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1st of November (2021)

Standing over any edge can be disconcerting. The inner cynic whispers, “there are many reasons to fear.” However, there are also incentives to remove those fears. The cliff is a metaphor, separating the realized souls from the dominated spirits. Their restless, shaking, quivering hearts seek a shot of truth. As they indulge in vices and spiritual detours, their anger convinces them that all is well as long as they keep searching. The pursuit of peace is the construction of grief. Tailored to you, your discomfort, the agony blocking your dreams, is because you’re afraid to be more—to realize your true potential. Intentions are rendered invalid by shock, like living in ice-cold lakes. Sure, you’re safe from snakes, but you need to take a risk to leave the remissness and reach the innermost reward. 

2nd of November (2021)

Chasing a ghost that she hopes to avoid, the answers are whispering within her. She insists on them to simmer, but the rebellion comes to a full boil. Turbulence burns away our patience, and in this regard, she’s no different. As much as girls pretend they’re superheroines, there are also many forms of kryptonite. She pleads with them to heed her hurt, but little does she know that’s exactly the show they came to see. Fool her once, shame on them, but there’s no point in ever blaming a shadow. Without guilt, we’re capable of exploring beyond cultural bounds. Is it dangerous to ditch the moral compass in exchange for protecting your interests? Why feel guilty? If all is well, and your will is benevolent, act with the unstoppable expression of unadulterated creativity.

Within your mind is the solution to everything.

3rd of November (2021)

Wrestling with time, the hands have become brittle. Instead of ticking & tocking, they click & pop. The winter winds penetrate denial and false comforts. It’s only a matter of time, like watching the last of the embers dance around the bottom of a firepit. There’s an ebb & flow to our universe. I say “our,” but it has become apparent there’s more than one. Everyone is a walking world, and within their imagination is the rest of everything. You can win with this life if you choose to do so. Or you can keep telling yourself stories, and you’re either reaching towards enlightenment, or you’re reaching for your phone.

What has someone told you that has become a core belief?

4th of November (2021)

Why settle?
Measure your pleasure beyond what’s sexual.
A child never lectures.
Get off your high horse.
Of course, there’s remorse indoors.
Outdoors is a crash course in endorsing the solar force expunging the shadows.
And it reveals your innermost solutions.
You’re choosing to view these conclusions.
But they’re just hallways in a labyrinth.
I never said it wasn’t simple.
So don’t overthink this riddle.

Let’s meet in the middle.

And solve this as regular people.
Let’s let go of our missions and stipulations.
What happened to unconventional?
This love has conditions.
I envisioned a better place.
I’m lacing up my boots,
erasing every trace of the useless memories.
They’re trying to lull me to sleep.
I’m not wasting any more of my dreams on another speech.

5th of November (2021)

Slipping into a morose gaze,
looking for anything to relieve the pain.
She gestures by snapping her fingers
and lingers like leeches on a swimmer.
The lake is welcoming.
This song & dance; beckoning the broken-hearted/
The ones who departed from their dreams.
It’s maddening/
To exist/
This undefinable quality.
Not all of these values are valuable.
Don’t be frugal with your dreams.
All seems well/
And that’s true.
You are civilized.
But are you benevolent?

6th of November (2021)

Around the world, around the playground. We keep ourselves grounded, but we just feel down. How is it possible for an earthling to feel outlandish? Fish out of water/ bridge of Gibraltar, these rivalries alter our genetic code. Is it possible to enter developer mode? I am writing myself. I am both the author and the subject. Why would you want it any different? Your rebellion is a punishment. You’re an onion; each layer is in agreement. Your friends & family, each player is a fragment. Your vision, your mission, your vantage point or view from below, your originality, your convictions, your rules to follow.

You’re swallowing saltwater as you float to shore. Going with the flow surely is a bore. But I adore your passion, your tragic backstory that you keep repeating to yourself and anyone who will listen. But is it really freedom or just prisons within prisons? It’s funny when you see yourself in the bar’s reflection. It’s harder to pretend everything’s going as per intention.

