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February 28th (2021)

Bottling up your emotions is bottling up your finances. Your feelings aren’t you, but how you deal with them is 100% reflective of your self-worth. How do you feel about money? Does the thought of being rich excite you? Are you excited at the thought of money, or is it the distance of your dreams? Are you punishing yourself?

Money is not a physical possession; that is a common misconception. Instead, money is the manifestation of your self-worth. We have it backwards. Many of us believe money is what gives someone worth. But we provide ourselves with value through our identities and how we are feeling about ourselves.

I love myself.

I am healthy, full of beauty, and peaceful.

I realize that I can let my emotions get the best of me from time to time. I forgive myself. I choose to be easy on myself—self-discipline doesn’t mean punishing myself. It means to have the willpower to say no to what doesn’t benefit me.

I am neutral to the ways I am feeling. Nothing is personal to me because I am the source of my experience. I am beyond sensations, thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. I am ready to change, and honesty is more important than comfort. I am letting go of my ideas. I am generating flow within myself.

Blame can be ambitious. But it always leads to me hoarding something like grudges or my own best interest. When things are confusing or agitating us, we need to be quiet. We should save our interactions with others for when we’re at our most beneficial.

A conversation is like riding a horse. There is a compromise from both parties, the rider and the horse, the speaker, and the listener. The rider must be aware of the horse’s mood, and the horse must be accommodating to the rider. We take turns reversing the roles as the speaker and the listener, that is, etiquette and flow. However, within ourselves, we’re having conversations too. And how often are you merely the one speaking? When do you listen?

Like horses, the most rambunctious gets the most attention—it’s the same with our bodies, emotions, minds and source connections. Our, hunger anger and anchors get deeper consideration than the truth. Bear in mind that the inner knowing is not a competitor. It’s up to you, what is more important, taking things personally or detaching from your personality?

Let go of who you believe yourself to be, and reconvene with your true self.

I am analyzing my emotions and using them as indicators of my unconscious beliefs.

I am healing my mind.

I am letting go of the past.

I am creating beauty with beautiful ideas.

February 27th (2021)

Delays have command over a tyrant. If the changes you’re seeking come at the cost of your peace of mind, are they even worth it? Your drive is souring the journey. Why don’t you prioritize joy anymore? Why is laughing on the backburner?

What do you want? Is it money? Respect? Is it personal property? Cars? A mansion? Is it a connection to people that admire you? Is it love? Is it to prove someone wrong? Is it to prove yourself right? Is it to help others, yourself, or both?

I know deep down you aspire to help others. Previously, this fact has gotten in the way. But it’s also kept you from completely losing control. We’re embarrassed by our training wheels, water wings and safety nets, but they serve their purpose, and eventually, we may even appreciate what once brought us shame.

We never expect a paradigm shift. It just happens. Confusion becomes clarity in a raw instance of progression. It’s beautiful, the natural rhythm of life, but frustrating how we can’t force it. Forcing it takes away the enjoyment, like using cheat codes in a video game. And that’s what turns a creator into a tyrant. We get greedy over the rate at which things happen. We crave more; we want to increase the momentum. But that defeats the purpose of living and its inherent challenges. It’s not enough to tolerate the delays; we need to cultivate patience.

Tolerance fades away; it has a breaking point. Like the difference between fleeting joys and eternal happiness, patience is steadfast; no expiry date, it’s here to stay.

I am patient.

I am beyond my passions.

Delays come and go, and waiting is part of the journey.

If life were constant satisfaction and celebration after celebration, the successes would lose their significance without build-ups.

Every great story needs a beginning, middle and end. The middles are full of twists and turns, lulls and storms. It’s very cliche, but the truth nonetheless that beauty doesn’t exist without ugliness. A difference between tyrants and leaders is that leaders choose to enjoy their nows regardless of circumstances. Tyrants point their fingers and blame others; they are dependant on fortune & favour. The inherent problem is that we create our luck, and tyrannical people burn bridges and destroy opportunities to evolve.

