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1st of March (2022)

The past is not the past as we’re thinking of it. It replaces the present and becomes our future. They have programmed you to believe that if you’re ignorant of history, then you are doomed to repeat it. But it’s the exact opposite. If you visualize what has already transpired and relinquish emotions towards those images, you will (re)create those things. In this world, it is considered recreation to drudge up the past and exhume breathless feelings, but mark my words; you’re just killing time.   

2nd of March (2022)

You are what you eat. So he craves the flesh of beasts, for he yearns to strike fear in the hearts of fellows and lust in the loins of females. No pain, no gain. Health takes a backseat to the vain pursuit of aesthetics & narcissism. In the food chain, a link in your own shackles—both the prison and the prisoner. Why not step outside of the cage? Take a walk. “Take a hike,” she quips. Sarcasm masks the uncomfortable feeling of having another person caring about us.       

3rd of March (2022)

“In a rut? You can call it routine.”


You can dress it up like a rehearsal, but at the end of the day, it’s just practice for the real thing. But what if your business requires creativity, innovation, a particular genius? Can breakthroughs be scheduled? Can you pencil in an epiphany?

Time is irrelevant. They tell you timing is everything; to be in the right place at the right time, that’s luck. But to transmute your surroundings to match your vision for yourself, that’s manifestation. And I’m not talking about attracting great things. I’m talking about creating them from scratch. Anyone can use a store-bought jar of spaghetti sauce, but it pails compared to Grandma’s recipe.

Time is not everything; it’s a thingYour intention is much more important. Focus on the essential and less on the existential.  

4th of March (2022)

Why do we challenge our inner knowing? Have you realized the difference between knowledge & wisdom? We often associate wisdom with our elders like a wise old wizard, an ancient entity or some other being worthy of worship. I see it differently. I see truth, knowledge & wisdom as a procession, one in which the truth is the rawest, and wisdom is the most refined. It’s a process that requires 1. our awareness, 2. our acceptance, 3. our affirm-action. 

First, we gain awareness of the truth, and it can be as subtle as an inner nudge or even a slight suspicion. It generates curiosity in creative minds but anxiety in fearful hearts. Even though the process is much like a flight of stairs, some people will spend their entire lives on this first step.

Second, we accept the truth and make peace with what this means for us. When truth becomes knowledge, we take a stand, removing our hindquarters from the fence. There’s simply no room for doubts; the consequential clarity is like an inner guidance system.

Third, we no longer feel the need to test the waters, as we affirm our knowledge through our actions, and that, my friends, is the difference between the knowledgeable and the wise. Are you educated or inspirational? Are you regurgitating everything you have ever learned, or have you processed it and made it your own? Making complexity simple, taking a feeling and turning it into words, transmuting abstract thoughts into concrete creations, none of these things require birth-given genius. Still, they demand wisdom, which you can cultivate like any other skill. Remember, it’s all in your mind, so stay aware of the energies present in your life. And be accepting of those energies as you focus on what you truly want, affirming your intention through every single action.   

5th of March (2022)

Failure to follow our inner hunches leads to feeling claustrophobic in the cosmos. They think success is a master plan, but it’s actually what happens next. Gain awareness, then prepare. Ensnared by intangible desire, the wires crossed, tossing & turning at night, the candle burning at both ends. We pretend we’re eventful, but we just have our hands full. Too busy for burdens, She knows they heard her. But still, they force her to repeat herself. A unique power trip where power drips away. How is there a purpose if the worth never stays?   

6th of March (2022)

Safe to say, we didn’t lose our way.

See, the feelings stay, but the reality turns grey.

There’s always change, even when we resist.

Do you like it?

Or do you fight, causing rifts between planets,

that’s what I call an outlandish statement.

Like an alien stuck in a basement 

or a pescatarian in a steak house. 

Where do they belong?

And if it’s here,

why do others feel so lost? 

You fought,

brought down within, 

you sought,

caught stones again. 

They throw their rocks surely.

But if the Earth is one big rock,

who threw it thirdly?

Had her over for dinner on Thursday; 

some memories are hard to forget.

