2. Ice Cream

It's easy to forget our excitement for life, to lose our zest. But rather than to gain defeat, take a moment to enter the silence, and embrace the still, calm, serene waters of the subconscious. Take a break from ageing. And remember your true power.


1. Mountain / Parvat

Do you climb mountains just to rush to the top? Or do you savour every nuanced moment of the experience? The ultimate sign of maturity is the ability to accept the things we never wanted to happen. Learning to find the balance between desire and gratitude will renovate your life.


Nourishing November (2021)

Standing over any edge can be disconcerting. The inner cynic whispers, "there are many reasons to fear." However, there are also incentives to remove those fears. The cliff is a metaphor, separating the realized souls from the dominated spirits.


Thinking in October (2021)

What comes out of our mouths isn't necessarily indicative of our intentions. Time and time again, I find it compelling when I see someone or even catch myself mid-sentence about to commit perjury. I often ask myself, "Why am I saying this?


Nutritious Ideas of September (2021)

Sometimes we can be too harsh with each other. In a one-sided attempt to get our point across, we end up just shouting at deaf ears. I know why we do it, but I want you to know too. I want you to see that proving your point is not as important as agreeing to keep the peace between us.