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1st of December (2021)

What drives a human the most? Is it the art of conviction or the therapy of removal? How do we better ourselves in a world that benefits from our reluctance to empower our individuality? The universe is benevolent only if you know it from your soul outwards. The world is different entirely because you cannot control others. Nor should you crave that effort. The ability to influence and sway other people’s opinions is: often coveted. Even has been portrayed as a superpower in comics, films & television. We desperately seek to control others when we fail to master our energies.

So the question still stands: how do we quench our thirst in a desert? The only helpful answer is to look within. The flashy propaganda and mesmerizing media prefer if you didn’t. Because if you do, they are powerless. You are greatly undermining your potential. But you can change the odds in your favour. As a matter of fact, every time you look inwards, you are unpredictable to the universe. The universe is merely your canvas; you’re free to create with it. Do whatever brings you joy yet also sustains your soul.

2nd of December (2021)

As we were young, we looked up to our elders, possibly hoping for them to resolve our most pressing questions. Yet, after many failings to meet our naive and hopeful expectations, we learned eventually that not everything is as it meets the eye. A temporary frustration occurs as we either mature or ultimately relinquish our individuality to appease a soul-sucking system called age. We see peers diverge further apart from each other, and either the students become more like teachers or synonymous with cancer to the pre-established system. 

A new question arises for the still undaunted, ill-reformed person that manages to keep the fires of youth stoked. “What now?” It seems like a fool’s quandary to the refurbished masses that gather and gawk from the old heights of Icarus. There’s a blatant wrongness to the way society flows, or is there a constant presence of duality? No matter how right something appears, there is always a discourse to prove otherwise. That’s why I gave up on debating a long time ago. There’s no use in trying to persuade a denier of truth. You will have better luck trying to breathe underwater.

Remember that the next time you find yourself going out of your way to convince someone else. Remember, it’s like trying to suck the air out of the ocean.       

3rd of December (2021)

As adults, we’re not just encouraged to but expected to abandon our child-like wonder in exchange for tolerating the tedious humdrum boogie of everyday life. It’s not uncommon for the boorish among us to feel the need to vacate their mental bowels all over our precious eardrums. Surely each time, it widows down another sliver of our peace of mind, but there’s no one to empathize with our complaints. Every day each person gets worn down a little lower, sleeps a little less, and looks to the end of their lives with a mixed bag of emotions. To whom do we air our grievances? And how is everyone both enduring the same agitation while also inexplicably indifferent? How did we get this way, so far from our child-like wonder?

What’s the answer you’re looking for out there in the world? Am I to believe you’re so foolish? That you would neglect yourself in an aimless, unyielding pursuit of an evading mirage. Where is your hospitality directed towards your wants and needs? How has their indoctrination been so successful, so effective at removing your integrity? But, hey, at least you have “GRIT” that’s the middle of integrity anyway. At least you have grit, but do you have a spine or just a false sense of self-importance that constantly fluctuates between shame & overcompensation?

Look within that window in your brain, and connect through your soul to become whole & complete. Isn’t it exquisite? Once shed and neglected, this detriment paves the way for brighter moments that manage to make their way through the clouds of doubt. They, too, vanish in time. Once you realize exactly how powerful you are, inner-knowing conquers all visitors inside the mental realm. Once you let go of the need to belong, you will: be entirely convinced. Shed the false comforts and pride, and look inward beyond excuses.

4th of December (2021)

The world seems okay until it’s you being: cheated. There’s constant hypocrisy present in most of our hearts. Where we’re indifferent to the suffering of others, yet when it comes time for us to suffer, we expect anyone available to listen and show us compassion. Well, it’s a two-way street. If you want sympathy, you need to give it first. And also, try giving without expectation or requiring an immediate reward. Try sharing to be generous or grateful. If you never have, I hope you give it a try; you may learn something about your true self. 

This world can go from feeling gigantic & overwhelming to hollow & tedious. Be sure to look around once in a while to appreciate the people in your life. Nothing is eternal here; everything is moving through the transitions of mortality. We get attached to the flooring, shackled to the past, anchored to antiquated ports. Now is the time for moving on, moving away from what has failed us. Not what we failed at, but what doesn’t respect us enough to deserve a place in our existence. It’s a period of self-reflection, speaking up, and communicating your worth to not just the people in your life but the entire universe.   

