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July 31st (2021)

How much of our life is devoted to other people? How often do we place our dreams on the backburner to accommodate our loved ones? In these moments of feeling frustration or experiencing the consequences of undermining ourselves, we sometimes blame others or lash out at them. To preserve our ignorance, we are burned by the fire of our anger, rage or even hatred. Why must we require these extremes to guide us and reveal our shortcomings? 

Wouldn’t it be perfect if we could preemptively deal with problems by always possessing the solutions—to be two steps ahead of all potential troubles perpetually? I want you to repeat with me, “I am the creator of my life, and my very essence solves all of my problems.” If your essence solves your problems, you have effectively taken responsibility for having troubles in the first place. We are always accountable for our life experiences, and it is never anyone else’s fault. It was our choice to include anyone in our life; we always have the opportunity to leave or remain. 

Our intuitions are precious reminders beyond memory. Understand that memory is bound to this earth. It is secular and varies from life to life. In comparison, intuition is the universal truth, not even perception. Be careful of how you’re interpreting your intuition; it would be a shame to alter its potency and render it fictional. 

July 30th (2021)

Insight is the key to unlock ignorance’s cage. When you’re climbing the mountain of consciousness, you gain a vantage point over your previous and current predicaments. When it’s of the past, we refer to it as retrospect. But insight must be maintained, like anything—You drive your car and take it to the mechanic. You live your life and receive check-ups and physicals from the doctor. Maintenance is essential for wellness, and insight is the internal prompting, like the flashing of a check engine light. We must tune into ourselves—This may require walks alone in nature. 

The leaves of autumn dancing in the wind, reminding us all that this is our chance to live. There it is, a welcoming park bench. Nothing else is here for me right now. The distant cheering of children and the light November mist kissing my face. The squishing beneath my boots of the ground saturated by the rain shows more redundancy here than what I need. A compulsive exhale escapes my mouth as the park bench supports the burden of my body. 

It’s damp, cold, and uncomfortable. But yet, I still manage to taste a hint of peace. It’s subtle, but here, at this moment, I find refuge from the rest of my life. Escape doesn’t imply true freedom, only temporary, fleeting parole. I want to erase the prison as a whole; I want to create one thousand skeleton keys to unlock any possible cage preemptively. 

The wind pushes the collective condensation of the tree, and the water splashes on my head, jolting me to my feet. What is tough love? When does it end, and cruelty begin? These blind spots are the bars of my mental prison. We’re all staring outwards, glaring at the taunting freedom of the sunny horizon. Yet, how many of us make peace within our confinement.

First and foremost, that is the key to unlocking this gate. So many dig for freedom; convicts break out rather than break through. And I use to find that more upsetting; maybe I still sense a hint of my old self. But I won’t judge or control others. I will merely offer my help from here, on this bench, sitting in front of that old, familiar prison. 

I was attempting to ignore the water splashing on my head and constant reminders of a child’s joy and laughter. Things I assumed needed to be: sacrificed to maintain duty and discipline. Is that true? Must we surrender our enjoyment, connection to youth, or happiness to be of service to others? Or should I consider this very questioning process my next key?          

July 29th (2021)

Procrastination is: caused when we fear our own inevitable greatness. It is postponement, lethargy, and disinterest in living a thriving life. There are many variations and situations in which procrastination arises. It can be as fleeting as a momentary hesitation or as lengthy as a long-life reluctance to change our bad behaviour. There is no right or wrong, but there is a detriment. Take a look at the most venomous snake; it isn’t evil or wrong. Those are foolish discernments, but instead, its toxin is of detriment to us. We must focus on our power and what promotes it. There are many poisons in the world; what sense does it make to count them? Count your blessings, cherish the mundane miracles of your everyday life. Whether you’re dreading your daily errands, or delaying your supreme success, get your focus back to the center of your mind.

July 28th (2021)

What’s worse, letting down others or letting yourself down? And I don’t mean lack of self-care; I mean not defending your truth. To support the truth is an action, not a reaction. It’s counterproductive to rebel against someone else’s opinion, even when it’s about us or when it’s our opinion. Fighting inspires the snake to restrict; instead, let go, and watch the serpent lose interest. How you feel about yourself facilitates your opportunities, and every opportunity is: meant to advance your mind. The situation could be pretty dire and stagnant, but again, this condition cultivates dissatisfaction—this is an emotional prompt to help motivate us to change our lives.

Emotions are intense because they are a fleeting version of you. Imagine the light being: divided by a prism. Do you see the rainbow in your mind? These colours are derivative of purity and wholeness. To feel content and complete within yourself, you must unite your colours (emotions) back together. From this state of wholeness, also including the masculine and feminine, we establish order.   