Why pretend when in the end, it bends your soul like a car wrapping around a pole?

Your body’s a vehicle; I cannot lie. Well, I can, but it doesn’t change the rhyme.

Are we where we once hoped?
Starving for our mom’s love?
Carving initials into our desks?
Hunting until our hearts arrest?

In the forest, the trees sway with grace. Despite their stature, they need play to change. Fun is: sacrificed for dread. No longer excited to live, our hunger replaces young visions and becomes our greatest mistake.

7th of November (2021)

I was missing my former vision, the way I used to see the world.
It’s useless to fight turmoil; it boils to the surface.
Some souls frack the hurt like extracting crude oil beneath the dirt.
We search the earth and scourge our souls, forgetting at first, we neglect all we know.

We are simply returning to oneness.
If not, we’re sunken.
If so, we’re broken and ready for repair.
It’s arrogance that impairs honesty (our sensitivity to truth).

There’s nothing wrong with your body.
You’ve just squandered your youth.
How do you replenish the juice?
Once we squeeze the oranges, do we give up on the fruit?
Most neglect the tree (truth), the source of everything.
They’re focused on the roots in the physical realm.
But what manifests is not proof, not reflective of possibility, only what we allow to be possible.

8th of November (2021)

We’re temporary creatures (always creators).

The Earth is our theatre. 

Depending on how we treat our flesh determines what’s coming next.

Does this thought perplex you?

There’s no need for distraught, oversexed youth. 

We need you to pull your act together—Emphasis on act(ion). 

9th of November (2021)

They think it’s funny when she wipes away her tears. It’s a hard lesson learned when she realizes there’s no one else around. All is one—priorities & procrastination, deadlines & days off, fear & freedom. We all know duality exists, but the challenge is to stop ourselves from oscillating. We acquire from our surroundings from a young age, but all things are temporary, even trauma. The way our parents interacted, whether or not you had siblings, your ability to make friends, the kind of friends you were attracted to, etc. (all temporary).  

It can be tedious to look at ourselves in the mirror with total honesty. We need to build up an immunity to discomfort. Our subconscious programming determines our lives, just as towns were: placed along railways in the 1800s. But we need to explore our untold potential, the uncharted territories of our mind. Many mindscapes rely on rigid tracks of cyclical thinking rather than the fluidity of trusting your intuition. To develop such a relationship with your original self requires the sacrifice of earthly pursuit, superficial success, and emancipation from self-defeating belief & popular opinion. Although film, television, social media, etc., have all normalized self-destructive tendencies. We must remember that self-respect and integrity continue by saying ‘no‘ to negative influences. 

For in a sober mind, the truth is welcome. Although sharp, pure and energizing, it’s up to us where it fuels our purpose or makes us nervous. 

10th of November (2021)

Time is a mandate, yet the protests are unheard. Well, there is still plenty of unrest, though. Why are these people so upset? What’s left of my dwindling interest in others? I’ll carry on with what I’m doing, live and let live. 

Days pass, months crawl, years blur together, and eventually, there’s too much to remember. But one thing that always stands out is the people willing to listen to us at our most honest and enthusiastic. Who was holding on to my every word?     

Some people chat to clear their heads. Others speak to enrich the silence, deliver a message, and elevate their world’s current thoughts and discussions. Help any willing person you can without sacrificing yourself in the process. Not everyone wants what’s best for themself, and that’s okayWe’re not here to judge. I’m here listening to myself as much, if not more, than from which I expect my greatest of companions. And I know expectations are: promoted in a negative light. You’re supposed to just kind of wander through life with bright eyes and high hopes. But you do deserve the best from life and people. So hold anyone who wants to be around you accountable to the level of decency, respect, & benevolence you exhibit.

Try your best to eliminate feelings of guilt when protecting your best interest. Depending on their mindset, some people see time as either a tyrant or a teacher. So please don’t get caught up in their opinions. Instead, focus on doing what is required for you to live your best life yet. (always benevolently, of course.)       

