze your upbringing. What beliefs do you share with your parents?

I want you to give your mind a massage. Let’s get the knots out of our minds. Think about how when we overwork our physical bodies, we experience tight muscles and soreness. Well, it’s the same for our minds, but often because of our programming and preconceived notions of what humans are capable of handling, we push ourselves. This is commonly referred to as burning the candle at both ends. But right now, just this moment: let’s imagine giving our beautiful minds a loving massage.

When we undress our mentalities and strip them down to the bare essentials, what we’re left with is the naked truth. This is the best and most beneficial state of mind. This is no reason to disguise your inner knowing. Keep it pure and be direct with yourself.

June 7th (2021)

Alone, but not lonely—the artist longs for reconnection with the creator. You are both the artist and the creator. The artist is the mask you wear, the character you pretend to be. The creator is what you always were, what you always have been.

The goal is for both the artist and creator to blossom in harmony. Without this synchronization, the artist becomes self-indulgent. Creations become tainted by vain ambition and the need to express emotional imbalances. However, when we prioritize joy, every artist breaks free from this vicious cycle.

Freedom is not the hand itself but the space around it. They are never tied together, only bound by belief. The physical is a manifestation of the mental and emotional. To earn more room around your hands, you must let go of what eats up your potential. What beliefs of yours consume your freedom?

Caressed—by the gentle nuance of knowing. The world pings & dings like thrown rocks against a gong. The reverb is effortful preservation by struggling hands. If they let go of the humdrum—they would free up the necessary space to wave their hands goodbye to what doesn’t serve them.

At the pinnacle of truth, the artist surrenders what was once nearest and dearest to them: their dreams. For now, they know that dreams aren’t the answer. Everything is a product of their creativity, and to place anything above it is blasphemy. Of course, anything is possible, and all things are permissible, which is why they struggle with even an ounce of freedom.

Your freedom should be of paramount importance to you. But it’s not others, outside of you, that is a threat to it. It is you—It is only you. Nothing can tie your hands together except your beliefs. Like a Chinese finger trap, resistance only assists the struggle. Rather than fight—rise above all conflict.

Let’s see your intuition come into full bloom. Let’s see the material world melt away from your self-worth. Your actual value is beyond the tangible— These earthbound languages dissuade us from having honest discussions with ourselves. Words take detours from the truth.

Upon a successful contemplation, I return to the world renewed. My sense of what I can handle is unlimited. My tolerance is not a sponge but a shield. I am not accumulating; I am letting go.

June 6th (2021)

Beneath the moon, amidst the shadows of our consciousness, we begin to lose sight of logic. Under the influence of its luminance, we become emotional or erratic—This is sometimes referred to as lunacy, though in that regard, it is considered archaic. Still, the point I’m trying to make is that any form of denial can cause us further distress, an impediment to healing, and the disintegration of our wellbeing.

Loneliness happens when we’ve lost connection with our true self. And the influences of everything around us take control of our emotions, beliefs, and thoughts. It’s in these moments that anything other than connection to truth is a distraction. Connect with your true self by recognizing you are beyond an earthly being. Remove any form of death from your lifestyle. This includes eating animals, drinking alcohol, having sex constantly, being obsessed in any way, longing for something outside of yourself, and any form of materialism.

Conflict is a product of duality. We invite the duality inside when we question our inner knowing. Oneness comes from the inside. Be considerate to yourself and all of the challenges you face. Give yourself what you need. A certain kind of degradation happens over time, causing the aged to become jaded. And eventually, the once compassionate children become apathetic. Dread replaces wonder. Children imagine great things; they fill their heads up with what brings them joy. But adults struggle and conceive notions of negative self-fulfilling prophecies. Not all rules apply; some people are really outside of the box. But most are bottom-dwellers and are running out of hope. Before you judge me on my statements, know that I, too, have had experiences within this earthly realm. I know that there is an invisible frequency pyramid—separating the risen from the stagnant. Keep in mind; there is also negativity to compassion and positivity to apathy. I’m asking you to see me beyond the shadow of any doubt, understand I’m coming from a place of benevolence. But sometimes, the truth is brutal.

We put our blood, sweat, tears, and fears into our struggles. But why not liberate ourselves with flow, rain, laughs, and joys. Can we muster the courage it takes to climb this mountain? Can we escape our self-inflicted limitations? Freedom is earned through maturity. Power can overwhelm a juvenile mind and disrupt the balance of the universe. First, before we receive our empowerment, we need not want it. We need to be okay with our now, our current life circumstances. To crave power is to be corrupted by it. We are in control; we are the creator.