July 27th (2021)

Wait for it, the greatness you’re due. Extend your confident hand, and receive your reflected value. Money rains in an unfortunate desert; even those thrifty cacti had adapted to their environment; it was time for them to cash in on their current successes. 

An unwitting passerby strolls through a lane of poor, prickly plants. He is: wholly engulfed in his thoughts and pays no mind to his direct surroundings. Life for this pedestrian is easy and carefree. The cacti can’t help but gaze in awe of the bystander’s smooth & wealthy complexion. As soon as the person walks out of earshot, one cactus begins to rabble-rouse. The initial whispering gossip of the cacti falls to an abrupt, reverent silence as the agitated cactus storms his words to the front lines of the other’s consciousnesses.   

Who does that person think they are?” It asks rhetorically. “To come here, where we’re shackled to the Earth, done by no choice of our own, to parade his differences with no due cause!” The cacti uproariously agree, each one shouting over the others. Jacob was the only succulent ever to give himself a name. As a matter of fact, he was the only one to even insist on being referred to as a “him.” In a sea of “us” and “we,” he was the one “I” and “me.” The cacophony concocted by the clamorous crowd annoyed Jacob like a merciless mosquito. But what was he to do? All his life, his father, his mother, everyone had told him that, “Cacti don’t move, we endure, we remain no matter the circumstance.” Now that sentiment is usually admirable, but in this current situation is was downright limiting.

The frustration of twenty-one years came boiling to the surface. “How dare they tell me how to live, how to think, how to reason.” He thought to himself. To speak it was to reveal what he always knew to be true. It was risky, so at first, he grumbled. Considering the thought while making a noise with his mouth was the closest he had ever come to speaking the truth. He was an advocate of his difference, a defender of his insistence, but never a vocalist of verity. He grunted and mumbled, appearing disgruntled; he affronted their struggle: this stationary riot, this adversary of quiet. He thought, “I might as well try it.” To defy their logic, their prison of belief, he wiggled from his prickly cheeks down to his cactus knees. He rumbled the earth slightly enough to encourage his dream: To be set free, to live a life like a director in his own movie.                  

July 26th (2021)

The light whispers to the dark, but the shadows are adamant. We watch as wills flicker and diminish. There’s a caravan of refugees attempting to ascend an icy slant; they’re walking but never advancing. The mountain is a pyramid is a prism is a prison of light. It gets divided into flavours; each tantalizes the senses and presents a temptation to thin the herd. The active but stagnant caravan marches in place; every step forwards meets with a slide downward. 

The unhealthy, winded souls are the first to sit down, but they slowly slip to the base without the constant effort of their peers. They are descending into the once unfathomable depths where the red scent entices their frustrations forth. The light is: barricaded and forsaken. Exchanged for a derivative, counterfeit, see their unripe fruits plucked and painted with sugar. Apples plummet to the ground one by one, delicious shiny red peels bouncing on the lush green grass. See the souls slip; to engage is to risk one’s self. The father restrains his son for his best interest.  His own, or his son’s? They are one for the time being but realize the truth. That fear, shame, and pride are distractions, encumbering your natural intuition. To know your power and worth is to dissolve all hindrances.     

Be proud in a new way—the way of the creator.        

July 25th (2021)

An enigmatic mortal reapparels from a rack of headwear. There are many options, and the figure deliberates while outwardly indecisive. Expressions of displeasure are audible and constant as the enshrouded entity grumbles some more, tossing another hat to the floor. Eventually, the rejections are: piling up, and the clutter begins to consume the room. Feathered caps, pleather fedoras, velvet helmets, and melted headphones contribute to the overabundance of forsaken choices. The rack sinks into the disorder as the person frantically searches for their lost prospects.

July 24th (2021)

Help is the currency of prosperity. By being generous, you’re initiating the receiving process of abundance. Without kindness, a soul’s independence turns rancid—spreading to the surface: the physical culmination is distressing, and ordeals are rampant if we hoard our services. The gratification garnered after encouraging others is a manifestation of our oneness. Basking in the warmth of flourishing relationships provides us with an added benefit, yet we profit even further when we detach from the happenings. A gracious effort can transform your negative expectations. 

Give before you get, but don’t give up. It’s easier to be a volunteer than it is to be a CEO. We respect both, but one extreme is: coveted through glossy gazes. Does the value of something increase based on popular demand? Of course, the prices change, but the value is innate. It is: set by intention and frequency. For example: Tossing a banana peel into a compost heap is a pleasant change of pace from contributing to the plaguing landfill issue. Yet, we can increase the frequency of our action even further by setting the intention to use the compost to fertilize the soil of the tomato plants; we enjoy eating and sharing with our neighbours.               

