The world takes many different forms. It can be paradise or torture. Concrete or natural, bleak or warm. You can fear what’s around every corner and have that very fear justified. Our lives are the evidence of our thoughts, and the importance of maintaining a beneficial mindset. 

Sometimes, that’s easier said than done. The world can be so challenging.

But why do some people seem care-free? Are they pretending? While others suffer from unrelenting stress. How does this small selection of the world’s population transcend earthly-matters?

Is it through religion? Some mantra or meditation? Is the law of attraction what they say it is? Are we merely disconnected-magnets enticing meaningless desires. Or is it the other way around?

Nothing Exists Outside of You.

We are all connected – we are all one. We are the creators of our world. The illusion is that we share it. It’s like meeting someone inside your dream, and they are having that same dream at the same time.

Waking up is an uncomfortable experience. Our minds are habitual. Prone to routine and following trends. That’s why we love to follow what’s trending on social media. That’s the human animal’s contribution to our mind.

Our mind is a neutral canvas. Well, at first, and it can continue that way with vigilant maintenance. It is through our constant, most mundane thoughts that we create our “reality.”

What Is Real?

We both use that word, but we mean different things. Reality is not here. Like when you’re sure there’s an extra step in a staircase. But your faith or lack of awareness causes you to misstep.

The truth is, there is no staircase. Not in a physical sense because there is no “physical. It’s is a tough pill to swallow. Like the one Neo had to first choose in The Matrix. The true-first step is the choice to raise our awareness without anything outside of us.

That statement may cause me to seem hypocritical. Why put so much effort into helping others and then say, “help yourselves.” My help towards you is like a helping of nutritious thoughts. Use it as a source of inspiration, healing and truth. But to fuel your intention, to reunite or continue your connection with your true self.

It’s like that old ‘teach a man to fish’ analogy. I want you to have nutritious thoughts of your own. So you can pay it forward. That is my vision of infinitely-renewing prosperity.

The teacher is still a student, the major difference is one learns from themself.

Recently, I realized —the best way to help myself is by helping others. Our unique skills, talents and abilities need to serve others for us to get the most out of life. After all, we are all one.

Losing sight of oneness causes duality to divide us. We can always re-centre ourselves at any given moment. Sometimes this is challenging because our world has become chaotic. But remember, as above, so below.

The mirrors outside of you reflect every single thing you’re harbouring within. It can be easier to deny the evidence of our innermost thoughts than to face them head-on. We see that all the time, and it’s hard to deny that denial is a popular-reaction.

What Are You Waiting For?

“What goes up, must come down.” We’ve all heard it. Do you think that’s why so many of us sabotage ourselves? Because we’re afraid of reaching the pinnacle of this path we’re on. Does climbing the mountain mean we need to come back down. Is it all downhill after reaching our dreams?

Life is a dream — all of it, even the bad stuff. Some will argue that the bad stuff is better. What we have here is the debris of duality. We see everything life has to offer at once —the highs and the lows, the rich and the poorLife can be a daydream or a nightmare — you decide.

It’s all up to you. Do you dwell on the negatives? Or do you see past them? Are you reactive or, are you responsiveDo you blame others for your choices or, do you take responsibility?

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