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1st of October (2021)

Everywhere you go, there’s somebody worse off than you. You may be walking down an alley at some point, and the smell of garbage could enter your nose. It’s upsetting, you probably want to smell flowers, but you’re in an alley for some reason or another. You’re walking, and there are garbage bins and old things people are trying to get rid of, like televisions, mattresses, and washing machines, but the sanitation workers won’t take them. The situation is smelly and cumbersome, but then you come across someone digging through another person’s trash. And you think to yourself, “Oh geez, I thought I had it rough, but look at this poor fella.” So we judge them or simply view them, but in that comparison, we feel a little better about how things are going for ourselves. And, of course, they feel good when you stop watching them so that you can feel better about yourself. 

2nd of October (2021)

What comes out of our mouths isn’t necessarily indicative of our intentions. Time and time again, I find it compelling when I see someone or even catch myself mid-sentence about to commit perjury. I often ask myself, “Why am I saying this?” And usually, the bitter response I receive is something I have a hard time admitting to myself. We all want to be pristine and show-worthy, to reach the elite levels of refinement that taunt the mediocre and mundane. In laymen’s terms, we all want to be better than what we currently are, but that usually means taking ourselves for granted. 

3rd of October (2021)

Take a walk,” she says firmly with a playful smile that alludes to her healthy relationship with her inner child. “Like that will solve my problems,” he grumbles rhetorically. Not even considering the possibility that all problems, even his own, are solvable. She leaps up from her chair, to rejoice in the sun shining through the window, stretching her arms, and reaching for her shoes. The air is fresh. The trees are receptive. It’s our sturdy, steadfast friends that serve as reminders of why consistency and discipline are so important. It’s easy to take a support system and a foundation for granted. We spend our lives admiring the walls while we walk over the actual value. 

4th of October (2021)

How long are you going to wait? Today is the day where dreams happen. You can make them real. Everything is here to help you in one way or another. Isn’t that wonderful? Recognizing your unique abilities is a revelation process that requires challenges. Unless we use them, our abilities remain hidden. We must value our answers and ability to solve problems by embracing challenges as they arise. 

5th of October (2021)

The next time you feel like complaining about something, recognize your responsibility. You’re the creator of your life, not the complainer. Grow up. How do I do that? How do I mature? Life seems unfair sometimes, but that’s because these challenges inspire growth. You are capable of enduring. Trust yourself enough to take risks. Shed your comfort, and dispose of it immediately. You will go much further without it.

6th of October (2021)

Failure is a creation. Why are you wasting your precious imagination on things going awry?

Search inside you beyond tongue-tied dilemmas and force-fed conversations. Track the language of choice to its parents. Every blossoming lotus has its roots in the mud. Shadows are hidden deep beneath an easy-to-criticize surface, leaving more room for the imagination to work.

Laugh with me. The echoing toy rekindles our previous joy. Who are we now? Are we still imbibing the paradox of innocence, or have we migrated to bittersweet meadows? The longer I wait, the less I want what I used to crave. Shaving seconds off of years, and adding power back to my reservoir. I refuse to own the objects that have accumulated in my experience. I see things for what they are. Puppets ignore their strings, as the puppeteer profits from the concealment of the truth. The name of the game is immersion. We’re just easier to control when we’re concerned with how foolish we’ll look, even when we’re catching glimpses of the fishing lines. Seeing our realities for what they really are is not for everyone.

All we can do is wait and/or create. Finding the balance can be difficult. It’s time-consuming renewing a mindset. But consider it the greatest investment of all. Savings can vanish, but your energy is what you truly manage. Your actions reflect this. Share your unsung song with the world.

7th of October (2021)

It’s easy to lose your cool, to trip over your feet, and slip into that pool of regretful residue. You’re due for some good memories. Scratch that; your truth can only ever be spoken right now, at this moment. So much for holding on; that time is gone. Even if it breaks your heart to let go, those wounds are temporary. Your health is timeless. A classic unneeding of remastering, unless you’re referring to all those squandered attempts to make things right. You’re an elixir of consciousness and creativity. Allow yourself to pour into this world unhindered. Let go of all influence and let your original state flow.