Keep your desire in check. Master your mind, body and emotions. Detach from the duality of life, but maintain your warm joie de vivre. Don’t let your hunger devour your peace. Be calm, even during the storms. Detach from the urge to lower your standing. Stand firm, and soften the point you’re striving to make. Let go of trying, and accept your inevitable success.

February 26th (2021)

Traumatic experiences can hold you in place. Calling out to you from the past and capturing your attention. The more you focus on the despair, the more you create it. It materializes in your hands. You are always manifesting what you are imagining.

Did it use to make you feel special to have this pain? Did you identify with the hurt and wear it like a badge of honour? We tend to embellish our scars with tales of our mythology. We sensationalize our backstory and empower the damages.

We take pride in “what we’ve been through.” Allowing our trauma and struggles to define our character. Though horrible events can indeed progress our individuality, they shouldn’t be a factor in your identity. Indulging in pain squanders your true power.

As we progress and become aware of our shortcomings, it becomes easier to let go of our mental clutter. We’ve grown so attached to tragic moments that we may begin to notice patterns. Look away from your heartache, not to repress it, but to set it free. Removing splinters commences the healing process. Our recounts of traumatic experiences contain egotistical and emotionally-charged beliefs. These energetic blockages act like splinters towards our mental wounds.

If you feel guilty about something, then punishing yourself will be a consequence. We beat ourselves up when we believed we failed. Let go of these “failures” and see that success comes in many forms. Sometimes what we need to progress can be heartbreaking at that moment. But that’s the kind of kick in the butt we need to get back on track.

We use our traumas to help others, but it isn’t helping them as much as it’s bothering you. See the big picture. You waste your potential remembering (recharging) trauma. Let it go. It’s time to heal.

I am healing and healthy.

I am whole and complete.

I have everything I need right now.

I forgive everyone I have ever blamed.

I forgive myself.

My world is in my hands.

I am ready to move on.

I am letting go of the stick that keeps the carrot away.

I am envisioning my perfect day.

Today is a fresh start to begin living the life of my dreams.

February 25th (2021)

It’s hard to change the most traditional aspects of ourselves, like the beliefs involving our earliest memories and everything that happened in our childhood. It can be awkward to admit that we were responsible for the events that lead up to our traumas and release our grudges. 

Our parents’ relationships could have left lasting scars, and we still do things out of spite. We’re all rebels in our own way. And we’re all judging each other for doing the same thing with different actions and faces.

We don’t enjoy it when we see ourselves reflected by other people—our bad habits on display like we have an out-of-body experience. Our go-to move is hypocrisy. It’s easy to scold another than to accept ourselves. I’ve noticed the more we preach to others, the less we practise what we’re saying. 

Nobody wants to be a hypocrite. It’s a lousy feeling. Part of us holds on to everything, even the bad moments and habits. This tendency to favour personal tradition over progress can cost us a lot of squandered opportunities. Of course, we never know what we’re missing out on, and that’s why they say ignorance is bliss. 

Is it better to be blind or struggling to open your eyes? I won’t let myself get discouraged by my inner preacher, shouting out the doctrine of me. I will overcome my self-named church, not as a heretic or a rebel. I am a creator that is finally free. 

I was never bound to this world or my beliefs. I was always free. It’s the uncertainty of changes that seem cold and unappealing at first. If I keep juggling these old assumptions, I’m bringing them with me everywhere I go. Our defence-mechanisms are by-products of trauma, and maintaining them is re-opening never-healing wounds.

I am ready to heal. I am releasing what binds me to the melancholy. I can exist without sadness. Anger doesn’t make me stronger; it makes me foolish. 

Resistance is assistance to the things we don’t need—the stuff we want to let go of is only there in the first place because we authorized it. 

I am balancing my enjoyment and progression. It is natural for me to enjoy change as I shed my preconceived notions about the world. Truth is too potent, too vast for these simple minds. These limited computers have trouble processing the immense information of sincerity. I am not thinking or believing; I am KNOWING.

I am not a rebel against my weakness; I am the creator of my strength; I choose how capable I am. I can handle anything that comes my way, even when it’s resurfacing from within. I let go of any inner ugliness as I prioritize creating peace & beauty.   