11th of November (2021)

We chose this life. Even when you question the authenticity of your volition, never forget you’re the creator of your life. We create through choices. When we can de-mystify our dreams and break them down into tangible tasks, we are one step closer to manifesting our best life yet.

Some of us struggle to realize our dreams more than others, especially if we’re perfectionists, idealists, or daydreamers.    

I oftentimes find myself almost retreating into my imagination. As if the physical world drains me of vigour, and travelling inward to my private, original creations recharges my mind. The world is demanding, but so are meditation and creative visualization. It can be tedious to divide your vision between calendar boxes, but it’s also tedious to imagine a place entirely of your own choosing for the first time since childhood. But coming to the point of neutrality from either extreme will be rewarding for you. 

Between the realist and the idealist is the common ground, where all things manifest.  

The hands-on, trial & error, fail-forward fast realists have much to gain from the daydreamers and vice-versa. I feel we’re heading into a different kind of world, where we’re less dependent on others suffering through “essential” positions. Imagine a world where everyone takes responsibility for their current situation and achieves based on what inspires them, and they have an overall attitude of kindness towards one another. We’re not quite there yet. But I know that change is coming.

12th of November (2021)

We want results, but are we willing to work for them?

I’ve noticed a lot of excuses arise workload accumulates. That’s when the universe is putting our desires to the test. It’s calculating our determination and willpower. Your desires only become dreams when they’re viscous enough to secrete into the physical realm. A lot of people get that backwards. They assume that the physical realm (“reality”), and the mental realm (imagination) are completely separate. The truth is it’s all one. We’re all one. Thoughts are things. Things are thoughts. The air is prana. Trees are therapists. The Earth is the canvas & curator of your creations.


Start today. Splinter off a tiny piece of your dream and sprinkle it into your life. Each day is a meal for our minds, spice it up with some zest.

13th of November (2021)

We are born into the world like a tear being shed. At first, when it’s the closest to the eye, it’s the most significant to the crier. But as it travels down the face, away from sight, it’s still potent and connected to the messenger, but it’s now becoming a part of something else. Like crying into an ocean, to the one weeping, it may seem lost. And having something that was once a piece of them now on the outside can be jarring. Because whether you’re a messenger, a mother or just someone that may be suffering at the moment, a necessary aspect to note is that they are rarely doing these services for themselves. They are simply a window of opportunity for someone else.

The messengers enrich the lives of the receivers. Mothers put their own needs aside to ensure the wellbeing of their offspring. They are often taking whatever path is necessary to guarantee their children’s survival. But what do the sufferers offer to this world? Could they profit from another’s pain? Many of us forget the transactional nature of the universe, how everything is energy, and every process requires energetic exchange. To chew your food requires jaw strength, and if you haven’t eaten in a month, well, you would lack the vigour to masticate appropriately. Within our saliva, we need the proper enzyme to break down our favourite carbs. Or, if it’s something more complex like fat or protein, it takes even more energy, and bile, stomach acid, enzymes, etc., for your body to digest your food so that you can have the ability to do other things.

Look, I could talk about the digestion process all day; it’s fascinating. But the point I’m trying to make is that every so often, we need to ask ourselves, “What are we energizing?” Are we funding our best lives yet? Or are we setting ourselves up for failure? Everything is a business, including the health of your soul and the fight for your attention. Take care of yourself like you’re your mother. Allow the universe to be the messenger of your most genuine wants and benevolent desires. Trust yourself enough to know that sorrow is never the answer for a dignified creator. I know that may sound insensitive, but I wouldn’t offer those words if I thought you couldn’t handle them. I know that deep down, within us all, we understand each other’s intentions. Let our minds & mouths be a portal for the truth to enter and improve this world.

14th of November (2021)

The hardest part for any artist to get through is the portion of their journey that requires them to be honest with themselves. We’re all artists of something, whether our lives, children, paintings, songs or films. Our art is: created every time we use our creativity to express an emotion. So yes, a mother preparing a meal for her kids with love is her art.