July 23rd (2021)

Dipping her index finger in the ice-cold river, passing leaves; taken prisoner by the stream pirouette around her hand. She studies the seemingly inconsequential essence of her action. As her finger vanishes within the parting surface, the ripples dissolve almost instantly from momentary disruption to an inevitable and graceful recovery. She admired the water. The river slithered through lanky evergreens on an uninhabited mountainside. It was challenging to achieve such a vantage point, but the exclusivity was rewarding.

A pampered German Shepherd approaches the riverbank, briefly reviewing her from a distance. The coddled canine takes a drink from the wintry waters, evaluates her once more, and then scampers off until disappearing in the distance. She’s: reminded of a slivered truth, one that has been: lodged in her psyche since childhood. The sanctity of aloneness is: not fostered by escapism or even misanthropic romanticism but a genuine interest in getting to know your true self.

July 22nd (2021)

You don’t have to do anything. Realize this: everything is a want. There is no need if you don’t want to be here. It’s as simple as leaving. You can always walk away, even from life itself. That is your choice, the power to say no, and make decisions. You are always in control. Comprehend how low and petty it is to fault another for your chain of consequences. If we had the optics of a raptor or foresight, indeed, we’d eliminate the temptation of blame. But even then, with the vision of an eagle, we’d still have narrowed minds. Open your heart to yourself. So quick to give love away, like spoiling fish. Why don’t you have a seat and savour some autonomic adoration?

Why do you derive pleasure from self-sacrifice? What is admirable about donating your potential? I want you to take care of yourself. Respect every cell in your body, and each subsequent action will meliorate from mindfulness. Kung Fu isn’t a martial art, so much as it is the practice of mindfulness and evoking the result before the journey even begins. It is the seed of intent, sprouting, and taking root in the common ground. As creators, we must learn to channel our potency and mind the gutter. Like reaching within, and avoiding limitation, to fully express our ideals in this “real world.”

July 21st (2021)

Established in a hereditary throne, the chatting crows insinuate incompetence. Little did they know that their discouragement would be an exclusive catalyst. The harsh squawking pings off defiant eardrums as desperate attempts to undulate the rightful heir’s plumage remain decrepit efforts—the successor’s stare rakes through the gathering. Amongst the devotees, there are wolves; between their snarling snouts, incensed children evoke their parents’ bewilderment—puppies of chaos’ material—nurtured by the rancid milk of resentment. As these delicate runts are: hurled aside to grant their predatory siblings prioritized access to apathy’s mammilla, they emerge as redundant pawns in a game of chess.

July 20th (2021)

Little by little, step by step, brick by brick, our paths are: laid and experienced. We can’t know what’s going to happen; that renders the game useless. Instead, remember what the purpose of the game is—to divide the disciplined from the chaotic. When chaos wins, the universe takes control of us and installs order, whether we’re willing or not. There are laws, rules, beliefs, but most can be: bent by will. Why do our choices become corrupted by self-sabotage? How do you convince the creator to hate themself?

What will it take to enjoy today’s brick? It’s not enough to lay it; you need to enjoy the experience every step of the way. This world is: filled with talkers. They’re all buzzing about like bees in a hive, attempting to stand out from the others. There’s a quiet desperation that lurks beneath their audible distractions. They strive to divert your attention like spraying an air freshener in a recently defiled bathroom. But it doesn’t matter how much perfume you spray if you don’t first address your underlying stench.

July 19th (2021)

If you believe that the flow of prosperity is dependent on your vigorous effort, then the canoe will only move forward when you paddle. But if you program your mind so that you remain in abundance, even when you’re resting, you will experience constant progress and can even generate a passive income. What you will & need is floating around you. We just need the right key to unlock the veil and manifest the potential into happenings. If your remuneration is: conditioned to a paycheque-to-paycheque approach, then you will always be working. The secret to unlocking your boundless wealth and attaining financial freedom requires you to examine your core beliefs regarding money & work. You have already learned the power of delegation and focusing on your intentions.

You can save yourself time by spending money now, and in turn, seeing those seeds cultivated into trees. They are essentially turning hundreds of dollars into thousands of dollars, and thousands into hundreds of thousands, etc. The not-so-secret ingredient to the recipe of wealth is money makes money. However, let’s challenge that too. How do we create the life we want, right here, right now, with what we have. How do we leverage our current life circumstances into the paragon we crave. Well, you shouldn’t be craving or sacrificing your peace. Ask yourself, do you enjoy what you’re doing? The end doesn’t justify the means if, along the way, you lost your peace of mind.

