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The Pineal Gland

Everyone has a throne in the center of their mind (known as empowerment or self-mastery.) This is where awareness, sensation, emotion, belief, and creativity meet. Within the brain, referred to as the Pineal Gland (or third-eye), this is the “physical” throne.

This can be terribly-confusing, especially if you have trouble deciphering your human-brain from your mind. The brain is part of our organ body (obviously) — while the mind is separate from the body and resides in its own realm (consciousness and more subtle).

Located in the center of the brain and understated by present-day science. The Pineal Gland is a tiny-link between energy, consciousness, and our body. Think of it as a lynch-pin holding your layers together. 

De-Mystifying or Pacifying?

It’s become scientific. Meaning technical jargon replaced wonder, while it can’t even explain why it exists. It makes sense when you consider Science as a religion. Sure, science once challenged religious-naivety, but along the way, it became less about advancing understanding and more about securing the status quo.

Your alignment affects everything — emotions, quality of thoughts, posture (you name it). In today’s world, distractions are abundant, and information is readily available for consumption. But how does this relate to sitting on our throne of empowerment? 

When you appreciate the value of your attention— you are honoring your mental health. The world is just a physical space, and if there is no sentient life — it doesn’t get experienced. “If a tree falls in the woods…We’ve heard it, but how many of us truly understand this thought experiment?

Pay attention when something calls for your eyes, ears, and awareness. How does it influence you? Are you zooming-in or out? Are you maintaining composure, or are you reacting? One method to gain your attention is by manipulating your biological impulses. Taking advantage of your animal brain (like hijacking a plane).

Clarifying & Classifying

Take your power back by bringing your attention to the center of your brain (and between your eyes). Do you feel pressure? Have you been repressing emotion (postponing growth)? Or on the contrary, Do you sense a chasm? Do you often disturb people with your lack of empathy? 

Do you find life more tolerable when you keep busy? Or do you find it hard to focus on one thing at a time? Is your mind flooded with random thoughts when you try to meditate / Do you find it challenging to daydream with intent? 

Concentration: How Hard Is Too Hard?

Everyone has the ability to center themselves. It’s easy to become overwhelmed and to sweep things under the rug. As a matter of fact, this seems to be the beaten path. Most people would fall under the category of Concentric

Concentric / Centric / Eccentric

Concentric people have chosen to live their lives zoomed-in. Yes, just like a camera — focused on the close-up-details. When robbed of the big picture, we see capable-beings struggle with unnecessary complications. 

Losing our peripheral mental-vision creates a negative kind of narrow-mindedness. The downside is we become blind to our surroundings and may begin to lose gratitude and joy. The positive side of being narrow-minded is we focus and endure until we succeed. 

On the Opposite End of the Spectrum

Eccentric people are zoomed-out. They are so far back from their centers that every line is blurry. It’s easy for these people to switch sides in a debate because they are often so detached that they don’t stand for anything. They can be described as amoral, strange, and live as rebels to structures, schedules and systems. 

Why are they zoomed-out?

They can migrate past dealing with their problems, all the way beyond the realms-of-solution. Traveling to a viewpoint — that’s clouded in secrecy and deception. These Eccentrics can be the life of any party but have issues with cultivating lasting relationships. 

Re-Center to Take Your Power Back

What about Centrics?

Centric people are the ones sitting on their throne of empowerment. They are centered and deal with stress appropriately & in a healthy manner. They forgive & forget and see the big picture of life.

What makes being Centric so great?

Living centered is about being harmonized on all levels. It is the balance most people seek. Through this discipline, we gain clarity and insight — raising our consciousness to higher levels. 

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