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First Day of 2022

Emotions can get the best of us. They remind me of a dear friend from childhood that seizes our commonsense. Have you ever known a person like that? Someone that could persuade you to do things you normally wouldn’t do. I have had both the privilege & the misfortune, and I’m sure you have to, as I am sure you have experienced all of the emotions.

These people, these emotions, those sentimental things that bind our energy to this material world, are dangerous to our detachment and our original self. Life is a canvas, and if you’re afraid to paint, stuff still goes on the canvas. It can’t be blank. Never. There will always be something on your canvas; you might as well make it delightful. Turn that canvas into a work of art.     

2nd of January (2022)

The same old excuses recycled into this current rendition. We’re hopping through hoops to achieve what we believe are our dreams. Coming true or wandering further away from the truth, most will leave the revelation until the last minute—In it to win, been there done that, but what’s the most important part about splitting hairs?

They had cares; we’ve been indoctrinated, there’s no debating, well there is, and scared children. Just go with the flow, focus on the follow-through, swing from the hips, when what you cherish perishes, say farewell to it. Into a river, flushing forward, as they’re rushing towards a waterfall, we hang back, but our position isn’t relative. We’re here and now. Don’t allow other people’s perceptions the permission to define you; you are not charcoal or chartreuse, you are undefinable, you have existed before youth. Before birth, before the earth, you are the creator, the one waiting to realize your worth.   

3rd of January (2022)

Friends come and go, a lot like money. Some friendships are like gateways to new opportunities. However, I find if you’re aware of that, it can sully the integrity of any relationship. 

  1. There needs to be mutual benefit. (agreement.)
  2. Every relationship requires an intention. (cooperation.) 
  3. If you refuse to compromise, you will contribute to the disintegration of the original agreement. (harmony.)
  4. Forget about what others are doing; focus on how this interaction is unique. (customization.) 
  5. Never sacrifice what is crucial for you to exist on your own. (originality.)

The best friendships are the ones that help you be the best version of yourself. Question every relationship in your life, and determine its purpose. Some friends are accountability partners. Some are great for brainstorming. Others are a shoulder to cry on, and some people aren’t even our friends at all. 

4th of January (2022)

Desires spoil contentment. Happy to be here with what she has; not all appear this way. There is always more than what meets the eye, and it’s our choice to ignore or entertain the silent & invisible. Dreamers have plans, but realists scold their itinerary. Cold calculations masticate hopeful hearts; how do we balance reality and fantasy? It makes it challenging when a failure seems like a success. It leads us astray, well, not the ones aware of the more subtle aspects of the universe.

If you seek to convince others, you may lose your original intention to the struggle. Protect your seed; rocks will be indifferent to the beauty you offer. Time & space aren’t random; they are coordinates granting our thoughts the opportunity to manifest. First, timing is critical, reminding us all that without patience, all of our hopes can spoil, turning rancid inside of ourselves. I’ve witnessed ambition becoming poison, yet the world congratulates their convictions and promotes obsession. 

There’s a lot more at risk than losing to another person. The competition narrows our potential, and some find this exhilarating. Its experience is intoxicating, like sipping moonshine, but no matter how discombobulated we get, we must put ourselves back together right here and now. This place is not what you think it is. Where you are could have been anywhere. It is a convergence of all that was, all that is, and all that can be. The only thing keeping the seemingly chaotic happenings from obstructing our sanity is time. Time is a way of organizing possibilities. That is why you need to realize the discipline of delayed gratification and understand that the process is the purpose.  

Don’t lose your true self to fallacy.  

Don’t fall asleep to dream. 

5th of January (2022)

Why do we hate ourselves?

Why is it easier to overlook the blemishes of others, to see through their imperfections, and covet something out of context? 

Is the juice worth the squeeze?