February 24th (2021)

Frustration brings out our true colours. Well, at least the thoughts and feelings that have been brewing. When everything is going well and joyously, that doesn’t challenge us, and it doesn’t change us. When our limiting beliefs are agitated, it forces us to take a hard look at ourselves.

Do I like what I see? Am I living up to my potential? Is there a vacuous feeling in between my achievements? Are my goals a way to keep me distracted from my fundamental issues? We work, and work, and work, and we keep ourselves engaged to the point that any agitating thoughts are locked-out.

We enjoy comfort, but we can make peace with a lot of messed-up things. We compartmentalize, dividing ourselves up into many categories: our work self, our home self, our weekend self, our married self, our loving self, our wondering self, our shadow self, our sentimental self, our detached self, our animal self, our secret self, our crying self, our forgotten self, our true self.

How many paradigm shifts have you had? Where do those obsolete versions of yourself go? Are they just stored as back-ups like when you update a computer? We carry these programs, and it’s a constant effort to clear them from our minds. Sometimes it’s frustrating, and the inner urgency corrupts our focus.

It’s in those moments it’s imperative to stop doing and enter the silence. It’s a slippery slope, ignoring the truth. Your business is an integral aspect of your life and should be a source of joy. However, that doesn’t mean to overwork and bury yourself in its burdens. It also doesn’t mean to be negligent to yourself. The fruits of self-sacrifice are poisonous.

Set intentions throughout your day. Take breaks in between work, rather than rushing to get your to-do list done. Savour the experience and the accomplishment. Also, take care of yourself. Love yourself. Appreciate yourself. Chasing satisfaction will drain your potential of being happy now. Just… be…happy…now.

February 23rd (2021)

Untrustworthy people tend to yearn for the convincing of others. As above, so below. Understanding that our relationship with ourselves mirrors back to us in every interaction with others, we can pinpoint subconscious issues. So pay attention to your urges, and consider if you’re seeking to deceive another.

We lie to others to get what we want and to infect others with our self-deception. Sometimes it’s to save ourselves from having an awkward conversation. Or so we don’t have to explain ourselves. But for masters of illusion, lies become a magical spell to fulfill their perpetual void.

Wasted talents are the ultimate kindling for the burning hunger that is desire. It can be confusing to turn it around when life’s choices feel like a no-win situation. To change the circumstances, we must address our feelings. Our emotions are indicators of our opinions. Once we see that the inclination to deceive others stems from being dishonest with ourselves, we can do the inner work required to get back in harmony with truth.

Lie down, and do nothing. Allow yourself to relax and embrace the truth. It may feel refreshing and renewing, like the first winds of spring. It can also be disturbing to face the truth after denying it for so long. You are synonymous with truth. The energy that you use to create with is you. Be wise and honest with yourself. There is no one to blame because it’s all you.

February 22nd (2021)

The persistence of optimism while surrounded by cynical people is no easy feat. Along with change is another constant: delay. The ebb & flow of challenge & progression pushes a select few along, but the majority discouragedly slides down to the bottom of the mountain.

It is strength-of-mind that maintains enthusiasm towards life and our dreams. Remember, everyone has dreams, it is not unique to aspire, but it is uncommon to inspire others. Waiting can be dull, especially knowing the hard work we’ve put in. But that won’t stop the delays from postponing our rewards.

When you are facing challenges, ask yourself, “how is this helping me to progress?” Usually, when hope’s momentum is lost, ordinary people begin to doubt themselves. They’re no longer focusing on what they’re manifesting and letting the negativity get the best of them.

The inevitable life changes can be like waiting for spring in the middle of winter. You know it’s coming, but sometimes it makes the wait feel even longer. Be patient, focus on the positive, and don’t lose your joy of living.

February 21st (2021)

Nothing can stand in the way of change. Rather than resisting inevitability, focus on where the current is taking you. Are you floating, or are you swimming? Many of us sink to the bottom from exhaustion—some tire themselves from trying to help others. It would help if you learned to maximize your effort and stop wasting it.