Analyze your guilt and obligations. Why do you feel hard-pressed to do what you do? Did somebody convince you of how things work for them? You’re different. Understand that things need to be a little more spontaneous and fun. Otherwise, what’s the point of life? It can’t be all strategy and planning. You need to leave some room for the random encounters that expand your minds. Let go of your choking grip on the situation. Take a step back, wipe the sweat from your eyes. Sit down, catch your breath. It’s time to recuperate!

July 18th (2021)

Your relationship with yourself stipulates your access to prosperity. There are many kinds of successes, but prosperity and abundance are undeniable. Once attained, that specific level of wealth and financial freedom grants unobstructed discovery of all of earth’s beneficial experiences. However, you can be successful right now and not be aware. Success is relative to what you once were, not necessarily where you want to be. This relationship with ourselves contributes to how we measure our success and whether we consider ourselves accomplished or not.

Who are you?
What do you deserve?
Do you merit satisfaction based on your identity?
Do you believe you need to do something to be given better opportunities?
What is it?

I want you to know that life is a mental experience, more so than a physical one. Get your head of the mirage’s spell and the self-induced confusion, and see clearly. You are much more powerful than you have ever given yourself credit. You are incredible. Unfortunately, you let the world do a number on you. You have consented to the consolidation of dysfunction and limiting beliefs. Do yourself a favour and remove the splinters from your hindered mind. See the light at the end of the tunnel. Widen your perspective, un-narrow your vision, focus on what you actually want.

July 17th (2021)

What did you expect to happen?

Do you think you can reach the same peak without the same climb?

Discipline is more than a thought. It’s a mindset.

What are you waiting for?

What is hanging you up?

Your injuries are imaginary/self-inflicted in the grand scheme of things. Stop plotting against yourself, and gain true momentum. Take care of yourself/Heal that resentment and old mental wounds. Trust yourself. If you get angry at a critic, you turn your back to the masterpiece. Not everyone sees the value, and what’s beautiful to you can be invisible to others.

Instead of trying desperately and relentlessly to convince everyone of your viewpoint, why don’t you savour it?

Sometimes things are so shocking it takes us years of retelling before we realize the story’s message.

July 16th (2021)

Fighting, fighting, fight, there’s conflict everywhere unless you’re peaceful within. We may never reach victory without a bit of struggle, but at some point, we need to stop indulging in distractions—especially violence, drama, and unforgiveness. 

Do you really want to sink so low?  

The greater the adversity, and challenges, the more pronounced and defined the character becomes. Without any challenge, the skillset gets soft, reverting to raw talents and soul-drawn ability. 

But how do we stay polished without the odd conflict every now & again? 

You’re: conditioned like the family dog, domesticated and complacent. See, you used to be free, but now you’re locked in a routine that devours your spontaneous potential.  

But how do I remain productive without a schedule? How do I balance work and play? 

The same goes for victory without drama, there will always be challenges and work to do, but it’s up to you if you indulge in the negative extremes. Everyone adult needs to work, but playing isn’t only for children. Understand that cultivating joy requires discipline and can even be more challenging than overworking yourself. Do you see? Just because you’re working hard doesn’t mean you’re producing beneficial results. Yet, our unconscious begs to differ.  

July 15th (2021)

How do you become prosperous in love? 

What is needed from you and everyone involved? 

Is it tit for tat? I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine?

To be successful in love, you have to stop asking for approval.  And I’m not talking about seeking physical love, but true love. And true love is not romantic. That is a fallacy. Love in the truest sense is self-love. Which more accurately is self-respect. That’s right. The highest form of love is closer to respect than lust. You wouldn’t lust after yourself; that would be weird, right? Hopefully, you think that way. Otherwise, you run the course of the average narcist, tripping over their own feet. 

How do you expect to climb the mountain when you can’t even walk? How long will you crawl before realizing without any self-respect, love is impossible. 

You must stand up. Get to your feet. Dust the filth off, have some respect for yourself. Hold your head up high, allow your esteem to radiate with silence. Overcompensation through spoken words is mundane; everyone and their dad is doing it. We can do better than what’s regular; we can be extraordinary.

Step away from the mental image of your parents/family. Create distance between your ideals & memories. Be wise with how you spend your time; this average action is the ultimate signal to the universe regarding how much you respect yourself.