It’s easy to get caught up in our thirst for difference and hunger for more things. It’s undermining when we desire to acquire or take our present self for granted. If you feel an urge for change, it could be an inner nudge to improve. However, if you feel a yearning for something, i.e. fame, recognition, money, cars, jewellery, plump lips, hair colour/style, then maybe it’s time to analyze your self-worth + values. 

What do you value over yourself? 

Do you cherish recognition over self-respect?

What’s your reason for accomplishing things? 

If your reasons fluctuate and vary drastically from task to task, then maybe you have lost sight of your purpose. Find a quiet space, and lie down. Relinquish all stress & tension, and allow your thoughts to pass through your mind like nomads. Your mind is not your’s but a game piece. Having a body, mind, emotions, and soul is required to experience this world. Learning to detach from each one is essential to exploring the difference between illusion and the truth. No one can ever do this for you; it is 100% up to you. Do your best to navigate through “reality,” but keep an open mind and remain judgment-free. This includes not being hard on yourself for stumbling once in a while. 

So, why do we hate ourselves? It’s because we forgot our true identity and became immersed in corporeal tyranny. The heaviness of earthly pursuits, angst, human hunger, lust, etc., weighs down our minds, keeping them shackled to the oppressive realms of chaos & fear. No matter the situation, the solution is clear: look inward. No one has your exact answer, and you’re doing yourself a massive disservice by generalizing your problems and going to the wrong sources for help. There is only one source, your true self.       

6th of January (2022)

“What goes up must come down.”

What happens when we allow the world’s physics to program our minds? I see how that’s backwards. We’re the writers of this world, not the other way around. When we permit others to author our stories, we become limited to their thoughts and beliefs. I consider this commonplace, as well as a travesty.

How do we stop it? One way I found to be surefire is to remove the negative influence. Let’s imagine a scenario where your willpower is in its nascent stages as you try something new. For example, you’re dieting while surrounded by a household of junk food eaters. Or you intend to travel, as your loved ones express their concerns about the hazards of traversing. No matter what you’re trying to do, the who is just as important.

So, again, I ask, what happens when the physics of our planet corrupts the once liberal potential of a child’s imagination? The answer is simple; we become herded. Grouped, pacified by intoxicating substances, and demotivated to change due to implanted fears. Most people are afraid to get started, not to fail. Think about it, they are already reckless with their bodies, as their disconnected bravado incurs the thoughtless wrath of their “going with the flow.” So what is it then? Is humanity’s greatest fear really of failure/death, or is it success/life?

What keeps the masses enfeebled? As the answers swirl into your consciousness, take notes. These are the things I beg you to eliminate from your life experience.        

7th of January (2022)

What’s the difference between setting goals and living for a future? Some people will tell you that to have a great life, you will need to plan for your future, have investments, savings, a house, etc. The truth is that the only thing you need to do is stop putting yourself aside for others. How many of us accommodate the thoughts of the masses to allocate our own to the backburner? In my travels, I have come across countless souls striving to accomplish the tasks delegated to them while juggling their loves, joys, & dreams. I have witnessed the frustration of artists & lawyers alike. But what is it, how do we manifest our desires while also generating provisions?

I want you to surrender the belief that things have to happen a certain way for you. That is false. You are much too powerful for that indoctrination; that is the world’s way of clipping your wings. Your hearts are beating; your hopes are eating away at you; it’s time to turn withering wants into descriptive dreams. I was hoping you could grab a pen and a piece of paper, none of that technology for this one. We’re taking it old school. We’re going back to a simple way of life when we didn’t have Google for all the answers. Somewhere along the way, we forget the answers are within ourselves. Not the answers for somebody else; you only have one mind with enough bandwidth to make decisions for yourselfSo let that judgement & criticism go now.

Write down a tangible goal for this month. This is just a practice run, don’t let it stress you out; we’re cultivating a new skill. Staring at that calendar, it becomes easy to break up our big dreams into little boxes. Each day is a brick, so let’s use it to build something great. Focus on your dream; what do you want to do with your life? Knowing the essence of that dream, write down a monthly goal to help you achieve it. Then break up that goal into daily tasks. 