5th of December (2021)

Careful now, child, the ego beckons appraisal. Yet, the true creator seeks not praise but progress. To be fair, yet observant, and ensnare the lesson from every issue. That is what it means to be: prepared. Not in a physical sense, but a mental fortitude. No matter the trajectory of the toss, you will be ready to catch, release or hold on to the opportunities given. What is it you truly want from this life? What are you searching for? What are you waiting for? Does it matter, will your accomplishments transform you, or will your disappointments be the ultimate teachers? There are blessings in disguise, gifts with curses attached to them, and everything is a mind game.    

6th of December (2021)

It’s been years, talking to walls, expecting answers that lead to places other than frustration. Seering me shut, like cauterized opportunities, feeling better off on my own than being let down again. 

They say, “Buck up!” With a condescending attempt at sounding joyful. But the truth is, they wouldn’t know what joy is even if it was: programmed into them. Those “conversations” were distractions… Not even though, more like unnecessary detours that beat around the bush and take me right back to square one. Numero uno, is it me or is it you? People say they want to be: treated like they’re your one and only, but don’t they have any consideration for your self-worth? Bosses, spouses, siblings, children, neighbours & friends will all find a way to crawl inside your heart and make themselves comfortable.

Heavy is the head that wears the crown, but heavier is the heart that picks up hitchhikers. What is our responsibility towards others? In the most basic sense possible? Are you responsible for validating others’ opinions, or is it solely your responsibility to ensure that you are protected. That your finances are flowing, your heart is liberated & beating healthy red fluid throughout your invigorated body. That your thoughts are honest & good, promoting benevolence, not denial or sugar-coated truths. But the sober truth. 

I think if you respect someone, you deliver the news straight. No detours, no scenic route, no unnecessary feedback. Just A to B. That’s respect—that’s them having confidence in your ability to handle the truth. That’s them trusting that you are already honest with yourself. 

7th of December (2021)

The elixir of truth often goes unnoticed in each lie we tell ourselves. It’s easier that way, though. Rather than cleaning up after ourselves properly, we sweep the debris under the unconscious rug. Isn’t it neat having a ready-made excuse everywhere you go? There’s never due cause to worry, at least not about taking responsibility for our actions, not when we have these scrunched-up pieces of paper with names written down in half-hearted conviction—all in a ruse to play dress-up with lies & truth. Like sheep and wolves, somewhere along the way, we domesticated the menace. We are breeding it and watering down its danger until we’ve convinced ourselves we’ve actually made a difference. Except our denial does not protect us, it only stunts our growth.   

8th of December (2021)

Wake up, sleepyhead; today’s going to be a good day. We can achieve any result as long as our commitment balances the weight of our desire. These precious seconds seem so fleeting like tears secreting. Are they joyful or grieving? Feel free to breathe mindfully, and release all traumas along the way. Not even a batted eye to the alternative ways; anything is possible; when a talent shines like a sun, we too can inspire life to blossom.  

You are roaming through fields of flowers, carefree like a child with the highest of hopes. So long to morose disdain, say hello to this perpetual smile, sneaking its way between your cheeks. Charismatic enough to steal a kiss, enriching the lives of everyone you meet, rituals deconstructed into their purest values that too will be: used in your most significant victory.

9th of December (2021)

A gnawing hunger has smothered their souls in the fragrance of temptation. I try my best to keep my eyes ahead and mind free of judgement as I saunter by them. If everyone were the same, then our interactions would become mundane, yet it didn’t curb my thirst for being understood by others. Wandering these city streets always feels bleak to me. The winter multiplies the isolation and the hollowness of urgency.

Can I direct the warmth I’ve gathered from the ones I love towards myself, or am I doomed to echo the mistakes of my father? Why can’t people grasp the simplest of truths? Why do they behave like rats in a labyrinth being deceived by an evasive piece of cheese?

10th of December (2021)

Thinking you’re always right will be toxic, yet certainty mustn’t be misinterpreted as arrogance. An insecure individual struggles to find the difference. It may seem like splitting hairs. Rising to the ranks of personal empowerment begins by accepting responsibility for ourselves, not blaming others. We experience a sequence of paradigm shifts, and to those familiar with the changed person, this new version appears dismissible. To the average, mundane citizen, taking things for granted comes with the territory—this includes the hard work & nuances imbued into your current mentality. Yes, it’s natural to criticize what we’re ignorant of, but why sell ourselves or another life short? Purpose; Why not focus on yours, or did you forget it amidst the strife?

