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December 31st (2020)

New Year’s resolutions are usually simple goals: to lose weight, quit smoking, etc. And they are generally based on how we think we should be, rather than a genuine intention to improve our lives. Example: instead of a shallow desire to lose weight, a firmer purpose is to improve health & wellbeing.

When our intent is benevolent, we will overcome all obstacles.

December 30th (2020)

Why do you want power?

December 29th (2020)

I am peaceful, full of poise.

December 28th (2020)

You can break through any obstacle when your purpose is more inspirational than the challenge is dispiriting.

December 27th (2020)

Hugs are an effective way to share our love, but how do you give love to yourself?

December 26th (2020)

Silence everything. Listen beyond sounds—sense outside of feelings. Know within and transcend beliefs. Ignore earthly concerns as you overcome comfort and embrace the unknown. See past what’s shown, and envision happy pictures. Sunny days are on their way.  

December 25th (2020)

We push our bodies, make them run, but eventually, the exhaustion catches up to us, and we pass out. The mind is different. It doesn’t have the same defence mechanisms, ensuring it’s survival. You must be the one to tell your mind to rest. It is a conscious decision to be peaceful and not to burn the candle at both ends. Be calm; you can do this. Forget everything else right now; be silent.    

December 24th (2020)

Life is a game; it has a purpose, rules, levels, players; you can win, lose; however, it doesn’t come with instructions. That is the value specific coaches have to offer; they are a living-walkthrough in the game of life.

December 23rd (2020)

What brings you the most steady supply of joy?

December 22nd (2020)

You never actually failed; you only gave up.

December 21st (2020)

Travelling parallel to success, but they stumble forth quitting before achieving rewards. Don’t stop; instead, head-on into the unknown, welcoming possibilities.

December 20th (2020)

Be free of furrows as peace unfurls the wrinkled skin and crinkled ken.

December 19th (2020

What is youth, but unadulterated vitality?

December 18th (2020)

Are you relaxed, or is your body taxed?
Are you mindful, or is your vision stifled?
Are you grateful, or is your feeling painful?
Are you inspired, or is your volition retired?
Are you thriving, or are you striving?

December 17th (2020)

Creativity thrives from living intuitively.

December 16th (2020)

You wouldn’t punish a Golden Retriever for not being a German Shepherd, love your body for what it is, and stop comparing yourself to others.  

December 15th (2020)

The world is loud, but the truth is silent.

December 14th (2020)

Remember, your true self is beyond time, space, shape, urge, thought, emotion, memory and belief — know thyself.

December 13th (2020)

Joy is a choice. Stop seeking it from others, and create it within you.

December 12th (2020)

If you feel offended by anything, ask yourself why and improve your strength of mind.

December 11th (2020)

Please keep it simple; add more fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet. 

December 10th (2020)

Get away from daily stresses, and spend some time around trees. Maybe take your shoes + socks off, + experience the earth with your bare feet = relaxation. I know that’s not for everyone, but remember it’s beneficial to leave your phone at home when you go for a walk.

December 9th (2020)

Living centred is about being harmonized on all levels. It is the balance most people seek. Through this discipline, we gain clarity and insight — raising our consciousness to higher levels. 

December 8th (2020)

Your State of Mind Is the Foundation of Your Brain’s Age.

December 7th (2020)

We can be the cruellest to the least deserving.  

Take care of the liver, for it filters your blood and keeps it clean of toxins. We abuse this organ, and it ages us. They are drinking alcohol, eating meat, ingesting drugs, etc. The liver takes one heck of a beating from what they consider acceptable behaviour.  

December 6th (2020)

Think of creativity as the essence of life. Everything is creation, and you’re a creator in an avatar. But when we lose sight of the big picture and chomp down on something that had a face, we become creatures.

December 5th (2020)

A lot of artists relish their alone time in nature. And it doesn’t have to be exclusive to artsy types. We’re all creators, whether we embrace the truth or not. If everyone valued creativity as they do narcissistic displays of possessions, we’d be living in a perfect world.

December 4th (2020)

A graceful body flows like a beautiful piece of music — everything working in harmony. The same goes for a graceful mind. It can tiptoe around delicate subjects to not offend anyone. It’s fascinating to see how different people can be.

December 3rd (2020)

Watching the sunrise and the sunset has many benefits, and a creativity boost is one of them. It’s also great for regulating vitamin D and organ health. Your pineal gland handles releasing your “wake-up” and “sleepy” chemicals (circadian rhythm). It also separates the sun’s light into specific energy for each organ.

December 2nd (2020)

Agitation is a defence mechanism of the ego. To aggravate a reaction and overcompensate shame with arrogance. It’s got a bad rep for that reason, but not if you use it as an indicator. Use your agitation, like a stud finder, allow it to reveal hidden facts beneath your surface.

December 1st (2020)

Joy is the choice to rise above all things, even emotions and antiquated beliefs. Most people stay ambitious and productive because their sense of joy is a-fleeting-chemical-reward. They are addicted to the dopamine release from a job well done or drugs/food/social media. The world is loud, but the truth is silent.


