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March 31st (2021)

The welcoming of change allows us to progress and explore our shadows, leading to material success and world travel.

The confidence of a pretentious person crumbles away at the thought of self-realization. Through honesty, no lie shall endure; even our false comforts will perish. Shedding these cocoons, we call habits and questioning the routines we blindly follow. It doesn’t matter if you’re defiantly wrong, adorned with a crown bejewelled by gems charged with the admiration and jealousy of others. Every empire will fall. All identities will collapse, buckling within, as their lack of completion could never carry them through the test of time. All them depleted souls, withered and fatigued, crawling from the last leg unto soon-to-be wounded knees. You are exhausted from the manifested-realities you chose to inflict upon yourself. You are the creator; cease your blaming and reclaim your authority. 

Abandonment causes us to squirm, but the harder the choice, the more there is to gain. Forget what you’ve chosen to ignore; support the ascension to the pinnacle. Don’t look forward to your destination during the whole journey; instead, take the time to savour this current plateau. It can’t always be an uphill battle; some moments are for resting and preparing our minds for the next steps. This climb is constant; even when we’re stagnant, the delay tests our ambitions, and the earthly reasons leave our true purpose alone. Turning our grateful backs on what the world has already bestowed, we briefly face the apex in our minds. We captivate ourselves with grand visions that allure our interest and propel our capable legs forward. We persist and recharge in the array of seemingly random encounters. Look out for animals crossing our path, boulders falling from overhead and anything else that can go wrong. But dwelling there, in those thoughts, casts a spell over the compromised creators. They fall, unable to continue uphill as their broken hearts betray them.

I am exploring a new world within the shadows of my mind. Although I squandered my vision before dwelling in the past, now I imagine what the best for me is. I do that by letting go of what has set me up to fail. This earth has fought with my best interest, but I no longer choose to see it that way. The temptation of blame and the shame of failure will no longer hold me back. I must face myself; my beliefs are bleeding into my consciousness. It’s a river riddled with impurities and toxins; I cleanse my mind by saying no and speaking up for my true but silent self. I’ve spent breath, and words, on restless ears and absurd reactions that pave no way to my benevolent attractions. Instead, they lead me to distractions, like rundown farmer’s markets on the side of the road. No one comes to this place for the sake of it. Instead, this is the reason for their impediment. No, that is an excuse, and it’s useless to blame. The truth is our issues are like hooks, and you took the bait.  

March 30th (2021)

Self-acceptance ends the ignorance and sobers up the mind from the intoxicating effects of duality and denial.

You are creative-conscious energy. The world around you is attempting to persuade you. It is full of struggles to convince us that we are a product of it, rather than recognizing the truth: you’re the creator in an avatar—this can be hard for most people to grasp. But think of it as a video game. You’re playing as a character, and because you have memories before the game, you have an objective opinion of the virtual-reality. Now compare that with life, having zero awareness of anything before being born; of course, you assume the obvious and loudest answers are accurate. Now factor in your unconscious mind and how most people are suppressing certain aspects of themselves. Those desires, skills, talents, emotions, and abilities are contrived of energy. We limit our overall potential when we neglect any part of our bodies, minds, feelings, or original-self.

What is self-acceptance? Is it painting your mind with the colour of your skin? Is it pride for your culture? Or is it the recognition that all is one, and your true self is beyond duality and the illusions that seem to divide us? Most of us get caught up in the battles. The fights against social injustices, while the actual war wages inside of our unconscious minds. We are so preoccupied with having our daydreams replaced with mundane rituals and worst-case-scenarios that we consider ourselves too busy to imagine a better way. We neglect the truth by choice and bury our heads in work; that doesn’t matter when we need to progress. Whenever we look inward and question our motivations, that is shadow work. Have you ever wondered why you react a certain way to someone’s comments? Or why you feel triggered by certain words? The answer is simple: you have subconscious issues.

All of us have programs (beliefs, cultures, sense of identity, automated responses) installed in our unconscious minds. These programs are the building blocks of our personalities. First, they are required and fundamental, then, later on, they become elective and fine-tuning. When we were generic in the early ages of our development, certain happenings split our potential into a personality. Some children may be coddled and praised, others neglected or abandoned. These prior experiences can be stored without memory and contribute to the foundation of our characters. It’s hard to tell what we’re ignoring about ourselves when we cannot face our shame or fear head-on. The best way to deal with our shadows is to come from a place of self-acceptance. Be gentle with yourself. Love yourself, and genuinely support and encourage your progression. That is how everyone’s inner child would have preferred school. And rather than continuing the injustices, you faced, why not turn over a new leaf today?

March 29th (2021)

Becoming aware of unconscious-blockages to creativity discontinues struggle.

When I was a child, the schooling system attempted to hinder my creativity. They sought to stop my daydreaming and considered my imagination a problem. But the truth is obstacles are opportunities for us to get creative and continue our peace. We choose what we feel, like a powerlifter deciding which weight to lift. He knows what he can handle and what will be too much. The same goes for our deepest feelings. We need to train ourselves to master them. Not repressing the discomfort, but maintaining our peace of mind, while sifting through the details. Glorious days await us, but we need to comprehend and utilize our emotions (love, joy, happiness, peace). We must be able to tolerate sobriety and not be dependent on drugs or alcohol. “Taking the edge off” is unnecessary when you are comfortable and accept every aspect of yourself.

Our inability to solve problems is a common struggle, and it stems from our severance to our true power. You are beyond issues; your essence is perfection. Therefore any matters you encounter will be graced by your presence. If the world is full of problems, then you have many opportunities to create solutions. Struggle vanishes when we stop ignoring ourselves. It’s time to look inward and face the discomfort head-on. Because once it’s gone, it’s gone forever. It’s your choice, struggle each day, fighting for contentment, or drop the battle now. Release any reason for inner conflict by denouncing your concerns. Stop empowering the things that contain you. Be boundless, rise above all containers and limitations. Choose happiness now. Stop making excuses.

When your connection to truth is blocked, it’s a form of suffocation. Except it’s slow and uncertain at first. We experience the world in reverse, shackled by regrets of what we didn’t do, rather than expressing gratitude for what we did. We justify our actions to live with ourselves, to appease our egos. We drink and ingest remedies that cause us to forget about the flame as it grows. We either solve our problems, or we become the problem. Be a constant source of solutions to genuinely help yourself and others. Be benevolent, and lead by example—don’t judge them—don’t reprimand their behaviour. Trying to change the world comes from a lack of gratitude. Stop trying to change, and start wanting the best for yourself and others. The changes are guaranteed, but your progress is up to you.

March 28th (2021)

Emotional Independence is blocked by the reasons you’re struggling.

Freedom can be dangerous without a connection to our source-self. Without truth and honesty, the world is nothing but a void, hungry for our efforts. The majority is programmed to fear destitution, motivated to overwork themselves, and ensure they stay worried about temporal concerns. But the truth is you don’t lack anything. You are perfect, but the problem is the human body is more evident than your intuition. How do we cultivate and maintain our connection to oneness while being surrounded by all of these possibilities? We are almost constantly reminded that we can fail, and our daily achievements get overshadowed by mindless-scrolling through our social media feeds. There are so many negative reminders; how do we overlook them in the same way we neglect ourselves?

Our life is a canvas for us to create. Emotions, in conjunction with our imaginations, grant us the ability to control and manifest our circumstances. Many of us have failed to master our emotional bodies and allow our feelings to get the best of us—this is evident when we blurt out our reactions after our fragile egos are agitated. The entanglement of our unconscious beliefs and our emotional bodies causes us significant troubles and stress. Rather than progressing, we become imprisoned by our convictions. Life can be anything you desire to create, or it can be the fears you project into your prison cell. That is the duality of limitation; creation is the restriction of perfection. Every creation is imperfect, even our thoughts, bodies, and emotions. Self-mastery allows us to remove the negativity entangled with our emotionally-charged-unconscious beliefs; otherwise, we continue to struggle our whole lives.