We get so caught up in the enterprise of it all. The competition, comparing ourselves to what other people consider significant. But how can we agree on what is great when we are still arguing over what is real? Between politics and religion, there’s so much confusion and bitterness. Yet, we’re obnoxious enough to believe we as a species are ready to declare which art is more genuine or more meaningful.

Imagine if they put your mother’s dinner in an art gallery. Maybe then you’d appreciate her more. Perhaps then you would be grateful for what’s already around you, neglected, rather than chasing paragons and being driven by the hunger of which you allowed yourself to be: educated.

It’s sad to see sacrifice unappreciated, or worse yet, disrespected. But know this, just because a herd of people are paying for it doesn’t mean it’s even valuable. And if someone is willing to prepare a masterpiece for you, for free, understand it costs them something to bring it to the table, maintain integrity, convey their love, and ensure your warmth and health. Don’t you get it? Maybe it was your mother’s love or your father’s love, a bit of both, or someone else. But it doesn’t change the fact that now it’s time to take ownership of yourself. And keep refining your brushstrokes and carefully selecting your paints. Because someone else may have started the process, but you’re your own greatest creation.

15th of November (2021)

We want our family to appear prestigious to others. The pride we take in our flesh, blood, and obligatory love is primal. Obviously, there are statistical outliers and rebels. But their defiance is fueled by an aching ego. The realization of our true identity enables detachment. The animal frantically craves belonging. We are born into a constricting system that rarely permits us to appreciate its true worth. And its value is hidden beneath fundamental challenges.

It doesn’t matter how much you scoff. It won’t change what’s true, only your own integrity. Family is one of the most misunderstood concepts. Most of us will view it as a safety net to bail us out whenever we fail. Or even a built-in excuse, no matter how much we flounder through our own miscalculations, we can always blame our parents/guardians, right? On the bright side of the same coin, our family could provide us with our reason(s) for being. Earning an income to support our elders, altering our personalities to honour our cultures, and sacrificing our personal needs & desires to follow the traditions/expectations of our families are a few examples.

But you see how ultimately, everything I’m talking about is diluting your true purpose. Our individuated units of creative consciousness get tangled in the roots of our family trees. Breaking off on your own can be a scary experience. But it’s a must to unlock your infinite potential. Eliminate obligations and expectations. Allow yourself to be around people that admire your differences and encourage your uniqueness. Families can interfere with our inner journey and shadow work. Sometimes there is a pang of ingrained guilt embedded in our unconscious minds. And it’s protecting our insecurities. When we get past the guilt, were able to flow with freedom, grace and empowerment.

We are drawn to things for a reason. Start entering the silence and find out why. You must face the challenge of turning your back on your family and loved ones in order to reach the summit (self-actualization). It’s a sight to behold, I promise. However, every advance requires sacrifice. Do the inner work. Let yourself be alone by putting down the phones and turning off the screens. This will serve you in ways you may have hoped others would.

16th of November (2021)

When we’re young, dreams have a grace period. Adults are more accepting of a child’s fantasy than those of their peers. I think it says a lot about our social climate. We even help fuel the imaginations of children by telling them fairytales and all kinds of make-believe. We convince them of Santa Claus, the tooth fairy and an Easter bunny. We feed them rainbows and glowing excitement, all to have the education system snuff their spark.

Don’t we want our children to succeed us? Or are we holding them back? Are we afraid to be surpassed? Then why aren’t we correcting what we know to be a significant flaw in our world? Why are there protests for problems that barely scratch the surface of our educated trauma?

We encourage children to be creative, but the stone-walled labyrinth we push them through is an elaborate ruse to exhaust their imaginations. To turn daydreams into nightmares, ideal fantasies into worst-case scenarios. You may think I’m exaggerating. But my use of rhetoric is justified. Take a look at what education is really doing. It’s replacing our innate inspiration with foreign fatigue. Suddenly what used to excite us to spring out of bed and seize the day becomes a debilitating obligation. We drag ourselves through life, complaining about what we have the power to change and debating about things out of our control.

