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1st of February (2022)

Clarity is a light that shines outward from our intention. If you identify with your thoughts, emotions will remain in the shadows. If you identify with your feelings, what you love and dislike, you illuminate the perception rather than the reality. If you identify as source energy, your awareness gains the vantage point over any potential obstacle or challenge.

2nd of February (2022)

Focus requires discipline. Without it, our concentration zooms in on the minuscule details. Without regulation, our focus gets lost in a cavern of shadows & sensations. Extremes surround centeredness. Swords are for those who have forgotten the power of words. Why have so much faith in a single letter if words are weak? The same logic applies to lonely misanthropes. If this world is damaged, why not fix it before searching for another planet to ruin? Why not look at the big picture? Zoom out.

3rd of February (2022)

The most shifting movement of all is when you make a decision.

4th of February (2022)

Ravaged; when speaking of the past. If only we would relish the present. Thoughts of denial bejewel the detriment. I wish your honesty was as generous as your grief. Frustrated by these social constructs, a small child discovers motivation. Funny how what drives us is the same thing we’re trying to get away from. There it is again, riding shotgun—the bejewelled denial. How do I repair this fission between my intentions and the truth?

5th of February (2022)

See the omniscient donate their power through misguided worship. A Revolving door on a corporate church; watch it spin like a blue sphere amidst the vacuity of space.

A tepid bystander observes the gradual disintegration of the body. Cell by cell, cancer accumulates. A vagrant takes a swig from his flask as his life flashes before his laboured stare. The hurt is obvious, like a chorus singing his life mantra, “when’s it gonna get better?”. City sidewalks are conveyor belts, as the drifter asks, “what does this have to do with me?” An unsung hero that sullies his victory, cell by cell. He drinks some more and lies down, bundling up in a collection of miscellaneous clutter.

Some time passes. There’s a group of teenagers with cans of spray paint. One defiles a preexisting mural of a beautiful beach oasis. After he’s done, he sees the sleeping vagrant, bundled up to stay at his warmest. The rebel artist snickers as he looks at his friends. We are most vulnerable when we sleep, but sometimes the only escape is closing our eyes in the dream. The rebel artist sprays vivid red paint, “pertinent” over the vagrant’s cocoon.

It snows and accumulates over the unconscious drifter. Crossfade to a businessman shaking a snow globe.

6th of February (2022)

They’re watching a live news broadcast of a national tragedy narrated by winsome personalities. One outlandish claim after another, yet the hateful viewers are the most entertained. Some abstain, as they frolic in forbidden forests, jaunting beyond rusted warnings, “No Trespassing,” within yourself is an oasis. The most effective version of mind control is convincing you that consciousness is a spin-off of an animal brain.

Journey back to the ocean; you may begin as a leaky faucet. Drip by drip, earn a river but don’t entertain the world’s arrogance. The earthbound regime will attempt to thwart you, and I mean you, the creator. The followers never know themselves. The rebels assist what they’re resisting, like following with extra steps. Those gentle frolickers aren’t escaping or burying their heads—It’s the opposite. Everyone else is caught up, while the daydreamers are coming up for airBreathe. Breathe life into your dreams, like growing an apple tree in your garden. Water it daily, drip by drip: nourish it until it flourishes and include it in your diet.   

7th of February (2022)

Ignorance harbours stress, and intuition cures every disease. Not because we learn facts, but because we remember our true self.

8th of February (2022)

When we embrace our shortcomings, we step outside of our voluntary detention. Any misguided judgements towards ourselves can discourage our natural enthusiasm and the development of nascent skills. The same goes for comparing our progress with the progress of others. This is your journey, and it’s beneficial to accept the entirety of your character, the light and the shadow. Although it is quintessential to be forthright with ourselves, we also need to ensure that our honesty comes from a place of benevolence.    

One should never feel hunted or targeted. Examples of this feeling include taking things personally or drawing paranoid conclusions. Often this reaction arises from our insecurities and inability to overcome unconscious obstacles. The tendency to connect our pasts with the actions of an unassociated person is evidence of misguided judgement. Often this line of thought becomes a vicious cycle perpetuated by fear and other fallacies.            

Fear can be spectacular; it can take our breath away and seem larger than life. It may be strange to hear it worded that way. But that’s why there are adrenaline junkies and fans of horror. Ultimately, fear is powerless without you, like any spectacle. In certain moments, it could feel unavoidable, as the panic attempts to parade across our hearts and through our bloodstream. But all connections with it must be severed at all costs. Fear chains together the fences of our detention centers. Doubt gives us bad advice. Dread discourages joy and trying new things. And most importantly, worry drives a wedge between you and the truth. It doesn’t matter what you call it; fear is fear. 