Please be gentle with yourself. There’s a plethora of exhausted overachievers. Many are ready to serve and contribute in a benevolent way. However, we still need to wake up the dreamers and replenish our world with their visions. We take words spoken out of context as a personal insult, but a simple misunderstanding can trigger an unconscious reaction. After sufficient time passes, we realize how we are behaving, well, mostly. It’s compulsory, but it doesn’t have to go any further, though our ego wants to save face, protecting itself from the disgrace of being humbled.

11th of December (2021)

We’re each moving through this life with various moments shooting past us. Did we ever think twice, or did the emotion engulf the truth? Wholeheartedly, I refuse to disintegrate. The ones prepared to thrive in oneness will make their dreams a reality. I urge you to see the silver linings and the big picture alike. Tomorrow never comes. It’s always now, and everything you want needs to occur here. Eureka! If we keep relinquishing our desires on the horizon, we’ll forever be yearning for the future—gazing towards the abyss. The achievement of any result is possible for us; I am sure of it. When compared to the mightiness of our intention, failure has no purpose in our minds. Manoeuvre confusion; we must know who we are. And you need to implement your knowledge until it becomes wisdom.

12th of December (2021)

When I doubt my competence, I recall my original purpose. What is your reason for climbing to this point in your journey? We must ask ourselves this to unearth the strength to persist. Swimming thoughts; few find the shores of tangibility. Purpose provides everything with a place in this universe, even our creations. Without intention or ceasing to realize our goals, a river turns into a puddle.

13th of December (2021)

No one reprimands a child for frolicking in an open field. Yet, some ridicule men for performing the same action. Gender roles are cages; we imprison ourselves. Liberation is the opposite of judgement. Be you. Quit trying to impress others with your obedience and facilitate your values.

The miserable person has been waiting their whole life for the perfect moment.

14th of December (2021)

Trauma, crucibles, responsibility; where does your allegiance lie? If you’re traumatized, you’re frozen still. It’s paralyzing, and the fear wants us to believe attempts to heal are futile. Crucibles don’t hold us back. They’re like cocoons. And once we tear through the fabric of these experiences, they change us forever. Taking responsibility for every decision and each echoing consequence allows us to turn our perceived flaws into unforeseen metamorphosis.  

15th of December (2021)

Vanity disintegrates oneness. When the animal’s pride distracts the creator’s intention, illness boils to the surface. Stagnation; once streaming, now stuck. That same liquid birthing innovation and solutions can wreak havoc if there’s no flow. Corruption occurs from blockage. When creativity ceases to flow, it produces chaos, disease, and death. What’s the solution? It’s the time for looking inward, away from mirrors. Our true value is imperceptible but evident through our relationships with other people and our ability to be productive, despite being alone.

16th of December (2021)

How can we be sure? Or maybe that’s the wrong question. Do you know when you’re being honest with yourself? Childhood is for observing. They often admire rather than explore. Most will eventually settle for someone else’s answer. Our parents and role models were hard to look past. Their confidence went a long way; it may have decided the fate of an innocent bystander. We need to be careful with our words as idle chatter has no merit, but the gas in a jalopy is still valuable.

A constructive mindset empowered by benevolent intentions will transform our existence. The opposite is true as well. Both malice and devotion can fuel a destructive thought. Sometimes we mean well, but our actions fall short. C’est la vie; we must remind ourselves what it means to have integrity during these times.

Emotions have an inclination to blur the silver lining. Before you give a voice to the confusion, you need to ask yourself, am I being authentic with myself?

Revitalize and water your secret garden with the truth.

17th & 18th of December (2021)

There are imposters among you who will try their best to sway you and alter your purpose and sense of direction. Grip the wheel, keep your awareness astute; you can do this. To clarify: I mean, everything is possible for you.

Complaints, criticism, and condemnation will return to you. Be careful what you’re conveying to the universe because you will receive what you believe.

Spiders spin their webs to catch flies; now, the news, tabloids, and social media spin information, until it grabs your attention.

Discussions can be rewarding. Have you rehearsed it with yourself, did you go over your notes, are you called a know-it-all, why are buffoons hostile towards civilized citizens? Try to avert your eyes and do your best not to criticize their techniques. Though they are barbaric, we must tolerate their savage humour. Our original self created everything through a selective process. And it was that intention to manifest the perfect balance that supplies us with equal opportunity & natural magnificence.

Are you fed up with your current results?

Don’t take it out on the ones you love; then, you will have nothing.

