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As I stood there, taken aback by the sudden fury of emotions —wondering what will happen next. Not even sure how we got here. Both of us, out of breath from the exhausting effects of frustration. It's when he looked down on me I saw it — the entranced-eyes of a man that has prioritized his desires over respect.

None of us wants to be greedy, but that doesn't stop it from seducing us. Greed has its way of acknowledging our insecurities and making us hungry. That hunger left unchecked can become downright ravenous.

I've seen greed burn down bridges & homes — ruin families and friendships. I've experienced it doing the worst thing it does. It had it's hand in me losing admiration for someone I looked up to my whole life.

How do we keep this hunger from devouring us all? It's simple, really. We must practice gratitude until we're not just grateful, but our actions are graceful. There's a big difference between that t and c.

Graceful People Let Go of Greed

You see, when we're grateful it's mainly a personal experience, which is good. But when we're graceful, we're sharing our thankfulness. We're communicating it beyond words —and it's contagious. It inspires us all to generate some movement towards bettering our lives.

This metaphor can sum up the variations between gratitude and grace. A grateful person is confident in their looks / appreciative of their appearance. But a graceful person is beautiful. Their beauty is radiant because they are full of benevolence. And the effect is intoxicating to all the onlookers.

Greed has no leverage over a graceful person. The sheer understanding of oneness mutes its temptation. The road to becoming gracious requires one to drop any mentalities that could house greed. To reach a level of grace — we need to let go of duality.

graceful let go of greed balet dancer

A graceful body flows like a beautiful piece of music — everything working in harmony. The same goes for a graceful mind. It can tiptoe around delicate subjects to not offend anyone. It's fascinating to see how different people can be.

Greed tries to get everyone at some point — even through our goals. I've seen enough starving artists, to know that greediness isn't limited to standard material treasures. It is hunger after all, and hunger has its way of convincing us we need something.

What happens to a person that becomes hungry for something unattainable? They become ravaged by the hunger — like a savage. Fitting, as that's the picture I'm trying to illustrate. The savage is greedy, and the graceful are generous.

But Is It Really That Simple?

The short answer is yes. Most of the truths I've realized have been simple. As a matter of fact, the answers are usually staring us all in the face, although slightly out of reach — like teasing a cat with yarn.

All that is fine and dandy, but how do I become more graceful?

Well, the best way to do that is by focusing on what you want from life. When you work towards manifesting your ideals into your current circumstance — you will find a sense of satisfaction. That contentment opens the doors to greater levels of thinking.

It's not enough to want something — you must work for it. The people that consider themselves failures quit because they weren't prepared. And discipline requires us to have an intention + willingness to spend our energies. You may get lucky and scrimp by here and there. But if you want to manifest something great into this world, be ready to pay the price.

The things you manifest require time, money and/or energy and it benefits you to know the price before you begin. People usually become greedy because they're obsessed + confused.

Greed lacks an understanding of the way things work. Of course, it's animalistic. That's the age-old inner conflict, isn't it? Make no mistake, your creative-consciousness is on the line. I want all to know, that there is enough for you, and there's no need to rush through life.

Life is not about acquiring possessions or accomplishing goals. It's about the journey, the experience of the material world. And in that sense, greed is a failure. It's the creative-consciousness' unhealthy indulgence in the material world.

Once you realize that everything you want is already within you. You can't help but be full of joy, gratitude, benevolence and grace. That is when you begin to lead by example. And inspire others to be prosperous too.

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