This river has twists and turns. We can’t see around the bends, but we know deep down what we deserve. Please, be kind to yourself—nothing in your past warrants a waterfall. Permit yourself to take back authority over your mind.

Wondering leads to uncertainties; knowing provides the missing links like connecting toy-train tracks. You are home. How can anyone enter without you opening the door? You are safe. Forget about what happens to others. What’s happening with you?

Occasionally the current brings us to distractions—they come in many forms, physical, mental, emotional, memories. The truth is the disturbances are empty shells until you empower them with your attention. Where you look, that’s where you’re paddling. Flowing through time and space, it’s up to what you bring, but remember, trauma sinks the boat.

February 20th (2021)

A master of emotion understands that life’s struggles create a step backwards. And we can take a moment of peace, or we can strive forward. It can be tricky to know when to rest or persist. But that answer stems from being honest with yourself.

Releasing the tendency to overwork ourselves allows us to recover. It can be easier said than done, though, especially when we feel guilty for not pushing ourselves to the max. We’re programmed to presume that success requires an almost martyr level of self-sacrifice. But don’t believe in the suggestive snakes; they need you to lend your hands and warmth otherwise;,, they have no survivability.

Stress is common. I’m not here to belittle your hardships or placate your ego. The truth is fair, even if the mind is biased. It doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things how much you strived for—in the end, all that counts is how unscathed you are.

The calmest person can have the most temper to lose. I think this is a good day to try something new or do something you love. Release strife, and create peace. Appreciate the spaces in between your goals; this moment is where beauty lives. The future is a hissing serpent demanding your attention. Let’s be present instead and come back to what we enjoy the most about this life.

February 19th (2021)

Between difficult choices and sentiments, we must decide. What is more important to you, being comfortable or making your dreams come true? Now that’s not to say you can’t have it both ways, but you definitely can’t manifest your goals without sacrificing something in exchange.

That is the price to succeed. To defeat laziness, we must give up our lethargic ways. To eliminate obsessive thoughts, we must nurture our peace of mind—for wisdom, knowledge, and truth are more likely to be welcomed in your humble abode than a stuffy prison cell.

Make yourself at home within your mind. Create an escape from the outer forces. You are the authority of your life—no one, not anyone, man, or divinity is your controller. You are in charge of your life, even the tough decisions. When we’re stuck at the crossroads, always remember, why? Why are you deciding in the first place? How you get, there is irrelevant. Forget about your expectations. Instead, focus on your intent.

Remember, you are the powerful creator of your life; blame no one. Take responsibility, and from that newfound strength, gain the ability to make the tougher decisions because stalling at the crossroads does you no justice. It’s time the universe compensates you for all that hard work. Understand, you deserve the best, and you’ll only ever get what you’re worth when you fully recognize who you are.

February 18th (2021)

Sometimes our ambition meets with a brick wall. All this energy, but no outlet, oftentimes we give in to the anger or melancholy. But that is too easy, and I’m speaking to the ones that enjoy the challenge of life. They aren’t looking for excuses or reasons to call it the quits. They’re rolling up their sleeves and ready to put in the work required to succeed in life.

So many times, we ignore the beauty present in our lives. We take it for granted. And even worse, we expect more. We demand it incessantly, like children throwing a tantrum. We are always close to living our dream lives. Rather than dreaming them up in the distance, experience them right here, right now.

We do this unconsciously. We project our desires into the chasm called the future. But truth be told, tomorrow never comes, and if you’re chasing dreams now, that’s all you ever be concerning them.

Also, it can be impulsive, the effects of discouragement. It’s predictably human to abandon our quests when faced with resistance. Yet, we never realize how close we were to manifesting that dream.

This message is a friendly reminder to you all, just don’t quit. Keep going. You are closer than you might think. It’s all here and now. The beauty and the ugliness are competing for your attention. It’s up to you. What you focus on grows.

February 17th (2021)

Everyone at some point has endured an injury. We see how when the body bleeds, it scabs, and that healing is automatic. But I’m referring to mental wounds, or as it’s commonly known, trauma.