July 14th (2021)

The persistent sun ventures west, beyond our earthbound perception. The chill of night and the moon’s whispers at our backs. There is a longing, a gnawing sense of incompletion—A residual angst from failing to fledge that day. These pieces collect in snow globes, placed on mantles in a museum showcasing self-neglect—Tiny versions of our avatar, pounding from within their domed prisonsTheir dissonance finds harmony between each other as their cries for help gain momentum. Soon the whispers, once faint, now find traction in a still slippery mind. 

The things that stick, and spike, and take root are surprising to these abandoned selves. They had your approval once, you gave them the time of day and an individual colour, but now their uniqueness is lost in the shade—lumped together by the shadow. Swept under your psyche’s carpet, the flap where you believe your mind ends. But it doesn’t end there; compared to that specific spot; your mind is infinite. There it is again; that word: compare. We’re always comparing. That’s part of the problem, but not the root cause. The roots only grow where they’re allowed, where they’re programmed to be. 

In a field of dead trees, it’s: found after squinting a bit. A seldom trail of pebbles, each one hard to tread, like stepping on marbles. When you lose your balance, the marbles shoot from beneath your feet and ricochet between the dead trees. The hollowed pings echo, and the anticipation of being stricken causes tension. The marbles have no will of their own, no direction; they’re magnets or hungry sharks; it’s up to you whether you wave the red flag. Are you a matador of trauma? Do you dance with risk for the sake of thrill?

Isn’t it time to stop playing with marbles? Why not simply mature? Realize you can be youthful without acting childish.       

July 13th (2021)

What’s your least favourite thought?

What compels you to distract yourself late at night?

What progression are you impeding by avoiding fruition? 

Life for many can be a movie on repeat that never gets a chance to complete the narrative. It becomes a repetitive, anti-climatic, self-fulfilling prophecy. You know where it’s going because you’re creating it. But why do you keep rewinding the tape to the beginning. See it through to completion, to realization. Then after you have your “A-ha!” moment and newfound insights, you can break free from the loop. 

July 12th (2021)

Learning to work with your emotions is a logical first step in developing as an artist. Whether your art is painting, acting, or martial, any art requires discipline over our feelings. Otherwise, our muse & motivation will be: reduced to sporadic, jerky tendencies & chaotic blockages. 

Rise above the stop & go, remain steadfast. Learn to work with your emotional body, as an athlete cooperates with their physical body. One thing’s for sure: you will get further through cooperation than servitude. Would you please not indulge in their codependency? They have their way of confusing and convincing us we need them. But we’re their power source. 

Most artists relish their emotions, almost revere them. That’s all well and dandy until you start worshipping something outside of you. Remember to keep yourself calm and level-headed. Those intoxicating spirits have a way of communicating sense to us, as we’re jeopardizing all our other relationships. It’s the definition of insanity. I value myself and others too much to put them at risk of something I could have otherwise managed internally. I hope the same for you.

Art is a beautiful human expression, but is it worth the sacrifice of being a creator? 

My advice: learn to balance your personality and relationships, leading to the ultimate communication skills. Which, at the end of the day, is the purpose of art.        

July 11th (2021)

People with similar traumas seem to flock together, leading to wonderful artist collectives or perpetual conflict. Where are we ranking in the spectrum? Are we profiting from tragedy? If we do that, surely we are the puppet beneath the strings. How do we ever reach our heads above the waters of our own tears, fears, and grievances if all we’re ever doing is fighting? 

Imagine you are drawing your life with your emotions. Every single line you etch into the veil between your intent and manifestation stems from your resevoir, as do your feelings. You can equate that at some point, you would be a little more frugal with your sentiments—Especially considering that they consume your very essence and deplete your budget. 

Save up your soul’s worth, and invest in your paragons! Say “no more!” to compromise and assumption alike. Be steadfast in your climb to the mountain’s peak, for the realizations along the way will entice joy from the perceived loss. What is loss? What is lack? They simply do not exist! You are all-powerful and abundant. How can oneness equate to less than it ever was?       

Ponder these questions; they are not mere rhetoric to massage my point into your psyches. They are: meant to challenge your critical thinking. If your consciousness is on the main floor, what lurks in the basement? Every treasure trove comes with it; its dragons. It’s protectors or the prices to pay. Every step of the way, everything worthwhile, requires the dedication to overcome these obstacles. Was gold always valuable? Or was it our pursuit of its shimmer that lent to its inflation?  

My advice to you: stop focusing on the fireworks display that is: meant to distract the masses, look inward and finally address your neglected self-worth.        