To create the most satisfying lives, we need to be already happy. If we are yearning for something outside of ourselves, we continue to neglect our issues’ root cause. Our creations restrict our potential, and they are derivative of perfection, completion and contentment. They will never bring us a permanent form of joy or satisfaction. Anything in the world, including the world itself, will always pale compared to the choice to be happy. That is the secret to unlocking your emotional success (happiness) and creating momentum to prosper. You are energizing a “future” with what you are feeling now. You are the one granting this journey possible with your emotions and visions. The canvas needs paint (feelings); it’s up to you what colours you choose to have in your painting (pain or happiness?).

How is the world both conscious and a canvas? How does this all work? The world as you’ve come to know it is a projection of your unconscious mind. Climb to the highest mountain peak of consciousness, raise your frequency, and consider beyond black and white. It is time to neutralize our biases and expand our horizons. The ones who struggle with the truth struggle with their own emotions; they strive to “succeed” in the material world because they strive to be honest with themselves. But it’s a twisted mind game—they will become lost in the labyrinth of their thoughts and beliefs. We need to choose happiness, regardless of our current life circumstances, and love ourselves, irrespective of our earthly-histories. Stop regretting your past, and sever ties with your traditions. To get to the next step, you need to be living in harmony with your benevolence and infinite potential.

March 27th (2021)

The struggle is slowing down your creation.

Between the tried and true, and our communities supporting the new ideas we have to offer, there is the possibility of struggle. We contend with ourselves—moving forward at a fast pace, quicker than we anticipated, how freedom can turn into regrets. The systems that bolster our codependence and persuade us to take comfort in complacency seem to radiate warmth. They support our negative programming and undermine our potential. Like the differences in houses and homes—one has a foundation of concrete, and the other is founded on love. Not all habits lead to personal expansion. The opposite is true; most routines turn our time into a form of imprisonment. Rather than seeing each moment as a brand new opportunity to change, we condemn ourselves to repetition and expectations.

The price of freedom is “risk,” but without risk, there is no reward. Without sacrifice, there is no success. Without fear, the unknown seems less drastic. Rather than fearing the uncertainties of life or filling your mind with worst-case scenarios, you begin to embrace the potential—this is how some are able to manifest at a faster, more prosperous rate than others. It isn’t because of their differences but rather their ability to tune into the frequency of oneness. As we encourage our illusionary self to accept the truth: the world is an illusion, and we are all one, we shed our earthbound fears and emotional blockages. Struggle derives from what blocks our emotional success. In other words, striving to be happy is a paradox that only ends with you clearing out the blockages in the emotional body.

Striving is not natural to the creator or your creativity, which are synonymous. You are creative-conscious energy, and together we built and designed this universe. One of the significant issues we creators have is our emotional blockages. Our emotions are powerful tools for manifesting our imaginations. Worst-case-scenarios become self-fulfilling prophecies, and any emotionally-charged vision has a strong chance of becoming real. We consider success to be the goal and a means to justify our struggle. We embrace resistance as a sort of hazing ritual by the world. However, the way things go for others doesn’t haven’t to be your truth. Their truth is merely facts in the grand scheme of things; the genuine truth often goes unnoticed. It’s within us all, ready to be realized but never heard.

The world around you has convinced us that struggle is essential—a fundamental part of life. Those businesses must strive for an ideal, “aim high,” so that when you land lower than your ideals, we can all commiserate in “reality.” But the truth is clarifying and straightforward. The lies are the one that fills your head with confusion, doubts, and morbid curiosity. When you subdue the ego and allow the arrogance to fade away, eventually, you will see where the mirage begins, and the desert ends. Where are you, your true self, in all of this? That is who we are. Our true self is one, and until we accept that, we all struggle to achieve greatness in this world. All of the dishonest and soulless are devoid of purpose, as they build castles on shifting sands. We are here to enjoy, but also remember that freedom is both a gift and a curse.

March 26th (2021)

Repressed emotions manifest as disagreements in our relationships. Disharmony drives the vicious cycle forward, discouraging creative-self-expression and distracting from the root-cause-trauma. 

We fight others only if we’re already at war with our self. From that initial conflict within, then we project at qualms onto others. We’re painting with our innermost feelings. The things we visualize most often manifest, whether we realize it or not. This begs the question, “are you really psychic, or are you just creating that situation?”

What came first, the chicken or the egg?

The world is the egg. And our understanding is the embryo. We were never fully born, at least not to the extent most assume. We’ve always been in a womb. The first was our mother’s, and the second is this experience. Well, that’s the order that makes sense to us. The one that makes us feel the most comfortable with the real-truth. Which is we were never even born at all. 

Along the path of solitude, things seem personal (traumatic). But none of this is an attack against you. Instead, it’s a challenge—to inspire growth, and propel you forward. That’s why stagnancy is so frustrating, and progress is rewarding. Our individuated-units of consciousness (minds) are based on duality. This means that there are thoughts that benefit us and beliefs that impede our progress. 

So, we keep moving forward, encountering issues, and some don’t get resolved. And we bury the memories, repressing all the emotions involved with that situation. What next? Anybody? What happens? This is where our soul’s journey is impeded, but our personality develops. Most things we recognize about a person and their quirks are usually based on childhood memories (trauma).

Impressions can be good or bad. But they leave an imprint, regardless of how you feel about them. Let’s say you were made to feel inferior for soiling your diaper. And that disgust directed towards you went on for years. That sort of trauma can reinforce a deep-seated shame in perceived levels of filth. This will vary from person to person, but in general, we refer to these people as anal-retentive. 

Now, I’m not a big fan of labels or generalization. This keeps me and science at arm’s length, but I enjoy including all schools-of-thought as much as possible. Not so much to better prove my point, but to exemplify my vision of coexistence. 

Okay, that said. We are moving on in this post, as well as life. We’re “born,” we endure injuries, some heal, some scar, some remain bleeding emotionally and unconsciously. That is what we mainly refer to as trauma. Sure, people with scars can be traumatized too. Still, their biggest qualm is embracing their suffering as a means of identity. 

They say, “scars remind us that the past is real.” But it’s not, and if you do live in the past, you’re not living at all. Life is happening right now. Not then, not in the future. Right now. So you either get present-minded, or you squander your skills, talents and abilities. And what a shame that is to do—wasting your potential on someone or something that will never benefit you. 

Forgive & Forget.

The proof is in the pudding.

Our inward state is unavoidable. Not for lack of effort, though. So many of us have our faces buried in our phones or in mindless conversations—all in an attempt to take our minds off the discomfort. Because the truth is when you’re dissatisfied with your life, that is a blessing in disguise. 

Independence = coexistence

Codependence = disagreement

Let’s take a look at your relationship with your significant other if you have one. If not, no worries, no rush. Take your time, and decide what’s right for you. Doing things just because everyone thinks they’re cool is foolish. Be independent, and from there, your beneficial experiences will prosper. And you will be granted an abundance of opportunities that will further radiate your inner beauty into this world. 

Many of us rush into relationships, and of course, we do. They have a remarkable ability to deliver us a scapegoat—someone to blame for our own shortcomings. This level of codependency breeds resentment and disharmony. Not because of what’s happening outside, but because of what we’re actually avoiding. 

Our traumas or “bad memories,” whatever you refer to them as isn’t the point. The point here is to stop blaming other people for your inability to confront yourself. Be honest with yourself, and you can only ever do that when you admit that this person you’re pretending to be is just an illusion. This whole world is a mirage, trying to play tricks with your mind. Be steadfast and honest with yourself. It takes time, little by little, day by day. But remember above all else that your true self is patient. As long as you’re on the road to realizing wisdom, you are in the right place. 

The universe grants freedoms based on maturity level.

March 25th (2021)

Lack of self-awareness delays happiness.

Identity has become a riddle. Originally it meant sameness. That we are all one, no matter how diverse our individuality, we all have sensed our interconnectedness. It’s impossible to ignore, but you can bury it. You can turn your back on oneness and embrace duality. We’ve seen what this does to the mind. Without self-awareness, there is no peace, no joy, no happiness. As a matter of fact, America is founded on the pursuit of these things. In actuality, it perpetuates the inner void and outer havoc.   

Why does the world around you seem to lead you down rabbit holes of misinformation? Why are there so many doors that guide you to the same dead end? The truth is simple, but it’s the lies you tell yourself that make everything complicated.

Why can’t you be happy right now, right this second? And if you can, do it. Stop requiring accomplishment or feeding your ego. Yeah, that’s right, this world gave you an ego to control you. We don’t like to think of the universe as sentient; that thought is disturbing to the sleeping majority.