  1. Choose valor over fear.
  2. Disregard concern.
  3. Why worry when you can stay calm?
  4. Gain confidence, lose anxiety.
  5. Trust yourself & doubt clears.  
  6. There is no terror when there’s peace. 
  7. Follow your joy, forget about angst.
  8. Nothing bothers you when you’re focused on what you want & the solutions. 

9th of February (2022)

Rise above challenge. 

All earthly blades abandon their singular purpose while gathering at the summit. Although everything happens simultaneously, as in the past, present, & future, space also has divisions, known simply as the negative, positive & neutral. There is no kismet, only calculations. Here we are standing in the middle of one big mathematical statement. Ask yourself what I need to factor into my equation to add victory after that equal sign. 

10th of February (2022)

All timid hearts march against their imaginations as a heavy-handed shake snaps them back to reality. Sometimes simplicity devours the tenderness of a good intention, and calloused fingers neglect delicate details. Compelled by the impetus of ignorance, determined minds lack sympathy for the mentally ambiguous.

11th of February (2022)

Desperate flattery criticizes a creator’s best interest—our internal soundtrack demands a particular dance. Soulless violins irritate the invisible skin of our emotional body. As we cradle our traumas—to the outside world, it seems like we’re slow-dancing with a shadow. Holding on to disguises for rudimentary reasons, the inspired & discouraged author writes to uncover a glimpse of cleanliness. Breathed-in surface grime dries over time. Wandering through the mental archive leads to kicking up dust. They attempt to eradicate the cloudiness from their soul, to establish a feeling of control. But to the youthful and ancient alike, there is no such thing as nothingness, only consequence, only pieces returning to wholeness.

When we integrate our failures, fractures, and frustrations with our happiness, healing, and heartsease, our souls will become sanitized once again.

12th of February (2022)

When waves of change arise, joy prompts you to surf.

13th of February (2022)

Wisdom is an unshakeable knowing of the truth, despite any attempt to make you question yourself or defend belief. 

14th of February (2022)

L is for leaving our comfort zones behind.

O is for originality—knowing that each love is even more unique than the individuals of which it’s an amalgam.

V is for vulnerability which gives us butterflies whenever we take a risk or put our trust in another person. 

E is for evolution, just like how each love changes from person to person, so does our love over time. 

It’s up to us to renew the cycle of love, by leaving our comfort zones once again. Sudden changes, travel, and curiosity can be exciting, and romantic. While the predictable can breed complacency and disinterest. In these moments of feeling like we’re repeating negative patterns, or that we’re stuck in a rut, we must ask ourselves, “Are we embracing the originality of our love?” Sometimes our preconceived notions of what love is supposed to be can put unnecessary pressure on us. That is not fair to us. Love should always be unconditional, and free to frolic like a wild deer in a grass meadow. The deer is vulnerable every time it drinks from the river. It takes a risk by putting itself out there, trusting that all will work out for it. In exchange, it’s hydrated & nourished by the flow of effort. Some deer will reach new levels of growth each year, while others will lack the valor to quench their thirst. 

15th of February (2022)

Accomplishment can be addictive, and so can quitting—They represent two sides of the same coin. There is nothing quite as satisfying as consciously manifesting your vision. And it’s when we feel content that our brains release pleasure-inducing chemicals. The biological reason is to ensure that the good little animals take care of themselves and survive. There are many examples, but to name a few, we have oxytocin bonding mother & child guaranteeing breastmilk until maturity. Sometimes, between mother & father, which promises protection and added support. Look, there are many variables, and I’m not a scientist, so let’s keep this moving along, shall we?

We’re focusing on dopamine and other feel-good chemicals for today’s purpose. The kind the human brain rewards us with when we’re good little boys and girls. The creator’s mind is separate from the human brain. But they do influence each other. It’s imperative to always remember: mind over matter. Our unconscious mind houses the automated responses and processes of the human-animal body. However, as powerful creators, we can mentally alter that information, and the following are possible consequences that will manifest to the surface. We can override our natural healing and chemical reactions through the revisions of self-directed negative emotions. In simpler terms, someone who hates themselves or believes they deserve absolution will derive pleasure from pain. And to keep it relevant, a person can experience the thrill of procrastination rather than enjoying the journey. Or another pertinent side effect of negative emotions and beliefs is becoming a habitual quitter.