July 10th (2021)

Pessimism < Hope < Knowing

After the deconstruction of our dysfunctional habits, we face our naked reflections. Understand that your exposed nerves are not a form of bravery. To strip away the protective castle walls that were once situated upon shifting sands is not an accomplishment. You have merely undone your detour, coming full circle to the blank canvas. 

It takes courage to roll up the sleeves, but once the flaws are obvious, only true fearlessness and detachment gets the job done. Think of a shaky-hand doctor with a scalpel performing surgery. In his nascent stages of boldness, he battles with anxiety and inadequacy. That struggle is what we all know as bravery: the willingness to tussle with our own fears & shortcomings, and ultimately it is the dance with discomfort.

We may question our ability to accomplish a given task or even whether we deserve to or not. But know that the difficult part has been: dealt with at the point of your embarrassment or panic. That awkward transition is the march into the unknown, uncharted territory of your development. As both a person and a creator, you will experience the common magic and the impossible silence. This blend of polarity will create the mirage that is your personality. Those quirks that you choose to employ will either attract or repel opportunities. So even when you’re brave, naked and exposed, it’s better than being safeguarded in our prison of you’re own misguided convictions. 

Don’t let your beliefs be your correctional officers!  

My advice to you: learn to get comfortable under your skin. So that regardless of what unexpected series of life events bombard you, you will maintain a cool, calm disposition.        

July 9th (2021)

From one emotional extreme to the other, are you certain detachment is such a bad thing after all? Stubborn enough to grab the bull by its crescent moon, the successful are regarded as determined, yet the failures are remembered as loose canons. Maybe it isn’t so much that victors write history, but we redact the victors’ history to rationalize the defeat—To soften the blow—To justify the other side’s ill-preparation. History is full of excuses, not so much the answers. It seems like overcompensation comes with being born an earthling. 

Between black moods and white lies, some embellish their backstories just to get out of bed; a few of us are running out of steam by the time we reach the bathroom mirror to brush our teeth. Some sit on their self-allotted thrones and offer unsolicited opinions, which they refer to as “advice.” Of course, that is only accurate if the receiver of the opinion has a fertile, receptive mind—To claim the seeds as plants before germination is pompous. The same rules apply when suggesting your uninvited judgement is a definite solution for a person you only know the iceberg tip of—that’s ridiculous. 

She sits, sober as a judge. A blank, hard-to-read facial expression, she’d be perfect at poker. Except, I can never see her gambling. The risks she takes are life-based, like adventure and moving to faraway places to live indefinitely. She knows no one there yet is able to ward off those lower-based inclinations like fear and loneliness. She lives, and let lives. Even though she knows better than most, she’s quieter than them too. If I had a dime for every time a fool told me what to do, I’d be stupidly rich.     

July 8th (2021)

Some people are successful, unbeknownst to them. Realize your wins. What’s blocking your self-awareness? Who are you blaming for your fundamental misunderstanding? Show yourself some compassion. Humanize your avatar, see the child you once were. When did things become so convoluted? Remember how simple it was, how simple it should be, how simple it can be now. 

The circus elephant stands in its opened cage because it’s not sure how to live free without being told what to do. The human adapts and normalizes even abusive conditions. We need to override nature and choose to create our intended circumstances. Break free from the mundane routine, and take a peek at what’s possible for you. Learn to be happy for others and to enjoy vicariously. 

Possession isn’t as virtuous as detachment.        

My advice to you: stop staring at the inside of a blindfold. Your hands are only liberated if you stop sitting on them. 

July 7th (2021)

Shed some light on your shadow. Don’t sweat restarting; it’s actually more of a continuation than a cleansing. It’s up to you whether your mind is organized or cluttered. Clear out the cobwebs and open up the window to your soul. Now sensing the flow, being grateful for the new growth is easier it once was.

Sunflowers dance for the sun but dwindle beneath the moon—the price of excitement, the earthly laws corrupt possibility. Are you compassionate or intuitive? Some say both; they must have a strong will. Just because you can, doesn’t necessarily mean you should. 

Back to the beginning, but we’ve already established it’s a continuation. Are we continuing one of our earthbound reasons or our singular purpose? One. There is only one. So what’s with all the indecision? Between identity and compassion, we lose some of our self along the way. 

How can potential be defined? Its very concept exceeds such limitations. Of course, pi has a symbol too. We attempt to simplify things while pacifying ourselves; little did we know it would breed complacency. Everything is relative. If you’re moving into a mansion from the streets, comfort allures and its intoxication seems unnoticeable within the new greeting sensations. But make no mistake. Eventually, all things become mundane, even our most fantastic dreams.  

