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What is grief?

Grief is poison to a creator. It slowly seeps away our power, like siphoning a gas tank. Just when we believe that we’ve rehabilitated from a perceived loss, there it is again. A black cloud to rain on our parade, a melancholic downpour to drown away any attempt to celebrate life.

I know grief because I’ve experienced it while most are still enjoying their childhood. The passing of a loved one is the most common cause of prolonged suffering. But grief isn’t restricted to the death of people. It’s also linked to the loss of opportunities, employment, relationships, possessions, etc.

Grief doesn’t stem from death; it is death. When we raise our awareness: we expand our ability to comprehend our experience’s duality. And we see it clear as day that we never really lose anything. We never own anything, including these bodies. It’s all a figment of our imagination.

It’s hard for the surface dwellers to grasp this truth. How can this be an illusion if it seems so real? But everything you perceive was served to you. We are born from our mother’s womb into another womb: the matrix.

This virtual reality in which we develop as a character. But what happens to our connection with our creative-consciousness? How do we stay afloat with so many things attempting to sink us?

Why do we grieve?

We grieve because we’re confused. We forgot our true identity and became attached to the dream. One of the easiest traps to be ensnared in is family. We began to get caught up in our family’s connections, especially the one with our mother. Sort of like a fly entangled in a spider’s web.

We are beyond the flesh and thoughts. Things have sentimental value but know that it is you that gives meaning to nouns. What’s unique to you? What do you admire that other people don’t? Or maybe you only value what other people do.

Lacking a connection to source creates drama and tension. Of course, it does; if it didn’t, there would be no reason to improve. Deep down, you are benevolent and content. Until you return to the path of self-mastery and prioritize truth, anything else will be suffering.

Who is affected by grief?

Anyone can be affected because grief is: designed to exploit our weaknesses. We need to recognize what real strength is, and it isn’t going to the gym, working out all the time. It isn’t reading books constantly-consuming information. What is it? Real strength is: knowing thyself.

Until we are aware of what is going on: grief will affect us. Once you realize that none of this is real and various experiences lulled us to sleep, you will begin to feel discontent by the status quo. After getting the hint that something’s off, your intuition will prompt you to make changes.

Your frequency level will determine the strength of your hunches. As you gain control over your body and mind, you will soon find that emotions are prone to fluctuation. Grief is an emotional, subconscious and etheric experience.

First, we have the sorrow synonymous with loss. If entertained for a prolonged period, it becomes the common misery we have come to expect with bereavement. Secondly, those expectations are because of our unconscious beliefs associated with life & death. And thirdly, it is our connections with temporary things that create a conflict of interest for our infinite source consciousness.

When is grief acceptable?

Grief is traditionally appropriate for those closest to the deceased. Widows and children of all have an unnecessary burden to appear grief-stricken. In my own experience, after my father passed, there was coercion to make my tears public. I found the experience tedious.

Feeling sad is temporary. Like scraping your knee on the sidewalk, it will heal. But our way of dealing with grief is like picking a scab and never letting it heal because letting go makes us uncomfortable. Maybe we feel guilty, and we’re punishing ourselves.

There are so many reasons to sabotage yourself. But that’s basic. Rise above mediocrity, seize your potential. Why settle for what you’ve seen when you can envision your destinations?

Grief isn’t acceptable for a creator because it is earthbound. Are you shackled to the planet? Or are you free to wander and create whatever you fancy.

I feel that some will have a more challenging time swallowing this pill than others. This article is a wake-up call for you. Stop allowing your past and relationships with others to define you. You are beyond all of this.

How to remove grief?

Why are most of us suffering? It’s because we desire something else. Some people thrive where others are miserable. One place can be two different destinations, depending on your intention. To some, your current circumstance may appear as a success, while it can feel like a failure to you.

We see we have many physical differences, but the only contrasts that matter are in your mind. Well, it’s all: in your mind, but your mentality is the first step towards removing grief from your life.

We love our family, + they die = we feel grief. How do I stop feeling sad without ceasing my love for a departed loved one? Is that even possible? Maybe my grief will naturally decay over time.

Stop waiting; start creating. You are a creator, not a destroyer. Grief is diverting your power into emotional hemorrhaging. First, plug the leak, then compose yourself. Remember, this is an illusion. It’s a mind game, and I appreciate the challenge of overcoming it.

If we spend our lives on autopilot, we will never see the big picture. To wake up and shed the majority’s perception requires hard work, discipline, and devotion to yourself.

Grief prioritizes the mirage over the thirst. Stop wandering into the desert, deeper and deeper. Don’t you see it’s just punishing yourself? Why suffer for others? That is the etymology of compassion, by the way, “suffering together.”

I’d instead celebrate my companion’s lives than sacrifice my life to cherish their memories. Every tear seeps away from your energy. Every trip down memory lane utilizes your imaginative faculties, which could be used to uplift you.

What beliefs are making you feel guilty? They judge you: your family & supposed friends. They say, “it’s perfectly normal to grieve, to feel sad.” But they also say, “laugh with the world, or cry alone.” Don’t trust anyone but your true self. Start looking within and correcting these negative behaviours.

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