8th of October (2021)

All along, our hunger got the best of us. One by one, the outer temptation lured each of our fractals into undesirable positions. Yet, at first, things seemed so straightforward. But life teaches us a curriculum of clichés, starting with the classic, that appearances are most definitely deceiving. Where do we go from hereAnd can we even be redeemed? The answers to those questions and more will be revealed next week on the universe’s most incredible game show, Earth.

9th of October (2021)

Growing up in a city of walruses, a dolphin can feel out of place. It’s not that you’re overly sensitive. It’s that you’re surrounded by the boorish—born with brutish tusks. Of course, there is some responsibility needed to be taken by you. It can’t all be about them. But dolphins need flow while the walruses are content with lounging stagnantly. Just because the ocean unites us doesn’t mean we’re all going to get along. I think we all learn that at a young age. We see it—conflict, and it’s ingrained in some part of our unconsciousness. But if it finds a way in, it most certainly can be escorted off the property. As with any pest, you need to be proactive.

10th of October (2021)

Many of us feel guilty when trying to rest, which creates a paradox. Disastrous results from a mind that fails to relax, yet the vicious cycles are addictive—lured into a mundane existence, less genuine than reality television, where we indulge in our most secretive & sabotaging fantasies. But how do we escape? How do we navigate through disappointments & traumas to reach the surface unobstructed? Belief gets in the way of truth. Like a musician knows their instrument, there’s little use in believing they can play when they know they can play. This line of thought challenges the complacent, absent-minded, average citizen. But it is both exciting & horrifying to leave your comfort zone. Luckily for you, you get to upgrade your mind regarding how you feel about change.  

11th of October (2021)

Cherish your loved ones. Embrace them with open arms and benevolent thoughts. Allow your body to warm from feel-good chemicals as love cleanses our mental plates. It’s refreshing to love. There’s a promise to hope, not just childish wishing. When love radiates from within, hopes are no longer distant dreams; they’re tangible goals. Thus, it is imperative that you love what you do and infuse your hobbies with love because that’s the same nurturing energy that any nascent entity requires to become bigger and stronger. What is the mother’s milk of your mind? It’s love. Love for yourself, love for the world.  

12th of October (2021)

I think a lot is going on in the world. I mean, there always has been, but it’s different now. Social media keeps us connected in a beautiful, meaningful, and potentially debilitating way. We exist on many levels: the physical, mental, emotional, unconscious and etheric realms. We are constantly experiencing many electrical inputs and signals, telling us what is going on and what we need to do next. Our stomachs rumble, our minds wander. Our feelings fluctuate, our memories capture our consciousness. But it’s rare for a human to experience the full extent of their power. And it has absolutely nothing to do with being human. It’s crucial to step outside of your surroundings or conditioning and embrace your role as the creator of your life. Be detached. You’re not the canvas or the paints drying into it; you’re the essence of the colours. You’re the very creativity that makes all things possible.   

13th of October (2021)

The snow is fresh & untouched, reminding us all that new beginnings are breathtaking. The pure white surface cannot continue, though—for that is unstable when mixed with a child’s opinion. Vaporous breath disappears in the wind, but it’s only sorrowful to the one who’s holding their inspiration in. This bird can fly on its own, but how quickly it abandons us. Leaving us behind, shackled to the earth, how does a monkey soar? We need trees. We need planes. Beneath the midwinter sun, it’s stunning to think how far we’ve come. Amid chills & fidgeting for warmth, a storm borders within—Clinging to the surface like tongue-tied widows, finally ready to reconnect with the world after battling with grief. The words slip through malnourished teeth, steady like seeds falling into that same earth we pound with frustrated fists. I see now, it’s all once happened, and one’s something that’s magic.

14th of October (2021)

Be content. Trying to convince others that your views are valuable is exhausting you. Instead of attempting anything, be calm now. Prepare to let go of the dreams you desire most because we need movement, inside and out, for things to flow into our life.

There’s a lot of hearsay and diversions distracting us, bringing us down. Some mirages may lift us, but there seems to be a price for getting tricked every time. There’s a cost to not fully trusting yourself. When we’re practiced and confident, a sureness shines through into the world, eradicating any hostility or resistance. There’s a supreme, undeniable beauty to expressing yourself for the sake of helping others and also because you enjoy it.