For the mind to heal, it needs to be intentional. To begin the healing process, we must forgive the person (or people) that were involved. Otherwise, our repressed emotions and memories will act like a splinter—preventing wholeness and splitting our minds, a.k.a. compartmentalization.

Suppressing mental/emotional health causes disorder in the physical body, depression, anxiety, guilt, fear, shame, to name a few. Chaos is not natural; it is a choice to be ignorant of your power.

You have the power to heal every aspect of you: your mind, body, emotions, trauma, everything. You can forgive and forget. Turning your back on self-care creates angst and leads to you acting like a fool. End the vicious cycles of trauma by being kind and nurturing yourself. It’s time to begin a new chapter of your life.

February 16th (2021)

Peace balances overflowing emotions. When our inner garden is neither deserted nor flooded but thriving, the fruits it yields are material rewards. Trust that you hold power over your life and accept accountability for any unforeseen consequences. Serenity is a form of surrender. It is replacing the promises of yesterday with the offerings of today.

Accept peace, and create beauty. Without balance, beauty goes unnoticed until our ignorance sacrifices it for ugliness. Uncloak your soul from the curtain, hiding your potential. Refuse to entertain reminders of sorrow; instead, choose to welcome appreciation for the journey of life.

Between our energy and our action is our mentality. How you view your experience is imperative to the quality of opportunities you will receive. Positive expectation can be a confusing venture for skeptics and critics. They allowed themselves to disbelieve in the power of their minds. Thus they have been compromised by the very thing we once expected to overcome: the material realm.

To embark on the frequency climb, you need to prepare your mental soil. It needs to be fertile and ready for the seed of truth. When we stop watering our burning cheeks and blurring our visions with the sting of self-indulgent sorrow, then we can save our energy for nurturing the seeds of truth. For when it takes root in our mind, there is no stopping us.

February 15th (2021)

Loneliness is a sign that you have separated from truth. You have permitted the material world to pry between you and your origin. No worries, if you do anything, ensure it’s not a reaction. Collect yourself, bring all your energy to the present. Focus on harmonizing your body, thoughts, emotions, and essence.

At the apex of every mountain is the point— and the crux of every person is an energetic exchange. Sometimes we require a retreat from envy, scandal and gossip. But that rarely occurs as most of us succumb to the expectation: conformity. Walking away from conflict demands respect for yourself and others.

Your origin is like an ocean leading to many rivers. Scratched into the surface, some of us become entangled with each other. What makes this journey so difficult is the lack of instruction. However, confusion has an almost constant voice—in our ears, our thought streams, our social life, the third party between your true self and your individuality.

Between here and there is nowhere. Learn to control your mind, not wander from the now. As well, understand your emotions get the best of you. They are childish entertainment, and you need to choose to maintain your peace of mind. If voices fuel chaos, confusion and strife, then it’s safe to say that silence soothes battered ears, broken hearts and weary minds.

Step away from that urge to confront. Hold your tongue. Raising your voice only contributes to the wedge between you you and the truth. It’s instinctive to fight; that’s the animal having its say. But none of these lies can exist in silence. It’s like shedding the cocoon and revealing the transformative wisdom that popular culture subjugates.

February 14th (2021)

Nurturing our inner gardens is a beautiful first step in reclaiming our power. Some of us cradle our talents, never letting them gain any footing in the material realm. We’re overly cautious and have minimal trust that our dreams can endure a cold, cruel world.

Continue to nurture your inner garden. Guarantee its lush greenery and flowery fragrance. Always prioritize this aspect of you, your happy place, inner sanctuary, your secret garden, for this is where healing and reconciliation occur.

An inner state abundant with truth, knowledge, and wisdom is only possible when there’s a generous flow. This exchange happens when we turn our backs to distraction and face inward. Be supportive of your nascent independence. Sure it may chirp for your attention, but it will only be full-fledged freedom when you stop waiting for outer affirmation.

Bestow your vision. Nurture others with your grace & benevolence. Manifest new opportunities. Paint mental pictures with your words, and ensure you’re only improving. Upgrade the quality of their lives. Maintain your health & peace so that you always have beauty to share.