We need to get out of our small-minded approach to life. It’s time to think big, to be larger than life. I am escaping all confinements; I realize that I am fluent and can permeate through any barrier. Even if I constructed any walls, I could pass through them. I transcend all physical, mental, emotional, and energetic limitations. I am source.

With what is your mind flooded?
De-mystify your mystique. Get to know yourself in such a way that you know all of your answers. Answer every question you have asked. You are the solution to all of your problems.

June 5th (2021)

Of course, there are creative differences. We are all unique individuals, each telling ourselves what we require. But that doesn’t mean there has to be dissonance— We can create together or apart and still strike a balance. Our liberty doesn’t have to compromise our unity. Together we can offer each other support. It can have many advantages, but there are also drawbacks—such as: becoming codependent, bolstering our insecurities, and setting ourselves up for disappointment.

There is a perpetual motion in every conversation—a driving force of varying intention. It can be to persuade others of our own opinions, feelings, or truth. Or it can be much more sinister, such as: to discourage the success of others. Most conversations are far from perfect, but still, they are usually quite harmless. But even the most subtle of sweetness can turn bitter when either of the parties has an addiction to melodrama—turning the wonder into blatant knowing. The need for keen observation skills is unnecessary when someone with a penchant for theatrics enters the picture.

Crocodile tears are a common source of manipulation—they thirst for your pity. But make no mistake, this is so you let down your guard, and when you least expect it—the crier strikes like a predator disguising itself as vulnerable. They hope for openings in your defences, and once revealed, they will make themself at home in your mind.

Melancholy is entirely avoidable—just ensure you take to the higher ground. Predators & parasites alike cannot ascend the mountain of consciousness—they struggle, strive, slip & slide all the way back down to the bottom—each and every time. Be rest assured when you focus on bettering yourself that is the best practice for eliminating threats to your psyche. I encourage you to get out of your comfort zone and see if you have normalized abusive/toxic behaviour patterns in any regard. Whether if it’s you or your loved ones—no one’s malevolence should ever be tolerated. Stand up for yourself and demand to be treated with respect. Of course, it all begins with you respecting yourself enough to stand up in the first place.

All of these action steps will require you to self-reflect and focus on success. Ensure you are envisioning a future that is in harmony with you now. Leave the old dreams to be recycled—begin by letting go, and experience a new sense of reinvigoration. By detaching from the visions of the past, we free up our mind’s bandwidth for new adventures and opportunities.

The only opposition you face is your stubborn belief system. Beliefs are indeed sleek and can gracefully manoeuvre our wills like ballet dancers. Remember this: All of your beliefs are your creations; you have ultimate jurisdiction over them—be two steps ahead of them, and ask them to leave politely. Tell them it was nice having their company, but now it’s time to part ways. As soon as the beliefs leave your mind, they disappear because they were dependent on you like parasites. Once gone, you have freed up the potential for new possibilities.

When we turn our shadow into a dance partner, be mindful of who’s leading the tango.

There is an innate orchestration to life; to nature, it is not random. But where life gets truly interesting is when it comes to you and your choices—certainly, anything is possible.

I’ve seen your zest for life, and it’s amusing. Ensure your zeal doesn’t become a commotion. Please keep it in check like a stallion you can ride. It’s your’s but also its own; recognize that fact.

Install confidence in yourself by finding the beauty in your traumatic experiences—not to indulge in them but to release them once and for all. The greatest beautifier of all is forgiveness.

It takes a certain grace and benevolence to forgive on command. One usually must drudge through the trials & tribulations that eventually lead to acceptance first—But to forgive willingly, and recently is a superior authority over one’s emotions and mind. If you can forgive on command, you have successfully subdued your ego—Hats off to you!

Never mind the wreckage of the past—to indulge is to wear it like a badge—Whether it’s honourable or dishonourable is irrelevant. Instead, free yourself up, be fluent in the now—This requires refinement of your thinking process—which is based on your identity. Now my good friend, the one reading this, I must ask: who are you?

