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1) True Physical Health

Positivity is the higher frequency of duality. Even though it's still in the box, it represents the lovely of extremes. Like being wealthy, loving life, you know, the "ups" of life. We all know negativity is the "downs" of life. But what is neutral thinking?

Neutral thinking is out of the box completely — it is detachment from duality, and it benefits everyone to discover the difference between their minds and bodies. Positivity in health is merely palliative. As health comes from the word whole, and it's impossible to be whole when you're in the box. 

As long as we live in the box, we will suffer from diseases. This is because we are oscillating from positive to negative. But neither of these address the actual root cause of the disease. The power of neutrality is being able to detach and face uncomfortable truths while remaining determined to come out victorious.

Still not convinced? Think positive thoughts will cure the disease itself? Most can agree that negative thinking doesn't help to heal. Negativity is the ambiguous cause of all disease. (Smoking cigarettes, eating meat, drinking alcohol, polluting our livers, and killing ourselves every day in small doses).

But why do you believe that if an action got you here, then only thought can undo it? Our negative beliefs manifest in physical ailments. Positive thinking is no match for your negative convictions. Thoughts are vapourous, and beliefs are thoughts that have condensated. They have built up enough "humidity" to change states, and "sweat" into your world. The physical evidence is inevitable.  

2) A Sustainable Mentality

I went over a lot of this already. I don't want to sound redundant, but since all of this is in the mind, some things do get repeated. Negativity is the bottom of the box, and positivity's the top. But neutrality is the outside looking in. 

What does this mean? To be removed, or out-of-body, existing free of limitation or restriction, being liberated, awake, aware. The reason neutral thinking leads to wholeness is that you're no longer avoiding anything. You are unobstructed and open, like the blossoming lotus. Unfolding and welcoming of once uncomfortable truth.

When you are sleeping, the dream is unquestioned. The material pleasures pacify you until you're unsatisfied. It is natural for all of us to become discontent from emptiness. Beyond substance, we are creative-conscious energy. Of course, frivolous activities that deplete our very essence will eventually cause us frustration, agony, misery.

But why do some of us dwell there? In misery? Because they have convinced themselves they deserve it. They have become confused by the mirage. It's tricky inside the box. The negative majority are self-deprecating, and their positive counterparts are over-compensating.

What is the effect of this within the mind? To be divided by duality? To have ups and downs, and be subject to seemingly random dismay or joyous occasions. The truth is you're creating your life right now —projecting onto the canvas with your unconscious mind.

3) Emotional Stability

The over-compensating-positive-people will tell you love is the highest frequency. They cheer in good times and cry in bad times. They will even try to convince you that the cruddy times give the great times meaning. But this is just the upper half of the box. Love is great, but how quickly it can become a pain (like when a loved one dies).

Joy is the choice of neutral thinking, transcend chemical dependency

Joy is the choice to rise above all things, even emotions and antiquated beliefs. Most people stay ambitious and productive because their sense of joy is a-fleeting-chemical-reward. They are addicted to the dopamine release from a job well done or drugs/food/social media.

The animal brain rewards your creator-mind to keep you invested in the basic things (eating, contributing, procreating). Also, to ensure you take care of it. These chemicals were designed with purpose, and not to be abused. Positive thinking releases "good" feeling chemicals into bodies. Negative thinking releases the "bad" stuff that lowers our life spans and ages us.

So positive thinking does heal us! No. It doesn't heal you. It balances the negativity and maintains the status quo. As seen by the blatant failure of western medicine, treating symptoms is pointless in the grand scheme of things. Instead of focusing on the positive, actually, remove the source of negativity from your life. 

This ability to see the whole game board, and not half of the story, is neutral thinking. See the big picture of life, and understand that raising your awareness beyond the material world requires a connection to your origin. The most positive emotion is love, and that is still a deviation of the original energy. Joy is not an emotion, it is a choice.  

4) A Clean Subconscious

Why do so many of us believe in the power of love? How is love more important than peace, or happiness. When a person loves themself they open their mind to the benevolence of source. However; the bridge isn't guaranteed. Love is still in the box and is subject to change and whimsy.

The majority clings to their loves, but what happens when the things they hold dear are stripped away. How does a loving heart pump through grief? It is stricken much harder than a neutral one. To love from a place of fear is to care, to love from a place of detachment is pure. Wait? So caring is positive or negative?

Caring is made possible by fear. We believe we must care, or the object of care will be going downhill. Why do we imagine worst-case-scenarios? Don't you understand that's what you're creating? The ignorant person has forgotten their power. And that is why the powerless are talkative, and the powerful respect silence.

Neutral thinking is about letting go of the past, removing bad habits, and creating the most beneficial version of yourself. Positivity is about revering the highlights of your past, being lulled by nostalgia, finding the silver lining in things, calling flaws "quirks", and making the best of what you are. Negativity is living in the past, being addicted to substances, and unconsciously/willingly destroying one's self.

5) A Connection To Your Origin

Needless to say, if you have any ill-will against your physical self, there is no chance of source-connection. And even if you're gloriously looking to the past, it's still coming at a supreme cost. Letting go of the past, is not being ungrateful. It is actually the opposite!

Living in the now is understanding that no matter how you look at the past or future, whether negative or positive, it is still costing you, your connection to source. If you want to be at your best, you must be fully present now. The creator with their mind in the past is only creating a vicious cycle. The creator with their mind in the future is disconnected from their origin.

Like stepping stones, we take steps one at a time. Little by little we reach progress. From the basic complaints, to the discipline of gratitude we improve. Sometimes we trip, and fall. It's the neutral one that has no pressure to perform, or expectation to live up to.

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