There is no wrong or right; that is the language of fools. To be wise is not to be without questions or interest. But to be free from the servitude of habitual ignorance.       

16th of February (2022)

There is no “good” or “bad,” only experience. 

Shame is like a sunblock that you slather over your mind. It assists dis-ease by inhibiting your inner light. To thrive, we must radiate our beauty, and focus requires the nutrition of our pure, unimpeded purpose. 

You can be alone, free of electronics & phones, and still have an honest conversation. Your mouth can be closed with vacant ears but without the caress of silence. Your mind & body can rest like a caterpillar in a cocoon as your emotions flutter to the surface. But how’s it possible if you’re just a brain in an animal body? 

Do you honestly believe other animals experience life as we do? With all of the mind games and melodrama?    

We can take ourselves out of the food chain, and reign supreme over all of these animal urges. Yet, temptations constantly overthrow immature creators every day. And it is every day that we shrug off advice, disregard truth, and bury intuition under butterflies in the shadows of the deepest recesses of our minds. 

Why is it so challenging to rise above obstacles? 

I’ll save you the time of a Google search. 

It’s your emotions. 

They get in the way of clarity. 

And beliefs, we dress up the truth, like a child playing with dolls. 

No, forget that. It’s more like Halloween. Each day we put on these costumes, tough exteriors, fake smiles, and pretend we’re something that fits into this facade. If the whole puzzle is nonsense—what does that mean for the mental-contortionists, jamming their lives into the empty spaces?

Reflect on this the next time you’re putting on your daily disguise. 

17th of February (2022)

Life is a preference, not a prison. Even though you need to make decisions, you shouldn’t feel limited by what’s currently available. Anything is possible as long as you think outside the box.

18th of February (2022)

Every time you remember and revisit the past, daydream about your best life. For every reaction you have and every negative emotion you incur, prompt yourself to feel joy by imagining a fantastic experience. Bad memories, terrible moments & feelings are like coins. Each time they pass through us, we add a coin to the negative side of the scale. For everything we desire with detachment, every delight, and each time we fantasize about our ideal life, we contribute a coin to the positive side of the scales. The goal is to imbalance the scales, tipping them, favouring your dreams. And to have so many coins on the positive side, they overflow into reality.

19th of February (2022)

Some people will rebel against their own best medicine. Some people will help their loved ones to suffer. We’re living in a three-dimensional canvas that accepts our emotions as paint, yet we choose fear.

Why do we choose to paint our worlds with disappointing colours?

We doubt our true power, and that ignorance spreads like wildfire. To be strong is to be free from restrictions, not resistance. You can live carefreely, but not without challenge. Understand there will always be tests. Because it’s a game, and there are rules. To unintentionally exist is the most significant punishment. Find purpose. Remember your true self.

Once our true self is known, no one can be swayed. We reach zeniths beyond doubts and confusion. We’re no longing dancing in the wind because our traction isn’t subjective to the world. It’s vice versa. Your grip on truth is what determines your grasp on the mirage. And some people clench their fists, struggling, squeezing their whole lives, just for a glimpse of a reflection of the truth. They catch its echo as it’s whispered through their own soul.

20th of February (2022)

Acceptance is the most graceful form of letting go. Denial is the most desperate form of holding on. 

By ignoring something, we’re sweeping it under our mental rug. And these things accumulate over time within our unconscious mind. Making peace with the residue of the past and our current situation sends a powerful signal to the universe. The message becomes loud & clear that you’re “liquid.” People in denial have their hands full. Their minds are convoluted from scurrying echoes and the fading reminders of a time that no longer exists. It’s only inside their mind &kept alive by their thoughts. The peaceful are liquid; they have currency to spend and cash in this present moment. But the chaotic are strapped for cash; they are frozen.

We believe that money will solve our problems. But your currency is you. And if you have issues, more money will only cause further delays to the real solutions. The stagnant spirit of cynicism disintegrates the essence of a creator. That’s why there will be a fire of criticism for every spark of creativity. However, there is a simple solution for all of this pressure. We must free up our hands.  

And with our emptied hands, sense the subtleties around us.   

We must embrace the current of change. I know it’s easier said than done. But gain always follows a perceived loss. Just as success always appears firstly as a failure. When this happens, it reminds us that the risk was worth the reward. And that there is no safety or danger, only what we decide for ourselves. Our mindset makes the material around our soul. So let’s make sure to overcome every obstacle and reach the pinnacle of what this universe has to offer!  