Think of your days as bricks and your months as pillars supporting the weight of your dreams. And it is a “wait,” so be patient with yourself and others along the way. Remember, it’s a journey; enjoy it. I know it’s easier said than done but give it a try; I promise you won’t be disappointed. And I think it’s time we all started experiencing more joy & triumph.              

8th of January (2022)

I find it interesting how the most persuasive human beings are also the most insecure and teetering. Think about someone that you know who is a salesperson. Imagine them trying to convince you of something as they switch through their arsenal of tactics. On a basic level, we have needs. And maybe this person will start there, from the ground up, explaining to you why you need to believe this thought or why you need to buy this thing. We have various needs ranging from obvious to subtle, and sometimes our needs are so subtle we neglect their existence. 

It is fascinating. The most inclined people to assume our needs are also the most disconnected about their own. It is human to manipulate others or convince them of something because we believe there’s strength in numbers. However, we also know that zero multiplied by a billion is still zero. So is that it then, do these sales tactics stem from a fear of being alone? Or is it a vague awareness that our values have shifted away from truth & honesty? Maybe the most straightforward answer is closest to the truth: greed. I’ve seen the spirit of greed possess and intoxicate. But what creates the opening or void that allows greed to get the best of us?   

Most people will perceive my words as incorrect; sales are part of our capitalistic quest to exchange our efforts for dollars. But why does it happen this way? Why are we contributing to a system that the majority unconsciously disdains? We have placed conformity above common sense and truth outside of the equation. Remember the next time you’re calculating a decision that nothing matters without the truth.     

9th of January (2022)

Nobody can explain to you beyond uncertainty your true identity. It’s something you realize on your own. A lot of people are confused about this. They have relinquished their connection with truth for addictions, emotions, false comforts, fallacies in general. 

Are you still eating the animals? 

But don’t you consider yourself an empathetic person? 

Haven’t you ever experienced the emotions of another? 

Why is it any different?

Would you consume the flesh of a relative? 

You have beliefs and opinions; I get it. Let me finish. Despite how hard you push yourself to improve, something seems off, and no matter how much the yearning burns your soul, it appears hopeless. Do you know why? Because you’re not reaching the pinnacle of the mountain when you’re still tripping at the base. Yes, eating animals keeps you shackled to basic events of this world. But I know you’re not basic. You’re ready to shed the dead weight. And that’s what meat is, dead animal protein rotting in your intestines. Gross? Right. So, try harder. I know you’re capable.   

10th of January (2022)

You need to enjoy your creations. If you’re fusing your dreams with angst or frustration, then you’re creating struggle. To the universe, it’s fulfilling its job. Nothing happens to you without your consent. Everything that you do is your choice. If you’re unsatisfied with the options, then it’s time to raise your frequency. Weeding out negative programming can be lengthy, so have patience. Expecting premature results is enough to cause the immature creator to quit this journey. 

It’s a mind game; it will challenge you to the furthest extent possible—This is how duality works; no matter how unique you are, there are chaos triggers for every state of mind. Certain things that people say to you will unearth negative feelings and hard-to-control reactions.

We are our greatest creation; a soul, a body, a mind split in two, with emotions telling us what to do. Life is not for the faint of heart, and if you’re smart, you’ll embrace your part. It’s like a play, with lines that tell you what to say. Some are belligerent because their script is incessant that they are this way. Please don’t take it personally; protect yourself by saying “no” to the drama. 

There’s a lot of “failure” in this “reality.” But you’re always successful in your daydream. How to stay lucid in this illusion? One step ahead of the confusion is not enough. It would be best to be tough where it matters, where it counts, and it’s timeless. Have you ever been told you’re spineless? What is the significance of the spine beyond the corporeal reasons? The spine is an energetic highway; think of all the rivers & roads flowing; most people turn squeamish when forced to think about their organs. 

