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We Are Sacrificing Our Health for Belief

How does the body age? We all know people age at different rates and have heard "you're only as old as you feel." But what is going on? Why do some of us have parents that look like they could be our siblings? Or a dad and mom that gets mistaken as father and daughter.

The point I'm making is that age is a number you keep counting in your mind. It means nothing until you make it into something. What makes sense to me may confuse someone else. And this topic can be somewhat controversial and upsetting.

It isn't agreeable because so many of us have made up our minds about the ageing process and how it works. We have gotten comfortable in our beliefs about the world. And our assumptions rob us of realization.

Do you want the truth to liberate you, or do you want to suffer in denial?

Your State of Mind Is the Foundation of Your Brain's Age

The brain isn't the mind, and there's a difference between mental health and brain health. When the brain is sick, it can depend on a healthy mind to heal it — to get it back to homeostasis. However, a depraved mind can offer nothing beneficial to its physical manifestation.

The brain begins to show signs of ageing when our mind becomes complacent. After childhood, adolescence, and our first 10-15 years after recognizing us as adults, we change. Let me rephrase that to put it in perspective. After our earliest experiences develop us, puberty transforms us, and our chosen lifestyle defines us and then becomes stagnant.

Many of us lose our zest for life and begin to take it all for granted. That lack of interest in living (child-like wonder and curiosity) begins to find relief in death. Stress, disappointments, worst-case scenarios conflict with the will to live and age you.

The Inner Youth Sits Quietly as the Outer Ageing Shouts

How many of us hold our tongues out of worry? What is more important to you, being genuine or being famous? The repression of your real interests manifests into nasty things in the body.

Toxic thoughts are hazardous enough on their own, but when we speak them, it's like pouring poison into the minds of others. Some know what they're cultivating and enjoy it. Others know and feel guilty. It's up to the individuals to question their damaging indoctrination.

That's the human condition: being aware of what's best for us while being tempted by the opposite path. After all, if detriment (drugs, alcohol, etc.) wasn't addictive, who would be involved?

First, they ignored him, and he thought nothing of it. But after a few more times, he got frustrated, fed up. Along the way, he wasn't angry with the ones ignoring him. He was mad at himself because he stopped listening to what was best for him and stuck around with a crowd of bad examples.

A Jaded Heart Betrays Youth.

They say the heart has a limited amount of pumps per lifetime. You might as well spend each beat in joy. Life is too short for misery and strife. However, these dirty spirits cling to once clean hearts.

As these virgin hearts feel defiled by unsettling encounters, from then on, they pump a little less enthusiastically each time. Eventually, the smiling child becomes a cynical adult — showing deeper wrinkles every year.

The world is full of people that believe they know enough to be sarcastic. To wrap duct tape around their broken hearts and mask the ache with an unfilmed performance. The heart never heals, and neglect becomes a personality. They are trading away their best interest for the attention of others. Sing another sob song while the audience loses their interest too.

Quick to cast attention on focal points outside of us, but when is it the time to face within. To face ourselves in the mirror and know that ageing is the result of ignorance.

We Can Be the Cruellest to the Least Deserving.

Take care of the liver, for it filters your blood and keeps it clean of toxins. We abuse this organ, and it ages us. They are drinking alcohol, eating meat, ingesting drugs, etc. The liver takes one heck of a beating from what they consider acceptable behaviour.

Know for What You're Hungry.

Your hunger for life has you taking giant bites out of opportunities until you taste the bittersweet flavour of failure. It's unpleasant, sure, an indication that we're too eager. And depending on how we digest the experience, we can improve or give up.

Most of us give up.

It's easier to go with the flow than to challenge a common conviction. This blog allows me to express my thoughts, but I'd probably keep my thoughts to myself in person.

When we're served thoughts as facts or truths, we have a choice to make. Do we question the notion, or do we consume it? Most of the things we assume were either fed to us as children or provided to us based on our pre-existing beliefs.

Self-fulfilling prophecies validate our expectations in an unnecessary paradox that dooms the ignorant and contaminates the helpful. We live out the rest of our days fulfilling a winded backstory that jeopardizes the creator in us all.

Sex Drains Your Creativity

Ever wonder why the French call an orgasm "le petit mort?" The little death is an easy way to escape the everyday pressures of life. Take the edge of by releasing tension through sexual gratification. But how does having an orgasm affect the ageing process?

I know this right here to be a tremendous depleter of creativity. Without the source of vitality and wisdom, all you can do is be tired and foolish. Addiction to orgasms places you in a vicious cycle of feeling overwhelmed from negative beliefs and sacrificing your true self to soothe the animal.

What is it that ages us the most? Stress? Anger? The sunshine? Drugs + Alcohol? Over indulgence? Sex? No. The only thing that ages you is the belief that you need to age in the first place. I can feel the skepticism. I know that most are doubting me right now and that I'm challenging your opinion. But the thing about the truth is, it doesn't matter if you believe in it or not. It'll still be valid regardless.

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