My advice to you: during your next silence session of self-reflection, ask yourself, “What do I value most about myself?” You skipped one step between being self-aware and compassionate. You’re quick to praise others for their unique quirks, but what’s yours? It’s time to roll up your sleeves and get to work. It’s your duty to bring this inner value to the surface world.  

July 6th (2021)

The foundation of our current life circumstances is the product of our choices. The first choices (usually unconsciously) shaped our unique perspective and personality(identity). After that, our following selection created our social circle. From perfect strangers to flawed friendships, our next choice either enriched those relationships or derailed them. That is the choice to voice our emotions. From there, we learned who truly enjoyed our company rather than sought something to gain from us. The art of conversation transcends a mundane encounter into something truly innovative. Because through the succession of choices, we’re accumulating their offerings: our talents, skills, and abilities. The fourth choice beckons our inner gaze, tripping up the one’s lulled by the set pace and previous pattern (intuition is the requirement).

You were searching within yourself and discovering the value of persistence. Again this will never exist without purpose, which is the foundation of all subsequent choices. And your purpose is a byproduct of identity. Purpose and identity are so intertwined that you can deduce most people’s aspirations by how they choose to express their innermost thoughts and emotions (their appearance). Their third choice, a reminder of the importance of discretion but also realizing there is no privacy in the universe. Most teeter-totter back & forth here. First, when prompted to reflect, they begin repressing their emotions to fit in; this can lead back to the first choice, ultimately causing an identity crisis. Feelings of existential angst arise, causing the person to scramble for distractions to relieve the discomfort and trepidation. Conversations become devoid of meaning and serve as dull reminders of their emptiness and inability to dive deep into any topic because they are shallow (hopefully not hollow). Eventually, the emotional body’s immune system is suppressed, and the subsequent criticism can further damage our sensitive, exposed nerves.  

Every identity comes with an ingrained frequency and a choice ceiling. For example, working as a professional consultant requires one to focus on their clients. If their thoughts or emotions consume them, this creates a conflict of interest. If those feelings are pushed aside rather than dealt with thoroughly, eventually, they will brew to the surface, compromising the effectiveness of their role. 

We may question, what is freedom? Is it free to make these rudimentary decisions? Considering the ultimatum, we may feel coerced into making these choices. Looking back at your past, the further you delve, the murkier it becomes. It is the same with these first four choices. Until you address and define them, you may keep questioning, how free am I?

  1. Who am I? What is the purpose of my life? 
  2. Who is beneficial to be around?       
  3. Are conversations opportunities for the exchange of knowledge or rhetorical performances? 
  4. What is the thought you keep avoiding? 

Freedom commences after these initial challenges, but even simplicity can emerge as an enigma. True love is only possible from a state of liberation. While shackled to any disarray, love can transform in a negative sense. To break free from restraints and reach exclusive properties is love’s journey. However, even a paragon, your life’s dream, has a sacrifice. Ensure that your community doesn’t require the rejection of your uniqueness. 

My advice to you:

  1. Take the time to reflect.
  2. Do some yoga alone in nature.
  3. Bask under the triumphant sun, soak in the inspiration of silent victory.    

July 5th (2021)

The drifter dives into experiences leaving the surface behind. The lifeline is taut, prompting us to think twice before travelling unnecessarily. Bubbles are our creations—proof of our influence over the environment. Each one contains enough potential to be a world of its own. The azure enriches the deeper we go as we delve into the shadows of perception. The feet slice through the ice-cold water, propelling us further into uncertainty. Headfirst like being born again, the familiar mammalian reflex urges a bottomless, rejuvenating breath. 

When we wake, our sheets pester us with the dampness that used to be our buried icebergs. They’re overly concerned with the apparent climate change, not the paradigm shift. Open your eyes like a butterfly from a cocoon, into the new realm, beyond the caterpillars’ attempts to rescue. You are elevating towards completion, reminiscing with the ghosts that visit this wall-less elevator. Snapshot photos come to life, tickling the membrane between fantasy and non-fiction. Persistence makes all things happen, even what we were trying to avoid. Emphasis on trying, stop striving—resistance is assistance to what you don’t need. 

You are squinting hard, as not to see the apparitions in your mind’s eye. But how do you blink without an eyelid? Once it’s open, it’s a door. A way in, a way out, you must control every single guest. Thoughts are storms, some just clouds, but they can rain on parades or cool us down. Relativity is everything; that’s the power of a quality mindset. Like a television that won’t turn off, it stays flashing from channel to channel. This commotion is the challenge of this frequency’s level. Focus through the tugging of your heartstrings, focus on the next step. You’ve been waiting for the elevator to take you up, but the motion was a trick. All this time, the stairs were behind the veil.            