June 4th (2021)

The magnetism of opposites occurs due to the oneness of everything’s source. Because we are one, when we’re imbalanced, we’re attracted to what we believe will “complete” us. All duality is false: temperature, direction, right & wrong. Begin accepting the fact that you have imbalances, and then you can work on yourself. You get to work on yourself. Be the one to commission your inner work. Waiting around for the ideal conditions postpones your greatness. The process is simple but not easy. It’s the simplicity that drives people crazy. The ego wants to invent excuses, creating a complicated and ensnaring labyrinth of denial.

Do you have the confidence to escape the maze? Take your time, but use it wisely. It’s better to progress slowly and constantly than to rush forward and trip, falling back down. There’s a nagging allure to push ourselves beyond what benefits us. This drive is tainted by the persistence of a world gone mad. We need to recalibrate, calming down, breathe. Inhale. Exhale.

What’s your strategy for success? What are you willing to offer in exchange for its manifestation? Are you prepared mentally to work hard and receive the challenges life has to test your maturity level? It’s easy to want and act like a child. It’s easy to be disappointed and throw a tantrum. But it takes resilience to stand still in that moment—when life throws you a curveball. You skip a beat and weigh your options—that is a level-minded approach. Congratulations if that is your methodology. I applaud your initiative and discipline.

Curveballs don’t have to be game-changers—they’re part of the game. Life is fun. But it’s hard to experience joy when you’ve forgotten who you really are. I don’t blame you for your confusion. It’s easy to get tripped up—too easy. It’s predictable and constant—the people slipping down slopes—pride and pitfalls. It’s not enough to punish yourself but to act like you meant to do it is foolish. Punishment is a choice. Discipline is a commitment. Adhere to your inclinations of bettering yourself. You’re right when you assume that you deserve better. It is not selfish; it is benevolence.

The rules of life are simple. Some are strict; others are bendable. Our wills are powerful following the right mindset. Bravado will get you nowhere—maybe a hospital visit or two. But know this: you are unfathomable. It is entirely frustrating to begin explaining the depth of your ability.
You are dynamic. What can’t you do? It’s okay; forgive yourself. There’s time to work on yourself. The course of action is simple. We maintain and promote our health. Then we water the seeds of our dreams. Don’t forget to nurture your peace alone the way. Remind yourself of how beautiful you are. Keep creating, but also remember to fill up your tank. Unhindered, and infinite peace to all who read this.

June 3rd (2021)

Why are we reluctant to make our dreams come true? Anything is possible. All we have to do is imagine it, and feel some emotion.

All of your fears in congruence with allowing your imagination to get the best of you create a debacle. It would otherwise be avoidable if you knew any better. But unfortunately, most people are self-destructive emotion addicts.  

In spite of the evidence, people are rebelling their best interests. We’ve tried to help them. We’ve tried our hardest. We’ve begged them to open up their eyes, minds and hearts to let in even a glimpse of truth. But our efforts are like seeds on a beach. Sure the sands are beautiful and pleasant to be around, but it’s just not enough for the truth to take root. The truth can only exist in a particular state of mind—where the soil is rich with the nutrients of beneficial intentions.  

A spore of frustration propagates further into the disintegration of potential. Save yourself from the decay of insanity. Reason gets you there. Rather than searching for a life’s purpose, forget everything you think you know about yourself. Take a trip down memory lane, all the way through it—until you’re back at your birth. This is where I want you to remember your true self.  

Have no concern. Be free of hesitation. I know you can rise up too—You are my people. We are the creators! Anything is possible by our hand—These bodies are our tools. Be honest with your limitations, for every page has a beginning and an end. Where are you in this chapter of your life? Where is that chapter in the book? It’s all up to you. 

Clear your blockages. Be reasonable with your time. You can only do so much in a day. Especially with all the time, it takes to have fun! Fill your day up with amazing experiences.  

Clarify your cloudy sky. Do people want to rain on your parade? So what forget them. Move on. You’re far too important to be ridiculed or slowed down by nobodies. You are responsible for yourself. Remember that. 

You’re better off getting good at improve than being ill-prepared for life’s most challenging moments. 

You think I’m desperate?” He asks in a tone insinuating that he already knew the answer. Her silence speaks louder than words ever could.  

There will be no pleading for mercy. Realize that you reap what you sow. All is fair in happiness and sorrow. 

You can grimace all you want, but it doesn’t change that workload piling up. 