February 13th (2021)

The truth and power never die, but our denial has an expiration date. And blissful-ignorance is a bleeding reminder of honesty’s exile. We say, “ignorance is bliss.” But of course, it is a mad man’s riddle, a paradox that only befuddles those foolish enough to resist change.

We hold on to these lies, becoming possessed by delusional thoughts. Most people are delirious. They have drunk “the kool-aid” of modern society and “common sense.” They fear the loss of their charade, for they have ignored their true self.

Humans fight each other for power. But your energy is eternal, even though it expires in earthbound forms. It cannot lose its potency without your volition. And even then, it only goes back to its origin, like water that evaporates, back to the nimbus.

February 12th (2021)

Comparing ourselves to others can be exhausting, depressing, frustrating. It takes away our joy for creating. Sometimes we feel what we’re offering isn’t good enough—this is an ego issue. After seeing what others are coming up with, we consider ourselves inferior.

What an incredible injustice this does to our creativity, self-expression, and dreams. Jealousy is a poison, similar to alcohol; as we indulge its downtrodden and delinquent effect, we sacrifice a crucial component to excelling at life: our contentment.

Give up your past failures and exchange them for being kind to yourself. Rather than connecting to disturbing memories & feelings of vulnerability, connect with your inner beauty & give birth to your creative intentions.

February 11th (2021)

The burden of unresolved issues follows us like a shadow. Most are unaware or willingly ignorant. These unnecessary responsibilities are so straining that they have no consideration for enjoyment. It’s time to cut the rope— unconscious problems are the sticks that keep the carrots away.

Rather than powering through obstacles, work smarter, not harder. Work on yourself. It’s okay to admit you need help. Just don’t expect other people to make sacrifices for you; that is also non-sustainable. If we cooperate while we’re self-sufficient, that is a sustainable contribution.

You can work with others and not become co-dependent. Focus on your dreams. Remember where your eyes go; your energy follows. Give power to your momentum, manifest your goals with ease. It doesn’t have to be so challenging. Forget what you think you know. Know the truth, that things happen differently for you. You are powerful, practical, and magical. Don’t be afraid to put that magic to use.

February 10th (2021)

Are you searching for answers or distracting yourself from the truth? Our individuality can challenge our oneness, which creates an imbalance. We’re born into separate bodies, but each of us has experienced a deeper, almost impossible connection to one another.

When the inner balance breaks, it makes the challenges presented to us seem even more stressful, like swimming with a weight shackled to our ankles. Most of us get caught up in life’s currents and peer pressures as we feel compelled to match others’ pace rather than addressing our unique & universal needs.

Most of our needs belong to our bodies; they are fundamental for health. Breathing, drinking water, eating and sleeping are straightforward, but actions become more abstract when addressing our mental, emotional & energetic requirements. Remember, the truth is in you.

February 9th (2021)

Emotions intoxicate—these clouds obscure our vision. We exhaust ourselves to get to these points, but it doesn’t benefit us to stay there. We need to question our ambitions; otherwise, they’re like dogs that pull their masters.

Clearing our doubts requires stepping down from our pedestal, like lightning cracking through a tree and setting a forest ablaze. We’re rebuilding from the ground up, from fertile soil this time.

Obsessions stem from dirt, not soil. When you’re humble, the ground nourishes your feet. Life can be many things, chaos, confusion, strife, or an oasis in the middle of what everyone else sees. You can create your paradise here and now. Just know what your foundation is.

February 8th (2021)

The odds can stack against us. But we create the odds. Opportunities stem from our potential, and all of it comes from energy plus intention. Both of these things are subject to change founded on your frequency.

Anger sounds good in frustrating moments, but quickly we find anguish by the end of its outburst. This is because we’re mindful of our capacity to live outside of captivity.

You are fantastic. Doubts try to strip you of activity, and feelings strive to waste happiness. Your power transcends opinions, even your own. Dwelling on disputes compromises your vision. Describe what you want with your mind’s eye. Focus on it until you’re inside that moment.

February 7th (2021)

“Easy come, easy go.” We say some clichés and often neglect their value. But the truth never loses value. It doesn’t matter how many times you utter its words.