Consciousness and awareness are thrown around like synonyms, but your current level of understanding is your awareness. Your consciousness is everything that you know, including what you have forgotten. It’s like consciousness is the whole library, and awareness is just the page you’re on. Of course, you can raise your frequency and enhance your awareness, but it will always be limited by thoughts and restricted by your mind.  

We are aware of what a forced-thought-stream has fed our minds. What we pick up on is added to our awareness; what we’re unable to process is repressed by the subconscious. It’s challenging enough to navigate this illusion with our bounded understanding; it’s even more difficult finding the truth beyond our shadow. 

We tell ourselves stories to justify our inadequacies. Most people don’t need to be told what comparing yourself to others does. They know it; we know it. We understand that feeling like an imposter in your own life, at your job, during your pastime can drive a person to throw away what brings them joy. It can make you irrational, to say the least. So we construct an alibi—our reason for being incompetent. 

When we feel challenged by our insecurities, we experience our own potential; in other words, our illusionary-self reunites with our true-self. The process of expanding our current level of understanding to a new realm is uncomfortable. And between things is the ego, your unconscious identity attempting to initiate reactions, to preserve its self-image. When you get defensive, you are being challenged to face your true self. It may feel not reassuring, but now so is being shaken up from a glorious slumber. It doesn’t matter how great or real the dream feels; that’s all it was: fantasy.  

You can be happy now because you’re the creator of your life. Beyond counterproductive labels, birth-given names, and earthbound identities, all is one. So, stop creating reasons to divide yourself amongst others further. Stop seeking, and start knowing thyself.  

I believe in you. I know you can do it. You can effectively restart right now. You can change your mind and raise your frequency. It’s time to pay attention to what you knew all along.    

March 24th (2021)

Born into a world and torn from splendour. The perfection is pixelated and disassembled. Unbeknownst to us, our progress is imminent, and the journey of life has already begun. Trauma, tantrums, time-outs, tit-for-tat, suddenly we’re less generic and closer to unmatched.

The world forged your character; you merely went along for the ride. Why do you fear nightmares? When you’ve experienced death thousands of times. From the nipple to the thumb, loving mommy’s hugs to alone on a bus. If it were up to us, we’d never have left the warmth, but then again, nature needs to run its course.

One part student, one part master, it’s effortless to forget the latter, and you’re rebellion doesn’t matter. Don’t sit down with your hand raised, awaiting a chance to debate; deep down, you’re agitated and even deeper, you’re uncaged.

Liberate your talents, allow this current recession to fade. You are like the sun rays. Remember to radiate. Otherwise, the clouds shall have their way. Embrace the change. Surrender all fear, and exchange it for cheerful optimism. For you never know what this world will offer in the form of a challenge.

Some go to war; others battle within. Enough of the small talk, let’s stop huffin’ and puffin’ out our chests. Let’s look beyond undressing with our eyes and discover what exactly it is inside that is impeding our benevolent design. The artist expresses and represses—the creator manifests and digests. I call upon my fellow authors to write the stories of their lives. With vigour, the promise of fortune and serenity to thrive.

I hope, but prefer to joke, raising morale for a spell, and mending what broke, but which can be fixed. Like wishing with a lamp, you didn’t know to itch. Forget the past, forgive your dad, learn to laugh at what once spat in your face. I trace back every uncomfortable feeling to a place. The taste takes shape in your shadow, swallowing what makes you grow. Not only has the process slowed, but it also’s between a rock thrown in anger and stones in the liver.

Cleanse yourself, undam the river.

March 23rd (2021)

Fantasy squeezed by fear—It can hardly breathe but doesn’t disappear. Our bodies can never leave—the tapestry woven around ovaries and emotions—around our hormones and blemished faces, like chemists scared by experiments or dentists without preparation.

Together we mourn, apart we scorn. Our heart, in parts, is hidden as the squirrel does with cherished-acorns. Has it perished? Or returned to enrich the earth. Our souls empower the dirt, dismissing death as a rebirth.

We strive, derive, simply imply our merit. But what is it you rarely cherish? What is it you barely admit? Your love, caged like doves for a magic act, don’t pretend, with that rehearsed sour disposition, this is your savage ritual, have laughed at your digital mission.

Never physical, aether’s more mystical. Connections but no distance, despite your insistence of understanding, the truth is more outlandish than one’s demanding. Off your knees, kind sir, your demur is unsure of itself. Why rebel when you can misspell “know.” Now, on your own, you know it’s won. As one the fun begins, when kids are re-visited by the consciousness, they’ve limited. But are you derivative? Or are you the original transmission in fifty million instances?

To your feet, so you can see, that dreams begin within, but the world is not without. Pout and shout to get out the now audible doubt. But how’s the drought? Wow’s the answer to receiving the gift of knowledge. But is it a gift when you’re the one who bought it? Offer it to yourself. Hover-over doubts, they’re dense, and your success’s suspense is like a good friend awaiting your weekend call. Don’t fall for when they drop the ball; afterall, it was never even there at all.

Remember, the things you want to do, aren’t your master. Don’t be a slave to your own ambition. It’s time to add a little grace to your performance. Show more finesse when the world wants to stress. Never forget you’re the creator of your life, and anything is possible for you. There are some strict rules, but most can be bent. Get creative, and express your unique ability to excel.

If the opportunity for travel arises, take it. You deserve a getaway.

March 22nd (2021)

The mission of self-mastery is often sidetracked by lust. All of the various forms of hunger corrupt our ambitions. It’s imperative we keep our feet on the ground and not the other way around. The last thing we need is the animal dictating our behaviour. That is our main hindrance: pleasure and its royalties.

Like a trickledown effect, but only the pleasure gains your wealth, while you’re left out in the cold…again. Why do we never learn, as we burn our hands on the cauldron, concocting denial and harmless fantasies that impede our progress, and stew our shame? Bitter-sweet truth, like bagpipes at a funeral, will it grant us closure, or will it pester us?

Finding peace is a paradox. It is directly related to strength. And you don’t look for strength, do you? No, you forge it. From forcing weakness out over time, strength is the product of patience, hard work and honesty. But what strips away our discipline? What causes us to abandon ourselves?

There’s an awkward and absurd custody battle between the versions of earth and its burdened-creators. The animal wants the soul, like a ball it can’t have. It is domineering if left unchecked. This: we can never forget. Be a ballet dance in a minefield, tiptoe, pirouette, and manoeuvre through the dangers, like an ibex climbing up the wall of a mountain or an empath avoiding sensitive subjects.

How do you increase inner strength and navigate these murky waters? How do you prevail without failure? Strength is a progressing product, not a fixed state. It is indicative of your current level of understanding and the health of your relationship with your true self. When we are unfaithful with ourselves and have our asynchronous, earthly affairs, we compromise the flow of truth and our honesty with it.

The truth is worthless to a fabricated world build on a foundation of dirt rather than soil. The souls born into it are rich and consumed by their own creature comforts. The toil required to travel out of harm’s way is found in the space between labour and vacation. However, most are content with their limitation compared to the atrocities present in foreign nations by programs that further reduce the chance of any soul’s salvation.

All that is well and dandy, but what do we need to achieve a beneficial difference? Numero uno, my good ma’am or sir, first and foremost, we need to accept our character and its shadow. Detach from the discomfort to turn it into hor d’oeuvres—a tiny snack before the primary mission of switching visions into reality.

I’m sorry, momma.
I never meant to hurt you.
I never meant to make you cry, but tonight.
I’m cleanin’ out my closet.

I am independent and determined to succeed.
I am exploring why I struggle with self-doubt.
I am tolerant of my shortcomings.
I am ready for new ways of doing things.
I am clearing out all blockages to my original ambition.
I am full of zest for life, change, and success.
I can do this; I know I can, and it’s time for my greatness and beauty to prosper and flourish.
I am the master of this animal body.
I clear out all urges, especially lust.
I make my decisions based on the truth.
I am honest within myself.
I am accepting my whole self.
I am diligent when it comes to my needs.
I am making my dreams into a reality.
I remember what I want.
I focus on my purpose for living.
I have the power to change.
I am confident in who I am.