June 2nd (2021)

It’s tranquil to get away from our workplace. We can’t be there all the time, but what is the correct amount? Is the rule of thirds accurate? That we should work for eight hours, play for eights hour, and rest for eight hours. It seems obvious that this would differ from person to person. Most people live for the weekends. Or maybe that’s a myth too. All I know is what works best for me. And when I’m helping others, I’m hoping to replicate my success. But maybe prosperity requires something else other than education.   

My mind is fertile, rich with the plants of epiphany—the seeds of my intention, placed with hope—A foggy knowing, guided by this flashlight of faith. But over time, inner knowing replaces all of the senses, and there’s no need for beliefs anymore. 

The loam of my mind must be protected. Ambitious rivers can part my peace from my direction. And negligent tourists can stomp over my seeds of intention. Sometimes it’s better to alone. There’s less to worry about when it’s just you. 

How does the most prosperous version of me look? Not just their appearance but their mindset. What do I need to do to harmonize with this version of myself?   

Education is like the river stones. It settles to the bottom, forcing itself to be our foundation. Yet inspiration is the flowing water, and its effect is most impactful when we go with its flow. Education never flows; it sinks. It weighs us down like trying to swim after that fleeting wave of muse, but your foot is caught in the rocks.

One by one, I’ll carry these burdens—impeding my flow—before a dam occurs—I am releasing all blockages now. 

Success is a snowflake. Yet, it’s sold in cookie-cutter moulds that neglect each person’s uniqueness. Did I pique your interest? Good, now that I have you, know this truth: stop striving, and stop sliding down the chutes. There is an invisible ladder around you somewhere; search for it within, and begin with a baby step towards greatness. 

Happiness happens like a bird flapping its wings. You must be the one to fledge; otherwise, you never leave the clammy warmth of a birth-given nest. 

Wealth is a product of wellness. Without health, you’re nothing but a ghost playing dress-up.

I need to stop balancing the stresses of this world with my peace. That compromises the quality of the peace—I must keep my peace pure, like the whiteness of a dove. There is no accomplishment in bathing a dove in crude oil. The true challenge is constructing a life that eliminates or at least decreases stress. Sometimes we have it so backwards, like confessing sins to be absolved just to sin again. Or binge eaters are stuffing their gullets with whatever they fancy purging it all with the point of a finger. Rather than searching for a remedy, understand that it’s something that you’re doing that is causing the problem.     

It’s easy to get mad. Very easy, stress management requires hard work—uncomfortable perspectives of ourselves. You can’t avoid mirrors forever; one day, without expectation, you will get an unfiltered glimpse of yourself. I choose to be honest. My relationship with myself is based on truth.   

There is no reason to tell yourself lies. Denial is an enabler of disease. Be honest, swallow those tough pills, and get back to health through the trials of recovery.

You can begin again. It can be too late. When people say, “It’s never too late,” that’s rubbish. It can most definitely be too late, which should motivate you even further. 

Within you is every answer. Stop giving your power away to tricksters—they want your money. They’re subscribers of that cookie-cutter success. They’re hooked on that city life, but if you’re reading this, you’re ready to leave all of that commotion behind. 

June 1st (2021)

The world seldom speaks to the soul’s origin. But when it does, it resonates within. When someone says something so potent of interest to you—it invokes a child-like enthusiasm. People begin joyful. Eventually, they stop listening to themselves, though. They put their ears to the earth—Hoping for answers.

What is this enchanting elixir known as deception? Its pivotal ingredient creates a paradox—a seed of truth becomes a tree; ripe with plastic fruits.

Of course, when lost in any desert, we’re famished. While you’re searching outside of yourself—you’re taste-testing the enchanting elixirs.

Shady businesses and snakey mindsets anticipate the arrival of incomplete beings. It’s their goal to exploit you.

Rise above despair. You have no rival. You are capable of anything.

Judgement is for the foul beasts. Keep your hands clean and your head free of trouble. Eat like a creator, and accept that some enjoy destroying—that is their choice. And the truth is that there is no such thing as destruction—only transformation.

Bravery was the first step. Then I rolled up my sleeves and got to work on myself.

The enigma of lies is that the best ones are based on truth, like candy pretending to be fruit.

Are you feeling perplexed? Stressed? Then it’s time to decompress. Go out for a bit, walk alone. Alone time is good; we each need it.

The closer it gets to the surface, the hardest it is to define the truth.

The earth educates & motivates, but true inspiration comes from within.

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