Socialization is the outermost realm of the thinking process. It is as far from your own inner knowing as you can go. And for the most part, it is the entrance of doubt. So why compromise what you know just to convince someone else? What could you possibly have to gain? If you know, then lead by example. Inspiration isn’t dependent on language to be conveyed. It exists beyond the physical and mental realms. Don’t waste the rarity of truth on people lost in their own dark fairy tales. Continue your climb. This is your responsibility.

17th of November (2021)

Fear hinders us. But it’s even more harmful when we justify it. That’s the human adjusting to harsh conditions, such as how we endure winter, even though the tropics have the perfect climate for humans to thrive. But to move requires taking a risk, and it’s easier to go with the flow and continue doing the things we’ve always done. We tell ourselves little white lies to help us sleep better. Yet, most people don’t realize that they’re living in a state of sleep. If you knew you were dreaming, would you still hold back? Or would you go all out and imagine your every desire?

I think we both know that a bird needs to fly, and a creator needs to manifest. Now what that specifically means for you is different than anyone else, even your friends & family. So no one has the answer to the question, “what’s right for me?” Except you. You’re the only one that can answer that. All the other responses to that question are assumptions based on what people believe about you. However, few of us are brave enough to be ourselves. So, therefore, the guidance you’ve been receiving should be taken with a grain of salt. We need to accept that not every problem can be delegated. And this is a significant opportunity to break away from fear, crippling self-doubt and complacency.

Look, I know it’s hard being human. But that’s temporary. You wouldn’t sacrifice your king to save a pawn, so why would you put your flesh before your soul? You are a creator in the body of an animal. Don’t be fooled by what the world is telling you. This is an inward journey. This is the story of how you rediscovered your true power and used it to live your best life yet.

18th of November (2021)

Our weakness comes in many forms, including rebellion & blame. Our inability to take responsibility for our decisions shackles us to repeating the same mistakes. We need to break free from the trap of anger & resentment. Because reaching a solution requires us to understand that chaos is creation. You are capable of turning your mistakes into life lessons. Why fail twice when you can recognize, realize, recover, and reconnect with your true self?

You are strong; I believe in you. It is possible. Taking your power back begins with forgiving anyone you’ve ever blamed. How is it anyone else’s fault? You choose to be here, there, wherever you have been, are or going. You must take responsibility. Your progression will challenge everything that you stand for, and it’s cathartic. This is a fantastic life experience—the process of releasing traumas and resentments. Let go of what is holding you back. Be resilient, not rebellious. If you are fighting your best interest, what does that make you? Why are you hindering yourself? Who do you hate the most?

We’re all one; all is one; everyone is you. Why are you holding grudges towards yourself? It’s time to flow. You can do this; please stop placing people on pedestals. Are you considering yourself by comparison? I need you to understand you’re much too unique to do that.

I am confident.
I know what I need to do right now.
I know what works for me, and I’m ready to make the most of today.
I feel excited and joyful to take care of my needs.
I believe in my power.
I know I am a powerful creator.
I believe I am in control of my life.
I sense my mastery over my emotions.
I choose to feel joy.
I think that everything is lining up in my favour.
I see solutions in every situation.
I respect everyone’s opinions.
I am enjoying every moment.
I forgive everyone who I believe has wronged me.
I understand that people can only ever do their best.
I am ready to let go of the heaviness and be free.
I am free to create anything I want.

19th of November (2021)

A commotion from ghosts. The coast is clear, as the apparitions are disappearing. Not merely a feeling. The pale stars whisper along to a muffled chorus; I am anticipating the vanishing of clouds. Midnight requires the sacrifice of sleep—the misplacement of priorities.

Fierce winds have me begging for silence. To defy them is both pointless and pointing fingers, concealing their gossiping lips with the other hand. Rumours are sugar tonics with the placebo effect of poison. Powerless water, imbued with the forsaken strength of belief. In this world, thoughts become consequences. In our minds, the patterns take the form of a labyrinth.