Forcing yourself to do anything is counterproductive, even if you believe yourself to be achieving the results you desire. Eventually, the sense of obligation outweighs the joy. It’s vital to enjoy your life. Without doing so, even the most delicious meal tastes like ashes. Practice gratitude every day. It may not come easy or naturally. Only through effort and constant vigilance, and learning to appreciate the things you used to criticize, finding the silver lining. And at some point, learning to repurpose & market these characteristics of ourselves we once considered worthless. But it’s the things that distinguish us from the crowd that make our individual lives worthwhile. Like painting, drawing, writing, singing, building, exploring, etc. Whatever you find yourself looking forward to doing, that is what you need to magnify.

15th of October (2021)

Within the narrowing down of possibility is the filter of your expectation. Deciding how to respond as the mediator of reality & fantasy is your life purpose. Establishing yourself as a creator rather than an artist is essential to your remuneration. To create your life is necessary; to be caught up in life is dysfunctional (self-indulgence). Recognize that it serves your original intention to let go of your ego, and even more specifically, remove the concept of survival from your mind. You are beyond an animal; that is merely your game piece. Understand that every fair, festival, circus, carnival, theme park requires an entry fee and a ticket to prove you paid the price. That is the reason for the flesh; it is your skin ticket.

16th of October (2021)

Ready or not, it’s irrelevant because life is happening, and it can be unpredictable. It’s better to embrace the unknown with a sense of humour than it is to possess a seriousness that renounces enjoying these moments. The moment you’re waiting for is coming, but it may appear disguised or reincarnated. Understand that energy never dies, and neither do your dreams. They will alter, change, transform, transmute, but never truly disappear. Recognize the power of your thoughts and what you’re warranting with your focus. Thank you for reading this. I am not looking to be empowered by you. I’m not looking for anything; instead, I intend to offer this truth in the form of what I deem nutritious thoughts. I hope that this information finds its way to good use and that someone can benefit from my trials & tribulations. After all, if we don’t help each other, we lose sight of our true purpose, oneness and origin.

17th of October (2021)

Enjoy the inner silence. Afford yourself the luxury of alone time. Away from the societal inertia embedded into our DNA, the human-animal craves attention and validation. They can’t wrap their minds around the concept of abandoning chutes to take the stairs. Humbled is the innocent, and malnourished is a heretic. Renounce the worship of materials, and gaze inward towards greatness. It is undefinable until you make a choice. You set the boundaries of this so-called reality. Gazing inward has its benefits; among them is gratification, not from productivity, but detachment. Sailing down a stream, forgotten memories returning to the ocean like fish slipping away through the current. They’re visible momentarily and lost forever. We will make it further now; we will rest here. Growing stronger is inevitable as long as we don’t consume the fish.

18th of October (2021)

Reasons are searching for convenience, like excuses for a rainstorm. There is peace in the heart of a calm person; there are reachable oranges from some’s porches. The closeness between us is unmeasurable, yet we call it chemistry. The chemicals follow the emotions. Truth be told, though, the commotion’s tolerable. I think that’s the most challenging part of being human is our addictive personalities, even to self-destructive impulses. Time is a container; think beyond sleep. Dream beyond the need for eyes. Use your mind to perceive the mountain’s peak. If you keep planning for avalanches, surely they will manifest. Trust your best self. Better your false self. You can achieve greatness when you recognize the origin of everything. Sing a song of secular success, and the world will reward you. Mutter a moan of misanthropic misery, and the world will reflect you. Cheer on the choices of children and adults alike, and the sidelines will restrict you. Stand up and out, but there’s no need to be self-conscious or criticizing. Be you.

19th of October (2021)

Take the time to realize your dream. Speak up with yourself. Most people misuse their voice, and not to mention their breath. The mouth takes in nutrition but rarely offers it to the world. You may know someone that uplifts you that encourages your creativity. Value them, for they are that rarity. See that what may be true for some may be the opposite for you. There are some rigid universal laws, but some rules can be bent. You are capable of terraforming the map. Your mind operates in the realm of making things possible. And for the most part, the average earthling will not believe you. It will be futile convincing the naysayers otherwise. When confronted by cynical people, the best thing to do is to center yourself—this requires silence, not a defence.