“A penny saved is a penny earned.” In the end, desires are draining our earnest-contentment. Take note of decisions you’ve implemented and how hard you’ve worked recently. Save your energy, and use it prudently. Remember, if the boat’s leaking, patch the hole; be smart with your soul.

“Patience is a virtue.” It seems when things are inactive, we get used to the normalcy. But as soon as we get a taste of progress, it’s challenging to return to our quietude. Results can either rekindle ambition or discourage advancement. It’s up to us; to be the master of our mind and maintain a nutritious attitude.

February 6th (2021)

People talk a lot about themselves. Some blow smoke. Others follow up their voice with action. One thing I notice is that we tend to speak more when we feel more. We will vent our stress on others or embellish, establishing an attempt to persuade someone to believe in our facade.

Does it make a difference if someone believes? Does your fantasy deceive you? Denial is like ecstasy, the drug. It convinces you that all is dandy until the damages are hard to undo. Imagine liberating yourself from the wreckage of past mistakes.

A smashed mirror has shards. Take a moment to clear out your fakeness. Be honest now; your true self is at stake.

February 5th (2021)

There is beauty in the death of unpleasantness. From the ashes like a phoenix, new opportunities arise. Many of us judge others for their choices, never empathizing with the defendant. It’s up to us—give in to stigma—or embrace the changes.

All is one, and so are life & death. Shedding fear transforms you. Wings blossom from where the burden was. You master living after forgiving and erasing destructive thoughts. Merging the black & white—realize having a neutral perspective invites the truth.

February 4th (2021)

Balance is a vital ingredient of achievement. When we juggle too many intentions at once, things become cumbersome. Just because we can multitask doesn’t mean we should. Take a look at any overworked person and see that multitasking is the opposite of mindfulness.

Lie down, flat on the ground, and do nothing. Clear your mind of urgency and deadlines. Recognize you are beyond time. You are a powerful creator. What you juggle is up to you. Or you can be aware of burning the candles at both ends. 

You have received the opportunity to prove your determination. A world is full of distractions—turning business into busyness—no need to jam up your traffic. Road rage is a by-product of stress’s reign over our minds. And those negative emotions wouldn’t even be there if we were in control.

Things require structure—even our goals. And an integral aspect of our objectives is knowing what they cost. Be prepared to pay the price to live your dreams. Nothing is free. Even a walk in the park requires you to make steps.      

February 3rd (2021)

How are you with your money? Are you wise, or are you foolish? Most of us rank ourselves somewhere in between, and it’s time to stop fooling around. Problems with money are frequency issues, and that means you need to sift through your thoughts and figure out what’s holding you back.

Stop making excuses and blaming other people. You’re merely projecting your problems onto them. What are your accusations? That’s what you’re doing to yourself.

February 2nd (2021)

Greed can come in many forms, not just towards physical prosperity, money or people. We can attach to our dreams: this creates a conflict of interest for ourselves when we progress beyond those antiquated desires.

For example, in your mid-twenties, maybe you wanted to be a Rock & Roll singer, but now ten years have passed, and you’ve matured. Your mentality has outgrown your dreams. Now it’s time to get back to the drawing board and envision a life better-suited to this current incarnation of you.

How is this greed? Hoarding physical objects beyond necessity and clinging on to dreams beyond rationality are forms of excessive-indulgence. When we hold on to things in any way, eventually, we experience stagnation, strife, frustration, and confusion.

As influential creators, we must learn to let go of everything. To create flow with detachment & generosity, that is abundance. We loosen the grip on the most sacred-possession to a creator: our dreams. It’s hard at first; you may believe that letting go is the first step in failing or giving up. But that’s not true. It would help if you detached to see the big picture.

February 1st (2021)

Which would you prefer: immediate success with a gradual decline or unadulterated prosperity that requires some more time to manifest but will last a lifetime?

Appreciate the challenges today. See that every obstacle you’ve overcome has made you more capable. Not because you are becoming anything, but because you are undoing the beliefs. Drop these restrictions and shake-off the traumas. You are new now, fresh. Be fearless as you stare yourself in the mirror.

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