March 21st (2021)

Being human comes with extremes. We can be selfish, cooperative, creative, or rigid. We have freedom, family, wisdom, and businesses. We also have compassion, infinite potential, truth and denial. I’m not looking to overwhelm you. Instead, it’s my intention to ease your thinking process.

When somebody we know is going through what we’ve already experienced, we can be inclined to help them. This is an admirable quality to most people, and that’s why many businesses strive to appear charitable. It’s also why so many CEOs want us to perceive them as philanthropists. Inevitably, as we succeed in the material world and become financially prosperous, we realize what’s actually essential: being benevolent.

However, prematurely donating our time and resources impedes our own progress. First, we require due diligence. We can get sidetracked by our empathy and imprison the journey we’re currently experiencing. Not all compassion is benevolent; sometimes, we can actually harm ourselves and put our growth at risk. We begin “suffering together” (the meaning of compassion) and encourage new challenges we wouldn’t otherwise have. Now instead of us on our own path, we’re divided, each foot on another road. Our minds can be split in two, and that’s when we become indecisive, confused, and mistrustful.

If you’re someone who tends to emotionally link with others and offer your help, remember: focus on your own journey. This is not being selfish but soulful. The graduation of generosity is abundance and detachment from duality.

I am independent.
This is my journey, and I use my time wisely.
I am creative-conscious energy.
I am the master of my emotions.
I am liberating myself from my own expectations.
I am helpful to myself and then others.
I shed the ego, peeling it away and subduing it.
I am brave when facing myself.
I am raising my frequency.
Everyone is responsible for themself.

Sometimes it’s just easier to live a lie. To deny the painful facts that we carry. But you see, they can only harm you when you repress them. Awareness is the great liberator. Because it’s like a bird, it doesn’t just sing songs; it moves on. We’re constantly being beckoned by our innermost thoughts. To become aware of our whole story and to complete this chapter of our life.

When we grieve, we carry the facts without accepting the truth. Nothing in this experience is permanent, except the energy that everything is made of, and that should pacify all qualms. We’re born, we learn reasons to love people despite their expiry dates, and eventually, we grieve. Because we became attached to moving objects, despite the promise.

It can be a tough pill to swallow. But that’s why waking up is uncomfortable. There are many reasons to stay in bed and sleep through life. But there is only one purpose to manifest. And from that derives willpower, balance, discipline and persistence. If you continue living your life needing to remind yourself of reasons to continue, eventually they will wear off, as does all motivation. Because it’s earthbound. We are infinite and timeless. These bodies are illusions, and these thoughts are restrictions.

You are beyond awareness; you are conscious-possibility. Become complete by accepting your whole self. Stop telling half-truths (facts) and start shining a light on your shadow (beliefs).

I am focusing on what I want to create.
I am eliminating all concerns from my mind.
I embrace grief and know it’s actually gain in disguise.
When I “lose” something, I “gain” something else.
I am removing my emotional and etheric attachments from objects.
I realize I was grieving because I was giving my power away.
I am neutral.
I am compassionate with myself and listening to what I really need right now.
I am harmonizing my body, mind, emotions and soul.

March 20th (2021)

Believe it or not, but you are steadily deciding. Therefore the casual excuse, “I had no choice,” is dishonest. The truth is: it can always be assumed that you did have a choice, and the consequences are inevitable. And sometimes, that chain reaction is more than we anticipated.

Speaking of expectations, how often does your imagination become corrupted by memories? Are you able to explore possibility without visiting the past? When closing your eyes, is it like it’s happening all over again, stuck on a perpetual loop?

Eyes closed or open, you have got to know by now that projecting your past experiences onto your current life circumstance is not helping by any means. You are free. The past shackles your potential, like the walls of a labyrinth attempting to imprison the air—you can only hold yourself back.

We have all been through traumatic experiences or at least endured detrimental moments. Early in life, it was a part of our development, a necessary evil, if you will. Bear in mind there is no such thing as good or evil, only what inspires your creativity and what strips it away.

Congratulations to the creator, willingly recreating themself. That is the hardest, most challenging work, facing within and shining a light on our shadow. Many have tried and failed; others merely pretend they have succeeded. Rather than continuing and actually prevailing, they set up shop amidst their own progress and begin peddling their half measures to the desperate.

Truth is not a gradient. It’s not like religion or philosophy. It’s not up for debate or in need of any clarification. As a matter of fact, the most honest person is probably silent right now. Reflecting on what they need to do, not what they need to say to convince others. Ask yourself why do you feel the need to be persuasive and win an argument? Why are you even debating in the first place?

Let us address the root cause of our temporal qualms. Blaming the dispirited for your problems is low-hanging fruit. Every time you encounter that urge to blame others, shut-up, and take a look at yourself. Ask yourself, “how have I contributed to this situation?” Honestly, it’s time to pick a vision. Is it source or shadow? Are you ready to move on? Are you prepared to do what is required to recreate your life from the ground up? What’s your foundation, your identity, who are you?

I am embracing personal breakthroughs.
I am abandoning all lies and old ways that are no longer beneficial.
I am connected with my true self.
I enjoy re-programming my unconscious mind.
I am reliable and creative.
I inspire others with my self-expression.
I am optimistic.
I am independent and in control of my thoughts.
I am focusing on what I want.
I am expressing what I have repressed.
I have the freedom to change and do what I want.
I choose to be happy.
I am interested in the people closest to me.
I choose to have a great sense of humour.
I am safe wherever I go.
I let go of my need for repetition and routine.
I am liberated by the possibilities.
I know positive changes are coming.
I am opening myself up and realizing what I need to do.

March 19th (2021)

Many of us look to the world for answers. But our minds are rich with wisdom. It may even be a secret to you. Rarely does the average citizen connect the dots between their finances and unconscious issues. Yet, that beautifully woven tapestry of belief, emotion and material is manifestation.

Looking around, it seems things are not going as you’d prefer. The seeds haven’t germinated, despite your rigorous watering and sentiments. The elegant cursive writing turns to scribbles and scratches, as teardrops blur the meanings.

Feelings that reflect apparent appearances only contribute to the void within us. Rather than focusing on what’s outside of you, look inward. This period is not for relishing accomplishments but for investigating our own mysteries. These challenges require us to ask ourselves new questions and disregard our communities’ demands. It’s time for a brief artistic-sabbatical.

Along the way, negative people have tarnished neutral traits. We have been burned by expectations and wrestled with determination. Still, above all else, we have experienced agitation after patience wears thin. That’s the importance of endurance right now. Without stamina, pushing our persistence forward, we discontinue. The same goes for our patience; if our tolerance diminishes before its promises are fulfilled, our peace is sliced by the dual-edge-of-ambition.

At the heart of this nutritious thought is the fact that inner work yields physical results. Sifting through your thoughts on money, work, and ambition will drive you forward in new ways. You will shed your fears and express yourself in styles you never thought were possible.

Patience during these stages is critical, for abundance, health, and prosperity are the promises. This is not a time of wondering, “what if?” but rather an opportunity to ask yourself, “what value am I providing society?”

I am studying my innermost thoughts and beliefs.
I am solving all of my puzzles.
I am patient with myself and others.
I am persistent and working on myself.
I am in control of my ambitions.
I am creative and expressing my individuality.
I am inspirational, independent and cooperative.
I am fearless.
I am providing long-lasting value to society.
I am ready to realize better ways of doing things.
Money is flowing to me.
I am financially prosperous.
I am assured, assertive and balanced.
I have a mind for business, and I am an excellent judge of character.

March 18th (2021)

Our potential is infinite, yet these obstacles entangle our emotions. From that initial trapping, we spiral out of control. Our confidence; crippled from comparing ourselves to the seemingly more established and successful. Our true challenge is not imitation but independence.

I’ve seen my fair share of emotional displays linked to expectations. Tantrums are thrown by children, and even the older children we call adults. Still, nevertheless, they lack the maturity to acquire the precious knowledge of truth.

When our earthly pursuits, possessions and positions gain our focus over intuitive-consideration, then the world has dominated our essence. In times of burnout and strife, we must remind ourselves of what’s truly important. And that is not temporal things, be honest with yourselves, and always come back to your centers.