20th of October (2021)

Time is irrelevant to truth but pivotal for progress. Sifting through rotten apples for a good one, we question the best of intentions after tasting so much mould. Like rising from an unmarked grave and forgetting why you came—we dismiss the abundant hay from our disgraced faces. We were not questioning the stage, but the other players, often overlooking the cameras, limping right past them. A cold, darkening-by-the-second sky sends chills down unready spines.

As I learn to face the indifferent wind, I realize I’m embracing a neglected portion of myself.

21st of October (2021)

Release your vengeance, not through loss of control but through the will to forgive. You are the flames and the face; when the pupils dilate, a portal to realization occurs. Some are snooping, invasive, and attempting to penetrate your boundaries. It would help if you exercised your authority. Life is not a competition; it’s a gallery. We’re all capable of cooperation. Yet, some artists starve for the limelight. Watching roses unwilt is unlikely. Once the colours bleed into the water, they seem to fade into the air next.

22nd of October (2021)

I remember when I was unstoppable, and then I thought. That December went awful, as I sought. Rather than question the status quo, we go with the flow against what we know. You are the unruffable feathers of the eagle in flight, beyond the words of coworkers tempting a fight. You are right, even when silence implies otherwise. You are the perpetually shining sun, regardless of the skies. Unsung heroes, marginalized truths, we coast in the drifts of the trailblazers even if it means following them down waterfalls. Get your canoe, paddle with your heart and your soul. It’s not enough to rock the boat; you need to stay afloat.

23rd of October (2021)

Money motivates the impoverished like water calls out to the thirsty. But what the pilgrims are failing to recognize is that they’re seeking themselves out in a cold, distant, endless world. It’s as vast as your imagination. Shame how many of us possess limited visions when we share the same conscious creativity. It’s strange to sense our oneness. The world has marketed connection as familiar and sexual. But this level of harmony is beyond secular or sentimental. Our connection is truth. It’s pure. Purer than December morning snow. More straightforward than doing something you love. We are one, whether we disagree or not. I think it’s time we put aside all of our differences and start learning to appreciate rather than scrutinize.

24th of October (2021)

Challenges persist until you make a decision. Ignorance impedes success, and denial disguises a crocodile. Where were we when Santa’s beard fell off from a familiar face? How did you react when it happened? Did you take it personally? Did you try to be funny/ play coy? Is a laugh ever worth the turmoil of someone else? Then why is self-deprecation so famous? And why is cruelty so rampant?

She turns her emptied wine glass into a makeshift instrument. She is clanking it with her dessert fork and treating the following ring like a bell. Running her finger around the rim to modulate the reverb, she smiles in satisfaction. Her date is more interested in where the night is going than her post-meal antics. But he smiles like a crocodile in disguise. Everyone in the restaurant is wearing a mask, whether they know it or not. They eat and talk with mouths full of sugar, fat and salt. They are spitting food particles in the air like misting diffusers.

Silverware clanks on ceramic plates, kitchen doors swing every five seconds. The door’s hinges creak, and the distant wait staff bite their tongues in response to the ungrateful customers. The air is stuffy, like breathing in someone else’s exhalation. She knows he’s only pretending to like her. There’s a price for beauty, and it’s an experience she knows all too well. The process of standing up for yourself and defending your inner dialogue can sometimes be more exhausting than following societal expectations.

25th of October (2021)

Fallen leaves and sunken footprints absorb into the damp earth. The air smells of change and decay. Winds chilling; their nostalgia, the familiarity open doors to memory lane. Strolling through the archive, what moment shall be indulged? Do we have a say this time, or will it be enforced by what seems to be the randomness of life? Drawing parallels between what we went through then, and what we’re going through now. Are things repeating? Am I stuck in a rut? As I write this, the page, the leaf, all from trees, hopefully, we find our way back to piety. Not as a worshipper, or a servant. Uncover your heads if your heart sings for it, remove yourself from your bent knees. To your feet, away from any distressing alter, or any discrediting service. You are in demand, much needed somewhere unbeknownst to you. There’s a silhouette with your name on it. Now’s the time to shed some light.