It could have been, but never was, except it’s happening somehow. There are infinite alternate realities, and most are swimming in present-day imaginations. Parasitic, like leeches, draining creativity when you can be free. Daydream, run wild again, paint with your vision, radiate your flavour onto this canvas. Let it drip and enrich other souls too. Solutions are shareable, so is our inspiration. It is constant, always viable and fair use, with no copyright restrictions or intellectual property. All those rituals and mechanical claws break and fall apart here. This plane is where the sensitive, socially aloof recluse finds the lessons. Their tender hearts need extra time to masticate the bittersweet incidents. You think they would rejoice because harshness cannot move through the mental realm. But they keep inviting the Trojan horse. I want them to remember: only you have the power to internalize the surface. You are a creator; anything is possible. Everything is at your fingertips; even if it’s a finger gun pointing at your head, you are in control.

19th & 20th of December (2021)

You don’t need to make everyone smile. Normies will recommend smiling to get you through occurrences like some social lubricant. But that undermines the true virtue of an authentic smile. It’s like laughing to vent nervous energy or being sarcastic to conceal a truth we’re not yet ready to admit; why do we struggle to convey our inner world? 

People are challenging to decipher when they’re in denial about their true identity. I understand it can be frustrating to consolidate our individuality and manifest our unique creations. It’s easier for educational systems to hand us somebody else’s blueprints (for what they consider a successful life circumstance). But would you still follow if it were as easy to lead? 

Each day spent in someone else’s shoes blisters my soul. Your soles appear fine enough, but when you do some soul-searching, you’ll find the tensions brewing to the surface. But it’s never too late; we can always realize, correct, and move forward. The key in these moments is to express love and understanding towards yourself and others. Be ready to forgive.

Sweetness can tame bitter hearts, mine or yours; we are interchangeable like bolts of lightning in a storm. Many stare outward, scrunching up faces as they scrutinize; the shame keeps their focus on the surface. The real scandal is that lost souls pace outside the door to their abandoned homes, wandering rather than returning. I’ve seen vagrants living in mansions and failures behind podiums. Sure, politicians and celebrities hold the attention of the masses, but do we hold ourselves accountable for the pathway they have created? Who do you blame for this world’s hostility? Animals show razor-sharp teeth and beat puffed-out chests, but humans make malicious calculations and believe the end justifies the means. A Praying Mantis follows instinct, like a mercenary following orders. But who stands up and accepts the world like Atlas?

How do I remove myself from the food chain? 

21st & 22nd of December (2021)

I’m at my best when I can hear myself ponder. Even though it takes a lot to drown out my inner knowing, it still happens, usually when around the wrong person or people. Nothing inside me is against them; it’s just that it gets harder to concentrate when I’m around them.

Some people bring out the best in us. When in their company, it’s like our power multiplies. That’s always interesting when that happens.

Other people’s denial and screaming shadows become a chaotic distraction for empaths and telepaths. It’s curious how most people convince themselves to tunnel into the earth rather than soar their imaginations.

It’s easy to become obsessed with perfection. I think it stems from a fear of being average. It makes sense why so many of my generation fail before even attempting. There was a shame installed in me somewhere along the way—the shame of progression. And to have people witness an unrefined version of myself was like being naked, all my flaws on full display. 

Denial is like a baggy Hawaiian shirt for our minds. Why address obesity when you can dress it up?

I wonder if most people struggle with sarcasm. I’m sure they believe they’re succeeding, but what is it we’re all trying to say? Again, it’s easier to dress up the truth than to experience unfiltered judgement. How many times have you voiced your thoughts, only to cop out with nervous laughter and the “break glass in case of emergency” line, “I’m just kidding.” Sometimes it feels like the entire world is joking, but they’re venting their undirected frustrations.

It’s challenging to be aware of other people’s emotions. Sometimes they’re not even aware of themselves. So, of course, they’re walking brick walls on fire. The smoke becomes toxic to bystanders. However, any attempt to reason with a brick wall is insane.

23rd of December (2021)

Everyone is in some sort of rush. That’s what happens when we prioritize results over joy. Sacrificing peace for productivity is cancerous. Would you choose aesthetics even though diseases are sludging forth beneath the surface? That’s a trick question. I already saw the answer.

How do I keep myself from turning rancid? It’s like keeping onions around bananas. We don’t shed a tear for others. It’s the fear that disguises itself as selfless.

I try my best to keep upbeat and to see the positive in everything. You end up ostracizing the cynics and vilifying the whole truth. Not like a walnut, where the shell is expendable, more like a lemon peel where the rind is not digestible or suitable for everyone’s palate. But make no mistake, when your zest is in full bloom, nothing can rain on your parade, only the juice that squirts in your eye when you’re making lemonade.

