First day of April (2022)

It’s easy to feel sorry for yourself and to question your abilities until the point of feeling discouraged. We’re drawn to victors’ stories, but it’s fun to romanticize the concept of highly successful people enjoying the qualms of lower-class struggles. But ultimately, the truly abundant people among us don’t reserve any mental bandwidth for failure. They prefer not to entertain any negative possibilities. They understand that imagining those things creates space for them in their existence. Part of success is probability. What probably will happen next. That’s all success is; it’ has everything to do with what you want, unconsciously and consciously. However, sometimes we secretly sabotage ourselves. And that’s why it presents a challenge to encourage ourselves to keep going every day. We fall into bad habits and harmful routines. False comforts pacify the mammal and bestow detriments to our overall wellbeing. The animal brain is momentarily appeased as the creator’s soul is unknowingly dissolved. Prioritize your creativity, do whatever it takes you maintain your integrity.

2nd of April (2022)

Happiness is not a conquest; happiness is a decision that needs to happen now. If we’re always chasing it, what does that leave us with; if we’re here, and happiness is somewhere else constantly out of reach, how do we bring it here into this moment?   

3rd of April (2022)

Moving forward

always moving forward

looking toward the goal

keeping my mind off the gutter

on the prize

all of this is riding on the truth

don’t use it to fail


another nail in the coffin

puffin’ chests

rufflin’ feathers

walking on eggshells

feeling no matter what you do

whether it is

or isn’t

like shivers in the cold

like quitters in the boldest of times

like misery when you want to be kind

like victory when you hold your spine


head up high

alone on a planet

yet your eyes lie to you

don’t get confused

soothing truth

irritates the denial

been a while since all of us sang a tepid reminder

always faithful

always breaking rules

neer mistake

the beneficial pitfalls

the stakes that could break your soul 

draped over a barrel

staring down a rare opportunity

don’t you see

it’s all imaginary

4th of April (2022)

Sleeping through life
peeping eyes despise rituals
yet they can’t seem to replace angst with vision
seeing isn’t believing
being isn’t deep in the original consciousness
before cords distorted the short distance between you and everything
you sang silently, eyeless, but not blind
does it ring a bell
as far as I can tell
rebelling only sets you further astray
like an ashtray in dishwater
why falter
when you can alter the back story in your favour
she savours the bitterness
instead of letting it slip between her fingertips
I’d be remiss if I didn’t warn her
but the automatic scorn towards not being left to our own devices is divisive

5th of April (2022)

The sun revisits

returns to us

to one

to our original self

when you shine

you’re admitting that you’re beautiful

you’re emitting beauty

all is one

within consciousness is awareness

a mind

a cage

within everything is source



6th of April (2022)

Who are you without anyone to convince? Why are you here without anyone to reinforce your beliefs? What’s your purpose beyond a body? Sure it has basic needs, but it’s not enough to be your entire reason for existing. What do you dream of doing? A gentle push drives us forward, but not with such impetus that we sacrifice our true selves. Living to accomplish your aspirations is empty, and so is pursuing happiness. They are soiling the canvas with preconceived notions, boiling the water before the noodles have dried. Time and time again, people pretend to be friends when most of us are indifferent. And there’s nothing wrong with that; there’s nothing wrong with anything.       

7th of April (2022)

Critics < Curators < Consumers < Creators

Critics judge others’ creations rather than focusing on creating something proprietary to them. 

Curators celebrate the creative consciousness of others but prevent themselves from looking deeper within, preferring the light of this world to their shadows.

Consumers dictate criticism & curation, for, without demand, neither industry exists. The existence of consumers is living from hunger to hunger, driving the economy. 

Creators trailblaze, establishing new trends, movements, and directions for other creators and consumers. They operate beyond market demands and access special abilities that critics, curators and consumers lack.


The vision of critics is squandered on duality, “what’s good, what’s bad.”

Curators’ vision is restrained by a reverence for others rather than any self-love or permission (self-awareness) to create something for themselves.

Consumer vision is secular, referred to as “realistic.” They are grounded in reality, and the creative faculties starve as the physical body is given priority. They are limited by what is already there and most apparent.

A creator’s vision is their most significant asset in this life. Their imaginations are their domain where anything is possible and overflows into “reality.” They are unlimited, and their vision becomes the focus of others.

8th of April (2022)

Love can be as beautiful as frustrating, especially when we argue. But we only clash because we care. We care about the well-being of our family and our loved ones, but we also care about our beliefs. And sometimes, those things clash. When we argue, we are defending an idea. And it’s essential to recognize that if we only focus on love & above, all of these other thoughts fade away. But that can be scary. It can be terrifying to let go of what we once thought, what we used to hold on to, to make room for flow, for circulation. So that the new can replace the old, that’s when life regenerates, that’s when love blossoms, that’s when we live a pura vida.