November 10th (2020)

People “fail” to manifest and are skeptical of the law of attraction because most don’t realize how emotions (energy in motion) work. When we want (creative visualization) something, emotions are the currency for either creating or attracting that thing into our life.

When you say “don’t want something,” the universe doesn’t recognize “not” and negatives in affirmations. All it hears is how you want something. Quite honestly, “I don’t want” is one of the most childish phrases you can say. A creator focuses on what they do want. 

The duality of desire negates the law of attraction. It is working for you, but it’s bringing you what you don’t want. When you get together with people — it’s pretty typical to talk about the news and all the bad things going on in the world(imagining worst-case-scenarios + fear & angst =manifestation of low-frequency things). 

It’s a minority of people that refuse to contribute to these fear-based manifestations. Understand that we empower these events with our emotions (like the irony of Freddy Krueger, when you stop fearing it, it goes away.) So choose a higher vibration emotion like love, or opt to enjoy life by being grateful for what you do have.   

November 9th (2020)

Grief is fundamentally a fleeting feeling, and it becomes detrimental when we’re holding on to the thing we’re losing. It’s starting to take away our energy & enjoyment and cuts our kite strings. When we are advocating grief, allowing it to remain — mourning begins to be a parasitic-spirit that malnourished us.

We have the power to remove it, but sometimes our programming wants to keep it because we say, “it’s natural to grieve for (so long.)” There are so many rules within our belief systems. To cease our mourning prematurely may cause us to feel guilty or ashamed. We may even fear what our families may think of us. 

It up to us whether or not we get attached in the first place. There are no guarantees except for the fact that everything must end. When grief becomes unnatural is when we hold on because we have these memories and connectionsAnd sometimes, people even grieve their ideals of what their life should have been like and often deny any opportunities that lead them there.

They assess opportunities for what they are and not what they could become. It’s like judging the butterfly while it’s still a caterpillar. We only see the beginning of these pathways (not what they will lead to.) Like seeing the seeds before they turn into fruit. It’s a whole journey we need to appreciate. 

Grief is in many ways synonymous with dying & death and guilt & remorse (a lot of the lower frequency things). They’re portals into places you don’t want to be. They take you on a dangerous journey. We want to remove death and live a pure life (Pura Vida) and raise our frequency.

November 6th (2020)

It’s important to laugh and enjoy life (to roll with the punches). However, when we make ourselves the butt of the joke (to makes others laugh), we sacrifice ourselves. If we feel not-great inside, we invest in our surroundings. We are feeling at that moment if everybody is laughing, we’re not so alone or sad. But this is a paradox, and it’s not doing you justice. 

You need to live in the now and understand the difference between aloneness and loneliness. Why do you feel lonely? Why do you feel despair? 

Life is a personal journey, and not everything goes the same for everyone. Sometimes people make others laugh, and it’s not at the price of self-sacrifice (It’s benevolent). But we need to be mindful of our egos. What are we living for / What’s the point of all this?

It’s good to do things for others, but it shouldn’t be the whole reason you’re here. You need to be able to exist as if it’s all inside of you. Because it is, it’s all in your mind.  

November 5th (2020)

It’s clichè to feel like every day is the same. The truth is nuanced, while the lies are blatant. It’s up to us to hear the whispers of verity, even though our surroundings are boisterous.

It’s up to us to remind ourselves to be centred and to not just go with the flow (not to get caught up in the rat race of life.) Take this moment, remind yourself: everything around you that you see and touch (all that is obvious) is an illusion. It’s deep inside of you, something subtle, that bridge to the truth, that needs nurturing. 

Our true self needs us to go with the flow of truth.     

When you turn your back to the world, you face your true self. It’s not about shutting ourselves off to the flows of the universe. It’s about directing our energy and always knowing where our essence is going.

Set an intention for everything you do to be building your best life yet.

November 4th (2020)

It’s okay. Everything is as you’ll allow it. When you calm your mind, anything is possible. Just be calm. Being calm is more than “not doing” and beyond “not feeling.” It intends to relax, decompress, destress, and remove those urges that keep our minds busy.

We want to remove negative-programs (worry, stress, busyness) and remove them from a state of calm.  

November 3rd (2020)

As you read these daily affirmations, please take notice of any doubt towards them. Doubt is an indication of self-deprecating beliefs, and these should be removed at roots immediately. 

I am seeing my ideal life.

I want what’s best for myself, 

and everyone. 

It’s easy for me to be patient, 

because I know everything  I want is coming on time.

I am on the path to living my best possible life.

I am always successful.

November 2nd (2020)

What are you expecting to happen? If it’s beneficial, enjoy the experience. If it is otherwise, take note of your ego. Is this that self-fulfilling prophecy again?

Others have moved past this, and so shall you. Just remember, the road to enjoyment happens through the same path as self-mastery. When joy outweighs re-telling yourself that story of yours, you can cease complacency and genuinely begin to thrive.

November 1st (2020)

Am I in touch with my sensitive side? Or am I more concerned with people perceiving me as masculine? This message applies to everyone. Do you see your feminine side as a source of weakness? Do you feel the need to overcompensate (with aggression, defiance, or machismo)?

Allow yourself to balance. It happens naturally. Just let go. Be honest with yourself. It’s the only way the wounds can even begin to heal.

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