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January 31st (2021)

Progress can be painful. Sometimes healing can seem to cause more awkwardness and misery upfront than if we just slowly suffered through life. Our true self needs us to heal, but our negative programming wants us to be comfortable.

I’m saying that sometimes, what we want and what we need are vastly different experiences. And what we need can come to us disguised as something we didn’t know we wanted.

There is a power to gratitude that unlocks new experiences and opportunities. But you have to keep an eye out for them, be patient, and optimistic. Know when to say yes, and understand that your choices have consequences.

It’s easy to blame others when things don’t go according to our plans. But that’s childish. And that won’t yield any benefit. Instead, see the inherent value in your life. You can make the best; you can start again. No matter what you choose, it’s your decision. Understand that you don’t get to blame others for your calls in life; that’s weakness, and there’s enough of that in the world. What we really need are leaders (that inspire others to lead themselves).

I want you to see that even “bad” experiences have benefits, but it’s all in your mindset: everything is in your outlook. If you see an opportunity, there is one. You are the creator; it’s time you know this course hasn’t been squandered. You have progressed, and that’s more important than any material reward. This is a mental journey above all else, and you can’t buy a paradigm shift. It happens organically, and that is something worth celebrating.

January 30th (2021)

Are you the type of person rushing to get things done, only to reflect after the fact? Aren’t you tired of drifting through life and rarely savouring the moment as it’s all happening?

Obsessed minds think about time: they have deadlines. Peace has no expiry date: It is eternal, like truth and wisdom. Anything that expects your urgency is part of the illusion. Our inner guidance nudges us along, but compulsions are an earthbound urge.

We must remove the shackles of frustration and become boundless. Desire ties us to the object of our infatuation; this connection opens us up to disappointment or fleeting joy. True happiness isn’t stored in memories. It is only possible now. We must create it by retraining ourselves to savour the present.

Focus on the smells, colours, and sounds. What is going on? Be mindful, and realize that yearning deprives you of joy. You can enjoy anything. I want what’s best for you, but it’s not enough: you need to want what’s best for you. You need to wake up and relish the now.

January 29th (2021)

We can get caught up in planning for the worst. We need to understand how powerful we are. STOP undermining yourself with worst-case scenarios. Those are fears wrapped in self-doubt. Know your worth, don’t showcase it. Don’t even think about it.

You have the power to manifest things into this shared experience. You carry with you what is chosen. It can be a clean slate or a rich history of soul-sucking trauma.

I leave the choice up to you and remember: between fears & shame, there is no room to grow. It’s stagnant and suffocating. Be brave enough to face your fears, to address them. Embarrassment aside, I think we know there is advancement waiting for the fearless ones.

Trust yourself. Let go of rejection & abandonment. Those are personal things, and you are not a person. You are source. Know your power, and discover yourself beyond limitations.

January 28th (2021)

Work is an essential aspect of life, of course. But don’t make your whole life about work. There’s a lot more to it, don’t sell yourself short. Make sure to prioritize your peace & joy.

Do something different today; leave the routine. Have some fun, go on an adventure.

January 27th (2021)

Relationships are connections between individuals, and the parties’ combined circumstances manifest as the status of that association. It doesn’t matter if it’s business or pleasure. If anyone is displeased, it jeopardizes the health of that relationship.

We have the tendency to sweep our personal needs under the rug to keep up appearances or put somebody’s needs before our own. But that isn’t sustainable behaviour, and there is no point in building castles on shifting sands.

Before concerning yourself with any relationship, instead, take a look at the most important one in your life: your relationship with yourself. When that’s healthy, you’re happy. When you’re full of joy, then the people attracted to you will also prioritize healthy relationships. The keyword is progress, and that’s what we want.

January 26th (2021)

There will never be a point in time where everyone will agree with your mindset. But let that be reassurance in times of doubt: that even when you’re doing what’s best for you, people may question it. Your sacrifices are the prerequisite of success. To transcend the depths of uncertainty, you must relinquish your dependency on others.

There will be moments on this path that you wonder if what you’re doing is right for you. But no one knows you better than yourself. Stay steadfast.

January 25th (2021)

What is success? Really what is it? To most definitions, it is the opposite of failure, yada, yada, yada. But know the truth: that failure and success are both up to you. Therefore, there is no real difference except wisdom & willpower.

It’s like comparing the rich and poor and saying that one is better or not even a person. Don’t you see? Opposites are one thing disguised by duality. Failure IS success, but it isn’t a victory. To understand the difference, you NEED to remember your original intention for being here.    

You never fail when you know the truth. But you can still lose at the game of life.     

January 24th (2021)

If you’re feeling under-appreciated, don’t seek outward recognition. If you deserve better than what you’re getting, don’t push others away with your negativity. Our circumstances are a reflection of our inward state. The only relationship that matters is the one with yourself. A mismanaged source-self-connection will only ever bring you restlessness and endless earthly pursuits.

January 23rd (2021)

It doesn’t matter who is in our life; they will never complete us. Only you can make yourself whole. If you keep seeking fulfillment in the world, then you’ll be searching until your last breath. Real contentment comes from attuning to the frequency of truth.

Stop searching without, and start creating within.

January 22nd (2021)

Rise up within yourself! 

January 21st (2021)

What’s right? What’s wrong? Don’t get caught up in all of that. Instead, look inward, be yourself, your true self. Forget all of the nonsense you’ve gathered throughout your life. There is only room for the truth in your mind, not duality. Let go of the lies to perceive the truth.