That’s what strength is; not just resilience but willpower. It’s not enough to master the animal urges and emotionally-charged ambitions; we need to manifest our best interests. We are delivering new ways to live by exploring our imaginations.

I realize that reasons lead to excuses.
I am connecting with my original truth.
I am focusing on what brings me joy.
I am compassionate with myself and others.
I have infinite potential.
I am the master of my emotions.
I am independent, charismatic and wise.
My inner strength can triumph over any material, thought or emotion.

This is the dawn of a new era! Now the time has arrived for you to balance your profession and passions. Freedom must remain uncompromised; otherwise, the skies turn to rooves. We need to keep our minds open but focused, connected to truth, while ignoring distractions.

I am fearless.

March 17th (2021)

The artist abhors orders, cynics deny the truth, and rebels empower their opponents.

It is time to know thyself. Suffering is not an option for the truth. The illusion only challenges itself. You can become detached and realize where the dream ends, and the real begins. To successfully express yourself, you must put in the work.

Now you are healing your trauma. Removing each splinter with the sword of your awareness. Its point is safe within the grasp of benevolence. As long as we remain patient with ourselves. We can attain anything in this life. Patience is what persistence is contrived of, and that in combination with hard work can yield any result. Good or bad, all depending on your mindset.

Freedom to experience and express comes with duality, as do all. How the liberty to make choices can confine us in a prison of indecision. Through dark times, and memories we must persist towards triumph over defeatist spirits and discouraging entities. For endurance is not success’ guarantee, but the only way out.

Keep your gaze on promising prospects, like the morning sun casting away the transitional dew drops. We, too, shed tears in moments of uncertainty and certain despair alike. Nonetheless, change is always relevant, and our emotions or mindset can hinder our progress. Rather than poking our exposed nerves like bears, let’s bear in mind that cares are hazardous to our health.

Take every worldly concern and place it into a ball of paper. Toss that in the trash, and liberate your mind of unnecessary burdens. Look around, all around. Stop giving your focus away to the infuriating, drama-inducing reminders of chaos, struggle, and strife. You’re above the pandering to the sentimental masses. An unsettling reminder that the defiant majority is sleepwalking in a minefield.

It’s not enough to rebel against them. Of course, that’s a start. It’ll get your body in the right place, but your mind is still focused on the obscene. We must divert all of our eyes away from what impedes us unless it’s within us. Then, of course, pluck it out, like an eagle catching a salmon. Remove your traumas from the unconscious-waters of your mind.

This is the summoning of your independence. Express your prolonged suffering once and for all. No longer will you carry it or indulge in it. This is the lesson of self-care and learning how to nurture your needs. You are becoming aware of the shifting sands beneath your feet. Now turn them into honest and empowered foundations that support you and your manifestations.

Remember, the canvas is as honest as the artist.

I am patient with myself.
I am healing my trauma.
I am focusing on what I want.
My foundation is truth.
I am self-reliant.
I love my life.
I am moving on and having new experiences.

March 16th (2021)

Life doesn’t have to be full of drama and conflict—it can be fun and exciting. We don’t have to be serious all the time. As a matter of fact, I know it’s equally important to take a day off and do your favourite things, as it is to work the rest of the week.

We need breaks, even from ourselves. Sometimes it’s exhausting to be stuck in a routine, to be predictable. Your friends know what you’re going to say; there are no surprises anymore. It’s just what you did yesterday and the day before, and the day before that, and so on.

Then all of a sudden, something happens. Someone says something, or things don’t go according to plan; there’s a choice to make. And it’s not one you’ve made recently, so you can’t zone out through it. You really need to weigh your options and be considerate.

You realize it was easier not paying attention. But it’s refreshing and reinvigorating the joy of life. It’s okay not to know how things will work out and wander from our comfort circles because all you need to know is when your honour yourself, everything will turn out fine.

Even in relationships, these secret feelings can sneak to the surface. Not unlike blades of grass reaching for the sun through cracks in the concrete. When you feel criticized, what do you do? Is it a predictable reaction? Or a progressive response? Your blindspot has overshadowed anything that you consider entirely positive.

All qualities have a duality. Loyalty is stubborn; patience has wasted time, and persistence said no to potential opportunities. We all argue about life, but one thing we can agree on is all things will end—even our negative patterns. Especially our negative patterns, because when they cease to be then, we can begin living fully.

The healing of our trauma is the release of nightmares. When we eliminate any reason to feel fear in the first place, then we start learning to thrive as this new person. We empower ourselves through embracing the completion of these life chapters. From childhood to high school, some things happened to you that you’re ready to let go of. I believe in you; I know you’re prepared to live your best life yet.

I realize my negative patterns.
I observe my repressed feelings as they are about to be expressed.
I am the master of my emotions.
I choose my responses with consideration.
I am aware of everything going on inside of me.
I am ready to make life-changing decisions.
I welcome clarity and temperance into my life.

March 15th (2021)

We sacrifice ourselves when we’re not sure what to do. There is a perceived-worth of martyrdom programmed in our unconscious minds. Believing that selflessness leads to redemption, many of us donate our times and energies to things that never benefit us. After relinquishing our powers to thankless charities, some of us learn where we went wrong. Others continue to abandon their true self and discover that one shouldn’t be “selfless” but benevolent.

All is one. To be selfless is to be disconnected from your true self (source). When we are in harmony with oneness, our awareness naturally rises. We begin to realize the folly of our ways. How something once considered sacred can actually be poisonous. 

Love can inspire both benevolence and selfless gestures. The main difference between these offerings is clear as day. On one side, the contribution within a relationship is benefiting everyone involved. By respecting one’s threshold, we honour what we’re able to offer without burning ourselves out. Love is an action, an affirmation, an emotion, a belief, and energy. How are you spending your love? 

Ask yourself, “In what ways am I neglecting my partner’s needs?” Now, keep in mind, it’s your responsibility to take care of yourself. We must be our own parents.

I forgive my mother.

She always did her best, and that’s enough for me.

I forgive my father.

He had his reasons & struggles, and I am grateful for what I learned from him. 

Love has been equated to roses, and love does have thorns. This usually is associated with the beliefs we hold regarding love. These beliefs typically have expectations of what our partner is supposed to act like, the type of things you do + say, + experience together. But this isn’t fair to your partner’s individuality. It’s essential to find a balance between each other’s beliefs, and that’s where love blossoms. 

Life is a learning experience, and so is love. It’s about being interested in your partner enough to know how to support them. Keep your love pure, everyday clean it like laundry. What is the washing machine of love? How do I keep it from being spoiled by resentment? 

I love my partner. 

I welcome their whole being. 

I love myself.

I keep myself happy. 

I love our journey together.

I am nurturing each other’s beauty, 

and I am encouraging a peaceful canvas

for us to paint our dreams. 


March 14th (2021)

Life has many reasons to get excited. It also has excuses to get upset. But it is particularly frustrating when our excitement for life becomes the reason we’re upset. I find myself requiring to smother my ambition. Sometimes it feels as if I have a fire inside of me. I do my best to keep myself in check. Respectfully telling my wanting self to “calm down.”

We are all the masters of our happiness. It is critical to our well-being not to focus so much on the world. Even though it can be tempting and confusing to look away. I have found peace in introversion. Creating distance between my urge to voice my opinion and my peace of mind. Liberating ourselves of inner conflict opens up our potentials to neglected truths. 

Everyone requires silence to make sense of what happened. We need to reflect on the hidden reason for events. The people that believe in luck are waiting for opportunities. The knowers of truth are ready to return to the world and finally live. After entering the silence, repeatedly, they have cultivated an inner knowing and connection to source over time. 

The world favours the bold. The audacious become auspicious. Having a zest for life and a grasp on truth equates to material success. It’s not enough to merely yearn to manifest our ideas. We need to work and grow along the way. The introverts know this; they have invested in their progress above all else. Prioritizing knowledge, wisdom and truth, they return to the world with gifts for the overzealous.   

Excitement has a dual-edge. It can corrupt peace of mind. This is when it’s essential to keep our minds in harmony with contentment. Various pangs of hunger can compromise our original intentions. Just remember energy is never hungry. And that’s what you truly are: creative-conscious energy. Don’t let your costume fool or disrupt you. Also, enjoy the experience of having a body, emotions and thoughts. Understand that challenges are meant to be enjoyed, obstacles surmounted, and sages need a zest for life.     


