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The struggle is slowing down your creation.

Between the tried and true, and our communities supporting the new ideas we have to offer, there is the possibility of struggle. We contend with ourselves—moving forward at a fast pace, quicker than we anticipated, how freedom can turn into regrets. The systems that bolster our codependence and persuade us to take comfort in complacency seem to radiate warmth. They support our negative programming and undermine our potential. Like the differences in houses and homes—one has a foundation of concrete, and the other is founded on love. Not all habits lead to personal expansion. The opposite is true; most routines turn our time into a form of imprisonment. Rather than seeing each moment as a brand new opportunity to change, we condemn ourselves to repetition and expectations.

The price of freedom is “risk,” but without risk, there is no reward. Without sacrifice, there is no success. Without fear, the unknown seems less drastic. Rather than fearing the uncertainties of life or filling your mind with worst-case scenarios, you begin to embrace the potential—this is how some can manifest at a faster, more prosperous rate than others. It isn’t because of their differences but rather their ability to tune into the frequency of oneness. As we encourage our illusionary self to accept the truth: the world is an illusion, and we are all one, we shed our earthbound fears and emotional blockages. Struggle derives from what blocks our emotional success. In other words, striving to be happy is a paradox that only ends with you clearing out the blockages in the emotional body.

Striving is not natural to the creator or your creativity, which are synonymous. You are creative-conscious energy, and together we built and designed this universe. One of the significant issues we creators have is our emotional blockages. Our emotions are powerful tools for manifesting our imaginations. Worst-case-scenarios become self-fulfilling prophecies, and any emotionally-charged vision has a strong chance of becoming real. We consider success to be the goal and a means to justify our struggle. We embrace resistance as a sort of hazing ritual by the world. However, the way things go for others doesn’t haven’t to be your truth. Their truth is merely facts in the grand scheme of things; the genuine truth often goes unnoticed. It’s within us all, ready to be realized but never heard.

The world around you has convinced us that struggle is essential—a fundamental part of life. Those businesses must strive for an ideal, “aim high,” so that when you land lower than your ideals, we can all commiserate in “reality.” But the truth is clarifying and straightforward. The lies are the one that fills your head with confusion, doubts, and morbid curiosity. When you subdue the ego and allow the arrogance to fade away, eventually, you will see where the mirage begins, and the desert ends. Where are you, your true self, in all of this? That is who we are. Our true self is one, and until we accept that, we all struggle to achieve greatness in this world. All of the dishonest and soulless are devoid of purpose, as they build castles on shifting sands. We are here to enjoy, but also remember that freedom is both a gift and a curse.

Emotional dependence is a part of why you're struggling.

Freedom can be dangerous without a connection to our source-self. Without truth and honesty, the world is nothing but a void, hungry for our efforts. The majority is programmed to fear destitution, motivated to overwork themselves, and ensure they stay worried about temporal concerns. But the truth is you don’t lack anything. You are perfect, but the problem is the human body is more evident than your intuition. How do we cultivate and maintain our connection to oneness while being surrounded by all of these possibilities? We are almost constantly reminded that we can fail, and our daily achievements get overshadowed by mindless-scrolling through our social media feeds. There are so many negative reminders; how do we overlook them in the same way we neglect ourselves?

Our life is a canvas for us to create. Emotions, in conjunction with our imaginations, grant us the ability to control and manifest our circumstances. Many of us have failed to master our emotional bodies and allow our feelings to get the best of us—this is evident when we blurt out our reactions after our fragile egos are agitated. The entanglement of our unconscious beliefs and our emotional bodies causes us significant troubles and stress. Rather than progressing, we become imprisoned by our convictions. Life can be anything you desire to create, or it can be the fears you project into your prison cell. That is the duality of limitation; creation is the restriction of perfection. Every creation is imperfect, even our thoughts, bodies, and emotions. Self-mastery allows us to remove the negativity entangled with our emotionally-charged-unconscious beliefs; otherwise, we continue to struggle our whole lives.

To create the most satisfying lives, we need to be already happy. If we are yearning for something outside of ourselves, we continue to neglect our issues’ root cause. Our creations restrict our potential, and they are derivative of perfection, completion and contentment. They will never bring us a permanent form of joy or satisfaction. Anything in the world, including the world itself, will always pale compared to the choice to be happy. That is the secret to unlocking your emotional success (happiness) and creating momentum to prosper. You are energizing a “future” with what you are feeling now. You are the one granting this journey possible with your emotions and visions. The canvas needs paint (feelings); it’s up to you what colours you choose to have in your painting (pain or happiness?).

How is the world both conscious and a canvas? How does this all work? The world as you’ve come to know it is a projection of your unconscious mind. Climb to the highest mountain peak of consciousness, raise your frequency, and consider beyond black and white. It is time to neutralize our biases and expand our horizons. The ones who struggle with the truth struggle with their own emotions; they strive to “succeed” in the material world because they strive to be honest with themselves. But it’s a twisted mind game—they will become lost in the labyrinth of their thoughts and beliefs. We need to choose happiness, regardless of our current life circumstances, and love ourselves, irrespective of our earthly-histories. Stop regretting your past, and sever ties with your traditions. To get to the next step, you need to be living in harmony with your benevolence and infinite potential.

Becoming aware of unconscious-blockages to creativity discontinues struggle.

When I was a child, the schooling system attempted to hinder my creativity. They sought to stop my daydreaming and considered my imagination a problem. But the truth is obstacles are opportunities for us to get creative and continue our peace. We choose what we feel, like a powerlifter deciding which weight to lift. He knows what he can handle and what will be too much. The same goes for our deepest feelings. We need to train ourselves to master them. Not repressing the discomfort, but maintaining our peace of mind, while sifting through the details. Glorious days await us, but we need to comprehend and utilize our emotions (love, joy, happiness, peace). We must be able to tolerate sobriety and not be dependent on drugs or alcohol. “Taking the edge off” is unnecessary when you are comfortable and accept every aspect of yourself.

Our inability to solve problems is a common struggle, and it stems from our severance to our true power. You are beyond issues; your essence is perfection. Therefore any matters you encounter will be graced by your presence. If the world is full of problems, then you have many opportunities to create solutions. Struggle vanishes when we stop ignoring ourselves. It’s time to look inward and face the discomfort head-on. Because once it’s gone, it’s gone forever. It’s your choice, struggle each day, fighting for contentment, or drop the battle now. Release any reason for inner conflict by denouncing your concerns. Stop empowering the things that contain you. Be boundless, rise above all containers and limitations. Choose happiness now. Stop making excuses.

When your connection to truth is blocked, it’s a form of suffocation. Except it’s slow and uncertain at first. We experience the world in reverse, shackled by regrets of what we didn’t do, rather than expressing gratitude for what we did. We justify our actions to live with ourselves, to appease our egos. We drink and ingest remedies that cause us to forget about the flame as it grows. We either solve our problems, or we become the problem. Be a constant source of solutions to help yourself and others genuinely. Be benevolent, and lead by example—don’t judge them—don’t reprimand their behaviour. Trying to change the world comes from a lack of gratitude. Stop trying to change, and start wanting the best for yourself and others. The changes are guaranteed, but your progress is up to you.

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