Wandering for centuries, does the shadow gain fatigue or shed any obscurity? Fermenting in the deeper recesses, doubts feed parasites claiming to be our conscience. Voices of reason, red laser dots teasing kittens. We must not be led astray, especially by our own projections. The mirror is a lot like sleep. Its effect seems simple. But it’s how it affects us where science untethers.

Telling stories of fortune and praise. The naysayers condemn experience and prefer evidence. Yet, this is a moment of risk and ultimately supreme victory. It’s due diligence that questions motives. But it’s intuition that knows which leap is survivable. The scorpion is science; it betrays the frog and sinks with the captain. To sail, we must not carry any conviction. But instead, prioritize our most valuable thoughts. The ones kept hidden due to a hesitation to share. Why reduce your uniqueness? It’s time to step out and start thriving. Stop apologizing. Does the earth really spin? Or is it just the giant web of lies? No matter the truth, they’ll put a spin on it. Clever marketers selling through telling stories.
What do you want?
Where are you going?
What story are you telling yourself?

20th of November (2021)

It’s as easy as we want it to be. And although the climb is challenging, it’s not the world that impedes us. It’s not even other people. That’s why blame is toxic. Yet like most addictions, it keeps finding a way to pollute our lives. How do we rid ourselves of treacherous patternsHow do we gain awareness of our unconscious behavioursAre we limited by trial & error

Someone once said that the fool is free to ask questions, while the sage is confined by his fear of looking dumb. That’s the price of hubris. We lose our interests, passions, curiosity—and ultimately, we stop asking the questions that lead us towards advancement. We need to inquire with discretion because every mind is unique, and every answer is different. Therefore we must seek guidance from the one source worth exploring: our inner knowing. This defies our education & cumbersome beliefs alike. Think of the businesses that would become obsolete if everyone had confidence in their vision. Remember, there’s much to gain from insecure cogs reluctant to create their own system.

The world is a small part of this overall experience. And within the world, we have varying opinions and cultures. However, outside of what is, is the possibility of what could be. And that is the significance of out-of-the-box thinking. The world, society, expectations, statistics are all in the box. They are restricted by duality & oscillation, or in laymen’s terms, ups and downs. But we can break away from the hive mind and ultimately break through our own personal hindrances.

Because nothing is there. It’s all an illusion.

Use your dream juice for good. And what’s good is up to you and your integrity. Where does your devotion lie? Is it with your secular self or your creative consciousness?

21st of November (2021)

Push past natural priorities. These bodies have their own goals, yet we are persistent. Terror drips into the blood, but we call it thrilling. Still stirring this dangerous concoction, the one we drink with flagrant disregard. It’s hard to shed these scars; they say a leopard can’t change its spots. “Is that all you got?” mocks the challenger. The faces rearrange in this trying maze, lying times, once was high, now the lows slow progress down, and the denial lulls the chances to sleep. 

An insatiable hunger scorches at the pit like non-quitting embers—this means dismemberment of our integrity as we pledge allegiance to flags on televised moons. Do we do what we say we doOr does our speech replace the action? Regain your traction within; forget your boots. Your soul has enough grit.

22nd of November (2021)

We all have beliefs. But why do some hold us back while others propel us forward? We’re all born generalized and earn our individuality. Yet, some of us stand out more. Do you want to be diverse? Or do you prefer rehearsing for the role of a social chameleon?

Life is hard; well, some people will quarrel. But what is their partnership like with themselves? What drives them to argue with the truth? Are we ostriches or lions? Hopefully, neither; you’re beyond animal inclinations. It’s silly how people disagree and go all-in on acting like savages. Some call it passionate; others are adamant followers of the “medicine” cabinet. It’s tragic. How out of touch with reality these characters are. We’ve gone full method, losing ourselves in these roles. But there’s no need to pretend or roam any further into the mirage. All these calculations are filling minds with information overload because of self-sabotage.