While others are like singers, you paid to see, 

yet they’re busy smoking cigarettes. 

Fantasy, face the facts.

Make-believe, or make them see,

all of that slack you get,

is really a tourniquet,

use it to stop the bleed,

turning all fret & worry into rolling credits.   

7th of March (2022)

Careful with them labels; 

you’ll lose truth in the void.

Following grim fables, 

watch paragons get destroyed.

Staunched lessons; 

better count them blessings.

Fettered to the guessing,

whether or not your guru’s a henchman.

Tension; each time you speak of religion.

Attention seekers leak bars of imprisonment.

You don’t have to look far to see where their wisdom went.

Straight down the tube, like youth under the government. 

Has your wonder ever sent you on a mission?

Live your life with curiosity, not a conviction.

Joy keeps the heart young; 

childhood toys can become things that aren’t fun.

Keep singing and dancing like no one is watching.

As a matter of fact, if you do this, no one is blocking you.    

8th of March (2022)

“Sometimes those who succeed the most publicly suffer the most privately.”


9th of March (2022)

“Thinking you know what’s best for another person is the ultimate selfish act.”


10th of March (2022)

Health is oneness, and disease is duality.

11th of March (2022)

When healing others, it’s essential not to have them heeling you. Otherwise, your attempts may reveal you as a heel rather than a healer. 

Think of it like a dog. Do you want what’s best for the people in your life? Or are they merely reflections of yourself? Maybe next time you feel an inclination to “heal” someone, you take a look in a mirror. It’s funny how the mind works, and it’s usually when we’re the surest of ourselves that we’re misguided. What has heeled you? What keeps you on a leash? 

It’s time to unleash your creativity and be the best version of yourself.    

12th of March (2022)

Opportunities come and go, once gone, not necessarily lost, but recycled. Yet many among us will betray and push each other out of the way to obtain these opportunities. We must ask ourselves, what do we value over life itself? If it’s anything material, then you have become possessed by the spirit of a survivor. What you call this varies from culture to culture, but ultimately what it makes you is empty—hollowed by the superficial hunger that drains your very soul.

Rest assured that every problem has a solution and infinite roads to get there. No one can help you navigate without you first gaining the courage to grab the steering wheel and taking the responsibility to drive your own self. Many of us live our lives in the backseat of someone else’s vehicle, but we have too much pride to admit otherwise. Drop the pride, gain the courage, and take responsibility for the current now situation. It’s all you, so stop picking up hitchhikers and taking unnecessary risks. Your vehicle is precious; your mind must be kept sanitized. And people can be leaving greasy fingerprints all over the inside of your mind. Be careful with who you let into your life, be mindful of every interaction and all of the energies present. 

13th of March (2022)

If you consider yourself a “good” person, deep down, somewhere in you, there will be “evil.” There is no good or evil, only experience. Getting to know ourselves is an experience. It can be uncomfortable to be honest with yourself, depending on your maturity. You may be tempted to curl up into a ball from the shame; you may even overcompensate by buying flashy clothes, a nice car, or a big house. If not, what do you do? No matter how much you dress up your feelings, it never addresses them. You cannot resolve things by sweeping them under the rug. Eventually, the neglected emotions accumulate, and you trip over your unresolved issues.    

14th of March (2022)

What are you hungry for?

Is it only because you’re alive?

Or is it because the lies are living through you?

Parasites come in many forms; they can be fake friends who are opportunists. Or our very own beliefs, even our dreams. The goal is to manifest without attachment. It is not beneficial to become consumed by our passions. No matter how admirable the world makes, the Captain seems to go down with their ship. I think that’s foolish! Be brave, not stupid. And have high hopes, but a wide space between you and this world. Like a chasm, don’t fall into it. It’s a bottomless pit. Be imaginative, work, but play, find balance each day. Don’t just make a blueprint or a schedule to follow mindlessly. You must renew your interest in life every second, with each breath. Otherwise, things become mundane and boring.  