11th of January (2022)


Follow the kick of your inner child, taking you to realms you once adored. Open doors, staying alive; despite being bored, looking forward to tomorrow, today’s brand new. Elixir, visionary, mixed up with liquor and mystique, convinced there’s value to what steals from you. 

Describe a thief. 

Smile, rinse, repeat. 

12th & 13th of January (2022)

Growing up, not growing old, forgetting the lies our parents told.

Telling us and rebelling ourselves.

This is our youth that we’ve withheld.

She has been shelved for long enough. 

How can we sing this song we’re reminded of?

It’s been so long since that kindness tugged at our heartstrings.

In this land of make-believe, the hardest fantasy to perceive is that we’re really all one. 

It’s not all cunning within the foxes psyche.

Hopefully, you see that chances are substantial and that indeed anything is possible for you. 

You, the brazen, you the fruitful.

I know you have a few tricks up your sleeve, and for that, I’m astute.

Conquering the mundane madness, it crawls to the surface on occasion; she is a siren, a maiden, a true display of power. To mistake her as ordinary is a brutish slight, much more than an oversight, despite your flagrant lack of vision. Since children, we’ve watched each other spin out of orbit. The realms of understanding, expanding, the film cast over perception, disbanding. I see through your doubts into dimensions unfathomed; when you dare to dream, I will be there rooting for you. The choice is yours; the sleuth doesn’t solve every case. Erase your preconceived notions. Owning up to our shortcomings is the only way of overcoming obstacles. It’s a paradox, speaking of pride, we need a detox, excuse my snide remarks, don’t let me embark on this journey alone; we have so much to expose while also remaining on our own; we’re still together, like sharing a car on the same road. Let’s enjoy the weather.      

14th & 15th of January (2022)

Life can be stressful. It’s refreshing to be surrounded by upbeat people. Not everyone knows how to do this. In a cynical world of critics, the ones that unconditionally love are liberated. Sever your cynical chains. Be brave enough to say without the vague. Insults should be journal entries. Keep tabs on your psyche, I know you deserve more than the way we treat ourselves.

It’s easy to lose our way, but finding it again requires forgiveness. It can also be easier to forgive others. I cover their flaws like a mother placing a blanket over her sleeping child. I cover them, not because I am ashamed or afraid, but because I know the difference between a flaw and a skill is incubation.

16th, 17th, & 18th of January (2022)

The world is full of hypocrites. How do we break free from the vicious cycles of ignorance and misdirected resentment? The answer is self-awareness, and it doesn’t matter how much you criticize or point out the blind spot of another. We can only reach self-awareness by admitting that not every aspect of ourselves is true. We need to pick apart our belief system and begin reflecting on our past selves. Isn’t it amazing how we can change? Yeah, then why don’t you change again for the better? Keep improving.

I get tired of the fake smiles. There are so many people pretending to smile, laugh, and enjoy each other’s company right now. What are we entertaining? Why are we maintaining this facade? Who is it for? It’s exhausting not being yourself. It would help if you were honest. Honest, not necessarily rude. But somewhere along the line, it required us to be fake to have these ideal interactions. There is nothing nice about the truth, though; it’s just the facts, without the bedside manner. But we took it a-whole-nother extreme by excluding the truth entirely and just wearing these facetious expressions.

Do you even know how good you have it? No, of course not; you’re so far inside your head; you have neglected what you should be grateful for. I think it’s a real shame, the lack of thanks and appreciation. We put so much energy into fake interactions and denial rather than delivering respect to the ones in our homes. How often do you lash out at your loved ones? I think it’s about time you did something nice for the people in your life. Because chances are they’re pretty sick & tired of you too.