26th of October (2021)

Time is more than a clock on a wall. They are checking the wrist or the phone to track whether or not we should be content. The clanging of a chain-link fence as a wanderer gazes through the fence holes. They are wondering where it all went and what happened to the dreams along the way. Like a horse without a saddle is a person without education. They are looking back fondly on a period where defiance was aptly named youth. Their rebellion was an act of inspiration. A system based on cold calculation is rigid, and its production requires the manipulation of its people. To be malleable enough to follow a flawed plan, the structure must first break their free spirit. Like a wild horse getting lassoed and mounted. Eventually, the dauntless will become jaded.

Not all of us, though.

27th of October (2021)

The moon dances through her choreography as the sun both retreats and triumphs. A lone wolf howls, tree branches snap against the cold, harsh winds. An insecure person would starve from the sights of such a place. There’s not much here to feed your curiosity. But if you’re the kind of person that isn’t searching for anything any longer, then it might be for you.

The salamander regenerates under a blistering sun. Thirst, heat, and inner thigh rashes are a constant presence here. If you complain even a little, you may encounter someone unloading their entire day, or even worse, the entirety of their dull and painstakingly mundane existence onto you. The black tar smoulders, unleashing a fever-inducing haze and toxic fumes. The more time you spend in the desert, the more time you think about where else you could be.

Alligators swim beneath the murky surface of a familiar swamp. They fight over the fried pieces of breaded chicken tossed to them by frumpy locals. The owner of the restaurant shouts periodically, a medley of obscene insults and solid points. The community is colourful; there’s no doubt about it. It’s a shame they get in the way of this place’s natural beauty. But I guess nowhere is perfect.

28th of October (2021)

Vivid and depicted, the rainforest appeals to both the wild and the excessively domesticated. Not all savages are cruel, many are too self-absorbed to declare malice. Remember a time when now was everything. When to be considered a rat was darkness, and the lighthouse keeper saw in silence. We win some, we lose some, but the most important victory often goes unnoticed. Like the most stunning girl in school, eventually, boys stop seeing her as an option.

29th of October (2021)

It’s easy to get carried away. Never forget the nature of this world; though it may shift, a mirage remains misleading throughout. Its purpose is to try to convince you of your thirst. As it grows, so does it. As it slithers closer to vulnerable openings, mental wounds, traumas, ways into your mind, the dreamers sleep recklessly, ignorant to what’s happening. They forget where the desert ends and the oasis begins. Searching for truth in the middle of a heatwave, the sweat stings, and the dehydration plays tricks farther and further into the void. You give the nonsense meaning; it’s just seeing what sticks to your surface, your searching, your newfound purpose. What’s the point of endless searching or never feeling content with your progress? Why did you place someone else’s life on a pedestal? What about yours? When are you going to start appreciating yourself?

30th of October (2021)

Between twisted interpretations and untruthful conclusions, the tall man checks his pocket watch. Despite it being tempting, there’s no reason to slip into the abyss, like drinking in oblivion. A shattered man stares at his own reflection, attempting to hold it together. Compose yourself. There is a shortage of everything but panic for the petrified. An unknown reason for obstacles. Humour calls it “delayed gratification.” But the stoic know it for what it is—rationalized fear. 

The moment we welcome a vampire into our home, it has power over us. It’s similar for all parasites. Their nature confines them and governs our passive, accommodating, people-pleasing impulses. And when we can finally shed these constraining, intrinsic cocoons, then we can soar with the rest of the risen. What do the caterpillars think about the butterflies? Do they admire their courage, or is ignorance just as blissful for an insect? 

Moving away from pain, emotions lead to waterfalls in every single mind. At first, anger feels empowering, like Viking fuel, or volcanic blood running through your veins. But at some point, the wax between the feathers melts. Is pride the difference between stupidity and arrogance? Or is it a conviction entangled with some deep-seated resentment towards our true self? What drives a person towards hating themselves? 

31st of October (2021)

Deep inside the mind lies a cold, new sensation-one that is unlike anything on earth. It is private and impossible to explain. Any known language cannot express the truth found inside the center of your mind. It is possible, however, to convey your inner knowing to another creator through your powerful intent. Sharing is caring, and our benevolence will help each of us. We need to serve, but never self-sacrifice. All is one, and therefore we each are a piece of everything, a fractal of source. 


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