March 13th (2021)

Being a woman should not come with the compromise of masculinity. All human beings require an inner balance to achieve their higher purpose. As our eyes wander, we perceive extremes and injustices. We witness the evidence of a world that we unknowingly created. And that’s why we must unite these extremes within us. 

Until we accept our whole self, we will be subjected to the repressed being expressed all around us. Learning to see the beauty in ugliness is a superpower. And essential as an artist and the creator of your life. 

Although it may be difficult at first, it is encouraged by our true self, and eventually, our persistence strengthens. Our benevolent wills are unimpeded, as long as we have our best interest at heart. In the nascent stages of our growth, we may be challenged by our shadow selves. Neglected and ignored, this portion of our self yearns to be realized and accepted. This is where it is important to forgive your mother and father. And a time to take on the responsibility of being your own parent and support system.  

The feminine energy is responsible for nurturing you, and the masculine energy is protective. Whenever we either or are imbalanced, we will notice the negative characteristics inherent in both forces. Feminity can be possessive, neurotic, and dependent. At the same time, masculinity can be violent, domineering, and toxic.

Bear in mind that this has very little to do with your gender but the balancing of duality. And that is the power of neutrality. Being detached from impulses of the earthly realm and establishing genuine independence. We are all each responsible for ourselves, but the feminine energy love to nurture others. This is harmless, as long as we neutralize our cares and concerns with consideration. 

Consideration is fearless and a decision-making process that involves our connection to source. When we are balanced on all levels: physically (health), mentally (manifesting our dreams), emotionally (peace), unconsciously (inner beauty), and our soul (creativity), then we will thrive.

Every day we must cleanse ourselves of impurities and derivatives that do our creativity a disservice. When we are rebels to what bothers us, we are furthering the shunning of our shadows. Instead, when something agitates you, understand that this discomfort stems from sensitivity. We become sensitive and take things personally because our shadow wants to return to our light. We are all one, but the bodies separate us from each other. And our minds divide us even further.

Start today by acknowledging your shadow. What is something about yourself that needs encouragement? I want you to bring your shadows to the light. When’s the last time you hugged your inner child? You are beautiful and full of beauty.               

March 12th (2021)

You are preparing yourself for success. You never really know what’s in store completely; that would defeat the purpose of going on an adventure. And that’s what life is, after all. It’s good to take breaks and breathers. Often time life stirs up so much within us that the options become distractions.

Don’t let that happen. Stay in control. Your mind is a powerful tool, enabling growth or postponing progress. We need to remember who’s calling the shots. In what ways are you giving your power away? Are you emotional? Does the past bring tears to your eyes? Things don’t happen by chance alone. They manifest from your feelings. So those memories are leading you down a labyrinth. 

You can’t let others’ mental imprints hinder you. You’re your own person. You aren’t even this person, but you know what I mean. Your skin ticket to this experience, your individuated unit of consciousness, is your responsibility. Its health is the measure of your understanding. The world wants you running in place—like a hamster wheel, in a cage, under the supervision of your hindered self. 

The average person expects terrible things to happen. They are so convinced that they unconsciously create their expectations. It’s okay to retreat from the chaos. The order comes from design, creativity with intent, and purpose. The disorder is also designed but with the specific intention to confuse you.

Don’t let your purpose become something designed to confuse you. Stay steadfast in your approach. Remind yourself to be healthy, that you’re dreaming, you’re peaceful, full of beauty, and that you are creative-conscious energy. 

Only you can contain or limit yourself. You are pure potential personified. Allow others to love and appreciate you. You are worth celebrating. You are worthy of love and every success you desire. 

I am healthy.

I am manifesting my dreams.

I feel peaceful.

My inner world is full of beauty.

I am increasing my creativity.       


March 11th (2021)

Dishonesty plays its role in our lives, having its way with us until it’s finished and we’re all disappointed. Why do we lie to ourselves? Is it to delay our inevitable growth? From fearing the changes to being a victim of confusion, there are many reasons to be in denial. 

Blame is an almost constant presence in this life. I see it and have felt it (the desire to lie to myself.) To hold my impetuous qualities upon a pedestal and preserve them by diverting my fury to another. Emotions come and go, but the truth is steadfast. We have a lot to remember before making the right moves to eliminate these traumatic burdens we’re clinging to.

I want to change; I believe we all want to improve in some regard. Even as a person or the creator of our life. But it’s in these moments we veer away from that much-needed path and opt for self-trickery and willingly deceive ourselves. Do I feel bad about it? No, and that’s why ignorance is blissful, and awakening causes us initial stress. It’s easier to bury your head than to face the music.

Emotions are the easiest way for our energy to escape us. Fleeting and impossible to grasp, we must master them without indulging in their intoxicating aromas. How effortless it is to go from being pompous to bashful. We’re all just one life lesson away from becoming someone new. Why hold on to what has never worked in the past, for the off-chance it may work soon. The truth is hinting that it’s time for moving on.

I could focus on what I don’t know. But then that sets me up for failure and fear. Instead, I’ll lend my mind’s eye towards my ideals and flourish from the euphoria. There is always certainty in us all, but it comes from letting go of material dependency for our peace, knowledge, and power to radiate.            


March 10th (2021)

Many of us are obsessed with what’s already here. Like fashion, magazines, fancy cars or houses, or cars that are so expensive, you can’t afford to live anywhere else, so you have to sleep in your vehicle. Material success seems to be the goal. At least that’s how it appears going by their social media feeds. 

Feeds like farm animals gathering to ingest mysterious pellets. They’re not sure what they’re consuming, but that’s alright because ignorance is bliss. Free food / free looks into the lives of people that seem important. But are they really? What about them is calling out to you? Do you think they have some sort of secret about this life to offer you? 

I don’t think so. Not to be rude, but I think some people are like the human equivalent of a bag of potato chips. Are they delicious? Sure. They’re good at holding our focus with their temporary appeal, but eventually, the grease burns your stomach. And it creeps up into your throat, and before you know it, you’re jonesin’ for some real, honest, nutritious food. 

These potato chip people don’t know any better. It’s not their fault that you’re watching them. You just can’t look away. They seem to have it all figured out. I mean, look at their houses; they’re mansions! They have more bedrooms than I have family members. 

At some point, though, all of this hoopla just isn’t enough anymore. Because it doesn’t satisfy our real goal, it doesn’t quench our true purpose. Now, I think the actual living part of life begins after stepping away from the bologna. You know, the malarkey. When we turn our backs on it, it vanishes from our awareness and frees us up to more rewarding thoughts and knowledge. 

Like all that information you’ve gathered, keeping up with these narcissistic sociopaths and their less-than-charismatic family members, how is that helping you grow as a person? Or maybe it’s just a competitor inside you. Stop fighting yourself by indulging in human potato chip people. Or, I don’t know, keep doing it until you die. They’re both ways to live your life. On the one side, you actually accomplish things, manifest your dream life, clear out the unconscious blockages, and sever ties with material obsession and secular desire. But on the other hand, you can be perpetually thirsty from drinking the saltwater around this island of empty promises and anti-climatic revelations.        


March 9th (2021)

Often, we admire ambitious individuals. Even if their motives are shady, we still find a way to paint them with a rosy brush. This world is hectic, and the overworked, exhausted, mindless multitaskers are considered blessed. Their ability to ignore their own best interest in contrast to the demands of a soulless, soul-sucking machine is noteworthy!

Hats off to them. 

Now out of these extremely-ambitious individuals, many are at war with themselves. As a matter of fact, that’s why they bury their heads in work like an office-ostrich. It’s to distract themselves from the inner chaos, like a perpetually unchecked inferno ravishing any prospect of peace or joy. That’s the dream, baby, keeping yourself distracted long enough so that you can die without ever working on yourself. 

So, of course, as time goes on, all of our inner issues become surfaced problems. Trauma manifests as insecurities and worries turn into realities. It makes living with other people very hard. If only there were no people to live with, but there is a world full of them, so let’s get our acts together. 