15th of March (2022)

Your dreams are important, but not more so than your peace. To be peaceful is essential in this life, for without tranquillity flowing through our beating hearts, we are susceptible to empty threats of this earth. Peace is a buffer between this world and our minds. It protects us, but only if it’s strong enough. It gains strength when you feed it; it requires your attention, knowledge, and commitment like anything else. It’s incredible what can happen, how a significant seed can blossom into a breath-taking flower. But without equanimity, even the most potent seed is wasted.

16th of March (2022)

Live your life without regret. It’s too short to dwell on the past. Keep facing forward, and mediate your peripheral awareness and your narrow-minded focus. Have a general expectation of fortune in your favour. But do not restrict your manifestations to your exacting opinion. Open your joy & comfort to include a wider diversity of experiences. 

17th of March (2022)

Even something great can be toxic without moderation. It’s nauseating being around self-righteous “victims.” It’s also enticing to want to dismiss their differences. But where we’re the same, we usually hate by using their names and no longer recognize our own faces. The shape changes, but it’s hard to face the invisible anguish. What makes a leopard change its spots? Not a legit leopard, but an intrepid ranger on the lookout like a fox. Steer clear of danger; it shouldn’t be hard, not with all these guards. 

There’s police in cars, and the army not so far, coast guards, countless arms, gun powder, explosive charges, my oh my, there are even shrapnel grenades just in case the victim gets slightly out of range, but just enough so little pieces remain inside of them. It’s a lot like trauma surviving mayhem. 

You might as well rebel against those irksome feelings, tell them no, do something inspiring. You’re firing on all cylinders now. Sop up the joy that’s all around, tell yourself the truth, and only be honest to those who encourage you. When love is conditional, so is the traditional boredom. It’s tiring but entirely up to your whim. 

18th of March (2022)

What are you running from?

Nothing is a thing too.

What are you crawling to?

—Taking your time with the invisible noose.

The humdrum, tumbling within from boredom, done with hoarding up the anger into little balls of paper, barely touching the trashbin. It’s rarely—that we actually get it in. Yet, we’re screaming into pillows, with distances between our heroes, because they say taking photos is a gateway into the soul; better keep your eyes closed, seal up your windows, and hide what you know. Alone, beside yourself, been down with no way out, yet you’re cloned, the highways proud, devout, high strung, sideways belt, might as well change. 

No longer delaying the inevitable, living inside a bubble; the struggle is perishable too. Drop what you’re juggling and become youth. The adult inside you lectures, but the doubt inside you, wrecks your dreams. 

19th of March (2022)

Alone, that’s where the wisdom awaits. In herds and masses, the knowledge often goes unfelt. Thousands of acres with no reason, yet it’s all a part of the cosmic equation. At times I’ve felt like a counterweight to a fortunate stranger. But as life unfurled, I realized I was hiding between shame and blame. 

There’s more to life than the lingering sorrow of the past or worrying about what’s to come. Memories and cemeteries, visions and competition. What must be relinquished to manifest our sincerest wants? Will you sacrifice your status quo for them? Or will you try to have your cake and eat it too? Life, death, and the temptation to be deceived. With duality all around us, why would you ever even believe? 

Cold, heartless factions, dividing the naive from the deadened. I defy the numbness of mundane existence. I refresh my interest in being here and now. What’s won but not considered? Distractions like duality, all around, thwarting union. Only factions. Another trick like spiders in hidden webs waiting for their flies. The label “Fool” is a bit harsh; how about negligent, dense, or careless. It depends on whom you ask. 

Done with being a dunce to some, yet incomprehensible to the onlookers below. The floor beneath you is someone else’s ceiling—Unless you’ve made one mistake too many and the safety net became employed. Explore your inner knowing, go to places you’ve never soared before. 

20th of March (2022)

Vapourize barriers; there can never be nothing, so ensure that everything is accounted for. 

21st of March (2022)

Teach children the importance of daydreaming—to encourage innovative solutions rather than setting them up to fail alongside their elders. 