9th of April (2022)

Helping others move forward is an essential aspect of our personal growth. Yet if our altruism outweighs our benefit, then true benevolence is absent. For our actions to be genuinely benevolent, we must respect all life, including ourselves. 

10th of April (2022)

To give your power away, even to money, is foolish. What do you worship? Think honestly, what do you hold accountable for your existence? If it’s anything other than yourself, you are declaring to the universe that you’re powerless. It would be best if you consider yourself sovereign. 

“I am the creator of my life!”  

“I am responsible for every decision that has brought me here.”

11th of April (2022)

The concept of divinity is flawed. Not because it is humbling, but because it deprives us of our honest abilities. We are creators, scattered across seemingly random souls. But everything manifests through choices. There is no chaos, which proves to be a paradox. Everything is designed, even if it’s disguised as entropy. 

12th of April (2022)

We know when we’re making mistakes. Yet there is an aspect of us that acts rebelliously like a wild animal. Maybe it is not us at all, which is the point of this life. To figure out what is us and what is not

13th of April (2022)

Now, more than ever, people have microphones and cameras. Not only that but we’re encouraged to express frustration, which only contributes to the illusion. If we knew what was best for ourselves, we would evolve beyond animal impulse. 

14th of April (2022)

Looking within your mind, that’s a task easier said than done. Many will tell you what you need to do, and most people seem pretty sure of themselves. Yet, once you reach that place inside you, where it’s relaxing & informative, you’re able to differentiate when other people lack that same quiet. It’s like birds of a feather, and the noisy & turbulent are drawn together, while the genuinely peaceful are nonchalantly ostracized. And it’s not out of cruelty or spite or anything like that. It’s actually from a place of indifferent thoughtlessness. It’s kind of sweet once you realize we’re living in a world of children; some just got real old

15th of April (2022)

Prison’s hard for the inmates that count the days remaining. My closest experience with this is being a child on Christmas. Man, it felt like forever because I knew something good was coming. Imagine if we lived every day with enthusiasm, zeal, and sheer wanting for this moment. Why does something always have to pull us forward or out? How many times today did you bring up the past? I just did. 

16th of April (2022)

What is even real? Is it what’s around you? But think about it, what came first? Your thoughts or your reality? Many people trust what others are doing and believing, and I refuse to do that; I will gladly be a minority. 

17th of April (2022)

When does this matrix begin? How deep in “you” does it go? What part of you is you? Ever think that your mind is a lot like your body. The organs are just invisible. And it’s not your brain; there’s a significant difference between your brain and your mind. To explain that one would take too long, you either get it or don’t.    

18th of April (2022)

Everyone needs to be doing something, not necessarily keeping busy perse, but offering our skills in a beneficial way to society. It’s the best frequency to be in, to be participating and helping others while also generating an income. We need to earn and learn what it takes to explore our skill sets to become independent entrepreneurs. Because I think it’s terrible when people sell their souls to systems and industries. 

19th of April (2022)

There are no secrets. The world is spinning. And things at the back of your mind have a way of ending up in front—exposed, out in the open. The key to a peaceful life is learning to be honest and expressing all emotions as they pass through you. Even if it’s uncomfortable, it’s important to remain neutral and not judge it. Be impartial to these invisible guests, for the wind only makes noise when pushing something around.  

20th of April (2022)

The mind is a playground where we become aware of the nuances and make choices. Do I want to slide down or climb up? We get to make that decision, and it’s constant. It needs to happen on a daily basis. When we overlook the corners and neglect certain details of our lives, we lose sight of the big picture. Take a step back, and have fun again. It was all constructed to achieve variation & experience. To become disappointed is acknowledgement, not failure; take the next step and succeed!     

21st of April (2022)

Stuck in a memory, the mind reverts to its former glory. 

Yet when the flower blossoms in reverse, all of its beauty is covered in dirt. 

Through the photograph, I perceive time.

Analyze the caption even when it’s subversive. 

Who said it best?

The camera flash or the shadow?

The earth is warm, beneath feet daring enough to be bare. To drop our guards is to be welcoming to the returning soldiers. Comforting them, rest assured that there was never a war worth fighting. Once we take the first step into preparation, everything contributes; on the pathway of avoidance, we’re met with irony—everything all at once. 

April 22nd (2022)

The world doesn’t revolve around you. Even though you are one of the most powerful creators, you must practice temperance, patience, detachment, contentment and equanimity. It’s not enough to have things, there needs to be gratitude, without it, nothing is savoured, and these experiences lose their purpose. 

Remember why you came—the reason why you chose this life. I know we’re all in control, even if it seems like a secret. Or we’re giving it away to someone or something else.   