My advice to you: listen to your inner artist. What needs to get out, get right, get expressed outright? No walls, only mirrors. See yourself without fear!

July 4th (2021)

Remember when you looked forward to growing up?

What’s changed?

Remember when every day you looked forward to tomorrow.

You were excited and genuinely interested, curious while also optimistic. 

What happened to that? 

Clearing our blockages to joy is essential. We need to ask ourselves: what’s the point of life if there’s nothing to enjoy? Somewhere along the way, joy lowered on the priority list. It became secondary, then tertiary, then it fell off completely. Overshadowed by overworking ourselves, watch the rewind as exhaustion has replaced enjoyment. We seem only to feel satisfied when we’re burning the candle at both ends. WHY?  

Answer these questions honestly, stop procrastinating your life-changing progress. 

What did you admire about your childhood best friend? 

What did you want to be when you grew up?

What’s a memory that always brings you joy?


How can you cultivate that same level of joy into your now? 

July 3rd (2021)

Why do we stop ourselves from having everything we have ever wanted? 

Why block prosperity?

Embrace abundance by letting go of tragedy. It’s subtle—the negative aspects of love and caring. At first, it seems all is well and dandy. That love can conquer all. But that is far from the truth: which is that love only exists here in this place. This is the canvas, the womb, the challenge. 

Where is your head?

What is your most mundane thought?

That average thought is the foundation of everything you experience. However, most have it the other way around. Rather than walking on a foundation of abundance, their beliefs dominate them. Being yourself requires a willingness to detach from the illusion. The extent to which the illusion has penetrated your mind depends on your resilience as an individual. 

How much does a single cell contribute to the entire well-being of the body? 

In the same regard that one cell can be responsible for the spread of cancer, one single negative belief can compromise our outlook. Think of the mind as a fridge. You are preserving things, thoughts, memories. However, regardless of how hard you attempt to maintain a perception, everything is susceptible to the flow of time. And naturally, these stagnant beliefs can spoil—Turning rancid and presenting a risk towards our overall health and well-being. 

My advice for you: rather than looking outward and distracting yourself with personal projects of charity and grace, transfer some of that caring towards yourself. Splash some water on your face, and look at yourself clearly in the mirror. Be ready to welcome your uniqueness and infinite potential. Transcend compassion and encourage yourself to be intuitive. 

July 2nd (2021)

Heartache, drama, melancholy, there are so many expectations on how to grieve. These bricks stack up into a tomb. No longer just a room, fledge from the box. Take a risk, leap into new realms. Have new experiences, shed the dull, disappointing gripping skin of familiar control. I am free here. I am abandoning all those false promises. 

Grief is a process, a middle manager, a needless bureaucrat on the way to acceptance. Save yourself the time & money, accept truth little by little, don’t let denial whittle you down into a broomstick that keeps sweeping everything under the rug. Love? How is love going to solve all your problems? Sure, love yourself enough to know when to enjoy regardless of love’s broken promises.

We gather and obstruct each other’s innate flow. There is a fear of ridicule, so we camouflage our emotions under hardened skin. These trees stop swaying in the wind and lose their malleability. Soon an unconscious hurricane will cause them to buckle under the pressure.

Get back to nature, away from the troll that pats your back. Everything seems safe, but some bridges once crossed take you to where you were trying to escape. Remember back when you knew, before emotions & beliefs got in the way. In nature, there is a built-in system of free therapy available to anyone brave enough to be alone without a phone or a notion of a worst-case scenario. 

July 1st (2021)

Between creative-self expression and personal freedom is the system you utilize to succeed. Without it, you will flounder back & forth. Aren’t you ready to step forward, new, improved, and loving yourself? Be prepared to overcome the following challenges by breathing into the realm of solution. If all you’re ever breathing into is your limited, physical self, then all of your answers will be just as limited.

Peace hovers over your song & dance, welcoming its return to your priorities. Of course, you can carry on with the struggle of hydrating yourself in a desert. Or you can find the eternal water within. The ego separates the artist from the creator. When you surrender your preconceived notions and biases, watch the fog become lifted as you are delivered unique opportunities.    

Emotions and beliefs can be like two friends that have a poor influence on each other. When one wants to change, the other reminds them of “the good times.” We need to eradicate any arrested development. It serves our best interest to progress and to leave our nostalgia behind.  

If we’re fighting to express ourselves, we need a system. If we’re overworking ourselves, we need liberation. It’s cruelty when one person oppresses another, yet why do we abuse ourselves? 

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