19th of January (2022)

What is the opposite of love? Is it hate, pride or indifference? If you were to ask me this question when I was fourteen, I would have told you that love & hate are rivals. But that’s not true. Because where there’s love, there’s a connection, and it’s the same with disdain. And often, love & hate coexist; most love stories contain elements of contempt. As time went on, my thinking on the topic changed, though. If you were to ask me this question in my twenties, I would have told you that pride is the opposite of love. That self-infatuation is the actual obstacle to a healthy, loving relationship between two open souls. But now I know that’s not necessarily the truth either. 

After spending enough time alone, I see now that love is just a thing; it’s not everything. It’s not this ultimate goal of life that romance movies make it to be. If anything, that would probably be happiness. But for most people, their love & joy are two very different things. Just think about how frustrating love can be; imagine the oldest couple you know. It isn’t all rays of sunshine and rainbows. Joy usually fades as we age, and our definition of love expands with nuances of other emotions. That’s why we condemn the naivety of the immature when it comes to love. We say things like, “You’re too young to understand.” Side note: I think it’s funny how you never hear, “You’re too young to feel joy.” I think that tells us something about our “reality.” 

The absolute opposite of love is indifference. Hate cares just as much as love, albeit in its own tainted way. I’ve had some pretty great friendships begin as rivalries. Remember that if you can feel anything towards another person, you can probably love them. But also know that the opposite of that statement is true as well. If you don’t believe me, that apathy is the exact opposite of any emotion, especially love; see it for yourself. Nothing kills love faster than disinterest. Every time your loved one speaks, look at your phone. You’re going to know pretty quick that expressing disinterest to your partner is death for any relationship.   

Now, this revelation begs the question, how do we keep our love free of hatred, pride & ego?

How can we be sure that we’re experiencing pure love, one that promotes peace and feelings of acceptance, while also encouraging individual progress? 

How can we be in a relationship and maintain our integrity to our independence? 

I’m not a mind reader, but luckily for you, there’s probably a pen & paper somewhere around you. Jot down the answers to these questions. Let’s do our part to make 2022 the best year possible. 

20th of January (2022)

Trust is not always a good thing. We need to learn to trust ourselves, sure, but what if you really are letting yourself down? We need to have a certain level of trust in any relationship, but what if a former lover betrayed us?

Having trust is taking a risk. There is no gambling without the possibility of failing even the slightest. So in that sense, I tell you, love & trust walk hand-in-hand. You cannot love without trust, and if you doubt your partner, your love is challenged by that suspicion.

All that’s well and dandy, but how do I get over being betrayed? I really want to get over my past, but these scars run deep. To the survivors of any tragedy, my advice to you is to stop wearing trauma like a badge. It’s not something you should take pride in or even identify with, for that matter. We do best without labels. And by “we,” I mean creators.

It can be hard to shed the traumatic experiences; I know this. But it doesn’t mean you give up. You keep going, one day at a time until you’re ready. And you’ll know you’re ready because the current frustration outweighs the fear of change.

21st of January (2022)

A crippled youth, have I forgotten to nurture my own innocence? So many naysayers try to clip your wings. The only real genocide is towards the daydreamers.  

22nd of January (2022)

Time is a hallway, and each moment has its door. Are you brave enough to reach out and embrace the present? Or are you preoccupied with the safe, dusty, cob-web-infested corridors of the past?

23rd of January (2022)

Our insecurities fester and deteriorate the inner comfort required to express our interests to the world. Some of the most fantastic performers were also full of themselves. Where are we but between the whispers of private excellence and the loud, boisterous charm of the stage? Lifting the microphone and enduring the subsequent endeavours forces the wallflower into a new progression; this is the survival of the witnessed

24th of January (2022)

What’s the use of prison if freedom has no downside? Where’s the proof of belief if frightened men deny the truth? Take a gander at metamorphosing minds—once supple, now nervous. I’ve observed decaying smiles and misanthropic snickers. The bewilderment is a puppeteer, as they abandon their own souls—all for the sake of being a better marionette.

25th of January (2022)

The freethinker will endure triumph in the form of strife. This friction between their perspective and everyone else’s existence sets complacency aflame. And hopefully, from the ashes of former ignorance, we will see new growth like the ravenous blaze of a wildfire, causing pinecones to release their seeds.  