We’re noticing that our outer conflicts reflect our inner turmoil, our constant struggle with ourselves. It could be anything. Maybe you battle yourself over your sexual preferences, or maybe you condemn yourself for your skin colour. Or perhaps you like the Kardashians; whatever it is, don’t beat yourself up, love yourself. I know it can be challenging, especially if you like the Kardashians. Still, the sooner you accept yourself and your tastes, the quicker you can stop lashing out at the world. 


March 8th (2021)

Don’t let yourself be diluted by your humanity. That may be confusing because we associate our humanity with understanding and kindness. But what I mean to say is keep the animal in check. Control your urges, and maintain your contentment even though your desires are telling you otherwise.

When does being human just get in the way of everything you truly want to do? Hunger, Habits, sleep are all very time-consuming but are also a part of life. How much time do we spend fighting nature, just for it to inevitably win? And that’s a depressing experience. 

We need to protect our energy. Without zest, or enthusiasm life gets mundane. It’s one thing after another, especially when you’re not dealing with your problems’ root issues. 

So what steals your sunshine? No matter what limits you in this life, it’s all a figment of your imagination. We need to out-create our problems. You need to be ready to say “no” to the human and “yes” to the truth. I think we feel comfortable in our depressions. I think it’s easier to just go with the current, even if it’s an undertow—pulling you under. Part of us rejoices because we have some new material that we get to complain about. 

But that’s not you. It’s not real. None of this is real. You are somewhere else. Maybe it’s not even about time or space, but merely being present now. Let go of the pressures and deadlines; time can be severely stressful. Making us feel behind like we haven’t done enough. But what is enough? Really? How much do we need to do to feel achieved? 

When does the hunger go away? Everyone keeps stuffing their faces with goals, dreams, pastimes, & hobbies, but when do they have a fast? When is it time to take a vacation from the appetite itself? And then, from a rested, centred place, we can begin to decipher the differences between striving and thriving. 


March 7th (2021)

We begin to think we have things figured out along the course of life, and then we get a wake-up call. It’s especially jarring to be woken up when you were dreaming that you were already awake. That experience can feel like a nightmare in itself. But we pull through, we may feel a teensy bit uncomfortable, but it’s totally worth it when you change for the better. 

I was underselling the discomfort. It can be really uncomfortable. Seriously, all kinds of terrible feelings can flee to the surface, moments of shame, memories you’ve tried to repress. Still, to progress, you need to let go of what you’re holding on to. Stagnant emotions are like poison. They fester and breed contempt, the worst kind; they damage your relationship with your true self. 

It took me a long time to learn forgiveness. I mean, I grew up with the concept, but the world’s most common form of forgiveness isn’t even genuinely forgiving. It has stipulations. I have had so many friends, even family members, who share their thoughts about forgiving. But what they’re really doing is repressing their true feelings, masking them with fake smiles, and waiting to be disappointed again. 

Our unconscious mind can have a will of its own. So this form of “forgiveness” is really just self-sabotage in disguise. It’s like being a fly and surrounding yourself with spiders. You can do it, all the power to you, living your life, and calling your own shots. But why spend your life complaining about cobwebs and competitors? Why not make peace with the duality of your character?  

The animal body has instinct—built-in reactions like driving a car. The person in the passenger seat keeps pressing random buttons. Sometimes you don’t know what they do until they’re pressed. People love to poke the bear. It doesn’t make you interesting. And don’t make a career out of it. You can better, so don’t be a circus act for them, be the ringmaster of your own life.   

Sometimes we do have the answers, but we’re still hesitating. That’s why I’m grateful for what I’ve been through. And I find warmth in uncertain moments, like embarking on the snowy frontier of Alaska for the first time. During a blizzard, and it’s so cold, you can’t even see. That’s how most of us experience the unknown. These animal bodies hijack our best interest. They prefer habits and creature comforts. But deep down, we’re beyond animals and instinct. We’re creators—we’re not brave. We’re fearless. That’s what restricts what you need the most. That resistance impedes the most beneficial and beautiful changes waiting to be made by you. That hesitation to let go of what you’re holding on to within. Let go of duality by making peace with it. Embrace your whole self, and encourage your best to blossom to the surface. You’ll get nowhere by repressing any portion of yourself.

Remember, your true self is just energy, creative-conscious energy. Everything that uses it up is a disguise or a distraction for you. Appreciate you, your time, your energy, your money. All of it matters. Be wise and aware of what’s really going on because it doesn’t matter how long it feels; it wasn’t that long at all at the end of it. Find something to be thankful for, and cherish it. Focus on something joyful today because sometimes we don’t realize how slowly things are changing. Everything is continually advancing, but the truth is unrevised. Forget about the facts of your life. Wash all those little, insignificant details away with the truth.     


March 6th (2021)

Most of us struggle with telling the difference between pastimes and wasting time. First of all, what is time for? Why do we have it? It’s a creation, a way of prolonging our desires and delaying our gratification. It also generates a fleeting resource that sort of acts like a form of currency. When you’re young, you may not have a lot of money, but you have a lot of time. Well, if you’re healthy. You can fall ill at any age. You can also maintain your health at any age, assuming it’s something you prioritize. 

So, you’re young, you have a lot of time, but not so much money. This creates the perfect opportunity to learn new skills or develop pre-existing talents. Some things in life require both time and money. But for the most part, we end up refining the abilities we’re passionate about when we have free time.

Time is money. That’s a cliche; you already knew that. Money is time; you don’t just get it, you got to work for it, and that takes time. All of this is simple. But where it gets complicated is when it relates to our self-worth and what we want for ourselves. What’s right for me surely may not be suitable for you, and vice-versa. Most of life is figuring things out, trials and errors. 

That point brings me back to pastimes that may actually be wasting your time. Imagine making payments of something you don’t own yet; you’re investing every day. A hobby effectively generates new skills or refines raw talent into marketable abilities. You exchange your time and receive something in return. And depending on your self-worth, what you get out of the deal should be either rewarding or time-consuming. When we find ourselves spending way too much time on something with little to no results, we get discouraged. Now, this is a pivotal moment in your venture. Do you continue or cut your losses short? 

Always come back to your reason. Why are you spending your time and/or money on this? Is it really for you? Does it even benefit you? Or is it to make yourself feel better about some previous situation. Or maybe it’s to prove someone else wrong. Bear in mind; reasons don’t really matter. They change throughout your life. But your reason for being alive in the first place, your purpose, trumps everything else. Never forget why you’re here. What are you supposed to be doing? If you haven’t figured that out, then everything you do is wasting time. 

So stop multitasking and running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Come back to the only reason: the truth. Be honest with yourself, and understand that growth is progress, so if you fear change, you’re confused. But that’s okay, it’s okay to be uncomfortable for a little while, and eventually, you transcend that situation. You gain experience, you learn lessons, and most of all, you figure out what works for you.             


March 5th (2021)

When we start to make decisions for our lives, they’re usually small, trivial choices that don’t affect our lives too much. Our mom or dad may allow us to pick out our own clothes and ask us what we want to eat. Little by little, we gain assurance in what we prefer. We become confident in our decision-making process. 

But what happens we you grow up with parents or siblings/ family members that mock every decision you make? Every choice is met with unnecessary drama and criticism. What happens to that person? They doubt themselves. Of course, they do. They feel they can’t even get the simple things right. They were criticized for the clothes they wear and the food they eat. Of course, they’re indecisive when it comes to the significant choices that life has to offer. 

This whole period can stifle our creative abilities. As a matter of fact, most people’s personalities are because of this. They’re founded on either be an accomplice to the current systems or a rebel. Now we need to be careful with this because it’s a slippery slope. Resistance IS assistance to the things we don’t need. If you’re protesting something, you’re empowering it as an opponent. It’s like saying, “you’re my equal and opposite.” 

It’s uncomfortable to change. But it makes it way easier when our lives no longer bring us that same sense of satisfaction. Like being a drug addict, the high doesn’t compete with the inevitable lows, or the stories you keep sharing with strangers make you feel incomplete and estranged from the truth. And inside is just a bunch of balled-up emotions, like a rubber band ball. Each one is a different feeling, and they’re all stuck together, and it’s almost impossible to tell them apart anymore. 

When we get to that point, it’s important to remember not to judge ourselves. That’s the last thing we need in those moments. To emulate our family or friends, or whoever made us second guess ourselves with their constant beratement or even subtle criticisms. 