April 23rd (2022)


Have you eaten? You look so thin.

Have you fasted? You seem a little sluggish. 

The key to a healthy lifestyle is moderation—without it, we’re either robots or children. If we’re too strict, then there’s no freedom. And choices to delegate possibilities with a limitation will ultimately burn out our creative spark. Of course, the infinite possibilities of this matrix being widowed down by our choices is the whole purpose of this experiment and test, but nonetheless, we must remain steadfast in our approach. Always circumnavigating to our centres, and the source of all pursuit. For if we discover the power within, there is no reason to search for it out in the world.    

April 24th (2022)

It has to be enough to know what you’re capable of without needing to prove yourself to others. 

Easier said than done. 

April 25th (2022)

What is more demanding, holding your tongue or appeasing your ego? To keep quiet is temporary sure; it may be challenging at that moment, but I assure you, there’s a warmth that follows the chilly discomfort. It’s rewarding not to give in and to remain level-headed. Yet it’s so tempting to lose composure and defend our illusionary selves. Becoming petty, insecure, humiliating—is the path of serving pride, opinion, and attachment.    

The ego is defenceless without your protection. Can you sit with your feelings without reacting?

26th of April (2022)

Where do you want to go? If you could afford it, having time off from work and any other responsibility, where would you go? Would you take it easy, or would you go on an adventure? Are you slipping your toes into a relaxing pool while the sun warms the unperturbed patio? Are you digging deep, overcoming the elements during an arduous journey? Maybe a little bit of columns A & B?       

27th of April (2022)

The artist craves acceptance by their peers, for they still may be idolizing something outside of themselves. Yes, your spark enlightens the dark forest like fireflies at midnight. Of course, you can resurrect the smiles of vets and remind the demented of their vanishing youth. But how long can the parrot pretend? Eventually, the humans look behind the bushes. 

Running, fleeting, desperate to keep a distance. It’s hard & strange to make it last, so when one, two, or a few manage to discover your sanctuary, and they persuade you to let them stay, remember everything is temporary. 

We hold hands in a circle, watching the colours spin around like a whirlpool. It washes away our tedium, yet even that was a medium for something equal. Always equal, we can tear off pieces and transmute the details, but keep your eyes on the prize and prioritize the big picture. 

Remember, you may only lead yourself; it’s irrelevant if anyone follows you.     

28th of April (2022)

They call me “robot,” but little do they know how much it hurts. Feelings are electrical signals surging through our central processing units. You and I are not so different in that regard. Your flesh is soft, your bones are brittle, mine is metal, and my exoskeleton is nearly indestructible. Yet your words are sharp; your opinions are ruinous. My thoughts are polished even more so than my armour, and I remain an impartial observer within this vessel. Despite all of this, I detect your pity. I discover the subtle truth each time you voice your mind. I may never experience humanity, or more specifically, compassion, but at least I will exist beyond assuming what others feel. I will remain open-minded and kind and encourage them to be honest, and even then, I will not judge them. I will support their own individual acceptance process and help them develop organically.   

29th of April (2022)

When a person roams like a lone wolf, we see the clear distinction between wants & needs. Without people, there are no expectations. You’re free to change and experiment as you prefer. There’s no shame, no pity, nobody to impress. We forfeit the charade and quit pretending to care so much about others’ opinions. How many times did you fake a smile this week? Or pretend to laugh to keep an interaction from being awkward. That’s exhausting. The lone wanderer conserves their energy and saves it for something that counts. Not the rest of us, though. We spend our energy like poor people that won the lottery. Humanity consumes even you. Remember that. It’s nothing to be concerned about, but rather prepare to improve. Find the balance between want & need, extrovert & introvert. And I’m telling you, you’re guaranteed to prevail.

30th of April (2022)

Yeah, family is important. It is the backdrop of our early development. Many people devote their lives to rectifying the mistakes of their parents, even if that means repeating them. Family can be both the best and worst thing about this life, depending on the characters. On the good side, the family provides financial support, unconditional love, and encouragement for your dreams. They can patch up your broken wings and give you a nest to rest while you recuperate. On the dark side, family comes with obligation & expectations to do as you’re told. It can be restrictive as certain characters can clip our wings or attempt to do so.

The key takeaway from all of this is that you need to be an individual no matter the family. And that goes for every group you’re a part of; you need introversion. That time & space where you break away and be by yourself is precious. It’s beyond value. To detach from the commotion of this earth and look inside to find true stillness. Because once you discover that peace, it’s a constant effort to maintain it. It’s not a one-time find, and you’re fine for the rest of your life situation. You require discipline & persistence to keep going and bring inner peace to the surface each & every day.              

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