24th of December (2021)

The world reaps benefits whether you’re empowered or not. Either way, your emotions are currency funding your everyday situation.

Many talk to vent their toxic by-products. However, holding slithering snake tongues is equally self-righteous. The plague of man seeps beneath the skin, and once it’s in your system, you begin to feel different. Each hermit exchanges progress for reverie, preferring to sulk. Everything is abundant; for every wish, there is no lack.

Life is a daydream.

You can sense the misery

of losing yourself.

I am perfectly capable of accomplishing everything I have set out to do.

Isn’t it funny how life used to drag on? Now it feels like it’s flying by. Make each second matter, don’t squander an instant. Delayed gratification is good; pleasure is not a substitute for true happiness. 

25th & 26th of December (2021)

Tension is a creation. We choose our environment, even though sometimes we use it as an excuse. Grey clouds of doubt can cover great areas of truth.

Many are in love with love and lose interest when the relationship requires steadfastness. It can’t be ideal all the time; there will be moments that test our commitment. Love differs from person to person; it’s not as definitive as the depths of hate & anger. It ranges because love is an amalgam of many variables.

In the valley, 

Staring at mountains.

We desire their freedom.

A wordless promise, 

An earthy thirst. 

No pronoun improves truth. It is simply true. It is not yours or theirs, but it runs parallel with our origin. We are one, and that is true. If you disagree, that is your belief; we do not share convictions; all discipline is self-inflicted. You either govern yourself, or the world dominates you.  

27th, 28th, 29th, & 30th of December (2021)

Growing up wasn’t easy, but neither are the continued requirements for reaching maturity. A lot of us believe ageing and maturing are synonymous. Of course, most senior citizens need to regard this as truth; otherwise, the bittersweet realization is enough to make even the toughest of people weep like a newborn. 

When I was sixteen, each of my male peers believed losing their virginity was what it took to become a man. The race to join bodies was another example of when I felt like an alien. It could have been my upbringing or even something more original. As they hurried to endure their awkward dance of fuzzy upper lips and fumbling fingers, something didn’t sit well with me. Sure, I kept an open mind, but the whole thing seemed like worshipping the flesh at the sacrifice of something more extraordinary and more authentic.  

Love is subjective. It’s complicated because we make things like the elderly justifying their stress management based on irrelevant claims. We are mental gymnasts. We are dodging & contorting around the truth rather than immersing ourselves in it. Or even better, we’re repressing the truth like holding our breath. And what is the regular result of that action? You know it’s death; you know it, but you choose to drown in the illusion. But how can you drown if the truth is hydrating, and the lies are a desert? 

Love isn’t the opposite of hate—Truth isn’t the opposite of fallacy. Binary opposites convince us to make decisions. We weigh the pros and the cons, but the truth is outside of that equation, and love, well, love, is sitting at the highest frequency for earthbound emotions—Emphasis on earthbound. Joy, happiness, and contentment are more important than love. Ask yourself, what is more important: a family enduring each other’s shenanigans—ever-increasing their communal disdain, but they love, make no mistake, they love one another. Or two people, choosing each other every single day, renewing their interest, and thoroughly enjoying each other’s company. Sure there are sour moments, but can we not resolve every bitterness with the sweetness of our souls’ juice? 

We don’t want to squeeze out all of our juice on someone else. We must stay mindful and be aware of our expenditure, in every way, actions, thoughts, emotions, memories, and creativity. You are the creator—You. And man, you’re amazing. I believe in you. I trust that it’s possible, and it’s your responsibility to mature mentally, not age.     

The Last Day of 2021

Everything is irrelevant. If you look for signs, you’ll find them. If you believe in something, you’ll bind yourself to those thoughts that you embed into your unconscious mind like stones in a riverbed. I pick away at these pebbles; the challenge is that one replaces another; each time I make a move, things seem to shift back into place. It’s unsettling and frustrating. But the process can be anything as long as there is beneficial change. The circumstances will vary, and I will sustain my resolve. Yet, I often am critical of the amount of progress I’ve made, and at the same time, I have come so far. 

Why is it so challenging to let go of stress? Why not slip into the stream of joy? It is as easy as letting go of an anchor shackled to your throat. With the weight off, you’re free to speak the truth. Isn’t it funny how you seem to have less reason to talk when you’re honest with yourself?




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