Be kind, forgive yourself and others, then move on. You know what works and what uses you up. It’s better to grieve a decision you made than to look back on the majority of your life with regret. Because grief fades and is actually gain in disguise. In contrast, regret is something else entirely. It’s a nightmare, turning your beautiful and playful imagination into longing and remorse. The worst part of it all is knowing that nothing you did is good enough compared to you wondering “what-if” you took another avenue. And the whole thing is abusive and not fair to you, and what you did do. Just know if you’re reading this, it’s not too late, and you can turn it all around.

You can turn your back on the puzzle. Most of the people you know are captivated by the illusion. They fantasize while they’re asleep and waste their daydreams on worst-case-scenarios. It’s no life for a creator, and it’s time we realized it. To get the most out of our lives, we need to be willing to step into the unknown. We need to escape the limiting effects of other’s expectations for us, and we need to de-authorize the power of their suggestions. We each hold power within us to prioritize the truth over the lies.

Remember, first it begins with dissatisfaction, then it spoils us further. It’s essential to keep progressing, to keep learning, even when it’s learning about ourselves. I can’t tell you what’s waiting in the unknown, but I can tell you that if you’re reading this, you’re ready to move on and find out. 


March 4th (2021)

What is right for me? How do I move forward with clarity? Am I chasing happiness or not letting it find me? 

A rebel to yourself and the ways you take for granted. Stepping on your moments like stones to get you nowhere worth being. A labyrinth, a wrong turn taken, how a dream can burn like lust. 

We can get upset when feeling challenged. The notion of change makes us uncomfortable. But what are we clinging on to exactly that is worth more than progress? The point of life is progression. You’re born into a status that you must break away from to find your own voice. Because it doesn’t exist yet. And if you’re looking to others to tell you how it’s supposed to sound, you’re selling yourself short. Other people’s mouths can never express what you’re holding on to in that big-thinking mind of yours. 

We’re always thinking, always firing on all cylinders. Burning the candle at both ends, moaning and complaining about things that were our choice all along. What is clarity of thought? People talk about it, but I’m not convinced. Most people believe clarity to be a conviction. Either a strong belief in themselves or other’s voices. And the truth is that clarity only comes from silence—that place where no answer comes in the form of words or even sound, for that matter. The truth is conveyed by sheer knowing and letting go of our need for the physical world to validate our inner knowledge. 

Knowledge existed before this world, and it will carry on after it’s gone. There doesn’t make sense to secular people. Because the outside world is all they know, and they can’t be left alone with their own thoughts. They need stimulation like social media and music. They have no clarity. As a matter of fact, they are full of chaos, but that’s okay. It’s a part of our world; if there are peaceful people, there always seems to be the other ones to balance out everything.  

Stand above it all. Don’t be a rebel against the system. Don’t abuse your voice; use it to convey your truth. There’s nothing in the world worth balancing. Instead, be balanced within yourself, stop juggling responsibilities that aren’t your own. Stand up for yourself. Be proud of your life, but not arrogantly or superficially, in a grateful way. Be kind, and lead by example because if you’re waiting for someone to lead to the answers you’ve been looking for, you’re going to spend the rest of your life waiting. 


March 3rd (2021)

Arrogance impedes our growth. We’re born and grow and keep growing as we’re learning. But one day, we stop, we say, “that’s enough growth. I am who I am.” It is very disruptive to the intended rhythm of progression. We must liberate ourselves from expectation. 

We endure judgement, criticism, nagging from a young age. Little by little, the world takes our innocence away. First, we lose our care-free joy, and then we judge others for their level of care. Pride, hubris, self-righteousness all stem from the ego and the belief that we are this person. 

That is why the victory is so emotional—because of the road, riddled with failures and struggle. And amongst these challenges, the frustration was almost constant. 

How do we maintain our fresh slate? Every journey begins, but not every single lesson lands.  

In our hands, we hold the secret to substance. What we focus on turns to an earthbound structure. The power to manifest separates us from the other animals. Yet, the bodies we inhabit separate us from our true selves. 

We are holding our heads up high, cherishing a deserved-win. We rarely recognize our arrogance. But we’re quick to point it out in others, of course—our backstory clashes with our best-interest. We need to step down off our high horse and touch our feet back down on the earth. 


March 2nd (2021)

An unhappy home makes it especially difficult to focus on our inner peace. And as well, without inner peace, there is no outer peace. We must remove ourselves from vicious cycles. What are your hopes exactly? Which expectations does life challenge?

Often, we choose to distract ourselves from turbulent times. In these moments, we may indulge in creature comforts, like numbing ourselves with screen time or more dangerous habits like drinking or drugs. Whatever you do, is not the point. You are leaving your feelings unaddressed. 

So many of us make excuses. We say, “the reason for my unhappiness is…” But that is blaming something outside of you. It is not taking responsibility for your life or your decisions. Like a CEO, the bigger the business, the more things there are to look after. When companies are small and straightforward, it is easy. It is manageable, like being single. But once you’re married, you’ve made a deal with another person— to include them in your life and decisions. Suddenly, things are not so simple. 

When we are disharmonious with our spouse, the desire is to contribute to the unhappiness within. But I want you all to remember; this situation arose from the emptiness. We need to fill ourselves with health, dreams, peace, beauty, and creativity. We first cultivate these things within ourselves, and then, only then, do we have something positive to offer. 

There is no reason to blame. But your purpose requires you to forgive. The truth is impartial, and it doesn’t matter what you believe. So know it. Don’t look to others for the answers. Have confidence in yourself, your true self. You are boundless energy capable of many things, but it is up to you: what you manifest. Anything can happen between intentions and manifestations, but only mature creators maintain their peace of mind. 

I trust that within you is the potential to do great things. But it’s up to you to muster the will to make it possible. 


March 1st (2021)

You are charitable in your own way. It may be with your advice or service to others, or they never take you up on your offers, but charity comes in many forms. When we are generous, we are letting go of something else. When you are unselfish with your moments, you are also taking away from your “me time.” 

It’s imperative that even though society believes that charity is cathartic, remember that balance determines your outcome. Be aware of your energy levels, and know when to take a break. Helping others shouldn’t sacrifice ourselves in any way. 

We help others when we are benevolent or we crave attention. Recognize why you’re even offering to assist in the first place. Is it coming from a place of dissatisfaction? Are you seeking fulfillment through your actions? 

The world will never fulfill you. It’s up to you to do that, to create it in every moment. That sounds exhausting, but not as much as chasing it your whole life. Understand doing “good” deeds doesn’t generate luck or fortune. You are the creator of your life; invest in your health, dreams, and peace.

Karma is a fallacy; if you spend your life donating your time, then that’s all you do. Being charitable is a one-sided flow. You need to invest in energy exchanges that benefit you. Start supporting your best interest, and bring your dreams to life.  

Think about what you want until you know it beyond the shadow of any doubt. Be fiscally-responsible and remember money is a reflection of your self-worth. Burning through cash is like burning the candles at both ends. You’re working all day, and on your day off, you’re volunteering. When do you take a vacation? When is it time for you?

“Me time” is not selfish. It’s necessary. Step away from the pushiness of the hustle and bustle. It’s even worse when we get corrupted by the mirage. The surface world lacks the depth to fulfill you, and you’re expecting too much from it. Look within, spend some time sifting through your experience, and get to know yourself better. 

I trust you will love what you find because we’re all one. And it’s the differences that are obvious, like a screaming child throwing a tantrum at a supermarket. But the truth is silent; it is always present, even though it can seem lost in the noise. If we give in to the noise, that is extortion. We begin to compromise our connection to the truth. You see, the truth is that once the child knows it can get what it wants by screaming, it will continue down this negative path. It is not for us to pacify the situation with the easy-way-out. Honesty requires us to do things “right” and put in an honest day’s work.” and put in honest-day work. We must roll up our sleeves and be steadfast until we establish our inner peace in the world around us. 

That is our power: to manifest. As above, so below. Never forget or undermine the power of your thoughts. You were special before you were born. The world tries its best to convince us we are ordinary. But you are not anything obvious, and it will take time to figure this out. It is not sinking in; it is shining out like a sun behind grey clouds. It is the time to allow our moods to pass and not dignify them. We are the energy, not the personality. 

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