Some people lick toads; others stay on rocky roads, claiming they had it more complex than the others that abstained. To refrain or walk away is seen as cowardice. In The Colosseum, there is no appeal to the tenderness hidden away beneath the heart’s calluses. There is no honour amongst walruses, merely tusks meant for pride & death. The rest is too upsetting to mention, yet the inability to address the tension enables its presence.

What if the sky was green, and your lawn was unseen like the stars behind Jupiter? Life could have been anything. Your sights can be anything. Don’t settle based on what has been. Take chances, keep having fun. Risks yield rewards, and mistakes become wisdom. Life is the story of a fool maturing, or at least ideally. There is no need to worry about fortunes; all is one. All is well and stemming from your point of origin.

23rd of November (2021)

Relationships can be distractions. What do you want from your life? Seriously, quit playing characters. Don’t get lost in the method-acting. You were once a child, and something/someone inspired you. However, then the world educated you through various teachers and experiences. What’s the difference? Well, what are you repressing? What do you secretly or reluctantly want to do? What defies your education?

Relationships are facilitators for shared benefits and exclusive privileges. They can also be deconstructive, especially if they reinforce our co-dependence or harbour our fear of aloneness. The real question is, how do we help to inspire each other in our relationships? How do we find a balance between our education (what has been) and our inspirations (what could be)? 

Learning to not take the people in our lives for granted helps us value our skillsets or vice versa. When you realize the silver lining of each conflict, you gather a pearl of wisdom. Whether it’s a skirmish between friends, coworkers, siblings, or spouses, there’s always a reason to be grateful for the people in our lives.     

24th of November (2021)

Get to the point. Do yourself and others a favour but save the rhetoric for artisans and politicians. What is it you want? If you don’t have clarity in you, how can you expect it outside of you?

It’s frustrating having to explain yourself or feeling the need to ask for permission. So why do we do it? Time and time again, we keep repeating these negative thought patterns. It’s like a tiny field mouse sticking to the scent of its urine trails. Familiarity can and often breed contempt, yet absence has a way of making the heart grow fonder. I’m taking your mind on a journey, beating around the bush. All for what? —Encouraging the consumption of words?—Exhausting your interest? To see how long I can hold your attention? 

My point is if books were more honest, and concise they would be much thinner. There’s so much excess and filler in this world: empty calories, glimmering make-up covering scars of shame & regret. It’s time to let go. Be open for once, and tell the people in your life the brutal truth. Tell yourself what you need to hear. Leave the sugar-coated “white lies” for the ones that are lounging in denial.  

25th of November (2021)

There are fires within our soul, depleting the only natural resource: creativity. Without it, you’ll starve. Satiated stomachs attempt to quench this unfathomable thirst—This indescribable agony. Most nod their heads but fail to scratch past the surface.

When will we learn?

When will you breakaway?

There is a hunger ravaging hopeful hearts, turning naive explorers into nervous wrecks. Watch their feet tap to the rhythm of uncertainty; we call this dance anxiety. We try to mellow our extremes, but when will we lay our failings to rest and understand that there is only success? 

What do you believe you deserve?

What is your worth?

Get your eyes away from this physical chokehold, that death grip on your attention. Start paying due diligence to that subtle nudge happening from within yourself. You’ll do yourself a favour when you tune in to the silence.

26th of November (2021)

Why do we value appearances over practicality? —Why do we protect ignorance with our fear of looking dumb? —How did we get so confused? Is it the flesh of animals corrupting our every thought? Is it the nascent trauma that crept into our childhoods, disrupting our dreams and sprouting self-destructive tendencies from a seed of shame? 

They’re locked away in brittle cages; the warden is taken hostage by itself. All is your doing, and telling the truth is not so much an unfortunate byproduct of anger & alcohol but the closest you’ve come to self-realization. 

Do you want to help others… honestly?

Without sacrificing yourself in the process?

And fulfilling your list of dreams?

Yes, even generosity can become a poison when left unmoderated, unchecked the boxes on your to-do list. It can feel suffocating to a hyperactive person; to do nothing. But doing nothing is freeing your mind and opening yourself up to the possibility of anything else happening. 

