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Apples & Oranges

Professional athletes are national treasures. Most of us can’t compete with them or their trainers. Lost when we start to compare, so we remain dreamers—caught up in starry-eyed love affairs & created-drama.

When you succeed in someone else’s shoes, you’ve failed to walk down your personal path. I can tell you all day to stop doing that, but it doesn’t help your rebellious nature. Why do you think reverse psychology works? Now stop delaying your best life; you can do this. It’s within your abilities.

Life is a story. Some have many stairs, all the way up to a penthouse suite. The hallway’s offerings reflect your mental state. Every thought altering; it can be gentle & straight or bundled with strain.

Strange how athletes thrive under pressure while most hesitate. The skilled know action: is wasted on prayers, and they don’t just meditate. Imagine an unedited stream of moving pictures. Each one is getting richer and richer. Improving its colour and empowering its wonder. A fluent window for exploring one day. A new dawn to adore winds of affluence.
When you open the door and climb into truth’s house, you will find out what’s a hoax.

The Pyramid Has Slippery Slopes

I can’t stress this enough: life is a game. And winners are putting every ounce of their being towards one goal: to score, to win, to do whatever it takes to succeed. They keep their eyes on the prize.

Hopes seduce us further into the illusion. The human tendency coerces us: to always be moving, producing a dependency on obvious amusement. As the audience, we sought what we want to be, unaware we’re envying. Through endurance, our thoughts hold the skeleton key that can open doors to anything.

Are you setting up roadblocks to your success? Delaying gratification to savour the suffering. Like the passion of a starving artist, are you fasting successes to punish yourself? Or do you have some other self debilitating belief?

Keep It Together

We are whittling down potential; pay attention to watering your dreams. Don’t water down your ideas, but nurture them like seeds. Plant them in your psyche, but do not bury them. The soil is highly fertile in your center stage.

From this place, the bullseye, your life is: ruled by your peaceful self. Learn to laugh; there is no wrong or right, only powerful souls. Our outer hull’s sole purpose is for diluting the creative-consciousness. It provides an odd platform for weathering the earthly-adventure.

Of course, we question departures from conventional theories. Queries delving into the real nature of existence are scarce. There is an infinite number of ideas that barely scratch the surface, spurious facts that lead us down rabbit holes and into slumber parties.

Don’t worry about what other people are doing. Are you feeling lonely? Desperate to connect, well, bring that attention to your center. Remember, nothing comes without work, and manifesting your best life doesn’t happen without self-mastery.

The Things We Tell Ourselves

Birds of a feather… Sins of the father, we each get caught up in something or another. There are as many emotional hang-ups as there are philosophies. And each is as preoccupying as it’s meant to be. The essence of everything is of what you’re dwelling on.

See yourself bolstered by benevolence, a well-wisher that focuses on what they want. They may have boasted, but you will prevail because you are well aware that fences can’t contain the wind. Many have wasted this opportunity and have failed the game of life. But don’t get it twisted; see things beautifully, and unveil the greatest liar.

Trial by fire.

Are you kidding yourself? Placating trauma; never heals. Denying yourself of your rightful entitlement to a great life. Listen, I’m for real; this isn’t a regurgitation. This is a cliché like how every truth is; it’s proven, but it doesn’t take away from its potency.

All-in-One Entertainment Machine

Athletes are mentally prepared; they get their heads in the game, but what does that mean? How do we gain from this and implement this technique in our own lives? The answer is simple, but there is a learning curve. Imagine behind your eye’s sight, reconnecting it, and undoing the division of duality.

See that the source of sight is vision. Like a camera zooming out to the ideal distance, observe the big picture. Athletes are utilizing their creativity to optimize their physical performance. To visualize their winning, and therefore realizing what it takes to win.

We are conditioned to watch winners. And then we assume that is our ticket to success, but it is somebody else’s; prosperity is unique to each of us. It is a product of our vision, not our sights.

By overly-admiring someone else’s accomplishments, we set ourselves up for failure. We still have time to realize our mistakes and correct our shortcomings. But comparing ourselves to others is denying ourselves the freedom to explore our own unique path.

It can be riddled with insecurity and doubt.

All of that is well and dandy, but how do I see past doubt?

Back to the Basics

You must employ your inner vision like how you did when you were a child. It may be less fantastic now, but that’s fine; use it to your advantage. Play into your character, the avatar your creative-consciousness inhabits. When you watch a movie or tv show, don’t you imagine scenarios based on the characters’ likelihood and the general tone of what you’re watching.

Call it an assumption, but that’s what it means when we direct it towards other people. It doesn’t work like that. We’re not here to persuade others. We’re here to maintain integrity to our original intention. Our real power comes from self-control and discipline: without it, our strength dissipates.

Connect the dots; what am I talking about? If you’re struggling with this, you’re probably contending with everything else. A good athlete is competing with the best in their sport. But a great athlete is competing with their former selves, who they were yesterday. They are continually progressing and shedding their former programming.

To the Point

I don’t compete. Competition drives the weak. When you realize the inevitable thoughts that are the direct consequence of detachment, you will think beyond strife. You will stop wasting your talents on corrupted beliefs.

Being extraordinary isn’t about being better than anyone else. It’s about being original. Stop looking around for relevance to you; everything you’re searching for is within. Instead of seeking, start reaping the benefits of being a creator and bring some new greatness into the world.

Your brand doesn’t compete because it is proprietary. Just be yourself, and let that shine to the forefront of your existence. Comparing yourself to others and competition is only crippling your unique initiative. Do yourself a favour, and start showing yourself the same respect you give to those idols of yours.

By the way, if you didn’t get it, having idols keeps you a protegé.

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