22nd of March (2022)

Hello world, welcome to another day of me. I am powerful and benevolent; thank you for accommodating my dreams. There is news media, and it’s manipulating, snoozing zombies emulating, yet here I am entirely relaxed. I choose what to think; I live my life on a moment-to-moment basis. Change is constant, and I embrace it. I’m the star of my movie, and they’re the stars of theirs. There are no extras, everything is as it should be, and I express my realization by being grateful. When I grieve, I leave my joy behind. So I consciously decide to recognize the oneness that’s forever present. There is no loss or gain, only one. There is no two, no three, certainly no four, only one.

Be modest around others yet assertive with your vision.   

23rd of March (2022)

Love is a climb; you will find it when inclined. 

When their hearts rhyme & two lives become entwined.

They will make room as the west kisses the east 

for a fresh view that gives their lives a new lease.  

24th of March (2022)

A life spent trying to do something will result in memories of trying times. It creates the illusion of struggle when really it was your choice to perform that way. Success is pretty straightforward; there are no genuine “secrets.” Firstly, you need to know what it is that you want. Is it an experience or an object you can touch? Is it love or money? No matter, you need to recognize what you want,in order to put it into words. Many spent a great deal of time unable to captivate the general angst or even the seemingly indescribable sense of dissatisfaction we feel when “something’s off.”

AnyTHING can only be received by YOU; ultimately, you choose what to do with the information. Do you get it? Things are secondary to thoughts. And thoughts need to be working harmoniously with emotions. Start practicing poetry put words to the feelings so that you can understand the metaphors of your subconscious mind. It speaks to you—Usually in dreams. But I promise you; it can help you immensely. All you have to do is convince it. And this begins with embracing your shadow self. That part of you, you hide away from others, maybe even yourself. It’s a progression, not a snap-of-the-fingers transformation; it doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time. It takes service, commitment, responsibility—for yourself. Let all obligations go. Stay in the present, be here, be now. This is your moment to make the most of your life. Do you hear me? Now hug your shadow. Welcome, all of you. There are no secrets. Be honest and open, and you will see all of your dreams come true as well.      

25th of March (2022)

Staring into my soul,
time seems meaningless
yet echos still convince
or at least they try
prying, cold, lifeless hands
ticking, and grinning
anticipation devours patience
why did we start counting
all it’s amounting to is dirt
the soil renews
no expiration
sustainability is key
unlocking possibilities
eternal tilling
recycling all of the manure into fragrant flowers.

26th of March (2022)

Hope is the chosen magic of a beggar.

Yet will is a well-polished tool of a master manifester. 

27th of March (2022)

We forget to internalize the change as we become fixated on the external desires of this earth. Always consider the sacrifices that must be made to bring forth your will; it happens through you, your imagination, and your emotions. By being harmoniously focused on what you want, you become the portal for that thing to enter this world. 

28th of March (2022)

Failure happens when the reason is weaker than the challenge. But it’s not actually failing because you ultimately choose to give up. So, therefore you’re always successful. Just be mindful of what your shadow self wants. Your unconscious can sabotage you.

29th of March (2022)

It’s NEVER too late.

But that’s not true.

It’s inspiring.

But simply false. 

Stop waiting for it to happen, and start creating it yourself. 

30th of March (2022)

They call it “The Secret.” But we’re born knowing the power of imagination. Children are closer to it. As they age, the earth accepts their sacrifice. In order to appease a detrimental status quo, the humans sing along to a destructive melody. 

31st of March (2022)

Your mind connects your creativity and your “reality.” Take a look around you. Everything reflects your innermost thoughts—your internal dialogue with yourself. What do you see? Friendly neighbours, that irritate you with their kindness? Stop judging them for it; analyze your comfort zone and what that says about you. Keep looking around; what else do you see? Is it all there? Or is most of it your perception? That’s why you can’t trust your memories. They’re 100% your interpretation. Usually, they are arranged and redacted in a precise way that exonerates you. You remember the way you do to justify not having to change or take responsibility.

Take responsibility; I promise you everything will change. Because it can’t stay the same, not when you’re ready to let go. The mind connects all of these moments; it gives meaning and juxtaposition—creating patterns & coincidences. No other animal does that. We’re the only ones because we’re creative-consciousness in animal bodies.


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