So, allow yourself to do just that: nothing. Be straightforward and decompressed. Kick your shoes off, and pull the ottoman close. This is the time for relishing the progress made, and there has been such reward already. We must cultivate, collect and channel our gratitude. Once accumulated, it’s a beacon of the “better,” the teasing riddles of success, the cookie jar just out of reach. Rather than obsessing, start decompressing. Rest assured that all you want is inevitable drawing into your life, as long as you signal it with your immense gratefulness, and there’s more to be thankful for than you realize. 

27th of November (2021)

People forget to separate the mammal from their mentality. They keep falling into these habitual patterns of self-indulgence and misery. The human-animal is prone to complacency and has trouble breaking free from what it deems comfortable. Yet, many of us grow increasingly aware of this common hindrance. Few successfully break the spell. And taking things for granted is genuinely enchanting; take a quick glimpse around you now, realize the tiny details you’ve been overlooking: the hidden joys, the neglected toys, the love you have stored away in corners and shadows. 

It’s not the end of the journey to reevaluate our course. That’s where the weak and the strong fail to meet each other. Bear in mind that this life is divisive. After all, it sorts the corruptible from the loyal. This game will let us know where we stand concerning our integrity, identity, and innovation. 

28th of November (2021)

Evolution is a theory, yet we are so sure of ourselves that we forget we’re still taking leaps of faith. The zealots also forget that religion doesn’t necessarily equate to truth. Wrongfully incarcerated like the children being indoctrinated with false hope & obscure foundations that ultimately corrupt their innocent spark turning inspiration into education. 

Why do we feel the need to correct others? When did arrogance become socially acceptable? Maybe you believe it isn’t. And to that, I ask when the last time you were curious was? When was the last time you laid assumptions aside and approached a topic with openness to receive without judgement or preconceived notions? 

29th of November (2021)

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? Is there something that leaves you feeling inadequate or ashamed? Fear not, for these emotions usually derive from misunderstanding and confusion. A little clarity can go a long way. Remember when you were “naive” and without fear. You saw a bed, and you jumped on it. You wanted what you wanted without compromise and carried on without regard for things possibly going awry. You made faces; you acted spontaneously. You were joyful, excited, smiling, exuberant. Then at some point, you were: warned about the inherent dangers of life. Someone began telling your morally ambiguous fairytales and stories of boys who cried wolf, all to scare you into docility. 

Children aren’t born fearful; we foster it. Worst-case scenarios are indoctrinations. We demand the students to cease their lackadaisical daydreaming and replace it with the heavy chains that facilitate the education system. Yet, what is the reach of these institutions? Where do they begin and the individuals end? At what point did arrogance seem so appealing? They’re still unable to answer your most burning questions; why listen to them at all? Why look to anyone else for your answers?  

30th of November (2021)

If you want to be your best, you must sacrifice your attachments to this material world. To soar, the eagle must first sever ties with the earth; only then can the required risk be taken. Many people struggle to take that first leap. Not because they’re afraid to fall, but because they’ve been: educated that, “What goes up, must come down.” You see, we’ve mistaken belief for universal law. 

I can tell you that most people I meet are: convinced that their failure is probable. But only if they try. So they never do. Furthermore, they persuade themselves that they’re better off this way. 

Rather than healing their bleeding souls, they normalize the exhaustion and smile in denial. Blaming others, excuses, reasons for not taking a risk becomes a heaviness that eventually burdens the already overwhelmed heart of a repressed creator. Buried beneath the flesh & earthy pleasures, where is your happiness? Is it somewhere outside of you? Is it in the world, waiting for you to reach it?

Very few of us ever recognize the truth, which is that the earth is an illusion. Although it feels hard, and we’re sure that this world is real, time and time again, we’re shown how changeable and barely concrete things are. It comes, and it goes, like any train of thought. But to hop aboard leads to detachment from this earthly plain and mastery over our illusionary self.   


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