21st of February (2022)

You must sacrifice the obscurity of your dreams, in order to realize them. There’s a reason that realization means becoming aware of and making it occur. The admission to this world is through your mind. 

Remember that the next time you question what is stronger, either your free will or some oppressive fate. The demise of potential is the commencement of a decision. 

Sifting through my own ignorances, I found the sunny side of obscurity. Where the faceless shadows gain freckles, and the generic becomes specific. I found totality in solitude and beneficial conversation in the silence. The formless future turns into this manifested moment.   


Perseverance is a revered quality within our tiny worlds. Yet there’s more to life than our collective perceptions, and we need to realize that the preservation of our detrimental behaviours denies our genuine progress.
The universe yearns for flexibility and the cessation of our backtracking.
Witness the transmutation of circumstance as you make inner peace a priority. See the abuse of abandoners become the acclaim of adopters. Bear in mind that through perpetual vigilance, forgiveness comes faster than forgetfulness, and perturbing reminders return to soothing self-respect.

23rd of February (2022)

The machination often goes unnoticed, even though no secrets are spread across the universe. We see a despot, and sure enough, our quivering fingers are pointing out towards them. But are these random hapless events the side-effects of tyranny or the rejection of our own empowerment? I choose to embrace each challenge as a crucible. I prefer to see the blessings even when they’re still in the raw state of being a burden. Anyone can, but not everyone will

24th of February (2022)

Between patience & passion, a raw talent turns into a refined skill.

25th of February (2022)

Deep down—beneath your many layers; the truth prevails. The lies resist honesty & convince to confuse, but wisdom remains a silent pacifist. It will help if you become aware. But few embrace their shadows. When we return to this pure place, untouched by the hands of this world, we are free of thoughts and feelings; everything is true and blissful. And it would be best if you learned to hold this state of mind with open hands & without fear of it blowing away in the wind. When you accept your whole self, there will only be reasons to celebrate. 

26th of February (2022)

Time keeps on slipping. But what is the future? Is it handed to you? And by what? What is this thing that’s dispensing your next scenario? What is it? Is it ground shattering for you to admit your power? Will the thought of you stepping into a position of authority be enough to blow your mind? So many years spent as a circus elephant, now the shackles; splayed open, you’re free but reluctant. In the beginning, your childhood & crucibles were only to get the ball rolling, to forge your unique personality. They were never meant to thwart you. Take note, and see what needs addressing. But ultimately, move on with your life; it’s time to embrace the next phase.

27th of February (2022)

We are all in this together, which is why it is so frustrating when we feel misunderstood. It can be a jarring experience, one that tears the very fabric of our minds apart. A soul aflame can’t do much in this world. The earth, wood, and houses of cards are flammable, but our essence can be whatever we make of it. You’re much more than you give yourself credit. I see you. You are making moves and feeling like you need to prove yourself. But the truth is, take a look around, let it sink in, admire all you’ve accomplished. It is enough. Say it. “I am enough.” Right now, you are surrounded by the evidence of all you’ve done. Be grateful. Seriously, you must. Otherwise, if not, life takes a dark turn. But from the vantage point of gratitude, that same darkness is transmuted. It is shed like the cocoon of a butterfly. Transform your traumas into a silent understanding that hugs your being from the inside outwards.

Last Day of February (2022)

Most people get their visions and their sense of purpose twisted up into a stubborn knot. The essential yarn of our creative-consciousness and the knitting needles of manifestation must have a healthy working relationship. We need to know when to conserve our thread—pooling it on the spool, how to reel it back on—recycling our effort, and how to make the most of every seam we sew.

To lose yourself in the crafting process is performance art. It’s method acting like Jim Carrey as Andy Kaufman. When you develop the proper skill set of a powerful source-creator, It’s unnecessary to immerse yourself in character. If you allow your preoccupation with the material world to seize your yarn, then that neglect of your essence will cause the ultimate sacrifice. We have infinite choices, but eventually, they lead down three paths, the negative, the positive and the neutral. And you can save yourself a lot of strife by answering this question, “Who are you loyal to?”

The ego wants credit; it signs the empty spaces, interrupts the wonder, and robs them of curiosity. Fear, lust, feeling the need to prove others wrong, “what are you loyal to?” Joy, love, knowing what you need to do, “what are you loyal to?” 

The truth within, their lies without, their youth aging, while timeless souls behave in a way that defies their cages.               

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