26th of January (2022)

Below the surface, where light retrenches and obscures, leaving you in a vulnerable state. Everyone makes a choice here, either swimming back to the illusion of safety or sinking beyond the duality. The majority is floating, swarming, clattering, lamenting. Teardrops return to the ocean. There is no escape from oneness; their narcissism meets discipline—either self-control or external punishment.    

27th of January (2022)

The expectation of being without care puts stress on the potential smiler. Surroundings can consume, but when will my thoughts compete with them? It’s easier to never try. At least then I can have my cake and eat it too. Immersed in a world of fantasy; neglecting concrete burdens. Funny how they get mad when they’re uninvited, even though you’re doing what’s best for yourself. Asking questions displays curiosity & interest. It’s also funny how I’m being told how to write my own story. If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, humour is in the mind of the carefree.

28th of January (2022)

Shadows surround a light. 

She’s reading her favourite book. 

Clawing could cause a fright.

But she chooses not to look.

The world is outside her window.

As if she was viewing it from space.

Fun can distract us from sorrow.

But joy shouldn’t have a bitter taste.

Pages can teach, as well as cut.

She can hear you speak, but your mouth’s shut. 

Eyelids can leak as the ink runs.

There are no private thoughts; we are one.

Once you learn the truth, lies turn to ash.

-Wandering down this view, no turning back.

Crumbs clung to like proof; they fight for scraps.

When it comes to the surface, they don’t scratch.

29th of January (2022)

When we’re sulking on an iceberg, the tears drip and freeze; I see others on their icebergs, their ice melting, their islands shrinking. The heat from anger jeopardizes our foundation, but the water is never lost; transformation recycles it. There is no destruction, only things taking shape through accumulation, like tears trickling down a wintry cheek, collecting into a tiny mountain of ice. We have created a spike. Or we are consenting to our emotional fires by allowing them to consume our very essence, dissolving the ground on which we saunter. These infernos ingest all around them, including their expresser. Is it passion, or is it a parasite?

Whatever your mindset is, it is not good or evil. It can be flowing or frozen, precipitating or vaporous. Acknowledge your condition to gain a vantage point over it. Have an out-of-body experience, tap into the oneness of everything.   

30th of January (2022)

We see each other through transparent shields. As our bubbles drift with the current, sometimes we meet eyes—like lightning striking at night and illuminating the abyss. Depending on the culture, approaching a stranger can be considered madness. You remind us that despite the mansion we witness through the gates, not everyone desires to share their space. We are only ever enslaved when we believe our names are policies—trying to reclaim yourself as a dentist, opening mouths, rather than looking within your own heart. That’s just one example. The world is only cold because you can’t feel it. Your bubble is too thick; you spent too many years in fear of freedom. Preferring the security of comfort, but know it’s an illusion. Safety is a cradlesong, as your shield awaits arrows. Let your guards down! Speak the truth, say how you feel, convey your thoughts, live your dreams.

31st of January (2022)

My stomach is a sanctuary. I fill it with peace, not pieces but wholeness, which becomes new cells. I am constantly regenerating. This body has replaced every cell, which severs ties with any history. This vessel is foreign to distant memories. 

Is my mind the cocoon or the butterfly? Maybe both or neither. My consciousness separates experiences into what I can handle today and what I’ll try to figure out in the future.

What am I? If not a body or thoughts, then what? The way I used to feel about certain things fluctuates. Nothing is more inconsistent than emotions. Therefore I cannot be something so flimsy.

I exist beyond memories and emotions, a body and thoughts, but what does that make me?

Before thoughts, sensations, emotions, memories, I find clarity. I enter a sanctuary. Like food into my stomach, I go from one thing to many, back into one, like an apple into nutrients than into nourishment. I am both the source of confusion and the solution bringing total equilibrium.









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