January 20th (2021)

It’s easy to get knocked down when you’re trying to stay positive all the time. The reason is: you’re counterbalancing negativity. Instead, keep neutral, and transcend the divisions of duality. We are all one, neither negative nor positive. 

January 19th (2021)

Some people need a reminder: treat others how you want to be treated. At the end of the day, you answer to yourself, and your subconscious reinforces your beliefs. There is no sin or karma; only your power and the ideas you allow to govern you.

January 18th (2021)

Gratitude doesn’t have stipulations. That’s appreciation. When you’re genuinely grateful for the things in your life, there is no, “yeah, but this or that.” Seriously, get over yourself, recognize you’re the creator of your journey, get that chip off your shoulder and move on.

January 17th (2021)

Have you ever had the cold, clingy claws of envy digging in your back? It’s a mockery of ambition, manipulating you into subservience. If you need other people to motivate you, then you’re not inspirational. So, instead of coveting someone else’s experience, why don’t you raise your awareness and live up to your potential?

January 16th (2021)

If you’re always waiting for something specific, how many times did you deny yourself a real opportunity? A genuine chance to move out of your comfort zone. Why does everything have to happen under your bubble? Perhaps what you need and what you want: have two different appearances. And frankly, maybe you don’t even know when they both come in the form of a privilege that you deny. Because you’re holding out for something you can’t quite define. But you want to know what you’re really doing? You’re depriving yourself. You’re putting yourself on the bench when you should get in the game and have some fun.

January 15th (2021)

Are you noticing cycles in your life? Periods of sour often balanced with moments of sweet? Or maybe you’re becoming aware of a self-fulfilling prophecy you arranged for yourself. If you have finally sensed, you’re entitled to higher, more consistent living standards, and you’re ready to embark into the new territory of your empowerment, then allow yourself to be temporarily uncomfortable. It’s only an adjustment period. Let go of what you’re holding on to, and receive your own greatness.

January 14th (2021)

What are you holding on to? Is it wealth or relationships? Maybe, thoughts or beliefs. We have unlimited power, but what hinders us is our grasp. We’re flowing in a river until we’re caught on the rocks, rising up a mountain until we’re slipping down a mudslide. It’s your choice. Something may catch your eye, but it doesn’t have to hold your attention.

January 13th (2021)

There are no private thoughts. Everything is merged together, but the illusion is: that we’re separate. Through compassion, we connect with others, and through intuition, we connect with our true selves. Every single thing you think, feel, or believe is permeating through the veil. You are continually being unveiled to the universe. So be honest with yourself, because there are no secrets.

January 12th (2021)

There’s a lot of people flaunting their apparent successes. But who’s really showcasing their struggles to get to that point? Yeah, we all want something. Whether it’s a car, job, quality, love, or happiness, you must endure the challenges that are synonymous with that goal. You are creative; use that to your advantage. Create solutions and see manifesting is equally about the journey as it is the destination.

January 11th (2021)

What’s it mean to be: driven?

If your body’s a vehicle, then your mind’s driving. But who or what’s in the driver’s seat of your mind? If you identify with anything earthbound, you’ll look for shortcuts, and any detours will stress you out. On the other hand, when you recognize you are the powerful creator of your life, then you won’t mind taking a peaceful scenic route every now and again.

January 10th (2021)

Making mistakes is part of life. Don’t let the possibility of failure keep you from making a move. Misunderstandings become awareness, and errors become life lessons, as long as you’re moving forward. Instead of being threatened by failing, recognize the real menace is stagnation.

January 9th (2021)

There’s nothing wrong with being focused on a goal and seeing it through to completion. But I want you to reflect on your purpose before granting your ambitions to have so much power over you. These words are just a friendly reminder to stay in control. Even when you think you are, you might not be.

January 8th (2021)

We are programmed at a young age to always be around people and to believe that’s normality. But so are bad habits. Inhaling smoke or vapours, eating meat, and drinking alcohol are all considered normal. And so are stress and fear. It’s also normal to have a mid-life crisis or to want to numb yourself / seek escape. Just because something’s familiar doesn’t mean it’s beneficial. When we rationalize negative behaviour, we sell our souls.

January 7th (2021)

I can’t stress this enough: life is a game. And winners are putting every ounce of their being towards one goal: to score, win, and do whatever it takes to succeed. They keep their eyes on the prize.

January 6th (2021)

Life is a story. Some have many stairs, all the way up to a penthouse suite. The hallway’s offerings reflect your mental state. Every thought altering it can be gentle & straight or bundled with strain.

January 5th (2021)

Tolerance and mercy are both temporary endeavours. But respect and forgiveness are attributes of a wise creator.

January 4th (2021)

Being extraordinary isn’t about being better than anyone else. It’s about being original. Stop looking around for relevance to you; everything you’re searching for is within. Instead of seeking, start reaping the benefits of being a creator and bring some new greatness into the world.

January 3rd (2021)

Through endurance, our thoughts hold the skeleton key that can open doors to anything.

January 2nd (2021)

Music is beyond sound. It is the harmony of frequencies. Create music within yourself. Harmonize your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs with truth.

January 1st (2021)

If you think like an animal, you’re in the food chain. When you write as the auteur you are, you’re free from restraints.

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